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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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on the news tonight frustrated in arguing with the republican party president from plans to sign a major executive order on health care on thursday and the united kingdom draws up war plans against north korea sending a signal the united states will not be alone if it comes to war with north korea and wildfires devastate several counties across california as the number of dead and missing continues to rise and banks with that story tonight reporting this evening from washington d.c. this is the news on r.t. america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with the turmoil surrounding the president and his upcoming move on health care the negative feedback and the back and forth with his own party is historic in nature but the president plans to score big with many conservatives this week four years republicans have been demanding the sale of health insurance across state lines hill side it on thursday the president will sign an executive order thursday allowing consumers and insurance companies to do business across state lines that's about the only positive news for the president tonight meanwhile the president continues to feud with members of his own party the president countered senator corker's comments about the country on a path to world war three we were on the wrong path before or you have to do is take a look if you look over the last twenty five years through numerous administrations we were on a path to a very big problems. a problem like this world has never seen on the right path
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right now believe me. some republicans fear all of the negativity is going to hurt the agenda the administration has countered saying congress has been unable to get anything done and he's alienating anyone i think that congress has alienated themselves by not actually getting the job done that the people of this country elected them to do they all promised and campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare they haven't done that they've campaigned on tax reform hopefully we see that happen we're certainly committed to that and think we'll get there but time and time again congress has made promises and failed to deliver if anyone's been alienated its people that are promising things and not delivering on them for more on this let's turn to our political panel the saving will dawn jones former georgia state representative as well this and also chris nigh wayne hill contributor military policy analyst and former iraq war veteran great to have both of you with us this evening chris i'll start with you i had a friend of the midwest or
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a hard right conservative today tell me that this is just draining the swamp that this is no big deal this feud with senator corker but nobody knows what the end game here where is the damage in this chris if there is any at all or is this all part of the plan well it's certainly interesting entertaining for headlines but i don't think it will be damaging in the end i think in previous areas in u.s. history there's been just as much negativity if not more we just don't hear about it as much and it's not literally transmitted right into our headlines from things like twitter and you know the twenty four hour news cycle so i don't think it's going to have any harmony and i think the president it disadvantages him when you look at trying to get things through congress then you have people you need to work with that are sort of obstructing you but he can fall back on things like executive action counted as a win and so he credit himself with using that executive action to get the parts of his agenda done that he committed to getting done will dawn that will republicans stick together or will they fight the president will do splinter the party what are your expectations. well obviously as
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a democrat we hope that it splits the party we are hoping that more people step up by senator corker who tell the truth how they really feel you know in politics it's very common for people to say faith in they go in the back room they fight it out and they come out in public and they are all cool buying together but in this case with trump this is unprecedented i disagree strongly with the other guests this is not something that is normal for the president to come out and to disrespect members of his own party to disrespect people who are in office to say that he does not agree want them to be tougher those are not things that we've seen nor that we want to see as the american public and eventually the republicans are going to have to join together and all disavow these acts of trying to they have been doing one by one like senator corker well you know what's interesting about that is the democrats have been pretty silent on this tit for tat back and forth especially with the secretary of state rex tillerson tillerson referring to the president as a moron the president coming back saying let's do an i.q. test and this is how the white house played that back and forth today here it is
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again he wasn't questioning the secretary of state's intelligence he made maybe maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it some time. what do you think chris i mean is this a good play. i mean it's definitely disorganized in many respects but at the end of the day with remember what's happened here the american people didn't want this stablish from politicians they didn't want the bob corker is out there as far as national leaders they lost every time i mean they were they were they didn't have the kind of bold leadership that president trump presented and then end up winning with but i think he could do more to get things done by avoiding these you know cabinet level arguments there are sort of distractions but i'm sure the democrats are being quiet because they just want to see you know republicans bruise and fatter each other but at the end of the day i don't think it's consequential i think we need to keep our eyes on what they're doing in the world and you know this president hasn't changed he's never going to so trying to you know sort of you know do psychological testing i don't think is going to work why don't the democrats
