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tv   Headline News  RT  October 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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briefly showing himself. a.
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special relationship with. a very warm welcome to you. bit by bit the syrian army backed by russian air is advancing against islamic state in the province of dead as or of course each victory comes at a heavy price the terrorists are fighting fiercely to retain their last stronghold in the region of the newly liberated village i witnessed a brutal battle ati's what i've been able to get first hand experience of the
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fighting you followed the syrian army across the only bridge over the euphrates river in the area straight to the front line and from there he sent us this report . under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates over the only bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's fifth division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but no tool it isn't like the movies do is rarely open at the first peek. then came the first warning my impression. oh no and.
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he was right it wasn't one of their as. isis back up had arrived reinforce the jihad ists felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in a good place the syrian army responded quickly but there was some confusion at first. then about. there were no many. five hundred meters from hadleigh village ice is making it still. doesn't it dug in. behind that house over there. to. be harassing syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles
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using speed and distance as their protection taking potshots the other thing hiding behind a house driving out far in the east for a little bit then hiding back before the syrian. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game very much but it's a harassing. it's keeping everyone today during the fierce firefight one of the pickup trucks stopped here is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying the way on full auto with the clear targets out came the heavy of weapons . it was a miss try again. the scrap isis lost but everything you just saw was shot within the span of
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a single hour in one village with a small unit these scenes being repeated. across the front hundreds of kilometers wide where i'd get. from had syria. terror have left lives devastated previously found russian speaking children stranded at a baghdad often believed to have been taken to iraq by their radicalized parents however some of them are now preparing to be real. united with their families finally back at. the castle and leader has signed a declaration for independence although took a firm step back from adopting it in the hope of opening dialogue with madrid. we asked for a mandate to declare catalonia an independent state. with
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all due respect i asked parliament to suspend the declaration of independence so that's in the coming weeks we can undertake a dialogue. the speech that the president of catalonia made today is a speech of a person who does not know where he is where he is going and with whom he wants to go the catalan regional government cannot display the results of the referendum because it was an illegal act a fraudulent one and without the minimum guarantees it took some time however for the cattle and leaders to eventually deliver his long and dissipated speech.
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to the sort of. one key player in the catalan parliament the scene you p. party of spoke of betrayal and said it would suspend its parliamentary activity until the potion was adopted. it is that it that we will not return to any parliamentary activity until steps towards the implementation of republic to the ruling coalition in the catalan government consists of four major parties however it's the sport of support of a c u p party that allowed it to become a majority government and under the power sharing deal the party made the new government push for the independence referendum but it's not only the c.u.
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. good bye the current stole the local cattle ounce of being outraged as well but thousands of people have been patiently awaiting as you can see hear what the catholic leader was going to say gathering in the streets to watch the big screen however the speech only deepened confusion amid the local population about where the region now. going to going to go to a million i think you should have declared independence because now she says she wants dialogue don't want to have asked the spanish government like seventeen times and every time the doors have been closed so i believe he would have finally declare it and i am a bit disappointed he stated he didn't take this step forward that everybody wanted it we understand. but catalonia has spoken and he wanted independence from the european only and i want independence i don't want and isn't a delicious pain in my ancestors want to see but we are forced to the spanish or if
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i have a can say that my nationality is. just not i now following this highly anticipated speech here in barcelona that really the country as well as madrid and the rest of the european union were watching with bated breath we have to keep in mind that presser was quite high for madrid to make sure caps lonia doesn't go ahead with independence it well i say to people that they should be absolutely assured that the government is going to block any independence declaration that might be expressed. disagreed with the law but you cannot disobey the law if you disobey the law to become an outlaw it's going to be interesting. see. number one the number it was ninety nine percent of the electorate voted for catalonia wave spin device who did support that is you would now be reacting given this big breakthrough of independence didn't actually take place here many pro independence supporters couldn't hold back their emotions as the speech was finally
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being delivered with many seemed crying some even screamed as they vented their anger. in the e.u. parliament member who was an observer of the referendum he believes the catalan president has caved in to immense pressure. well i think it appears that more this is a very difficult. situation they've been you know an overspread sort of for a lot of sides both of political parties are from. and also the european union but there's a finite set of presidents to about the and not make these declaration about to develop this as a catalyst i was expecting a kind of international intervention which is not a cop and without this in there sort of he did a very sort of a cover to face this party state mother eat and mother it is much more a bottle full of the. cut on the government on the one hand has to think of course about speed in the spanish state but on the other hand yes to think about this huge
