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tv   Headline News  RT  October 6, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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know on our t.v. investigators are learning more about the shooter in las vegas and evidence he may have scouted other events. and the iran nuclear deal appears to be in jeopardy as president donald trump is reportedly ready to abandon the agreement. and then in puerto rico as puerto rico rebuilds after hurricane maria the pace of their recovery may depend on the mercy of wall street. it's friday october sixth four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm in the left hand you're watching our team america. the las vegas shooting investigation spans across the country now massachusetts governor charlie baker acknowledged but didn't confirm reports that shooter stephen paddick surveilled other potential targets in boston. but it's. because it's only going. to rent a property overlooking the life is beautiful music festival a couple of weeks earlier in addition to property in chicago overlooking the lollapalooza festival meanwhile in las vegas clark county coroner said his staff completed the autopsies of those dead from one of america's worst mass shootings but wouldn't talk details but he did share insight into the toll that that kind of work it takes on at his employees. our staff notifies probably ten to fifteen people maybe twenty people on a daily basis that they've lost
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a loved one but that's a lot different when somebody is doing that once or twice a shift versus four or five times an hour so it's mentally exhausting it's very stressful and i can tell you we're committed to get good bereavement services a mental health service for services for our staff and authority that all signs point to patrick carrying out this mass shooting all alone despite las vegas metropolitan police there expressing his skepticism earlier this week. it's been nearly five days since fifty eight people were brutally murdered at the road route ninety one country music concert in las vegas poi's asked for patience as they're still days away from clearing the scene at mandalay bay but as artie's natasha sweet explains the hearts of locals are already in the process of healing survivors have been sharing their stories in an effort to heal for those who were taken from this earth or soon are not without a voice in fact part of their memories live right here. the sense of belonging to
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a sense of caring for each other. since a community local contractor played in cool was broken afternoon the tragedies that devastated thousands at the route ninety one country music concert last sunday he wanted to do something for those hurting as well as the innocent who no longer had a physical footprint monday morning it was really hard to get get going you know after what had happened sunday night and i own a small landscape company i designed built a company. and my partner in the company and i were having a cup of coffee that morning trying to figure out what we were going to do and how do we even approach the day forward. and we we thought you know it's a shame that we don't have a guy doing gardeners and it was this drawing right here that helped transform this quarter acre of land into a healing garden plaguing quote his business partner calder city hall contact among the three of them their feelings of sadness for those lost and left for humanity back that the idea of building the las vegas killing more oil gardens one of my
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favorite quotes is you plant a tree plants hold. fifty trees are being planted one for each victim lost on sunday. taking only a dozen people would show up hundreds of volunteers came to offer the labor of love with their hearts in their own hands all supplies including the put mint were all donated very humbly. for now stannard the idea of helping to build in memorial to. touched her i've had people that close to me that have been affected by this. best friend of mine her mom got shrapnel in her shoulder and it's just it's horrible and i'm just so happy that we're coming together as if you know the entire team so to her this is a way for their memory to still live on you know friends of friends through the past you know same social circle but never really got to know them and now i can never do that and for sarah o'connell this was her opportunity to get back to
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theater artist and so making spaces to come together is what i'm all about for once it's something that won't be over when the show's over it'll be here a long time. the shooting near the stage hit a little too close to home for her besides just the shock of the violence it hits home to me because we have a lighting business i'm a theater director and the lighting people the lighting designer and operator is usually on a platform in the middle of the audience and normally that be my husband in addition to the fifty trees being planted one large oak tree donated by six feet and rory is the park's tree of life after what happened on sunday night we wanted to. remember those people who lost their lives so that's why we decided fifty trees but yet we wanted something really positive and strong and so we planted this ogletree playing call says once they begin to dig in that spot they discovered a tree of life necklace the woman that i just met here who lost her son in the us.
