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tv   Headline News  RT  October 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and as you can see from this barbara we don't skew the facts either talking have left these talking head righties oh there you go. look at world r.t. america is in the spotlight down every lead whatever noise classifiers and it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. coming up on r t tensions between washington and tehran as donald trump is expected to decertify iran's nuclear deal. and a heartbreaking story from deir ez-zor even after the syrian city is largely liberated from terror groups many are still struggling to survive. then is the honey and your kitchen safe to eat a new study says maybe not the details later in the show. it's monday october ninth five pm here in washington d.c.
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i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america we began today out the white house where president trump is expected to discern a five the iran nuclear deal by october fifteenth although european allies have agreed iran has complied with the terms of the deal the trouble administration believes it's not in the u.s. as national security interests to remain and the agreement germany's chief diplomat has stressed with a drawing from the nuclear deal with iran would hinder the chances of resolving the korean crisis he says once the deal is broken is unlikely to agree to any other international deals concerning its nuclear program now this comes as trump tries to convince the world of iran's of bad intentions r.t. correspondent jacqueline luca explains i believe they're funding north korea i believe they're trading with north korea i believe they are doing things with the career that is totally inappropriate. interims eyes iran is teaming up with another
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arch enemy of the united states but hey there's no challenge that trump can't overcome i think that the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaos the truth is this coming week dahlan trump is expected to take a major step to question the game changing nuclear deal reached with tehran that's despite the fact that iran has been playing by the rules the u.n. nuclear agency the e.u. and the trumpet ministration itself have all confirmed the country is playing ball and sticking to the agreement washington has been trying for months to confuse the matter by adding a bit of double speak we agreed on the. start. of your deal the nuclear deal is that it. was. all for agreements. that. the spirit there is agreement. live. but that attempts left
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a couple of questions hanging in the air how do you determine if the spirit of a deal is being violated and is that reason enough to back out so unsurprisingly that approach wasn't quite cutting it and perhaps that's why trump's latest strategy involved adding another international troublemaker p.n. yang to the mix it's obvious that trump wants to discredit iran by making false accusations when it with regard to north korea trumps accusations have no basis the united states gives or sells hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to regimes like saudi arabia the united arab emirates whereas juran is the transcribing is but a fraction of these countries is very small in comparison and if he does decertify the agreement basically it will show the international community that the united states is an untrustworthy country and it's not a country that you can negotiate with the aggressive rhetoric between korea north.
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and the white house has put the possibility of nuclear war on everyone's minds and with no solution to that in sight we are now also facing the possible consequences of dismantling the nuclear deal with the iran on friday trump met with top military officials reportedly addressing the agreement and left everyone uncomfortable with an impromptu and rather ominous message put. to me. the world is perplexed by what that could possibly mean but we think we have a pretty good idea storm donald is already making landfall batten down the hatches for more on this i spoke earlier to retro lockman a professor of political sociology at suny albania and i first asked him what does he think will come out of congress to certifying the iran nuclear deal some members of congress think that they can actually get iran to renegotiate the deal even though iran won't do that and no country you know laterally changes the terms of
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the international agreement to make it less favorable and the other factor is that even though the u.s. foreign policy establishment in congress really sees iran is important opponent in the middle east they're worried about u.s. credibility they're really afraid by this action and more generally trump is going to destroy the u.s. is ability to make agreements and to have allies around the world so i think that at least for a while will restrain them as we know to certifying the deal isn't the only thing on the table is also expected to deem iran's most powerful security force the islamic revolutionary guards corps as a terrorist organization first archer can you tell us who this group is and why do you think trump wants to declare the group a terrorist organization. well the group is one of the key units of the iranian military and one that is been active in advising and supporting
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radical movements throughout the middle east the damage of declaring the terrorist organization is that all sorts of sanctions apply not just directly from the us but it then imposes legal problems for any other government or any corporation anywhere in the world of dealing with the guard and so that would place new pressure on them all right now so iran's foreign ministry they've come out saying quote where i hope fall that the u.s. does not make the strategic mistake if they do iran's reaction would be firm decisive and crushing and the u.s. should bear all its consequences how do you imagine iran what retaliate well i think they're going to be fairly restrained because they see an opening to maintain this agreement with the europeans and they see that the europeans are not
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going to go along with that so they don't want to do any thing that's provide going to they would turn of the europeans toward the united states but at the same time they're all sorts of more subtle ways they can put pressure on the u.s. by supporting groups in syria in yemen that can and of course in iraq they can place pressure on u.s. troops there so they have ways of exposing american troops to attacks without directly attacking a german diplomat said withdrawing from the nuclear deal if the u.s. were to withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran it could hinder their chances of resolving the korean crisis would you agree with that. definitely that if the u.s. withdraws from the steel no country in the world is going to want to make any sort of deal with the united states because when you have a deal you have to make concessions so that another country like north korea would make concessions and then months or years later the u.s.
