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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 11, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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crucible of a terrifying new york we've asked again why the european union may have to support the violent suppression of democracy and who are britain's real economic criminals is to resume meets with connie supposedly to talk about financial crime we speak to blind is done cook stop it in murphy about the secrets and dirty money behind playing a banker in the new film the party bus from the headlines find out how washington might be helping islamic states and the european capital by the top ten percent over half the wealth. coming up in today's going underground but first just as new liberal european elites didn't see bricks that it doesn't look like they understand why regions across the continent want nothing to do with the version of capitalism propagated by brussels and strasburg his the catalyst of britain's independence from the e.u. nigel farage i've told the european union undemocratic i've called it democratic but never ever if my fiercest criticisms did i think we would see the
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police of a member state of the injuring hundred people attempt to stop them going out to vote the president of the european commission doesn't see it that way while he sees itself it to meddle in syria it seems that nine hundred injured in spain fighting for the right to vote is a matter for madrid the commission. does not involve itself in internal domestic debate these are acceptable democratic debates of course was the violence and get lonely really just democratic debate here in veins m.e.b. mad kathy who wants a united ireland against the wishes of drays a may and previously paramilitary linked defacto coalition partner or do you see the council intends to discuss the e.u. use external relations at its next meeting you guys have some merit you plan to lecture others on human rights why. you sit on your hands one witness and i've
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bishop's assault on peaceful e.u. citizens in catalonia because they had the audacity to vault the truth is that european leaders have disgracefully ignored talk of human rights abuses that are happening within the e.u. and while this inaction on capital on your continues you have lost the right to lecture others well joining me from the spanish capital is victor tiber member of the revolutionary left party victor thanks for going on going on the ground it's clear the e.u. supports the spanish government against the catalonian president can the e.u. ever lecture the world on human rights and democracy after what's been happening there for the past week or so. well i think the you. only defined the interest of the multinationals on the banks on the capital as. we are seeing in catalonia the same process in wa you know before in the way about the some process that how we have been seen in greece we have seen how the cop it's obvious that this punish companies that got on copies of these on their european copy companies
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are doing the same thing that they did with greece arguably though in greece we saw a series a sellout a lot of spanish socialist the left in catalonia would have said syriza in the end supported the european union austerity policy we think that in our republican governor when you know that fights against these social injustice against their banks you would be clear example for all their sponsors for the rest of the spiny says they are for the results of peoples of europe doesn't why they are very nervous and they are pressing with all their weapons to feast with this process because this is sort of a revolutionary process but this is the six every just economy in europe you don't think brussels are going to think that that is more important than human rights in catalonia they're even proposals for a european army of or brussels their mind thing is business i think so all i mean the human rights we saw sunday what's happening i mean i wasn't there when the
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moment i mean we saw the intervention of the police like i. state it out there remember to frank of the datasheet. i mean and he didn't do anything but this british backed dictator franco is is long dead in catalonia is one of the richest parts of spain of course it is it has poor poverty as well do you think do you think there is a need for affluence and political game to get the political consciousness in catalonia catalonia is not the poorest part of spain. you're cutting out. all of the poor people it got on your eyes the community is the region in a spain that has more addiction more of a movement born in couple years well catalonia has a lot of poverty because they are here is that now this is not only a question of independence is a question of all social change still and
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a lot of people that want to vote on our own a scene in the referendum are people that are a behind us they have their fights again scots integration held against etc etc i got a new house our revolutionary tradition and now we are seeing the transition that is important to understand that this movement is not against their rest of this party nice people you know because even you. got a lawyer that is going to be an example for the rest of the state you know and in other parts of the state the people even went to the streets in solidarity with the time of the year and also i mean this is not the ring against spain you know this is we have to get rid of these government of the right queen of the p.p. and we have to change society you have a i think the socialist buddy of spain isn't really a socialist but is know this also is part of his brain is doing a horrible politics the. party that is in crisis you know because they lost in the
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last two years half of them are voters are now in this conflict in qatar and yet they are having an opposition that these are very in a horrible because they are behind their people i mean they are supporting the d.p. completely you know and i think they are going to take the police because. it isn't acceptable but for them once they that they will have the same position so there is changes in that position but socialist parties collaborating totally and they are participating in in in attacking their human rights too i mean that's a reality they can condemn with. in wars. you know but there are facts. demonstrates that they participate of the same politics of the key in this case which kind of spain might have been an example in the nineteenth thirties do you think this manish government's armed response to the independence referendum was just strike fear right across europe not just in catalonia you know that could be
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about that we have to understand that the response you get is a referendum you know with the pollies and they were there. yeah i was there there is an important thing there that is i mean this promises that they had at the feet that day because the police act in the morning you know until two o'clock three o'clock and two o'clock three o'clock in the afternoon and they get back to there are two there and to the porch and they they were out on the streets and that was because the movement received you know because they did their start to us to get fear on to avoid the people to go to vote but the people who went to vote and even people that was not thinking going to vote they went to the electoral places to defend it and they they want they want the people want because. they're afraid in the ok but we've seen nazi salute pro spain demonstrations we've seen security at
