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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 11, 2017 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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they promised to. leave the funeral the same as one enters its consumed with this. you know at the. same time mainstream media has its make. oh and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle
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tollywood elites present themselves to be the champions of virtue and liberal values the same elites have found common cause with the left part of the political spectrum the harvey weinstein scandal presents a very different picture a truly ugly picture will hollywood now face up to its own hypocrisy. cross talking hollywood hypocrisy i'm joined by my guest rob how big new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have lionel he is a legal analyst and news decoder at leinil media dot com and in west palm beach we cross to dr gina loudon she is a psychology expert and host of america trends with dr gina all right in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it lionel let me go to you first i've been watching you on social media. you've been covering this
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topic a quite extensively. the thing that i draw from it is i understand what people do in hollywood ok people buy and sell themselves ok i don't think that's a really big story but i what i really so totally disappointed with but probably also expected is that you know when they when you're on the right side of the barricade you're vilified you're destroyed you're buried you're forgotten but if you're friends of the powers that be the elites you give almost a free pass people oh i didn't know about it it's terrible ok and then they let it go it's so unfair and it's such a double standard go ahead lionel. and two thousand and five this brain trust called and i disagree they are not the left they are not liberals are not progressive they're just hollyweird but in two thousand five years ago they resurrected at conversation a private conversation between then donald trump and billy bush added was called
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a locker dog and it meant nothing to people talking not in front of women not in front of judge or private ok cut to the chase they wanted to use that as the group of a human for their indictment to happen not only and eligible for president but impeached and the like ok cut this pig harvey weinstein that they knew for years was involved in sexual predators should have women he could have had any woman he wanted just by saying you want a part but he didn't want that he wanted the power ok now what happens is when it comes to the fore a polluting lisa bloom his advocate get a woman who supposedly what is that is the daughter of laurie already who basically was going to describe the woman ok one when there stan is on the lie when they're you know what's in a ringer all of a sudden they look the other way ok all right let me tell you i can and then call
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it like that but i was staggered to live and let me pull in wrong here quite simply are there double standards here i mean that we look at the bill o'reilly look at bill clinton i mean and all the other bills you know it seems you know that they. thank you it seems to me that the reaction is really quite one sided and why is that is it because people like harvey weinstein are there their donors their connections with the clintons and the obama's and the fact is that a lot of stories were covered up over the last decade or so i mean we know this that has been a cover up i mean again the double standard go ahead rob in new york. i don't i don't think there is a double standard i think that there's bad behavior on both sides good show it's been pervasive for years at fox news it's been it's happened in hollywood i'm not denying it but there are conservative elites you have the koch brothers you know there are liberal elites there are leaks in this country who have money and power
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and they're on both sides but to say that the right is squeaky clean and. i'm not saying that you know what i'm not saying that i don't think any and i don't think anybody is saying that now no one is saying that ok what i'm so what i'm saying is that that if i go to jena and west palm beach for the warmest part of the program here. you see that you know why didn't people come forward earlier you see these type of political connections here and it was about convenience and i think there's hypocrites on all sides ok when it comes to this issue here but at the same time you we do know that the new york times over a decade ago was working on this and it was squashed ok squashed and and i have to wonder why women in hollywood didn't get together sooner or maybe they just preferred to have a job ok go ahead gina. well rob's accusation is ludicrous there is absolutely a double standard and it's evidence by the fact that lisa bloom even took harry
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weinstein's case because she's supposed to be the advocate for the sexually harassed sexually abused whatever woman right and then look at this what about hillary clinton who hasn't had a word to say about this whole thing what about the obama's who were all talking about the locker talk incident that lionel mentioned that was blown into something huge that as he mentioned there is no there is no proof of anything ever actually happening by donald trump and yet they're trying to make comparisons on that there is a complete double standard and we know that hollywood is where the black ball was started if you didn't do what the big powerful producers wanted you to do you would not just not get that movie role right you would be blackballed from all of hollywood i just moved away from california peter because there is a moral bankruptcy in hollywood has spread much of television to jane it is