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could just pull out of the deal and north korea would be worse off than if there'd been no deal it all so you know this would certainly destroy the u.s. credibility and make it difficult for a long time and perhaps ever for the u.s. to negotiate treaties in the world richard i want to read you a tweet from a trumpet says presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for twenty five years agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of us negotiator sorry but only one thing up well work and referencing north korea do you think trump knows what to do in the situation well i think you has no idea he certainly doesn't have the intelligence your base of knowledge and he's not willing to make the effort to learn enough about policy to come up with a response so that people could response to the generals and they certainly don't
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want to start a war with north korea we have about forty seconds left trump has said being nice to kim but hasn't worked it didn't work for obama and it's not going to work and now obviously he's been taunting can by calling him a rocket man do you think that trump is actually making matters worse of course he's making them worse and you know there have been agreements if bill clinton for all of his faults was able to make an agreement with north korea that. stop they're developing nuclear weapons for years and that agreement would have held if it hadn't been for george w. bush to sabotage and we have to remember that bush talked about an axis of evil so he made the same point that trump is making now those false charge that there are some links between iran and north korea or director we're going to have to leave it
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there thank you so much for your and say that was our attorney lockman professor of political sociology at the university of alva nice sunni thank you so much good to talk with you trying to see iran deal commenter leaving his european counterparts dismayed at the prospect of undoing a deal they see as needed for a peaceful world artie's memory of an ocean out has more. that germany not only fear is that u.s. made from the rain in agreement but it has also accused washington of quotation replacing the rule of law by the rule of the stronger as we've heard that from germany's foreign minister who has said that germany ease and will be committed in two to the deal a supposed to stop iran from building its own nuclear bomb the accord that brilliant helped negotiate adding that germany france and britain all together urge washington to give up the idea of pulling out otherwise the world will change the
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u.s. as we joe is at this point a very unlikely scenario donald trump the american president has been vocal critic of the accord for a long time accusing iran of not fulfilling its obligations but this is the opinion that it seems europe is not quite sharing. since we reached a deal two years ago the international atomic energy agency has been monitoring the implementation of the deal including with inspections and it has certified iran's to compliance eight times we have an interest and the responsibility a duty to preserve the nuclear deal with what happened in two thousand and fifteen when five countries russia france britain germany and china together with iran reached a deal to curb the country's nuclear program it was taken by many as a break for as a historic landmark agreement and this is why it's clear what many are suspecting the u.s. to pull out of the accord later this week frustration and fear is very high. over
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now to the turkish embassy here in washington d.c. we're at half suspended to be the service says and its head for tat response to the u.s. the statement from the turkish embassy says quote we have suspended all nonimmigrant visa services at all turkish diplomatic facilities in the u.s. the statement was issued just hours after the u.s. suspended all nonimmigrant visa services at all u.s. diplomatic facilities and turkey the escalation in diplomatic tensions between washington and carra is due in part to the arrest of an employee of the us general consulate and stumble earlier in the week when a car authorities claim is connected to a failed twenty sixteen military coup a professor of international relations at encourages middle east technical university says things that may continue to ask ali it is very important event for both first time in the history we have for as you choose some tension will
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increase because a medical. review if you want to find. and probably in the coming days there will be some other measures from both sides it is not a good thing for. members is not good for a start there's a. united states of america the latest developments will affect both countries but the implications of the cooling will create more difficulties for turkey and the future. secretary of state rex tillerson in his russian counterpart sergei lavrov chatted on the phone to work out the logistics of the u.s. closing down some diplomatic offices russia had and the country artie's killam oppen has the details from the call and the phone conversation that took place earlier u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov