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spanish railway stations security it's banishing airports increased is it the policy of this catalan independence movement to be nonviolent in the face of spanish quasi military response yeah i mean the problem is that the. make of the most ration these people not only from catalonia from other from all the state are in there most of the people are people of where right we are extreme right wing and even in that demonstration you are a. streambed right wing organization like that there wasn't any fish or not they dictatorship of volunteers is their father and used is the dictatorship organization and they were in that demonstration that so that the government these i mean these people is getting out in this moment but we have to understand that the the most recent of the last sunday was. it was. it was really different. one of our programs through your fucked over by the way as i
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began our history under the most recent was like five and six times more bigger that these are all straight you're not saying that the. people of color when you however as shown their stance you know i'm there as funny as they these are we expect to articulate that you know on the fosses i mean they have links with these past you're not i mean that b.p. was a party that was found by six ministers of the agency you know so that's a problem there's no well just a creation but just finally while in the situation seems very unsettled the leader of the largest west in the left wing movement jeremy corbyn was quick to condemn the violence donald trump said that catalonia should remain part of spain what do you think catalans are going to think of donald trump. tried to talk about the iberian peninsula. well i think charm is not very popular in in in catalonia spain i don't think it's very popular and i think that. the calling of jimmy korea
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was very important i mean it was received by the people with a lot of joy you know because international solidarity is very important i mean there was the impact of the actions of their police responding police were international and this is a collins. level leaders like they're recovering are very important you know solidarity is the key thing because they are trying to isolate that catalonia like they did with greece and solidarity is their main their main tool to saints things unto him to try to go for you know that's very important gerri corbin's people of course talk to put a must could he possibly be a mediator i don't know if complicate i mean the more the important thing is that the movement continue to organize and continue to go forward is maybe a target problem the problem with mediators is that the government of the people they did they don't move to anywhere you know i mean they are very lean with the
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past so looks difficult to i mean to mediate with a government that doesn't want to speak you know i mean they don't want to speak and they need to say we can discuss but we cannot discuss what to do to get to spain so that's a problem because i mean one part of the moment in our governance i'm the thing that we say these we so what what kind of government we have in this pain when they act like that because the people vote they are fear of walking i mean they are talking about. their problem is i mean. that's a lie because even a big thing they have a majority of the loony up the should allow a referendum i think because thank you. thank you. private companies. making millions from other people's misfortune you speak to. me about portraying a broken britain in his new film the. pounds
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a minute. join us for the headlines. still exist. the island is controlled by the u.s. government. dependence.
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either. still many do wish to join the us. leave every day. with the country at a crossroads the island is on the rise. welcome
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back today the i.m.f. christine lagarde found guilty of negligence in the french corruption case in december hosts a meeting of global elites on the future of a controversial organization for those confident of i.m.f. incompetence there is good news though the i.m.f. forecasts a possible financial crash in nato countries because of the threat of something called antiglobalization given the i.m.f. record this could well mean a boom except that new bank of england figures show a rapidly deteriorating rate of credit in the british economy household credit above two hundred billion pounds is approaching levels not seen since lehman brothers triggered the west into its worst crisis since the one nine hundred thirty s. the politics of britain fractured by debt and political uncertainty is examined in the new film out this friday the thirteenth the party directed by ward winning sally potter stars killian murphy known for films such as inception and twenty
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eight days later and televisions are just picky blind is going underground jeopardy had to just about impact i went to speak to him about his role in the film all q.b. never before has mistrust and protest against the call from the multinational corporations visible as it is today the pool trait of a broken and skeptical engine is what. the multi award winning writer and director wants to portray in honeyed film the pazzi story kristin scott tong. timothy spall bruno dance kilian murphy the film shows a microcosm of britain twisted in law used to seek and revenge set in the claustrophobic celebration party of a newly appointed shadow health minister i want to speak to one of the stars killian murphy before the film's u.k. release this friday the thirteenth i think the beauty of this writing is that each character starts in one place and ends in an entirely different place at the end of the film and that's very good writing you know and and also it's
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a true ensemble piece in that you know you're fascinated by each character equally you know you go and spend time with like bruno consuls character or prepare his character or whoever you want to spend time with them off screen i always think that's a good sign of a script in that it's not just one character you're interested in it's sort of multitude of characters over the course of i don't know two or three hours in this house he's out of revelations and secrets. are revealed with sort of. you know cataclysmic consequences for all of the characters in differing ways but with also sort of hell arius results as well what is. fun. all to all skillion about playing a drug taking gun carrying bank to fellow guest describes trading in money stolen from working people you know all of tom's sort of breakdown and vulnerability and
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erratic behavior cause from a true place in that you know it's sense of pride and a sense of loss. and a sense of feeling sort of like muscularly to do you know i think he's one of those guys that probably listens to a lot of self-help tapes and sort of reads a lot of self-help books you know goes to like a life probably has you know we keep the points with like a life guru who tells him you know you're a winner tom so i think that's a kind of a mantra for him and i you know i don't know i imagine for. you know working in the city i magine is quite a stressful you know dog eat dog environment that i might and it's all about sort of ego and posturing and so we try to bring a little bit of to to us where is the right insight he's just kind of a little boy who's been hurt to these really really fun of them you know. but for.