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jumping on this back and forth with the secretary of state this is almost historic in nature. well if they there's not really much for the democrats to do here and say that he's incompetent to say that the president's non-stable say that you know we're on the verge of a war do we trust a guy that is so flip but all over the place i mean i mean i think about how the democrats went after bush ok they're not doing any of that with trump i mean it's almost like the democrats are just you know hiding behind the trees and not willing to say anything what about that. well there is a difference between trump and bush and so in this case there's not much that the democrats have to do to show that he think competent they simply just have to continue to let him talk and here's the other problem if the democrats speak out we know what kind of pettiness that the president gets into so then it was attention will be moved from his own party and will be moved to the democrats will start name calling and having twitter beefs with the democrats let's let them stay where they are let the republicans tear down themselves if he wants to drain the swamp and get
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rid of everybody who is a republican let him go ahead and do it let the democrats to sit back and watch the action ari this was just handed to me the supreme court dismisses the challenge to the trump travel ban the supreme court has vacated a decision by the u.s. court of appeals for the fourth circuit against president donald trump's travel ban on several muslim majority countries dawn your response. you know this is very disappointing you know in america we are the land where we are supposed to be open to those who need refuge and by the supreme court sidestepping this very interested and understanding why it was seen that when looking at constitutional issues like donald trump choosing to pick and choose countries that this is exactly when the supreme court supposed to step up and more importantly this shows exactly why the two thousand and sixteen election was so important because trump was able to put someone on the supreme court that sways the votes and changes what issues
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the hand of chris your reaction to this well those are simply those are countries that are on the obama administration holdover list and again you hear this you know argument it's a complicated issue but at the end of the day people talk about oh you know it's this muslim world largest muslim majority countries are not even on their these are obama era strategic security identify countries and so the beat goes on but you know the ministration and skin to continue to try to work those issues out there is no way miller dawn jones thank you so much for your wanting us tonight a new allegation. as against a former film producer harvey weinstein actress argento's says that she was raped by weinstein in one thousand nine hundred seven she was twenty one years old at the time as of now thirteen women accused weinstein of harassment or sexual assault three have said that the former producer raped them the board of one instance former company is meeting tomorrow to officially change the name weinstein was a major donor to democratic politicians including president obama hillary clinton
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the new york senator chuck schumer who have all condemned his actions wildfires continue to rage across northern california thousands have evacuated as firefighters continue to battle fires in eight different counties reza donald trump declared the situation a major disaster in ordered federal aid to the area for more on this we turn to our key correspondent ashley banks joining us tonight these numbers just continue to mount the. officials are now saying about fifteen people have pronounced dead since the wildfires have been reaching in the northern part of california and addition to that one hundred people have been hospitalized and about two hundred people are reported missing so far twenty thousand buildings including homes businesses that wineries and resorts have been destroyed and the at least twenty thousand people have been forced to evacuate california governor jerry brown has a clear to state of emergency in napa sonoma and you bet county officials say it
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all began on sunday when at least seven hundred fires work night it according to experts during the month of october california experiences a very dry conditions so that coupled with the diablo winds fanned the fires using wind gusts of up to seventy miles per hour so far these fires have burned more than one hundred fifteen thousand acres in the northern part of the state mostly concentrated in sonoma and napa counties which are the heart of the wine country a place known for its world class of endured says now the scene of despair one. president described the scene as armageddon many witnesses believe the vineyards will suffer significant damage causing a shortage of crates for years to come eleven o'clock somebody came around honking their horns just crazy just like what is going on but i don't know what inspired me to look up my bedroom window because it's in the back of the house and the car was in the for the house but i do my blinds and i just saw flames all up on the hill
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behind my house so of course i panicked i'm still shaking. when they were screaming fire fire fire get out get out so that's when i called my neighbors were all together and we all just got their cars and left the car with air and that's about it but you rush i did my travel bag and. on my laptop i'm a laptop. according to reports in santa rosa which is the largest city in sonoma county things seem to be at its worse only seven people died in the city since sunday and countless structures were completely destroyed and clearing a helton hotel kaiser permanente evacuated one hundred and thirty patients from a santa rosa medical center by bus and ambulance monday morning and sutter santa rosa regional hospital evacuated all of its patients all schools in the county were closed today and so were several roads not a county fire chief barry bierman spoke during a press conference. working very closely with our law enforcement partners who were
