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tv   Headline News  RT  October 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and number two bond markets going to crash. unity activists hold rallies across that spain including in the cattle on the capital barcelona at the same time catalogs in favor of secession launch a petition to pressure regional officials into declaring independence also. the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaos president trump is a force for peace and that's the message from the white house as the u.s. leader tweets that there is only one solution to the north korean crisis and it is not diplomatic. and wiki leaks founder julian assange offers a blistering critique of western journalism as he mocks the coverage depicting
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russia as a. power meddling in other countries affairs. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international thomas glad to have you with us. as the standoff between spain and catalonia deepens following last week's independence referendum protests urging unity and dialogue have been held across the country on associate you're going to reports now from. this entire square in front of the catalan leader's headquarters is topped with thousands of people dressed in white who are here to call for dialogue they don't want any harsh decisions and steps to be taken let's take a listen to what people have been saying here on mount but it seems looks like the concentration of it's just right here. we cannot discount the air quality of the we
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have to show you a little detail we don't want to go for they should be able to talk who would want to speak about our programs having already been the case since from the spanish government that we want to do it. with the most pressing i mean that is when the result of tension in our society there are various opinions and catalonia many of us hell no voice we don't want cruelty we want peace peaceful coexistence and with don't want any confrontation was in politicians allison has to confrontation but we don't want it to tony's a peace loving civilized region we have almost coexistence in peace was going on right now is madness and it's no wonder that these people are calling for dialogue and no more confrontation because images of violence like these ones really some shock waves throughout the region here was
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was was this comes as the latest that we know is that that's one regional parliament just trying to meet on tuesday along with the leader of the cause why did you was sixteen was to potentially launch the process of going to congress because this continues to be resisted by madrid to try to get in the way of this by blocking the initial meeting that was supposed to take place on monday but we do know that the talks monita should did say that within forty eight hours of counting up all the votes of the of trouble first referendum they would go ahead with this process and it does seem that this is still the intention but this is yet another protest of many that have been taking place here throughout catalonia in the last week where we have seen people protest for independence we have seen people protest against independence now these people are saying let's all take a break and talk. that we charter which they think is crucial at this particular
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moment as sort of this deadline announced by the council on the ship is running out so he definitely wants to watch these guys gather here to take my show was that he was i was right i was right. so was i was. there yes they said it was made good night it was i was right. madrid is continuing to put pressure on the troubled region and stresses that it considers the whole process illegal spain's foreign minister has warned of a catalonia risks becoming an outlaw state and it now seems even the catalan leader is softening his stance faced with moderate stance opposition. learn the mother daughter the day after the first of october we will start
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a new period taking into consideration the will of the castle on us cannot do not underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia. a woman of the situation asks for mediation and mediation means that we need a third passes and i get to me i will make a direct appeal to the european union still the pro independence camp in catalonia has launched a petition calling on authorities to stick with the secession plan over ninety thousand people have signed it so far now calls are also coming from catalan officials for president carlos to put him on to to speed up in the independence process but members of his own party say things must be handled in the right way the struggle for independence unites us but we need to make things right we have to try not to loose or expel and one from the process. in a further development in the country madrid has passed
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a new law making it easier for companies to relocate away from catalonia several banks as well as energy telecommunications and textile companies have already decided to move their headquarters out of the region the recent business exodus was among the topics we discussed with several economists. i think it's the companies that are genuinely concerned about the break of the law and more importantly you know completely random the decision of which you know is the government to buy to them which ones they don't because this is this person significant risk for investment security and for for many other issues. and he prepared to go new condo owner bob is not dissing at audio the treaties to stop receiving the european union all of the article money and then it would be outside the european union and outside the utah and outside the call of them but
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although europe and central park. although the headline aside ninety percent of cuts alone and voted for independence in the cuts on a referendum this past sunday these results are quite screwed because estimates at that only forty two percent of the actual cuts learning and population turned up for the referendum and we know there was a lot of controversy as well. as well as a number of regional crises threaten to spill over into global scale catastrophes the white house has said there is above all one man who is a force for peace. i think that the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaos to keep the world from traditional five year period totally destroying
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north korea it would be devastating to take it to you to. have a staging. moochers the way we are standing in your model as an incredible team around him that's helping them believe that effort it has never moved the u.s. to care about what other countries say north korea will be destroyed and we all know that many of you had tremendous accomplishments on the international stage iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transaction the united states has ever entered and we're going to continue doing that we're going to continue doing that as a team with the president leading that effort these problems will be so i'm a problem solver. the majority of those statements you just heard concerned north korea most recently on saturday donald trump claimed to on twitter that previous american presidents have not achieved anything by trying to
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negotiate with pyongyang he added that only one thing will work when it comes to resolving the standoff apparently referring to a military solution now reportedly a u.s. warship is heading towards the korean peninsula at the moment it is thought that more drills will be held with seoul pyongyang for its part has again lashed out at america describing its actions as a gangster like moves for domination and aggression and a political analyst we spoke to says washington still lacks any clear policy towards north korea. we do not see a credible strategy on the part of that on those from administration it is not prepared to negotiate to offload grand bargain and it does not really have a credible military strategy at the time it does state surgical strikes against north korean nuclear. capabilities are also very risky such
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a surgical strike will be opposed by south korea as well as strongly by china and russia and we also know for sure that diplomatic condemnation and economic sanctions are not going to push north korea to give up its nuclear weapons program . almost a year on from donald trump's shock victory in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election and russia is still making the headlines over its alleged interference with little by way of evidence provided with the leaks editor joining us on just tweeted a market guide to western journalism francis takes his own very personal look. here is only to know to become a top mainstream western journalist these days giuliana sun she has just put together the perfect guide for all you want to be media pros first randomly pick and newsworthy event make sure it's one the russians will definitely cover now all