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discussed several issues however what seems to be the main. focus of the phone call was russia's foreign minister making clear that the properties of russia the diplomatic properties which were illegally seized must be returned and that there could be a possible retaliation in response to the illegal seizure of russia's diplomatic properties by the united states now for what we understand syria and korea were also discussed on the phone call with russia emphasizing the need for a diplomatic solution to both situations both syria and korea now this comes and let's also know that after the phone call ended there was a statement from russia's foreign ministry and the statement from russia's foreign ministry given in the direct aftermath of the phone call made clear russia reserves the right to undertake illegal action and retaliatory measures now let's go over recent events we know there are accusations of russian meddling in the u.s. elections we know that trump did sign some new sanctions on russia and then the
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u.s. they ordered the closure of diplomatic sites and now we have the former russian consulate in san francisco that was then searched after it was closed so we now have the latest about this phone call now on the phone call both tillerson and lab or of expressed support for the ongoing consultation between the two countries regarding the situation with the diplomatic property that was seized and we now have this word that russia is reserving the right to some kind of retaliation if their property is not returned. coming up on our t.v. at least one person died with wildfires engulfing parts of california the details in just a moment stay with us. so
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they're not saying whether. if you go back to the global race and it just lawyer lives profit over people at every turn. or death it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer though all the stress that the news the cylinder redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like a duck it's a night is where it's at. length. in case you're new to the game this is how. the anime is built around currency perforations from washington the washington post media the media.
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and voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals palin who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. legs look all the feeling so please please everyone in the world should experience flu and you'll get it on the old the old. law according to just. let the world come along from there are you doing. this.
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in california governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in the app us on a mile and you've got counties as a massive won't fires so by powerful wind swept through the northern regions of the state officials say one is dad and two more seriously injured according to the fire chief at least fifteen hundred structures have been destroyed and twenty thousand residents evacuated so far to my blinds and i just saw flames all up on the hill behind my house so of course a panicked i'm still shaking. when they were screaming fire fire fire get out get out so that's when i called my neighbors were all together and we all just got their cars and left the car over there and that's about it authorities say multiple fires contributed to the ongoing disaster their causes are under investigation. hurricane nate now downgraded to a tropical depression made its way across the east coast on monday bringing heavy rains and gusty went over the weekend it brought flooding and power outages to the
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u.s. gulf coast shutting down about ninety percent of the gulf of mexico oil production around seventy eight percent of natural gas output it was offline sunday a few hours after landfall the hurricane quickly lost strength and was downgraded it was the first hurricane to make landfall in mississippi since two thousand and five hurricane katrina knocked out power to more than ninety five thousand customers in alabama florida georgia mississippi and tennessee the national hurricane center notified that need quote quickly weekend to as it moves farther end lent and it's expected to degenerate into a remnant low late monday. and twenty six team canada passed legislation to allow doctor assisted suicide for people with an curveball disease that's what in one year nearly two thousand people had assisted deaths and the numbers are expected to arrive artie's alex mahal of age as in toronto with more medically
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assisted suicide was legalized in canada back in june two thousand and sixteen in the stats that we have are up to the end of june two thousand and seventeen so one thousand nine hundred eighty two people chose medically assisted suicide within that time period that's according to health canada statistic though most of those people were suffering from incurable cancers and as we know that's you know the true range of suffering for individuals these people were in dire need of some help and they thought their only way out was through medically assisted suicide now this type of suicide is with lethal injection that's the way it's done in canada and it's reserved for cases of people that are at that level of suffering and let's break down some statistics here i'll give you a good idea of who these people are and where they're from in canada now this is a profile medically assisted deaths in participating jurisdictions so keep in mind this excludes callback nunavut the yukon as well as the northwest territories and
