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tv   Headline News  RT  October 9, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets. speech to. the u.s. president.
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thanks for joining us. people from liberated. after three years of being surrounded by islamic state extremists but it will not be easy. the story of. survival has. just one of the many tragic stories emerging from the. meet sally she's five maybe six or perhaps seven she doesn't know and the smog hits the
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streets. surviving isis's c.g. of the resort was no mean feat so many perished as a result of starvation sickness by let's put it that sally is a survivor she has a sister and brother were abandoned by their parents years ago they divorced and left the children to fend for themselves out on land. her home. to an adult almost going on the land she spends her days begging stealing playing and surviving no easy lot for them in this life bit of it was so he went from home to home to live in the streets they beg for money to stay alive inside today sick for sally bags alone for my neighbors who knew their family have taken pity on the kids and have looks out for them but
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it's not easy to marcos now back up what i wanted to take her in she kept escaping that i sent people to look for her but she never stays in one place long shell escapes. well there. are no. sally's sister all she has left since her brother died of starvation we found the older girl at the end of this gloomy bullet riddled cargill is a room with broken windows in it leaves a young girl with only flies bloodstain mattresses for company. about a month ago sagitta who doesn't remember her age was brought in with
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a head injury when she fell she damaged an implant that siphons away the fluid different people tell different versions some say the full was accidental others attempted suicide but i'll but i but if fluids keep building early on there will be consequences she will lose her sight hearing and the ability to swallow much of the pressure on delivering it was grown. in hospital i don't know she'll find new cures in dead as order as we were filming a nice a shell landed just a few hundred meters away sagitta needs to get to damascus to survive but lacking identification relatives and trapped in a war zone it's difficult to see how that's possible. sagitta doesn't get many visitors but there is one vigil person who always makes a smile that. if
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left alone sagitta begins to scream and cry she needs people the story has spread and good. barrett's institution. that i miss for a woman once came to the hospital and heard the screaming she followed him found the girl since then she's been coming two or three times a day to care for her so to wash or to feed her she never knew this girl bushra who is. disabled is not reach all middle class she's poor but a kind hearts goes a long long way now that i know everything my friend and i can do we will do for her as well dr up to her gender to la everything i read up to the moment when she stands up and can see that. there is cool is for optimism sidesteps suffering has touched
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a chord action is being taken to get the girls out of bed as or but for now all they really have aside from promises and p.t. is each other or i guess. from their disorder syria. meanwhile just forty kilometers north of the it has all the syrian army is steadily advancing against deisel they're chasing terrorists out of the city of al by a day and a considered at one of the islamic states last stronghold in that province we can show you a small video here received from the frontline but. still
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no. so he has also launched a military operation against terrorists it's targeting former al nusra militants in syria's northwestern evenly province and the move follows turkey russia and iran old reaching a deescalation deal for the war torn nation just last month. these. we have to extend her brothers now this step has been taken away for the creation of a. border with syria. is now supporting the free syrian army against. terrorists in a mission that is being coordinated with moscow. poised at the syrian border but have not yet crossed into the country a middle east specialist believes there is now
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a tacit agreement between ankara and damascus well the very fact that. this time around when turkish observers and troops are heading into the country and we haven't heard from this hearing. this has gone into a further step previously when turkey went into syria for example in northern syria . to drive out. the syrian state did not endorse the operation on the called it in a in an official statement as an aggression. now adays we've heard all previous. two weeks ago we've heard the syrian foreign minister say that this is going to be like a test for turkey so this is a step forward which tells you that the cooperation between the countries has taken a step forward and apparently what he's hoping to take it all along the way to ease the syrian crisis is out. hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of
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boss alone on sunday to back spanish unity and denounce the catalan government's push for independence the rally comes amid speculation that catalonia as president may proclaim the region an independent state in an address to the regional parliament on choose day details now from barcelona with artie's anastasio. i. i. was was. you see it was our usual reach it was. but the ninety percent of those who came out to vote in favor weaving spain goodbye in the first also expects promises to be kept for the over eight hundred people injured on the day of the referendum the question of could it also have been for nothing is now live i.