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you got to do is blame the kremlin for covertly pulling the strings behind that event why well because the russian press was covering it in the midst of the ever growing hysteria of russian particularly r.t.s. meddling in u.s. politics let's see whether songes russian hysteria guide is being thoroughly followed global event brags it made its way across the globe everyone reported in this major global event including russia of course and guess what brags that somehow got added to the list of russian involvement or for that matter any election this past year. i guess we can solidify out spot on a songes guide really is because even in catalonia that never had anything to do
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with russia moscow somehow got the blame for the catalans will to seed from spain simply because well russia that's right reported on it and now we're getting to the most important part of the guide the motive which according to songe is of course profit them on c.n.n. constantly like russia the structure of. this rating. when you see the news tomorrow and there is something fishy about russia just remember you already know the formula for that headline axis and ya go r.t. . your analyst lionel thinks that meddling claims are so frequently made against russia most people now automatically accept them as fact when ever you say the russians weighed in on something the russians have bought ads the russians did something by that inclusion of the word russians you create
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this nefarious connection russo phobic red scare kremlin baiting suggestion and it has been done with such frequency and such volume that people americans in the news people in particular themselves have how big you waited to this they've condition where they don't even ask any questions they don't know b. and they have to like they just listen to this the russians did it again did what i don't know so joy you know sancia is absolutely. correct. the russian military says its latest round of air strikes in syria has killed a number of ourselves field commanders some originating from the north caucasus region of southern russia i just got to have comments. one hundred twenty fight is killed just by the russian air force and just over the last twenty four hours the russian ministry of defense says that
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a good amount of those fighters were foreigners from the central asian republics from various arab countries and countries of the former soviet union and that would be highly characteristic of isis quoting to many reports foreign as out number locals syrians within the ranks of isis but many of those casualties were suffered by isis in the vicinity of. this city forty five kilometers south of that as sort of where we are now was the largest city still held by isis in syria now it is perhaps the hottest battleground in syria was through this fighting lasting throughout the night and continuing now but the syrians are allegedly in possession of over half of the city more than fifty percent the northern and western side isis is rushing reinforcements to dean obesity the don't expect an offensive of these ferocity but eighty people a.t.g. hardass were allegedly caught in
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a slew of russian air strikes as well as eighteen technicals pickup trucks with mounted high caliber weapons nevertheless the fight there continues and isis is still rushing reinforcements. to prevent it symbolic fool hundreds of people have gathered in kabul afghanistan to protest against the continued presence of u.s. troops in the country sixteen years on from its invasion story and more still to come here what are the international. i have. to be. you. have a common interest. and this is why. business community. entertainment and sports. you know.
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to society's rules or. europe has to either change or cease to exist so people who work in this building a new headquarters should change the rules of the european union would have to work on fewer issues both with better results it should be paying more attention to protecting external borders fighting against curbing illegal immigration as well as harmonizing economic policies on the judicial system otherwise the europe we have today is doing it were transformed into a strange loose community of twenty seven countries with nothing in common. international now saturday marks sixteen years since the us invasion of afghanistan
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in two thousand and one then president george w. bush accused the afghan government of sheltering the al qaeda leaders who masterminded the nine eleven attacks that saw the beginning of the so-called war on terror now america's longest running conflict now ahead of the anniversary hundreds of people protested in the afghan capital kabul against the continued presence of u.s. troops in the country demonstrators carried anti u.s. and nato signs denouncing what they see as america's occupation of afghanistan it comes as new figures released by the united nations reveal an increase in casualties in the country over the last twelve months. it uses any for me i was praying in my house and when i saw american helicopters i told my wife and children to save themselves after that i just heard a loud noise and then my house was destroyed six people were wounded including
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women and children. they destroyed our house and our family member's wife the americans are killing our women and children every day in afghanistan and they just say sorry it was a mistake. was sitting in a room together and suddenly we had the massive bombardment of village and i was injured. last night on the explosion happened i was near to my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew about my face i ran in here and came out on the hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone and fears of even greater civilian casualties are emerging as the u.s. military has decided to relax its rules of engagement in afghanistan and he says american comments. president trump announced a new strategy to the u.s. this sixteen year long war over
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a month ago which is just outlined by the pentagon chief earlier this week the old rules included. both rules of being under rules of engagement and operating principles included a requirement for proximity of the enemy to be engaged by our air forces so i've removed proximity and bad in itself open to the enemy were ever they are found to the nato air support so u.s. forces will now be fully engaged in afghanistan giving authorization to launch direct off kinds of measures against the taliban previously having only defensive permissions general mattis also announced that the u.s. now fancy place in military advisors in almost every afghan unit we have got to reorganize or our advisors because those units with nato and american advisors when and those without them often do not win so we're going to spread the number of units with advisors but how much of
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a shift will this really be on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime and afghanistan commander in chief i have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional thirty thousand u.s. troops to afghanistan starting next month we will be able to remove ten thousand of our troops from afghanistan by the end of this year is it going to require additional u.s. troops who believe it will involve additional forces so far it seems like every u.s. strategy in afghanistan has failed now the taliban still controls or contests forty percent of the country and it's unclear if these new policies will make any difference at all clear they're not learning anything from the past but i would argue that the system that we are using to. make foreign policy national security policy is not geared to learning from the past of course as everyone knows the
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united states was unable to achieve the goal that it set for itself which was to. basically put the taliban movement on the defensive and prevent them from being able to continue their advance now we're seeing united states paranoia trying to do something along the same line with far fewer troops obviously on the face of it it's an absurd idea one cannot fathom how they could imagine that they could be successful in this. eleven people were injured after a car mounted the pavement and plowed into pedestrians in central london on saturday incident happened near the natural history museum one of the u.k.'s biggest tourist attractions and is metropolitan police say it was a traffic accident and not terror related driver has been detained and is now in custody terrorism expert and consultant david lao joined us to discuss the situation he says despite saturday's crash in a false alarm the u.k.