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the time period that we're looking at is mostly in most cases that full year so the total number of medically assisted suicides according to the press we have here so taking out those territories also taking up people that might have not even claimed there the they are medically assisted suicides we're looking at one thousand three hundred eighty two the numbers of these people that were clinician administered deaths or euthanasia as we call it were one thousand three hundred seventy seven the number of self administered were five now assisted suicide that term can be used obviously in both of these conditions also the number of medically assisted deaths by providers now we're doing a breakdown of physicians to nurses and this is only between january first of this year to june thirtieth so we're looking at eight. thirty seven suicides by with the help of physicians thirty eight with the help of nurse practitioners that's a huge debate coach a difference of numbers there we're looking at ninety five point seven percent physician and then the last that we have here is the average age of the persons receiving this system deaths were around the age of seventy three male to female
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ratio pretty much about the same or urban to rural pretty much about a split down the middle as well and then there are some people that are of course are much younger in that group as well but the number is much much smaller than people that are later on in their years now this will have brought in a lot of debate in canada because people wanted right off the bat when euthanasia was legalized people started discussing other situations where this might be used such as parkinson's disease a traumatic spinal injury lost in syndrome i think so and something that we're all very afraid of as well those spinal stenosis muscle muscular atrophy these are all conditions where people are saying that maybe these rules should be extended to these people and we're not only looking at rules of federal level we're looking at rules of provincial level as well that have been added to this to make sure that people who have life insurance that they're actually paid out even if they do this medically assisted suicide and to protect doctors and practitioners that are helping these people at their end of life choices also you know the one big debate
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here has been with the clergy some bishops in canada told clergy and not to give people the funeral rights that they would other people do to the fact that in their eyes they've committed suicide so that is a spark of the debate that's happening here in canada otherwise we're looking at that and statistically speaking this will rise as time progresses more and more people will make this choice and in terms of two thousand well that's about one percent of the canadian population or one percent of the deaths that happened in the past year or so it is a large number but statistically speaking it's pretty much the same in any other jurisdiction in this world that has medically assisted suicide back to you and las vegas the shooting stopped of the sirens die down and now the long road to recovery began it's. the response portion of this horrible incident this is all about recovery now and we need to get the messaging out about recovery is going to be
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a very very long process but we want to work as hard and as focused as we can on it and help the people that are in need for recovering from this and heal together as a community. of divers and victims recover more information about steven paddocks past comes to light paddocks to the cosmopolitan hotels and resorts back in two thousand and twelve according to the las vegas district court for those proceedings it turns out patrick was a major spender at las vegas casinos often enjoying comp stays in the city's hotels that and his prescription for vallium he have since at least twenty twelve vallium itself has been known to cause side effects including irritability and anger however relevant that information is authorities are still left looking for a why. over to syria now where people from liberated towns in the syrian a province of the errors or are trying to get their lives back on track after three
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years surrounded by islamic state extremists morata ghazi ever has the story of two young sisters whose battle for survival isn't over despite the terrorists fleeing the area to meet sally she's five maybe six or seven she doesn't know and the smog hit the streets. surviving isis's see each of their disorder was no mean feat so many perished as a result of starvation sickness bidets. sally is a survivor she a sister and brother were abandoned by their parents years ago they divorced and left the children to fend for themselves. oh. almost didn't want to learn that she spent her days begging stealing playing and surviving no easy lot for them
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in this life. they went from home to home to live in the streets they beg for money to stay a life in such a daze sake for sally bags alone for my neighbors who knew that family had taken pity on the kids and have looks out for them but it's not easy. but i think i wanted to take her in and she kept escaping that i sent people to look for her but she never stays in one place long chill escapes. well there. are no. sally's sister all she has left since her brother died of starvation we found the older girl at the end of this gloomy bullet riddled carville is
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a room with broken windows in it leaves a young girl with only flies blood stained mattresses for company. about a month ago sagitta who doesn't remember her age was brought in with a head injury when she fell she damaged an implant that siphons away the fluid different people tell different versions some say the full was accidental others attempted suicide but i'll but i but if fluids keep building there will be consequences she will lose her sight hearing and the ability to swallow much of the pressure on delivering has grown. in hospital i don't know she'll find new cures in dead as order as we were filming a nice a shell landed just a few hundred meters away sagitta needs to get to damascus to survive but lacking