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able to work on the evacuations to get folks out of the area where the fire was it was a difficult job and there are definitely numerous structures that were consumed during the beginning phase of this fire and still at this point due to the multiple fires and limited resources continue to be a challenge for us to start prioritizing the different fires in this unit and where aircraft can be used based on visibility but that is a top priority for this department in this county is to get the air resources in here to assist us because as of right now with these conditions we can't get in front of this fire into anything about the forward progress. at this time as i said there are at least seventeen wildfires a blazing through northern california authorities are saying that those fires are still uncontained and the worst part is they meet brad because of wind gusts well they were saying that they were going one hundred yards in just a matter of seconds that's how fast it's going it is almost impossible to contain
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it thank you ashley pre-shared it britain has decided to draw a battle plans to help the united states if war with north korea becomes a reality artie's alex my how it has the story. if the united states gets into a conflict with north korea people are saying that britain will be sucked in pretty soon after at least that's what the brits are saying so that's why they're writing up a plan on how to help the states if this war are actually does it now with the brits as we all know how formidable navy something that's historic and of course even to this day a mass force and they're saying that they may even add to this force if they have to go to war with north korea what am i talking about what they have a brand new aircraft carrier that's supposed to be put into commission in two thousand and twenty they're saying they just might have to jump the gun on that one and push it out a little bit quicker that would be the h m s queen elizabeth massive massive boat obviously the ship has three thousand separate. apartments including four hundred
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seventy one cabins and sixteen hundred bunks that could cold up hold up to thirty six f. thirty five b. stealth fighter jets that's a lot of firepower but really what the u.s. need the brits to get make their way to the pacific ocean that's a big question on its own the u.s. has a massive force their navy is huge in the pacific ocean and they could probably go it alone but it looks like the brits are pretty keen on joining in and that's for a couple of reasons i would start with their secretary of their defense who is one very hawkish individual and you'll see that by this quote here is this is british defense minister michael phelan michael says today the nuclear dangers are intensifying from a reckless north korea an increasingly aggressive russia nuclear weapons remain the only credible way to deter the most extreme dangers reminding any aggressor that the benefits of an attack would be vastly outweighed by the consequences let me read that one part to you again nuclear weapons remain the only credible way to
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deter the most extreme dangers and that's exactly what kim jong un is thinking he's thinking a lot like the defense minister here because he saw what happened at sadam hussein he saw what happened to moammar gadhafi and he knows that nuclear weapons might be the only way to save himself if the united states was to want to attack his country or any other country or for that matter not just the u.s. so. doubt this minister of defense and say that nuclear weapons are the way to go but not for north korea and of course britain is a nuclear power we all know that as well now one thing that mr fallon his forgot to talk about and that's a massive part of this entire equation is china china is the country that neighbors north korea and has been its biggest trading partner and now has some of the most stringent sanctions against north korea and china is doing its job it's working the diplomatic way the nonviolent way to stop north korea from doing what it's been doing what has it been doing while. yes it's been six nuclear missile tests in the
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past months two missiles over japan obviously not a good thing and china is taking this very seriously china wants diplomacy to work china wants a peaceful resolution and guess what the ministry of defense of britain also says they'd like a peaceful resolution to the scenario through diplomacy it seems like there are a minister of defense though has a very different thought about this whole process and might be for one big reason a couple months ago he asked for more money for defense so why not jump into a war that will spur a lot more money not only for your defense department but also for your defense industry a mouse model which for news with ed one lawmaker in south korea believes north korea hacked his country's defense ministry the documents include south korean and u.s. wartime plans as well as an outline for assassinating kim jong un the hack allegedly took place last september
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a year ago and included two hundred thirty five gigabytes of information eighty percent of the last files have not been identified south korea's defense ministry has yet to comment for more on the latest with north korea would turn tonight to former u.s. diplomat jim jatra jim nice to have you with us tonight to hear your thoughts on what the brits are doing i mean this is a statement that the u.s. won't be alone if it comes to that my initial response was remember when tony blair was george bush's poodle going into iraq a war in which britain certainly had no national interest and frankly i don't think we did the there and i think the brits being our content to our lone ranger helped i think assure people that we were not doing this alone and encouraged us to do the wrong thing and i think frankly i don't want to help here maybe britain's signing on as our deputy helps make us do something dangerous i don't think it's good for is this what a good ally just does to try to send a message to kim jong un died rather good allies to take her car keys away. i'm going to do something dangerous i don't think that's what i mean as