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me. i believe in. reconciliation. everything everything everything. is so much negative. celebration. the parties director calls a film an absolutely political statement written during the general election and filmed during the breaks it but how important is the idea of political truth and bricks it to the. the story of the film i mean it's certainly ran through the script because you know sally been working on this for a long time and you know she's a she's a real political animal you know and i think a lot of. if not all of the cast for you know very politically engaged. and yes the break that result came through as we were filming a smack bang in the middle of production so you hadn't had an effect but i think she was very clever in that you didn't try and. you know shoehorn in that event
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into the story or rewrite it very quickly and so you know it's about drugs that with that was already sort of implicit in what she was trying to say it's sally's sally's vision you know and we were there just to sort of give life to that vision . you know. what i like about these types of films is that they're first and foremost entertainment you know and if he smuggled through messages or you you provoke your audience to ask questions about themselves or about society about whatever is like a bonus you know because otherwise you're making a polemic or you're making a documentary which we certainly weren't we're making a black comedy but that does kind of reflect i suppose on what's happening today the party was screened to support the p.f. i sixty five london film festival showing feature length and short films from all over the world i finished by asking killian about the importance of independent cinema to discuss political issues you know if you just look at the words
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independent you know independence it's very. important isn't it. you know in a world war it's been run by you know but for different companies and i think it's important that there is independent voices and sally potter is like a true independent voice you know and she she writes directs her own material she puts them out. the way she wants them to be seen and i think we need filmmakers like that you know and her hugely important to our to our industry so it's always a real you know gift for me to go to work with people like sally potter who have you know for the whole careers just being followed been following their sort of impulse to make art. award winning actor and to get blinded kilian murphy there and you can see him in sally port his new film the party in u.k. said it was for a friday the thirteenth but from that to
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a peak he blind blind being. brought us all by a liberal democrat i don't know if in maine you know what's amazing the lack rock the largest investment fund in the world has results apparently they pay the for jobs of the exchequer george osborne ledger leaving standard six hundred fifty thousand pounds four days a month was that a million dollars for days or how much you getting paid since becoming an m.p. won't be this so you get my own voices because that's a mere bagatelle compared to that let's stick with salaries and that's talk about david cameron salary reuters report that former pm cameron luntz new job first commercial role since leaving office is gradually the us based first data core what a great get to get david cameron one of our greatest politicians their office three over the moon that this man who could have been on the dole could have been unemployed seems to be earning a humble crossed like that which is a giving well i'm not sure about this job but i will tell you that he earns one hundred and twenty thousand really six times the average salary in this country
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well good on him an hour. hundred thousand pounds an hour for his speech as well it's good to see david cameron doing well he certainly did well for a company be a system is by subsidizing it to the tune of millions of pounds with the taxpayer dollars and pounds the road you caught by the way vice chairman of the b.b.c. regulator the b.b.c. trust is chairman to be a systems and you've chosen some great news for. people working there actually not great news for the middle is not really great news be great news for people in yemen well our big leap there let's start with this the financial times be aid to cut two thousand jobs and restructuring now be a won't be drawn the not saying why this is happening but they are admitting that it is taking place is that they're cool enough wars around the world the yemeni war coming down any sort of could be right because the euro fighter backlog of jets are cited behind in delivering those jets or warplanes fighters to be precise and all the fighting other planes they're bombing civilian areas or what do you know they
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did major whatever you use them for they'll finish building the current load of jets are in order by twenty nineteen it's interesting to know that the prediction is a quarter of british military funding and spending sorry will be going abroad they're not too happy about that as well it's really a very corbin's vision for a peaceful world does break out is not very good would be armaments weapons and killing melby as peace dividend don't be so negative cohen lots of hidden subsidies for the company lindsay of the bailout these two thousand. working people in the military industrial complex let's go to the morning star to a happier story well everything is making you grumpy today this will make even more angry morningstar reports ministers accused of breaking promise to foreign fund fire safety now this goes to the granville tower story it's kind of interesting that not in the burning tower in the richest bar or one of the richest places a place of the normas divisions some of those you love the women here and some of