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identification relatives and trapped in a war zone it's difficult to see how that's possible. sagitta doesn't get many visitors but there is one little person always makes us smile that. bears. her. if the loon sagitta begins to scream and cry she needs people the story has spread and goods. a woman once came to the hospital and heard the screaming she followed it and found the girl since then she's been coming two or three times a day to care for her to wash her to feed her she never knew this girl. who's. disabled is not rich or middle class she's poor but a kind heart goes
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a long way. that i know everything my friend and i can do for her as move doctor i'll do. everything right up to the moment when she stands up and can see. the reason kooris for optimism side still suffering has touched a chord action is being taken to get. to the data source but for now i really have this side of the promises the team gives each other or i guess the team from that is over syria. saturday was the sixteen year mark for the war in afghanistan after more than a decade and a half in the country the taliban and now i says still pose threats to afghanistan safety about a week ago u.s. forces and the taliban killed civilians when they exchanged fire after the taliban attempted to shoot down secretary of defense james madison's plame when he touched down for an official visit and now over the weekend the red cross said it's closing
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its doors in the country after their staff was killed from said he is considering a troop build up in the country with no end in sight for america's a long it's a war. coming up on our t.v. skincare brand under fire after releasing what many saw as a racially insensitive advertisement while the story after a short break. is a real irony boy. i think people and parents always say well that's what trying to think about it always seems. to be a little more area not a wholesale surveillance you feel you have more meanwhile as you mentioned to size this than trump has used to sell some you know that while i always thought this story goes it's garbage in real.
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so. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you're one of the first century. or something i want to be rich. to do i to be the person that's like that before three of them or people that. i'm interested in the was using. their so. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that
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every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical victuals people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes chance or any other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. the skincare brand dove has called a racially insensitive advertisement that sparked outrage over the weekend the ad one viral on social media after being shared by a popular makeup artists dove has since apologized but many consumers say they plan to boycott the brand santo's joins me now live from los angeles what the story does
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has advertise itself over the years as the real beauty brand so what went wrong here what do the ads show. actually this was only a three second ad but in three seconds they managed to stir up quite the controversy and now in this ad there were three women depicted first a black woman a white woman and then an asian woman now the way that it was done however made it appear as if the black woman had washed herself with soap and then turned into a white woman so you can imagine how this caused such outrage now it was first called out by a beauty artist makeup artist naomi leon blake and she took screenshots of this and shared them on her own facebook page from there it went viral getting shared thousands of times across twitter and facebook and basically she says here the main point of her calling this out is that it's sending a subliminal message that people who are white might be better than those who are black and whether or not that was the intention here i'm sure that it wasn't it's
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still it's hard to believe that it was over looked the way that it was now. has responded on saturday in fact they posted a an apology as did their parent company you know lever that states quote an image we recently posted on facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully we deeply regret the offense it caused however as you said the damage is done a lot of consumers took to social media using the hash tag done with basically saying that they are going to now boycott this brand and of course this ad is reminiscent of racist soap ads of the past and the early nineteenth century and. they are the real beauty brand designed to celebrate women of all colors shapes and sizes but unfortunately they completely missed the mark here actually it sure looks like that bridgette i thank you so much for judith sanchez reporting in los angeles . today is columbus day and unlike his predecessor president donald trump is
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singing its praises of the holiday however the new york times no symbolism behind the holiday is murky at best and in fact in fourteen ninety four columbus launched the trans as transatlantic slave trade sending his ships from the caribbean back to spain with the letter describing the hostages as quote cannibals so wild and well built that we think they will be finer than any other slaves once they are freed from their inhumanity that's not all back in the americas columbus reportedly ordered his men to quote spread terror among the n.d.s. to show them how strong and powerful christians were he ordered his men to quote be cruel so that a harsh and better treatment would prevent any dns and daring to think of themselves as human beings they even cut limbs off native americans burned and hang them. like it or not technology has forced media organizations to change the