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move coming. up so you can pay attention to the late senator to pay you the results of the referendum so clearly no he has to think yes you can people they see him. in a leader is the ambition to be yes he can be but he also has to consider the the any from the cold if you spend a squeak. the u.s. u.k. relationship has always been branded as special one after another american and british leaders made sure to stress how important and strong it was however one former adviser to barack obama has revealed that it was all seen as one big joke he's probably boyko reports. repeat something long enough and people will believe it the relationship between america and britain will remain strong our relationship is a very special special relationship that exists between our two nations people forge
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friendships together that is what makes this relationship special i hope to have a good relationship with them has over the years been a special relationship it was very important for us to mention the special relationship in every press conference that we had when the u.k. were here but really we laughed about it behind the scenes nowadays on both sides of the pond the phrase special relationship is rarely outed without a generous dose of irony some say that you started with the bromance between these two leaders as something maybe that you some personal interest that you have in common maybe in religion or somehow art or music or we both you colgate toothpaste tony blair as support for the u.s. led invasion of iraq and tame the unsavory nickname of bush's poodle america was less reciprocal in its loyalty though when bush's success so weighed in on the u.k.'s brags that referendum in twenty sixteen there might be. u.k.
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u.s. trade agreement is not going to happen time soon and u.k. is going to be. in the back of the queue in a glossy magazine interview the same month barack obama gave david cameron a dressing down for his handling of the libyan intervention. i had more faith in the europeans given libya's proximity being invested in the follow up david cameron soon stopped paying attention becoming distracted by a range of other things twenty seventeen ushered in a new jew as the figureheads of the world's most famous long distance relationship keen to prove it specialness to reason may was for us to visit the newly inaugurated donald trump q some awkward hand-holding and yet more talk of friendship we have one of the great bonds we pledge a lasting support to this most special relationship but according to reports
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donald trump's promise to prioritize a trade deal with the u.k. was broken just days later when the german chancellor angela merkel convinced him to deal with the e.u. first and just last month the u.s. didn't shy away from slapping heavy import tariffs on bomb body eight jets made in northern ireland after a complaint from u.s. company boeing and basically disappointed by this news of hugely important to northern ireland in terms of the jobs that time special relationship was immortalized by winston churchill but over seventy years down the line the rhetoric and the reality don't seem to match and that makes it increasingly prone to ridicule in a particular special before it might have pain i think it's going to be sour and now everyone is like almost like going on their own way they'll do all they want to
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do regardless of what we want to do there are elements of fragments of what was once a special relationship in defense of risk and water and water isn't depending on who's in charge of the two camps and it's very wide at the moment it's complicated . quarter past here in moscow you're watching r.t. international still lots of wednesday headlines coming your way including that of. iceland qualifying for the football world cup for the first time in its history that story just the. same wrong. just don't hold. me. to shame how to stay active. engagement equals betrayal.
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when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love redacted tonight the president of the world bank hate. me. send us an e-mail. thanks for joining us on this wednesday here on out see a horrific terror plot to machine gun law enforcement officials take hostages has
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been foiled in france and the alleged plot has ought to inmates suspected of being radicalized behind bars once again highlighting fears of homegrown extremists. it was revealed on monday night obviously highlights the urgency of the situation the two suspects were due to be released from a prison south of paris when police intercepted phone communications between the pair and alleged islamic state militants in syria both were originally behind bars for offenses unrelated to terrorism. more than two hundred forty people have died in terror attacks in france in just the past two years the latest incident took place this month when two people were stabbed to death in march say by an alleged islamic state group sympathizer is prompting questions as to whether or thought he has missed a crucial signs that could have stopped those a tux. ok i think they're trying to do what they can but usually public politics in for. the two main questions which is first the
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flying police who question and say can cultural question and we do don't understand that. but true system which is trying to fight against even what civilization equality between man and woman and the fact that children shouldn't work and the respect of the human body we won't understand what that. weighs. and would sense these people in jails and within the jails. that he's trying to. preach radicalism within the old the jails and we have also this phenomenon with people we're not within the muslim culture of before but themselves to that kind of radical islam. radicalization behind bars coming just months after a wave of terrorist incidents in spain masterminded by converted in prison and
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while in jail for drug charges. is believed to a full and out of the uniform of some of the two thousand and four madrid train bombings he went on to become the spanish town of people it was also that he became the ringleader of a terror cell responsible for a series of attacks and boss alone and three of a spanish towns leaving fourteen dead and several others injured. i just in twenty past the hour here in the russian capital it is a day of national pride for iceland after the country qualified for the football world cup for the first time in its history its off to the team beat kosovo to no. crowds across iceland sell. right of the country booking its place in next year's finals in russia it's the smallest nation ever to reach the chappie has a population of less than four hundred thousand people.