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we just kind of thought it's really important the family have that tree of life you know as well the investigation will take time the people of las vegas are waiting before they can begin to heal i never start to like this while still in a place of shock and mourning seeing her slain dionne jump back into performing only two days after the shooting to get back so i want you to know that the proceeds for tonight's show. are being. do needed to the victims' families. on your behalf. in support for the victims remain strong all along the strip. and in the hearts of many who will be mourning for some time to time i'm a big believer in instant church children he once said i refuse to be impartial between the fire great brigade in the fire and to me it's about holding the line and that's the american way to do things and so i'm here to be a proud american in
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a las vegas family members who many around the world try to make sense of how this unthinkable act happened organizers of this park say that they don't want any of the innocent victims to be forgotten in las vegas and sweets are to eat. out a meeting with military leaders thursday president donald trump warned media that they were witnessing quote a calm before the storm on the agenda talks about iran the self-proclaimed islamic state and north korea the president's cryptic message to explain which of these storms is brewing but one thing's sure for sure there are nuclear deal could face major changes in the next week argues the mando rosario's in the room with more details so president trump is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal what does that actually mean well manila he's not killing the deal but he's not willing at this point to recertify it which is something that's required every so often now trump is facing an october fifteenth deadline to tell congress whether iran is living up to its end of the deal so an announcement is expected before then this is
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what he said thursday night while meeting with military leaders we must not allow a red toward to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to a rare and continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement and we will be discussing that tonight. so if he doesn't fact decertify the deal that would kick the issue back to congress which would then have sixty days to make a decision on whether to re-impose sanctions. that iran hasn't lived up to the spirit of the agreement has iran actually violated the deal well according to the international atomic energy agency iran has complied with a number of requirements agreed upon in the final deal back in twenty fifteen iran
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shipped more than twelve tons of enriched uranium to russia thousands of centrifuges necessary to enrich uranium for an atomic bomb and to remove the core from the reactor at iraq facility by trump saying iran hasn't lived up to the spirit of the agreement he's most likely referring to the ballistic missile tests the country has conducted since agreeing to the deal the actions have been viewed by the us and the un as provocative and washington believes is in strict violation of the deal but now it is congress actually on board with scrapping the steel it's not middle of iran deal was never altogether popular in congress during the obama administration but it did have enough support to avoid a filibuster now the consensus here is that denying the deal when the international community says that iran is living up to it would be really bad for international relations even trying so in defense secretary jim mattis has come out contradicting
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the president's claims about the deal man is believes it is in the united states best interest to stay while trump says the deal does not serve the country's interests and how do you think some of the international partners at play here would react if the u.s. did in fact pull out of the steel all right it's important to remember the agreement is not just between the u.s. and iran the iran nuclear deal was reached as part of a collaborative effort between iran and the u.s. the united kingdom france germany russia and china and despite the uncertainty surrounding the u.s. european leaders say they are committed to salvaging the deal even with a potential u.s. withdrawal it's expected to move to withdraw would outrage u.s. allies and further isolate the country from its partners and the president of iran had a warning as well. great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers in the world of politics the world would have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behavior will never even paid to run its
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course of progress and advancement oh middle with this administration it's kind of hard to tell exactly what will be announced until that time comes but given trump's history of criticizing iran it looks like congress will have one more task on their plate before the end of the month. all right thank you so much for that are to you simone del rosario. and as the clock winds down on recertification of the obama era brokered iran nuclear deal next week president obama is expected to unravel it with the october fifteenth deadline looming if he makes no moves on it he could potentially kick the can down the road in the lap of congress forcing their hand to reimpose sanctions on iran critics warn that this could have a domino effect on national security joining me now to discuss investigative journalist gareth porter here good to see you thank you. terms i'm chairman of the joints joint chiefs has actually spoken up on this issue recently joseph dunford recently gave testimony before the senate armed services committee citing that iran
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was actually complying with the deal and that that withdrawing from this agreement could make it more difficult for america to reach diplomatic agreements with other nations moving forward do you agree with the general's assessment oh yes of course my view has been all along that iran was never really trying to get a nuclear weapon the whole history of that program that they started. in the one nine hundred eighty s. has been one of. voiding weapons of mass destruction that has been a fundamental position of fundamental policy of the iranian government since it was established in one nine hundred seventy nine so i think what this shows is that the military leadership which. dunford represents is very wary of moves by the united states which could move toward a military confrontation with iran they do not want war with iran under any
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circumstances and i think this is a position that they feel has to be made clear in order to discourage now any policy that would move in that direction and i think it's important to reiterate that dunford and a whole heap of other generals have said that iran has not falter has not breached anything on this deal as it's written that canceling it would say more about us as a nation what do you think that says about america's new foreign policy well in fact this is not a new foreign policy this is a very well established foreign policy in fact i think if we look back over the three decades or two and a half decades of experience that involves both iran and north korea in terms of u.s. policy toward states that have moved towards a nuclear program or in the case of north korea even. nuclear weapons program there is you know the evidence is very clear that what is wrong with this situation has