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the poorest people in britain there as well now not in the city council's labor council that's a city in the midlands j.n.r. cart response for housing in the borough said the government blocked funds for works planned on high rises but they were considered additional rather than essential so in other words after all the talk about making these buildings safe beginning to say well it's not absolutely essential being. nice to have and this is causing a bit when they're essential for the houses of parliament not essential viro sprinklers to be precise are being regarded as absolutely vital in the refurbishment of the mother of parliament here in central london but pound is not essential for people who live in tower blocks it's an interesting story but perhaps it's not a life and death one in the context of the future and that's why this story in my view is surprisingly quiet it hasn't made the headlines just a few stories and that alone with the realities of being able to bury the
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a loved ones all we have all going to rehab as a homeless man tourism a parent lea meeting macone from the bank of england rumored to this week to do well economic crime well that's certainly loaded statement but what's interesting is that the editor of the evening standard is the former conservative chancellor well let me read the headline groff out that well it says here two point three million londoners class is living in poverty despite record number of people in work the bottom fifth of residents of the capital of the united kingdom one of the six wealthiest nations in the world only one thousandth of the wealth in this city meanwhile it's all trickle down really want one tenth of the population the richest tenth in the city own over half of the wealth so i'm not sure how that trickle down to happening it's been a long time coming and lots of people say the big problem of the austerity situation is that the poor have got poor poorer and the rich have got rid of years
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of people in work because of the conservative party conference last week in register many m.p.'s telling me isn't it great the government has got more people to work with well that's right it's gone up to fifty eight percent of the poorest families are working so in other words it's not like they're just sitting there living on benefits and that's gone up from forty four years or before before these statistics because that's your that's your view of humanity and then you use a gay well at a a quite. quite a imposing location as we spoke to the president former president of afghanistan hamid karzai who alleged on this program that u.s. helicopters are being used by isis day as this story from reuters seems to back up these strange connections between the u.s. administration and i see some very serious allegations coming here once again from reuters hezbollah leader says u.s. actions aiding islamic state in syria i should say as well as working with the united states in syria at the moment and so therefore they're frustrated with this but what seems to be happening is according to this story united states is in his
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the navy serving as army state by preventing syrian push into those areas where as one state is still strong in the preferred sway that middle eastern policy from the united states has often destabilized things once again when the marquis area of not being clear who is on whose side and i should say the united states itself in public doesn't say it's working with has a bullet on the ground because we know that russia the united states has will or iran or all together in a grand unified coalition does beat this go this isis doesn't suit the story back that would confuse a lot of people in america because you're meant to think that some of those people are america's enemies too it's a real mass once again expedience in the short time creating a powder keg which will probably come back to bite washington and maybe limit opec thank you very much that's it for the show will be back on saturday when we talk to the legendary country singer and actor dolly parton about the need to promote child
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literacy in a time of therapy from the united states the united kingdom till then he would talk to a social media will fuel to have a fifty five yesterday of the beginning of what looked like the end of the world the cuban missile crisis when jack kennedy sent to spy planes over revolutionary to take pictures of soviet missile batteries stationed in response to the u.s. escalation it's in the entire. hollywood elites present themselves to be the champions of virtue in liberal values the harvey weinstein scandal presents a very different picture a truly ugly picture of hollywood now face up to its own hypocrisy.
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a play for many clips over the years so i know the game inside god's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money till you narrowness and spending two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what chance with. the base is going to. los angeles the sony of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided
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to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response of the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city. parking space is not a solution craft someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. seemed wrong. but. just don't call. me. to say power to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. amid bullets and smoke the witness who is the fierce battle for one of islamic states last strongholds in syria. right on the front line isis is making it. is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full otoh. when he disappointed for the region's president's much anticipated address to parliament where he postponed a formal declaration of independence. and former u.s. president.


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