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iceland's prime minister revealed to form a footballer stan collymore the secret of just how his tiny nation surprised the pundits and defied the odds. but how did you feel as prime minister of the the smallest nation ever to qualify for the faith local well i'm i'm i'm just simply extremely proud. on behalf of the players and on behalf of all eyes on this
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i've been following the body closely for a long time now. proud to say the way i feel if you really what cards you can achieve amazing things and that is for me the most valuable thing investments in. pitches. cheese pitches at schools it's now bearing fruit this is no miracle this is something the op and a decade or so ago and it's now starting to produce it's not just about professional football as people the already enjoying their sports and iceland is a is a huge sports center. is what we have introducing now and it's been happening over a long long period of what the club so doing for the kids straight out of school the gold and gold to collapse and they can use the facilities and see what is happening in the social life is also reflected by the. participation in different sports when i was growing up there was this one or two all girls that would
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practice in simon england football not my girl is thirteen c. is in a club where that out forty fifty at her age only in my small town i believe you will not find anywhere in the world the same intensity of indoor football pitches and outdoor official grass as you will find in iceland associates wait to russia with love are you going to go the going to be lots of heads of states their prime ministers presidents will you be one of the told in moscow will. be doing the hoop yes i'll be going well if iceland's success has worked in your appetite for not. world cup here in russia and don't miss the whole show coming soon on this channel . so i know the. ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch school
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it's about the passion from the it's the age of the superman. twenty million. it's an experience like. this is the international russian speaking children who would be left stranded in baghdad just hours away from returning home they were reportedly taken to iraq by their radicalized parents who had joined islamic state but now after the terror of war and weeks of waiting that ordeal is almost over.
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know you're sort of. just. above the. other stuff. the film the children at the back that often a child appealed for help to trace their relatives back in russia and since then
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a number have been identified but others still need help if you recognise or perhaps know anyone who might recognize the kids in the footage please contact us via the email at the bottom of your screen. are just twenty twenty five minutes past the hour here in the russian capital thanks for joining us so far for your wednesday wall headlines on your program here on out c continues in about thirty minutes. i'm always gives yeah are you going to have to go into the third shows or the you know mr wilson exposed. to so in other things i
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do that in the term that the that the little you have. to go through if you will your view of it is to believe also all flows of the glad i wish i'd got the timing number that i can give us in the u.k. come up with a. seal to it or got up out of the local one down in washington of course the state of the impulse you know in a three not a book stumbling out of the room the truth. of. who he is. you become want to please. the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a.
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is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such. a tiny house on a parking space is not a solution. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. to
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. use third. option or that's where we're going on the ground of the we give a prime minister of tourism a legislator a land locked state intervention against monopoly. created by the so-called free market coming up in the show as nazi salutes accompanying nationalist demonstrations in barcelona spain once again the crucible of
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a terrifying new york we've asked again why the european union may have to support the violent suppression of democracy and britain's real economic criminals. supposedly to talk about financial crime we speak. to an muffy about the secret and dirty money behind playing a bank in the new film the party from the headlines find out how washington might be helping islamic states and the european capital by the top ten percent over half the wealth. coming up in today's going underground but first just as neoliberal european elites didn't see brics it doesn't look like they understand why regions across the continent want nothing to do with the version of capitalism propagated by brussels in strasburg his the catalyst of britain's independence from the e.u. nigel farage i've told the european union democratic i called it democratic but never.


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