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way news is produced delivered and consumed now a new study warns the next wave of disruption poses an existential threat to the future of journalism artie's marine up or najaf explains while facebook twitter and other social media platforms have been blamed for facilitating the rise of fake news the potential downfall of journalism is expected to come from the evolution of or to fishel intelligence according to a report released by the future today institute one interface technology like amazon's alexa and google home won't be one of the biggest challenges for media organizations within the next twenty four to thirty six months the institute estimates by twenty twenty three fifty percent of interactions that consumers have with computers will be voice based as of now leaders in journalism have reportedly done little to experiment with voice interface technology and other ai tech trends
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question is once consumers or speaking to their machines about the news what happens to the integrity and business model for journalism according to researchers new technologies may lead to a future where tech firms like google and amazon control the news and news organizations turn into the customer providing content media companies are being encouraged to familiarize themselves with current and emerging tech trends that are bound to radically change the news landscape in the years ahead reporting from miami marina port naya r.t. the entertainment and media world are abuzz after harvey weinstein's are brought up an unceremonious removal from his namesake company after revelations of sexual harassment surface for the latest we turn to legal and media analyst line of final media why no is this the end of
5:38 pm
a harvey. well i will tell you right now based upon my understanding of human nature and our wonderful culture no because after all we're going to be seeing very soon and the reemergence of o.j. simpson and i don't have to tell you what he was involved in but let me tell you what's so fascinating about this story variety today just came out with an earlier exposé that said that one of the reasons for his removal was that it was a lead you to that he was intimidating members of the corporation that he was removed from in order to either change their testimony or be nice to him while this independent law firm was selected to investigate this now what a lot of folks are saying is that isn't it interesting that harvey weinstein for the longest time it was alleged was frankly not new to these particular allegations you have certain factions of our country various aspects of our society who
5:39 pm
screamed and clamor for the removal of roger ailes from fox news and they screamed and clamored for the removal of bill o'reilly because after all there were allegations that were made that women were the subject of untoward sexual advances ok fine they asked then what about harvey weinstein and the response at first was kind of tepid at best it was almost actually that people were looking around and said what do we say is it ok and then all of a sudden the cavalcade the avalanche started like pulling that orange from the display at the store it all came tumbling down accusations actually of his brother throwing him under the bus then meryl streep who comes forward and at first came to his defense as well as roman polanski and then said you know one second thought
5:40 pm
maybe not lisa bloom. the daughter of famed. feminist lawyer gloria all read was allegedly involved in this painting a docu series where he did rather and then came to his defense shocking people how dare you so this has legal hollywood entertainment more factions more layers and you could imagine a little short on time here lionel quickly can you talk about his suit he's turning to see the new york times. he will remove that withdraw that and that before you can say that whatever that means because that is one of the silliest was ridiculous things that's the last thing he needs right now is people coming forward and say ok harvey we want to hear from you underwrote not a good idea that was desperation but he's not going anywhere he by be had but he's not going anywhere trust me thank you so much in line for your insight
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that's why i know why no media thanks again. for coming up on our t.v. may want to think twice before eating honeywell tell you why after this short break . what do you shop. at the shops. to get a job. so when you want to trust. yourself. to do it. she would. be the. interesting. question. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt for yourself in taking your last. year out to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last
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words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never chanced. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to those that didn't like to question or are. the problem. it's one does not mean the same as mine and mine. seriously this. speech you know. that mainstream media has met its maker. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get straight talk in the break.
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i'm going to get. your. question. in spain hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of barcelona on sunday to back spanish unity and denounce the catalan government's push for independence the rally comes amid speculation that can't aloni its president may proclaim the region and independent state and then address to the regional parliament on tuesday party's anastasio turkana as in barcelona.