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a strategy but i think what it is is brit britain wants to punch above its weight by saying we've got control of the americans were with the americans they know they can count on us and that we will they will help control us in some way i think it's a it's a flawed strategy on their part alright secretary mabus tells the military two words be ready he says we're close i mean you know and then tonight this just in to us b b one strategic bombers conduct firing drills with south korea and japan. they carry out live fire drills over the korean peninsula the yonhap news agency reporting this sighting south korea's joint chiefs of staff this all points to something militarily is going to happen how can we think otherwise i agree with you ed i mean you take that you take the documents they're about essentially planning to assassinate kim jong un what they ran a few weeks ago with the decapitation drills and then people turn around say boy
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this guy's crazy why is he so paranoid. i think he has reason to be paranoid and as was said in the other piece that's why countries have nuclear weapons and why we so surprised here at corker is sending a message to the united states a senator who's the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says that the secretary of state the chief of staff of the white house and the defense secretary are count of the measurement to hold trump. in check so to speak at least that's the way i consume but i think that's the way a lot of americans consume it so where are we i don't you know where is this coming from this is coming from trump's instabilities not being restrained or is it coming from the takeover of the white house by some of these very same people let's keep in mind it was banned before he left the white house they said there is no military solution to north korea that doesn't end up with a whole bunch of dead people he was the populist he was the trump biggest in the white house and the responsible adults the. generals are the ones who helped
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pressure him out so i don't know where this is coming from but i agree with you wherever it's coming from it looks very dangerous do you buy that the white house is saying that the comment about the i.q. between trump until recent it was just a joke i get given the way he talks i think in some sense it was a joke but also he likes to establish i'm smarter than everybody else and so on and so forth i think it was mixed i think was partly ok if we are in the eleventh hour what do you expect out of the russians and the chinese. i don't know i think what they have done before where they tried to appease us by going along with watering down a security resolution then voting for it was a very bad move on their point part i think the chinese have to be clear about what their redlines are on the korean peninsula i don't know what else they can do besides that it's always good to have you with us thank you so much the chairman of the house intelligence committee devin newness has issued subpoenas to members of the company issuing the trump dossier last year meanwhile newly discovered e-mails
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appeared to refute allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials the e-mails pertain to the meeting between donald trump jr and a russian lawyer in two thousand and sixteen artie's marine important as the story tonight the newly disclosed e-mails we're talking about provided to the paper shed light on that period leading up to the two thousand and sixteen meeting at trump tower involving donald trump jr jarrett questioner and paul manna for along with russian lawyer natalia vessel a sky and her entourage vessel in the sky as says she requested a meeting to argue her case for overturning the magnitsky act a u.s. law targeting russian human rights abuses the president's son meanwhile expected damaging information and opposition research about hillary clinton and claims he cut that meeting short when they started talking about matters related to iraq. now
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e-mails provided to the paper reportedly shows correspondence between vessel in the sky and azerbaijani russian billionaire. go go rob aguilar of excuse me they reportedly begin the e-mails in october two thousand and fifteen one vessel and sky are for shared information about her and timely magnitsky efforts with a russian prosecutor in the e-mails vessel and it's also reportedly shells that shares allegations about a u.s. investment firm called ziff brothers possibly dodging taxes in russia the firm later donated to democrats now the new e-mails could offer evidence backing the russian lawyers claims that she was meeting with trump jr solely to discuss the midnight ski act now in the meeting between the president's son and the russian lawyer became a flashpoint of controversy this summer when john jr released all his e-mails
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showing that he had been told the purpose of this meeting was for the russian government to provide allegedly incriminating information about hillary clinton they were reportedly provided to the paper by scott bald a us lawyer representing our as. the russian billionaire who hosted the trump owned miss universe pageant in moscow in two thousand and thirteen and who had helped secure the trump tower meeting for us in the sky now according to what's been reported bulb or said he was releasing the e-mail from the stillness because he thinks it bolsters his client's claim that the trump tower meeting was not part of a russian government for to assist then candidates trump's campaign so in a nutshell what these e-mails disclose is that the russian lawyer who met with the president's son when he was a candidate was meeting with him. for her own purposes to overturn