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been that the united states government and the political system have been unwilling to really offer a deal to either iran or north korea for all these years that would give either country the incentive to agree to what the united states has been asking of them and in other words the united states political system basically prefers to have a position or relationship of animosity and even to encourage by lack of positive enforcement reinforcement either iran or north korea to go ahead with moving towards nuclear weapons rather than to have. a fundamental agreement that would resolve have the issues between the two of them not just have a dialogue but resolve issues so that they could restore normal economic and political relations the us government and the us political system have been
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fundamentally unwilling to do that that is a fundamental problem that we have simply not come to grips with in this country and it must do so last but not least washington considers iran to be the world's leader in state sponsored terrorism trouble even called iran a murderous regime at the u.n. just a week or so ago how credible are those claims well the idea that iran is the world's leading sponsor state sponsor of terrorism is a very old u.s. official position i think it's no longer really meaningful and i don't think that's really what they're after what they're really interested in now is blaming iran for everything that's happening in the middle east everything is of course become chaotic in syria in iraq and in yemen and in all three cases they're claiming that iran is the head gemini or would be had them out of power trying to impose its control over those countries in fact it doesn't require much research to look at
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the historical record in understand that in each case iran's role such as it is in those countries it's different in each case is the result of extremely gresham or you know external forces being placed in the country to basically destabilize in the case of syria so it's simply not credible for anyone who has an objective view of the situation to say that iran has in each of those three countries gotten involved simply because it's trying to become the head gemini power rather than responding to what has actually happened in each case certainly not the narrative that you hear in mainstream media thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us there of parter. vice president mike pence is traveling to puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands today pence's trip comes after the trumpet ministration was criticized for its slow response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis there pence visited
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orlando florida yesterday where he met with puerto ricans fleeing the island after hurricane maria after the meeting with members of central florida's puerto rican community he tweeted this quote. the needs of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands will be great but the generosity of the american people will be greater still and we are with you in and we'll be with you every step of the way meanwhile officials say ninety three percent of the island still lacking electricity only half the island has running water available joining us now to talk more about puerto rico's now for a financial recovery after the devastation of hurricane rita is peter securities and investment fraud attorney with the pensacola florida law firm levin papen tonio thank you for joining us today so peter. many puerto rican citizens are still without puerto ricans who are american citizens by the way still without
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clean water without any electricity the stakes are very different now than after the devastation of. the previous hurricanes what should be the priority moving forward when it comes to financial recovery and federal aid to puerto rico. i think there's got to be multiple tracks i mean you need basic services on a day to day basis we have to deploy defense resources we have to get into the island at a greater pace within it this isn't just dropping off water this isn't dropping off food this is infrastructure you mentioned power it's not your typical power problem where you have power lines down you have power poles down i represent several hundred investors from the island in half for several years and i'm intimately familiar with that with their their power agency because it's so decrepit in some of the bonds that they sold have blown up way before the hurricane so the problem is is that the infrastructure for their prop for power is gone and they almost need
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to start over so one of the first things we need to do is get power on the island so you have running water basic human services so our our our puerto rican brother in down there can can have just just run of the mill day to day you know water health safety welfare and get the island back up to recovery that's one track and the other track obviously is going to be financial the they were in financial devastation due to the seventy two debility and dollars of bonds that were in default prior to the hurricane so there's there's got to be multiple lines and multiple tracks care for people on a day to day basis get the power grid back up and address the financial devastation that's been coming for years and i'm glad you brought up those bonds because president trump has obviously brought up puerto rico's financial situation seventy two billion dollars in debt already in bankruptcy proceedings that there's no question that puerto rico's ability to pay this debt has greatly diminished prior
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to the hurricane do you see any economic plan for puerto rico that would lead to cancellation of part any part of that or all of its debt. you know i really don't intrude on the not that simple i kind of chuckled when i saw president trump and others say well let's just cancel the debt that kind of demonstrates a lack of understanding of who owns the debt or buys it will wall street we need to see mercy from wall street one fortunately or the vultures unfortunately it's not necessarily wall street that owns the debt believe it or not most of the island own wards percentages of their net worth their liquid net worth in puerto rican debt so if you cancel puerto rican debt then the people on the island are going to see their wealth just just wiped away and it's quite frankly what's happened so it's not as simple as let's cancel the devil and start over because a significant immaterial number of puerto rican own the debt that we're talking about canceling it just doesn't work like that we've got to come up with