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a money and power base of the democrat party ok they did james would be joining you pretty soon because he is quite hollywood because they he was as he believed he was discriminated against blacklisted because he was a conservative you know one of the things that's happened over the last few weeks the late night show hosts i guess that there was zeus sitting up there in their summit here i looked because i don't find them funny the left isn't funny anymore i don't find them funny and i find them really mean spirited and the free pass that harvey weinstein is being given oh that was a little much for a little on the side off the cuff thing but if donald trump dropped it had been anything like there's a touch of the president they would have you know a field day i mean there is a double standard go ahead lionel exhibit a. exhibit a lauren michaels executive prelate pate the passenger rome of as sydell was confronted add an after hours party said hey why didn't you mention avi weinstein and he said
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this is a new york thing you know peter this is this antimony inferi of theirs we don't need no stinking badges and we don't follow the usual words the usual laws but here's the bottom line all we're asking for is very simply this if you're going to go after donald trump for a conversation let me repeat this of conversation to people alone thinking they weren't being recorded and it would be used in few terro twelve years later if that's what you're going to do if you're going to hold him up to that standard then when you have this rapacious hollywood who by the way this isn't a casting couch we're not talking about unwanted advances or mr lowe theriault these are serious observation accusations the same group by the way that when bill clinton was included in this people look the other way and hillary clinton just
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denied it these are the same as you would say liberal or progressive who had this breathtakingly enco haired woman's march with people walking around with foam rubber pudenda and actually. actually a judge who spoke who was herself the victim of harvey who was there and i guess when she said is it ok is a close clear ok now here i come look all we're saying for it is very simply that ok a good protection. is what you're going to let me go back let me go back to rob you know i've already said in this program if you want to go to hollywood and you want to be part of that cesspool buy and sell and all that you know that i guess that's there's a place for it here ok but but it rob at the same time i mean these are the same people who come on in these award shows and show their liberal values some. they care about women how much they care about minorities and don't build that wall and get rid of donald trump this is what i find bridge with ok what people do when they
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go to hollywood and they want to engage in that that's their personal business here go ahead bob. well i'm going to have to agree with you here that this may be what we might call their comeuppance you know by the way leinil. sound of the sorest stuff the deep in the dream i just it's sort of what i love listening to when i play i have to go to look up words constantly i'm learning a lot from you i'm going to go i want to give you all a quick anecdote about three years ago i got overly where i thought about hell it had been in the lobby assess corporate alien isms and polished a lot of metaphors i was in the lobby of the beverly hills hotel and i heard someone screaming and i thought perhaps that someone was hurt or in trouble and i came walking over and there was a man on a cell phone were raining so that whoever was on the other end with obscenities it just it was behavior that was pure oil was a good one little in any way a high school kid couldn't do this and it was harvey weinstein and i remember
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walking away thinking my god how is this guy get away with this i mean anybody else would have been carted out of here where the beverly hills police department and shackled so yes this has been pervasive pervasive an endemic in in this business for so long and they are getting their comeuppance and i think they pushed it a little bit joining us on the war i mean let me get let me get a look in the novel let me give you the last forty seconds and then in the first half of this program go ahead react to what you've heard so far go ahead yeah i think this is the tip of the iceberg honestly and i think that social media and the way that people have cameras and things these days may just go ahead and and pull more of this out of the crevices and i hope it does because i know that weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg in hollywood ok i'm going to i'm going to jump in here way to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on hollywood typography stay with us.
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los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man phoned his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be
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a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. what politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to do it to be for us this is what before three of them or can't be good. interested in the waters in that. case should. do colon is still exist. as a rico's treated as one. hundred forty three cool. little can i knew a lot of it doesn't make. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence.