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a law that she felt was was hurting russia's out for its regarding adoption and others believe that it proved collusion between the charm campaign and russia so many are saying that this disclosure actually shows that there was no collusion but of course an investigation is ongoing there will be many more pieces to the puzzle . tensions continue to rise as the turkish government arrested a local turkish us embassy worker accusing him of having ties to terrorism u.s. ambassador to turkey announced a suspension on visas as a retaliatory measure the military has been following the story she joins us tonight this is quite a back and forth oh yeah wait til you hear about this that right now like you said to protect the battle between the u.s. and turkey first turkey arrest the turkish citizen who works for the u.s. embassy the u.s. suspends isha is suspend suspend issuing visas to the turks and now the turks
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suspend issuing visas to any americans wanting to go over there so it's really becoming something of a spectacle at this point so it all began so with turkey accusing the u.s. embassy of employing a man who they allege had ties to fatah lug glenn that's the mom and political leader who sought asylum here stateside president carter one however alleges that gu and his followers were behind the attempted coup last summer he's also alleging the u.s. government is complicit in the failed coup because the u.s. will not extradite going back to turkey and this is what prompted the arrest of the unnamed turkish u.s. embassy worker listen to what the u.s. ambassador to turkey had to say about this move surrender his response sions about whether the goal of some officials is to disrupt the longstanding cooperation between turkey and the united states if true this would put the people who work with and work and visit our diplomatic facilities at risk.
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we don't know if these arrests or singular events were if we should expect other turkish staff members to be arrested for simply speaking to turkish government officials or the wider turkish public in the course of their duties at u.s. turkey relations have become more and more strained in recent months with our don't want security detail involved in beating peaceful protesters there are the ones first state visit with president trump to turkey strengthening its ties with russia over how to handle syria or the us arming kurds in the p.k. k. who turkey deems a terrorist organization as well but this is the first time each government has taken action that would affect the average citizen now this is spend should have service who is not a visa ban on turkish citizens it's a suspension of our consideration of new visa applications if you have a valid visa you can still travel to the united states if you want to apply for
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a visa at another u.s. embassy or consulate outside of turkey you are free to do so. ok and so you heard it there from ambassador john bass it doesn't appear that either parties have an immediate solution that's on the table to warm relations at this point it seems that each side keeps upping the ante rather than digressing and meeting somewhere in the middle so this actual certainly impact thousands of turks thousands of americans with family in either country with travel plans no telling when the spat could possibly end well it wasn't long ago president trump was praising the white house and were great friends they were what a great future they had. thanks willow and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news with me on the facebook page we got to come you can now see our t. america on direct t.v. channel three two one three twenty one direct t.v. i'm reporting tonight from washington thanks for watching hopefully we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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i've got to do just that if you're watching. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to fool that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake new need for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe they're fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of bad fiction. the senate foreign relations committee chairman a republican says president. world war three zero. we're taking.
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on this edition of public. welcome to politicking on larry king there's been an escalating war of words and tweets between president don trump and republican senator bob corker of tennessee who was once seen as a trump ally on sunday senator corker said in an interview that the president was treating the oval office like a reality show and claimed that mr trump's reckless threats toward other countries could set the united states on the path to world war three for his part the president responded a series of angry tweets leaving many lawmakers in the g.o.p. wondering which side to support let's talk about what this means for republicans for the president's agenda and for the country joining us is wayne allen root conservative commentator and bestselling author who is the libertarian party vice
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presidential nominee in two thousand and eight he joins us from las vegas and robin byre all democratic strategist former obama campaign regional field director and a us army ranger vet he joins me from atlanta all right wayne what do you make of this from corker feud well first of all i don't know how anyone could say that corker is a friend of donald trump allies not corker is i guess to say people would say mitch mcconnell is an ally or paul ryan's an ally i mean i'm a i'm a true donald trump ally for the first day and i'll tell you mitch mcconnell paul ryan corker people like him are not allies of donald trump in the establishment they're the swap and they're the problem and it's just a gross exaggeration to act as if donald trump is going to get us the world war three it was the inaction of bill clinton and of george w. bush.


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