5:44 pm
i think people. love him some. say these people you could see until i'm sure of their region. remains that much. but the ninety percent of those who came out to vote in favor waving spain goodbye and of silver first also expects promises to be kept for the over eight hundred people injured on the day of the referendum the question of could it all have been for nothing is now live. was. meanwhile madrid has made it clear it won't budge spain's prime minister mariano rajoy says he's not ruling anything out including suspending the region's autonomy and has vowed to take any measures necessary to prevent catalonians independence we're going to prevent independence from occurring that is why i can tell you without salute frankness that it will not happen with me about him it seems wrong
5:45 pm
to me because he thinks so but because in a democracy the president must protect the people's right to choose our goal was to do as little damage as possible what happened was due to stubbornness and holding a referendum when they knew it was absolutely illegal it was very irresponsible of those who made that decision. i think the government has behaved very severely and aggressively towards a kind of legitimate and democratic of catalan citizens it's a battle for europe it's a battle for european values and we have to win the national populism goes against european values and i would hope yeah european i don't think so because europe should give us more support it doesn't seem to me that there's a battle going on between his government and you who does not say anything that makes us he doesn't listen he does not try to hold a dialogue and i do not understand why he is still in his post if he was receptive and humane person he would resign from behind these walls of the capsule on
5:46 pm
parliament that the next big steps for the region are expected to come from cattle on leader karla's puts demond promised action towards independence within forty eight hours of official referendum results but has avoided specific sense this week all eyes will be on what happens here next. space x. has once again successfully launched a payload into space this time caring ten iridium satellites the mission is a part of a radium communications plan to place sixty six primary satellites and nine zero orbit back of satellites as a part of the company's e ready i'm certain service expected for twenty tina the mobile voice and date satellite communications network hopes to have all sixty six satellites spread around the globe to provide a broadband service to even the most remote regions on earth this is the third mission for ready young with a mother five a launches scheduled for the upcoming months part of its eight flight five hundred thirty six million dollar contract with space x.
5:47 pm
. a new study has found bees across the globe are being exposed to dangerous agricultural chemicals the study tested honey samples and found seventy five percent of those samples from six continents tested positive for pesticides were known to harm pollinators such as beets so what does this mean exactly for the bee population earlier i was joined by edward mitchell the author of the study and a biology professor at the university of new should tell and switzerland i first asked him about his study and how it shows there are very few places where he and his team did not find any contaminated honey sample well there are two reasons in some places we are we collected all we obtain some pills from region that are probably not using known it could turn into a toll maybe because they don't people don't even have the money for. this is for example the case in cuba we don't have any samples from cuba you know this is going to be one of the story that was in the news recently about human only in other
5:48 pm
cases those who were brought back from from countries that do use a lot of purses size but however the people who travel to these places brought by samples from remote areas or they bought the samples in the us national park so close national are supposes like that so it could be deceptive that for example in places like costa rica you would sign no trace of breast side in the us so we go to another country whereas there are there are using a lot of this is kind of shows that you know maybe to some extent our seventy five percent of contamination is that you could even be an underestimation ok now while conducting research which continents that you find have the highest contaminated honey sample of north america. north america now why do you think the u.s. ranks so high on that list. well if you look at icac overall practices in the us
5:49 pm
the use of c coating for a. culture for the so c. coding treatment so thirsty so treatment using c. coating is extremely. frequent. in general culture in the us it is very highly intensive and means very intensive and means a lot of are being used now what kind of fact is this having on be that and could this potentially impact human. well the impact of that on bees is pretty obvious because research has shown. very very small concentrations of any of these places are affecting all kinds of us base of b. biology from behavior to reproduction and the human immune system and so on and in fact almost half of our samples are concentrations of or above the lows concentration for which a negative effect has been from the b.b.c. so for bees i think it's pretty clear that the situation is quite alarming and
5:50 pm
women are now math really shows that for humans it's not so clear because we actually don't have experimental base on humans of course we're not testing these kind of things directly on humans there are horror regulations and limits that have been put in place for example we have you know paper we we discussed how our consent to the measured concentrations compare with the regulations in the european union and none of the samples tested of these these limits for individual compounds if you add all the compounds together a couple samples or slightly above these limits so far as you know given current legislation if not modes we consider that it's still safe of course to eat the honey but it also points out to the fact that basically everything that you buy every kind of food that you buy contains and so we just ingesting you know a daily cocktail of percy sized at very low concentrations but you know you don't really know exactly what the impacts are of a long term over lives of over the time of the life of
5:51 pm