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was. it's from behind these walls of the castle on parliament that the next big steps for the region are expected to come from catalan leader carlos putsch demond promised action towards independence within forty eight hours of official referendum results but has avoided specifics since this week all eyes will be on what happens here next among those who came out in support of catalonia remaining part of spain were a group so far right i theorists they were waving the spanish slogans and also giving nazi salutes meanwhile the spanish prime minister has given his first major interview since the catalan independence referendum he vowed to take any measures necessary to prevent the region breaking away including suspending its autonomy we got our cattle on people's reaction to prime minister mariano to hold his comments . we are going to prevent independence from occurring that is why i can tell you
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without salute frankness that it will not happen. it seems wrong to me not because he thinks so but because in a democracy the president must protect the people's right to choose our goal was to do as little damage as possible what happened was due to stubbornness and holding a referendum when they knew it was absolutely illegal it was very irresponsible of those who made that decision to go. i think the government has behaved very severely and aggressively towards a kind of legitimate and democratic demand of catalan citizens he said battle for europe is a battle for european values and we have to win the national populism goes against european values. european i don't think so because europe should give us more support it doesn't seem to me that there's a battle going on between his government and you who does not say anything that makes sense he does not listen he does not try to hold a dialogue and i do not understand why he is still in his post if he was receptive
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and humane person he would resign political commentator and journalist john white things it's pretty hard to tell how things will play out in catalonia our society is split. what i think is too soon to scrape victory or defeat to either say but what is clear this is the first time the opposition to cut the line in detail this is being so prominent on the streets given that mr hoyer is already president when it comes to using force against the un separatism. it seems likely that he'll be able to do so again if there's no sign of any save reaching out to bellow to try and pave the way for negotiations it is clear that there is a huge court has issued in this society and this is the most dangerous test by far i think that spain is a rather fragile democracy has faced since its more than incarnation in the late one nine hundred seventy s. . some of the headlines here on r.t. with the us tackling both the korean crisis and threatening to scrap the iran
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nuclear deal president trump has now decided to lump together his two adverse areas by accusing terror ron of supporting pyongyang. i believe they're funding north korea i believe they are trading with military career i believe they are doing things with korea that is totally inappropriate in terms eyes iran is teaming up with another arch enemy of the united states but hey there's no challenge that trump can't overcome i think that the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaos the truth is this coming week dahlan trump is expected to take a major step to question the game changing nuclear deal reached with tehran that's despite the fact that iran has been playing by the rules the u.n. nuclear agency the e.u. and the trumpet ministration itself have all confirmed the country is playing ball and sticking to the agreement washington has been trying for months to confuse the matter by adding a bit of double speak we agreed on the. technical compliance. if
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you're dealing with a nuclear deal the agreement is that even if they are in technical compliance technically it wants a violation of the nuclear rights i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement they are not living up to the spirit of their agreement but that attempt left a couple of questions hanging in the air how do you determine if the spirit of a deal is being violated and is that reason enough to back out so unsurprisingly that approach wasn't quite cutting it and perhaps that's what trumps latest strategy involves adding another international troublemaker p.n. yang to the mix the aggressive rhetoric between north korea and the white house has put the possibility of nuclear war on everyone's minds and with no solution to that in sight we are now also facing the possible consequences of dismantling the nuclear deal with the iran on friday trump met with top military officials reportedly addressing the agreement and left everyone uncomfortable with an impromptu and rather ominous message.
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from. the world is perplexed by what that could possibly mean but we think we have a pretty good idea. storm donald is already making landfall batten down the hatches right now the hour here in the russian capital news returns and. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington. business to run this country business. it's not business as
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usual it's business like it's never been done. seemed wrong. to. the trail. the party. to look for common ground. a world years a leaked f.b.i. report who sparking off to be agency expressed concern over what. the luck identity extremists the report claims that causing an increase in violence against law enforcement officials activists insists it's just another attempt by authorities to
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strip the black community off its right to protest. controversial report comes in the wake of widespread protests by black lives matter activists in st louis missouri came out last month off of the acquittal of a white officer implicated in the killing of a black motorist i was back in twenty eleven. officer jason stokley was charged with the first degree murder of anthony smith in
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twenty eleven the officer said he saw smith holding a gun and felt that he was in imminent danger across accuse accused of planting a gun in smith's car after he shot him. only. protesters have come out ever since stokley was acquitted we spoke with one of the protest organizers who accuses the police of a military like response. we are saying from the police force is a very militarized reaction we've been. we've been mazed we've seen killing which is when they block a sam from our size into mass a wrist of one hundred to one hundred fifty people people that have not been
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a part of the process they just happen to be in the area and while there have been a risk that they have gotten mayes they have been sitting in jail for twenty four hours and then a lot of times they get released without any charge against them so what we are saying is a police force that is governing how we express our first amendment rights and when they get tired and when they get up say they militarize it against the people. diplomatic relations between turkey and the u.s. have suffered and yet another major blow. has cut the visa services that has diplomatic facilities all across america in response to washington taking the same step following that has had the detention i should say of one of its employees recent or very for the united states government to reassess the commitment of the government of turkey to the security of u.s.