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a plan and right now there's a stay which does give time for for some analysis but they will stay to what the island get back on its feet to continue to pay the debt they have to pay the debt because the people that own most of it if all of a sudden it goes to zero or ten cents on the dollar the income coming in to those people on an island that's already forty percent below the poverty won forty percent of the people will live below the poverty line and then we're going to take away their income stream from the from the bonds that they own so it's not quite that simple. thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise with us that was peter mares a securities and investment fraud attorney with the firm levin papen tonio down in florida. such and years for a moment just a moment of shameless plug there i just want to take a moment to introduce you to our newest anchor and join our to america family he'll be taking the reins of the long running show the big picture let's take a moment and say hello to the new host mr holland cook holland hello so first of
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all i got to ask you well i should say welcome first off. tell me how you feel about taking over the show taking over the big picture if the show i was inheriting was not already titled the big picture i might have picked that name because i think that we as a people spend a lot of time bumping into trees and often miss the forest this week was obviously exceptional when you get a story like las vegas blocking out the sun it's kind of hard to focus on anything else and suddenly tom petty dies and we all turn in that direction it's not like puerto rico and north korea paused to write so i want to take the wide angle shot with this show and make sure that we're not taken our eye off any of those balls ok gotcha and will you sort of keep the show the same the same tone and tenor that tom hartman did or how might your show be different gentlemanly as tom was certainly a goal i want to take
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a page from larry king songbook as well because he seems like such a genuinely curious guy i don't think it'll take viewers long to figure out where i come down on most of the issues and that the big tom hartman shoes i'm feeling are basically my size too but i want to seem curious about topic too sure and surface something that you might not have seen elsewhere and. you know you're like you said they're big shoes to fill you've got to have goals when you walk into something like this right what do you hope to accomplish as the the new host now that you have such a platform the home run for me is when the viewer says oh i didn't realize that and i think with all of this fake nudes that we have to sift through in the course of a day there is a bigger need than ever for people who do what we do who are information curators just because it's on the internet almost means it's not true so the bar is set even
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higher for journalists and hosts people who do what we do so i want to help people sort it all out and realize what's real and what to be wary of per purveyor of truth that's the thing you tagline no pressure there and came in for that later thank you so much welcome to the team at the holland cup the night at seven. i think that is the big picture tonight like you said seven pm eastern here at artsy america. guys that doesn't read our more of the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash our to america and check out our website our team dot com for slash where you can also follow me on twitter at military right there at the bottom of your screen i don't know if you have a number a question for. mark when you said it's easier to walk people than to the brim full that could be why america is so divided because people have been very communal in four by corporate interests beat you down until you believe they're very. well here's
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a story. all week and that's. more and more stories keep coming out about how medlars used facebook google and twitter to further their evil cause of interfering with our election so far the stories have focused on how these sites were used almost as innocent victims but it looks like the stories will shift soon enough i'm to calling the internet giants the meddlers themselves because they've been summoned to washington to testify congress has called on executives from all three tech giants to testify in the probe of russia's a legit interference according to see and be the senate intelligence committee has
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asked them to appear at a public hearing on november first and if they do you can expect the media to start turning their coverage toward the question who's the real medlar here the people who use the platforms to get the messages they want or the platforms themselves who take money from anyone at all apparently to push out any kind of message whether real or not and it probably won't be very pretty for the billionaires. helming these companies in fact politico is already on it they ran an article already in titled internet billionaires prepare for their public shaming they can't wait to watch zuckerberg squirm apparently as the author of the article imagines zuck quote claim the naive a role that fits the contour of his personality as tightly as usual t. shirt we've got a full month for the media to warm us up for the public shaming in front of congress and according to politico capitol hill will then quote slice ducker bergen just strips and barbecue him now that sounds fine to me i mean while the whole rush
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of probe continues to swirl like a classic shameless witch hunt it's pretty clear that facebook and twitter and google did in fact meddle in the election zuckerberg even admits that much these companies run by billionaires are the real medlars and they should be taken to task for their role in making society gross in general and i mean really gross i'm talking way beyond the scope of the twenty sixteen election but here's the part that doesn't sound fine to me these hearings could very well serve an entirely different purpose than saving our democracy what they could do is serve to justify more censorship from the government because after their public shaming could very well come their time of contrition where they work hard hidden hand with the government to right their wrongs and to me there's nothing more medals than a government in control of the media.
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called the feel we are going to. everyone in the world should experience flamingo and you'll get it on the open road. the old according to just. look up the modern world come along for the rock. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. to go on to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. i should more. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is this really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue things that seem to see people you've never heard of love right back to the night my president of the world bank hey i'm going to write me seriously send us an e-mail.


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