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should be prepared to remain at a heightened security level for the foreseeable future the u.k. has been on severe which is the next highest level been the full three years and i suppose really it's a sad state of affairs but we're having to get used to this you know it's sort of being prepared for tox obviously today's you know that like a motor vehicle accident but it makes sense if you like to start a high level and to treat it like a terrorist incident does make sense to do that it's easier than scaling down rather than having to scale and investigation of puts and i think these this is chris is quite important i think also looking at security of crowded places i mean for example with say the manchester itzhak you know how far do you help us security code because don't forget. that the bomber came from outside in. awards the entrance towards the end of the. opposition are held
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marches across russia on saturday they were called by a kremlin critic and blogger alexina vali joined ortiz you know neal in the studio earlier with the details. around eight hundred cities across the country scheduled to be holding these rallies today most from a call it a birthday gift to the russian president is to say that to me a person celebrates his sixty fifth birthday and perhaps in a plot to spoil the day position figure alexina valmy has called for these nationwide protests now here in moscow resorts one out of around seven hundred people and a small number of people were detained that's now over those people have been released now what i should point out is that not all of these rallies have been authorized by the or otherwise ation is something you need when you bring together a large number of people for safety concerns traffic regulations and things like this so while police have been present at these rallies that launched you've been there to ensure that everything remains peaceful so yes so far no violence in the
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one of the biggest turnouts was up north there wasn't in some petersburg but it's one of the biggest turnouts was in st petersburg up to a thousand people reported to have been at that rally now that's officially over although still quite a lot of people on the streets sausan petersburg now as a result police say dozens have been detained for violating traffic regulations after we saw some confrontations protesters attempted to block police access also police who were forced to issue warnings off to a number of protesters use force to break police blockades now what's interesting about this rally isn't petersburg is that the is that electing a volley actually told his followers on social media that this was an authorized event however city was doris's say that they did not grant permission for this to take place so maybe some people have turned up to this this rally thinking it's legal when perhaps it's illegal. so in paul's cathedral in london has
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an all out battle of the spiders after failing to tag other places of worship in a twitter post don't worry though it is all part of world architecture.
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it's an architectural war in deed that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty five minutes of for a full look at your news you're watching our national stay with us. i mean always gives yeah you can you tell it to hurt us a little bit but almost all of it is. going to be other things i do they didn't intend to do that and then. you have. to go to the floor if you will you give it just to believe all these bluster glad at least have got the timing mumble it clearly seems like a country that's. got up out of it and i'm not going to
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clean the state out be important yet and he's not going to stumble into going to shoot me in the least. in the future as. he will become which. heard in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington hurt washington controls the media the media the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been
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done before. but. i have the absolute conviction that the t.v. viewer uploaded to you. every rush hour i have a common interest to look at closer corporation and this is why i seem to be so important to mobilize the driving force into business community but also in culture entertainment and sports we need to you know to bring it to two societies much closer. match ties are this is the cause report you were in denver fifty two hundred eighty
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feet above sea level behind me is devil's peak and somebody's head famous landmarks that define the skyline and of course this is where john elway plays football casually and he did a while ago and the denver broncos of course no one hears about them anymore because of new england patriots are fricken great tom brady who even talks about the denver broncos anymore. i've even heard about that is anyone talk about that now anyway let's get into it. this is like a fighter jet so i have just been recalled i must go fight the enemy. so max by the way you did start off with a little bit of cultural appropriation there by wearing the sunglasses you bought there in the navajo nation gas station in new mexico in new mexico or somewhere in middle of nowhere great american pilgrimage soon coming to artsy myself stephen baldwin traveled across america on a pilgrimage looking for the real americans like sign.


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