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mission facilities personnel in order to minimize the number of visitors to our embassy and consulates want this suspend proceeds effective immediately we have suspended all known immigrant visa services at u.s. diplomatic facilities in. the employee in question who worked at the u.s. consulate in istanbul was arrested last week is accused of espionage from plotting to overthrow the turkish government talks with or he's claimed he has links to exiled cleric for two and a google and who lives in america and he says was the mastermind behind last year's failed coup attempt. he has long been urging the u.s. to extradite the preacher but washington refuses to act but that's just one issue stoking tension american support for codas forces fighting islamic state has also angered ankara which sees both groups as terrorist groups also during a u.s. visit back in may the turkish leaders bodyguards were caught here on camera
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ultimately attacking opposition protestors. we spoke to hussein back of the middle east technical university he told us that relations are likely to get worse first time in the history we have. and the tension will increase because the americans and the turkish side are ready if you want to farm in this case and probably in the coming days there will be some other major from both sides it is not a good thing for nato members is not good for a strategic and i have not yet. but the tendency is not to be to promise to be more turkey on america. is not only in syria and others issues. so planet
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earth is set for a very close encounter as a miti all the sides of two buses will pass well almost unprecedented proximity but nasa insists the thirty meter object does not pose a threat staying some approximate six thousand kilometers away from earth but while many see asteroids as a serious threat for others they're an opportunity for example luxembourg has become the first european state to adopt a law opening up space mining to private corporations. francaise santiago takes a look. the small landlocked nation of luxembourg has a special offer for you and it's called asteroid mining there is no need for rockets or any scientific achievements all you gotta do is set up a company get the government's approval and your well on your way to the stars there are countless asteroids flying past our planet all loaded with precious minerals like platinum a recent one was estimated seven hundred million tons of it at seventy bucks
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a gram you could get lost in the zeroes now luxemburg provides all the legal framework all you got to do is pay the taxes five companies are already on board and sixteen more are in the process and luxembourg is not alone in this venture united states call did was on its monopoly over asteroids in twenty fifteen by introducing the space resource exploration and utilization act so let's get this straight the united states and luxembourg both provide tax exclusive rights to mine asteroids everyone's happy not you see in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven members of the united nations signed the outer space treaty and here is what it stated outer space including the moon and the celestial bodies is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty by means of use or occupation or by any of the means the united states and luxembourg think the minerals from these celestial objects do not fall under this clause some united states officials are
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already screaming that the treaty needs to go as we look to the future of american free enterprise and settlement in space we should also thoroughly review the united nations outer space treaty which was written in an act in a very different time an era in one nine hundred sixty seven. it's important that congress evaluate how that treaty and acted fifty years ago will impact new and innovative activity within space well what used to be a dream for star gazers fifty years ago on planet earth the idea of space exploration for interiors now seems to have turned into gold brush giago r.t. thanks for sharing your monday with us here on r.t. international partridge are taking over in about half an hour's time with more of your world wide.
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somewhere. lemme warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that they believe the new socks present tell you that it's not because of the public by itself little supporters. of the maverick telling you on the cool enough and let's fight their product lives are the hawks that we along with our audience will walk or get. a little. live
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. live live our lives please. you were going underground fifty years to the day of the u.s. backed assassination of argentine revolutionary che guevara coming up in the show why is nato not bombing madrid just save barcelona we ask a member of britain's parliamentary group on catalonia what atrocities he witnessed last week when eighty years ago international brigades for u.k. backed fascism and from playing judy garland in the end of the rainbow around the world to the coppers it's hollywood sometimes star carlotta campion in follies at
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the royal national theatre award winning actor tracy bello told coronation street to j. edgar hoover was shoot you're only killing a man the apparent last words of che guevara before he was shot dead by cia forces in bolivia on this day nine hundred sixty seven we speak to take of ours brother about the persecution of his family and the adjoining legacy of one of history's most famous revolutionaries all the more coming up in today's going underground but first catalonia in spain is the location of arguably one of the most critical flashpoints of the modern age of twenty tens of thousands of volunteers from fifty three countries went to fight british and american backed fascists in spain the volunteers from britain in the international regain were monitored by the defacto pro franco u.k. spy agency m i five which was supposed to be neutral they were members of the communist party and at that time that was seen by much of the establishment as the main threat to be concerned about so m i five were charged with keeping tabs on anybody really that was a communist and once the spanish civil war broke out obviously they were very
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concerned because they were stunned simply being neutral they want they were very concerned that these people might go to spain and fight for the public weapon sales from now nato nations would lead to the failure of the international brigades to win against spain. fascists and the defeat is seen by some as the precursor to tens of millions dying in world war two and the holocaust but this week catalonia is again fighting in spain backed by european powers today's democratic session of the catalan parliament has been blocked by the so-called socialist party of spain arguably a blairite new liberal party focused on preventing catalan independence the significance of the banning of democracy today in spain was not lost on financial t.v. channels weary of independence movements opposed to the new liberal order just talk to us about the significance of this for those not accustomed to spanish politics like you south what this really means for the current debate that's right the development of workers get in if you're a member.


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