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good. either way but i mean right i mean we're taking and. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing hollywood hypocrisy. ok i want to go back to. west palm beach again another element of the story here i want to keep stressing here what people want to do what kind of relationships they want to have with their bosses they submit you merely eight them selves if that's
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what you want to do to get ahead in life i feel are actually more sorry for you and at the same time i think the quality of the talent in hollywood is really you know it's a swamp i mean i don't think they present values that i have nothing in common with them that's why i used to live there i don't live there anymore and i'm very happy about it but jane i'm one of the things if you trust in the new york times story which i always have a huge huge grain of salt on my shoulder and i read them because i have very little trust in the new york times these days but actually a long time but the number of journalists that submitted to pressure and editors pushing journalists not to say this not to let it go back off and then you know we have hollywood actors big names you know they go they call up these women don't push it don't push it you know don't don't rock the boat i mean this is corruption in all kinds of levels of life here and i think this is one of the most important thing that harry weinstein is that as a pig it's no news apparently it's not news that lot of people have known that for
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thirty years apparently but the news is is how they try to censor this out and people are willing to get go along with it i find that truly shocking and really disappointing gina go ahead. yeah you know everybody in media wants to talk about collusion all the time right we're going to talk about collusion let's talk about the collusion between the democrat party and hollywood and the fact that hollywood is a lock stock and barrel in favor of democrats at every single turn let's talk about the fact that weinstein gave almost seven hundred thousand dollars that we know of to democrats i don't think he gave any to republicans and now they try to cover it up by saying oh we're going to give it to charities to women's charities they gave thirty thousand dollars the d.n.c. thirty thousand dollars to emily's list emily's list is just a pro-abortion lobby basically that is not a charity for one thing and that's not giving the money away because it's going
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right back into leftist democrat coffers the exact same beneficiaries that have been benefiting from those like weinstein who everyone just shut up about like you pointed out even the media totally quiet because they like getting the money funneled to them from the hollywood elites so so there's no way to say this is on both sides like my friend rob over there said there's no way to say this is some both sides this is i mean isn't this the media is quite for the left hollywood gives all their money to the left no the money the money and the power out of hollywood all goes to one side i don't think you'll dispute me on that the media being quiet on this they were never quiet on anything regarding trump where they go ahead rob in new york first of all let's not talk about individual polls visions like trump got elected by the way despite his is common to billy bush show. that it's. it's discussable right now what's more poor we're talking about the people outside of washington the power brokers not the individual politicians and there
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are power brokers on each side for each party you have the koch brothers on the left you could have wind or put the koch brothers on the right of weinstein on the left but they're always there it's not even to think that i have any design that i'm levein to have sex so misconduct. well i think also i my brother just ahead of me but i think the koch brothers so that's a good that's a fair issue but they don't run hollywood ok i mean hollywood is just an extension of the democratic party that's what i see how i look at it ok i mean they've they're they would symbiotic ok i don't see any major forces on the right minus fox and fox is fifty percent against trump and the republicans these days ok so it's a pretty much stacked deck and i think that's the only bring in line and you know that's the another issue here is that you have the mainstream media the corporate media minus fox to some degree you have the democratic party and you have hollywood it's for me this is closing out taking the oxygen out of the room and only talk
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about things that interest them that's one of the problems here hollywood's a big part of the problem go ahead. now you're correct the focus is not on people being involved politically the pockets of the focuses is there a double standard let me repeat this again harvey weinstein penza deal interestingly enough with lisa bloom lisa bloom is that she is the daughter of the feminist rights lawyer gloria all read the babe ruth of lawyers and she signs a deal with harvey weinstein then she either is enlisted to help them or serves as his lawyer any heads dealing with this now remember little conflict of interest the new york times you boards and others in fact the weinstein board get rid of her and harvey because they say you lisa bloom not think about this are
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advocating discrediting witnesses women who com forward who dared to impugn the integrity now this is from a woman can you imagine if i good great dear friend rob just think about this and madge an if. or a trial lawyer or made new general manaf or do whatever they made the same thing not a dossier that was no but did just imagine there would be a free song for not a frothing fomenting volcano of activity cold bare camel saturday night live it would be nonstop but crickets crickets all right let me go to wrong here gentlemen jury day come on we got to give rob some oxygen here in the house how does this go a go forward here because you know when. harvey came out and he said he was sorry
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which was not kind of sorry at all the way i read it i appreciate it all talked about a cell he actually got to the bottom of this threw it away but he talked about himself as he's the victim in this is the left always does that always does that ok you know this is this is the problem here this is this politics of victimization and and i think that you know when he came out and said i'm going to make and i think i'm paraphrasing here i'll make a. and r. a film you know if that kind of atones for this ok i mean and everyone that's a good idea harvey that you know you got connections maybe you could make that i found that to be pathetic as well go ahead rob. i'm not defending harvey anyway if you're not his lawyer and you're not his lawyer good everybody knows that and i think i think there were quick to condemn the whole industry and i think that they've made some missteps in terms of defending him and in fact he said and i was