a human being. to add more to what would you recommend to those working and the agricultural field what would you tell them so that they could scale back and stop and pap things being then contaminating honey moving forward. well that's that's really a good question the problem is for two generations we kind of went into this direction of using persistence not simply and so it's one generation or so the other and the whole of culture basically is. built around this this kind of dogma the sides are necessary i firmly believe there would be a way of doing without these places such as emerged it would need it would require rethinking a lot of the way we we produce so food but there are plenty of examples of our cultural. production the do produce a lot and sometimes the yields are a little bit lower but we waste so much food anyway but i think we can more than compensates for it so i think we really should be investing more research might be
5:52 pm
cultural that does not require across the sides and to be honest i really believe this is the only truly sustainable way of doing things in the long term at our thank you so much for your and say that with edward micho a biology professor at the university of not to tell and so let's roll and thank you so much for your time greatly appreciate it experience service provider the united states national ice center discovered a massive iceberg kept from the pine island glacier south of the hudson mountains and arctic up the iceberg measure someday want to point five square miles about the same size as the city of washington d.c. iceberg b forty four reportedly broke away from the glaciers ice shelf near the end of september according to a dairy and that lucky man a scientist with the british antarctica research group project might as the ongoing retreat of the glacier is occurring as a result of warmer ocean waters eroding the base of the structure. well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash
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america also check out our web site r t dot com port slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question more. mark when you said it's easier to pull people than to print them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe they're very. well here's a story. all week and that's that. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are anti
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america play party america offer much more artsy american personal. many ways to use landscape just like the real news big name actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. the parking all the world's all the world's all the world's a stage we are your plan. your wanting our team america special report. me as one of. the basically everything you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. who should not be. the normalising. we don't need people to think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly situation.
5:55 pm
erik wemple is a media blogger for the washington post and apparently part of his job is to make sure no one in the media ever says anything nice about president trump ever that's evident in a recent post he wrote entitled pitch perfect c.n.n. scrambles to glorify las vegas speech just the wording in the headline itself is already pretty biased and sensationalized in the piece when bill takes issue with the fact that c.n.n. did not bash the speech the president gave after the horrific mass shooting in las vegas his first sentence starts out there was nothing glorious about president trump's short speech and then from there he ripped c.n.n. for praising trump's speech even though they never called it glorious ever no one
5:56 pm
did when bill is the only one who used the word glorious to hear what c.n.n.'s john king did say was that the president's speech was pitch perfect and that it showed the president wanted to unify the country despite the polarized environment we live in and his piece for the post wendell says that trump alone is to bear the blame for this polarized environment when people can't even see the completely transparent fact that the piece he was writing at that very second contributes to the polarized environment could see that but his pretty bitter nasty piece didn't end there he also took issue with more things john king had to say that praised president trump's speech and then he moved on to poppy harlow who said this is the time to bring the country together and that's exactly what the president did she said this is not a time for politics nor did he inject them at all into his remarks so harlow too had nice things to say about trump's little speech and when paul just could not
5:57 pm
stand for that he also criticized morris. c.n.n. contributors for calling the president's remarks pitch perfect to then when bill goes on to conclude that there is obviously a cable news malady at play here where c.n.n. used the speech as an opportunity to render a positive judgment on a man who was patently un fit to discharge the duties of his office i mean this is really how much anger he spat at c.n.n. for saying wow trump actually gave a nice speech with no politics and that's what the country needed at the moment it enraged when full that c.n.n. praised trump clearly even though he ends the article literally admitting that trump did in fact give a decent speech listen i have no fan of the and then better share it but for web people to take issue with them right at the moment when the country is begging for unification and decency it says more about his bias than c.n.n. .
5:58 pm
what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put. your wife. what your biggest fear our little bit on the right will so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you have a. quarter but. it's one topic so simple. now i do do do do to. work more. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night was you know i was actually just full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you
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know a lot of the really packed a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans doing the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you never heard of love right back to the night my president of the world bank patzers going to write me seriously send us an email. i've got to go just as you're watching all of. us washing.
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greetings and salutations i don't know what you did over the weekend hawk watchers but for those of us here in the united states of america friday october seventh marked the gala event of the season as the u.s. and afghanistan celebrated their sixtieth anniversary of war death and wasted tax dollars yes for sixteen long years now the united states has been dropping soldiers and bombs on that quaint.


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