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appalled by this that some of these these accusations may not be true and they obviously are all true i'm sure i'm sure there's going to be a lot worse that come out. it's a complicated situation and it's very difficult for me to defend because and i'm not talking about harvey and i'm talking about the general behavior of the hollywood elite immunity over there was not a big fan of the emmys i turned it off when it's hard to watch because i think there are a bubble living within a bubble now you have to you need to vomit bucket to watch that stuff ok gina let me go to you because for me oh it's absolutely ok rich people you know what walking around with their their jewelry you know rattling around their neck and all that on their wrist i mean and then talking about how great and wonderful they are rich people get awards and they spit down at everybody else you can't even come they have security there oh they're really secure right there but when you go to another venue for
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a country music and you get shot up ok neither the elites protect themselves here jena for me it's an indictment of the hollywood culture and mentality ok and you know i'm sick and tired of these so-called celebrities current ones or has been spewing about politics when they don't know jack about what they're talking about. and while they're disallowing any voice of the other side you know i was actually part of an organization inside of hollywood that had to hide it they had to be underground and had to network with one another because they knew if they were ever found out they would be blackballed from hollywood you cannot have a differing opinion other than the straight up socialist mindset if you're part of hollywood and that is just a fact and yet the very politicians they support let's look what's come out of them we not only have weinstein we have anthony weiner we have bill clinton i mean the list goes on and on so when you really want to think about who the party is that
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champions women are which side of politics because most of us these days don't even like to identify with a party it is not the left that is out there defending women it is conservatives who believe that women should be honored and held held in favor and that's what many of us on the conservative side would love to see people like rob advocating within their own ranks because they definitely need help there is the hypocrisy there disagreeing with your doctor like you know of say hey look i don't agree with this guy rob it's two against one actually three against one glenn rob rob go though rob. what kind of flabbergasted. dr gene is response that the conservatives on are women i mean ok let's attack harvey weinstein in the left a little bit here but let's not champion the right and make believe that they put women up on pedestals unfortunately they're guilty parties in both parties it's all
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about ok well you know on that point i have to agree with lionel here. man that put himself how these powerful positions i don't care what your political coloration is should be absolutely condemned obviously ok but what i take umbrage with is what political elites and media leads to make one man's sins worse than another that's what i take exception with lionel go ahead. peter imagine again the issue that we're speaking of is double standards not. the policies of the d.n.c. they are zero but imagine this assume argue oh no for the sake of argument the following let's assume that was a a republican or a conservative version of meryl streep. who not only lauded encourage r.v. wind or kept your mouth shut but she would make you money everybody is making money and thirdly new about this but lauded in addition to that roman polanski now i'm
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just saying and i'm not going to argue that marriage of. the question you asked very simply is is there a double standard the answer is yes and let me tell you who knows that mainstream america mainstream main street of people and they're also asking why did blade runner why is it crashing why is the new jet i movie why is hollywood freaking out because netflix and others are just destroying it they need this right now like all of the ok hang on here is cool i know you let me do you know i'm going to evolve to be good you let me give gina the last word on this program hopefully with her great powers of speaking she will stand warmth from florida all the way here to moscow go ahead thirty seconds. that really do my best i think that i think that you know it's a sort of punctuate the conversation that we've had we have to look at leaders in the democrat party like hillary clinton like the obama's who have yet to even make
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a statement about weinstein and imagine for a moment as lionel has pointed to if the shoe were on the other foot and this was donald trump and something had come out finally with any evidence behind it about donald trump would hillary clinton and the obama's be silent the answer is no that is the well i guess a way so i guess just to everyone here will stand or we're going to move for a long lead to be correct yet we're going to go from lock her up to lock him up i suppose ok we've run out of time many thanks and i guess in new york and west palm beach and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember crosstalk rolls.
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i mean always gives you know you go into you as you go into burger those are the you know mr wells that is going. to go in another of those other three that in turn that the that the little you have. to go through if you're going to do it just to believe us all close to glad i wish i'd gone but the number that i can relate to nobody can take a look. at your mom got up out of this one. hundred three not a strong room of her own the truth through movies. become worthless.
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if. i made bullets and smoke oxy witnesses the fierce battle for one of islamic states last strongholds in syria is dead as a whole province right on the frontline isis is making it stick. here is one of the jihad just briefly showing himself while spraying the way. many cattle disappointed after the region's president's much anticipated address to parliament where he has a formal declaration of independence. you.


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