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tv   Headline News  RT  October 11, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food that i see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so they. really. seriously send us an e-mail. the top news story here on party international syria demands the u.s. led coalition in that country is dissolved saying the forces are destroying everything but islamic state. meanwhile syrian government forces edge full order against icily in dazzled by this r.t. witnesses fierce fighting with our correspondent reporting from the front line in one of the areas last terrorist strongholds. isis is really cute.
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here is one of the jihad just briefly showing himself whilst bringing the way. to. spain's prime minister demands clarification from catalonia about whether it's declared independence as he threatens to suspend the region's autonomy. and a former presidential advisor to barack obama spills the beans on what was once branded a special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. . you're watching the headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. well first we begin with breaking news from the syrian capital where a triple suicide bombing has left several killed according to reports from the
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ground it began with two attackers attempting to enter the police headquarters in the city this resulted in pressures with the guards which prompted the bomb us to detonate explosives shortly after a mock hit nearby was also hit by a suicide explosion and we're getting reports that nine people have been killed in this incident we'll bring you more news on this as soon as we have. well meanwhile the syrian army backed by russian air cover is gradually advancing against islamic state in the province of terrorise or but each victory comes at a high price the terrorists are fighting fiercely to retain their last stronghold in the region well the village of happy which has been liberated just quite recently witnessed a brutal battle. well following the liberation of have to live a syrian army is now advancing on ice so positions to the northwest but before that our teams might have gusty of fall of the troops as they moved into hietala they
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traveled across the areas only bridge over the euphrates river from where he sent us this report. under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates over the only bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's fifth division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but not all it isn't like the movies doors rarely open at the first peek. then came the first warning my interest and you could. go to me no no no and. he was right it wasn't one of their as.
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isis back up had arrived reinforce the jihad ists felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in a good place the syrian army responded quickly but there was some confusion at first. then about or. there will never know how many. five hundred meters from hadleigh village isis is making it. doesn't it dug in. like that house over there. to. try to be harassing the syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles using speed and distance as their protection to watch out see other things
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hiding behind house driving out firing the critical. that and hiding back before the serious. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game them very much but it's a harassing you and it's keeping everyone today during the fierce firefight one of the pickup trucks stopped here is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full otoh with a clear target out came the heavier weapons. it was a miss try again. this crap isis last but everything you just saw was shot within the span of a single hour in one village with
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a small unit these scenes being repeated hourly across the front hundreds of kilometers wide more i guess deal. from had syria. now spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is currently addressing the country's parliament earlier he called on council on its artist to clarify whether the region had actually declared independence let's have a listen to what he's saying pushed him on gives an answer to this demand in the human with next day. that our demand is go back to normality. what are we going to come back to a little bit on a little basis of. the show we were on that the catalunya people and society.
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but in the real time not only on the small dispute it's not about problem and of pop noise arden order look at the motion of the ocean got a relief until yesterday was i was fortunately for him. and i'm in a very difficult to form a situation last but it has nothing to do with data loss problem this was our immune typical political problem if we use the time exhibit here politica there is political controversy astonished until your name in the ear of the sheffield are the strongest but i challenge your kiddish only pick. showed it to contain discretionary ilish dog or the ritual or not a part of it i am not talking about the rapprochement of constitutional motion and the legal these are two asian you know me but if i. don't believe i talk
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a little about something that unprecedently that which has happened in spain sherry of this degree master go back to freedom and democracy i notice you must be to encounter and the little bit she directs its relation leadership project walsh your product would have done during a lot of the past fortunately we have been able to publish a diversity of ideas in the spanish democracy honest reporting a few pressure on us and we get resume you don't really need people and territories who belong to get the right look it up with you and yes call this hasn't been put to risk in the last two days probably must have even in here a deputy would have it out little catalonia when problems directly she's due to a funeral. then leave it are a consequence and in evitable a consequence. of the bottoming of the task deep. well you have it in qatar in your
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last decade whats going on. over there has been an escalation which i'll thread because we're hearing story out of it and you know i was speaking about the day just the sixth and seventh of september two thousand people seventeen months to finish what we are known to the representatives of the cutter lunes they have initiated. a movement of people which is very day and act against a couple year our look constitution and also against the. government that responsibly this is something which no responsible government only call should have. been we must not respect the law now legally don't go there must surely be an idea but if you were out on the first of october the law was last.
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night with this initiative me three grow. in particular the will represent the other we want to give back in court on the legislative power to the subtle sinhalese formula to a few other of the we want to change in conformity with if the constitution this is the way democratic all your male actors. actresses are shouting look if you are in the cotton when we have this order ish not only have my does order we have become a police. transfer their thought i mean the society based out of qatar going to. the us are consequence is not a violation of the law i lot of it are good are she able to paschal we don't want
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to triumph in the forest that arbitrary. the shop but it happening most should not leave it we want to live together in harmony but emotionally we want to continue in liberty illusional and we will undergo no abuse of the law and order after clause listen with our articles will read all your letters then it will be our now government and his answer really about you be able but i would rather most people feel like a partner. in our new unit of spain is not only a match and the objective of our politics if you. wish. there is no you probably already called the result of water from this referendum which only could be met or could be discussed by similar for you to quantify your old are pushed into them and feel if you are in this speech i will
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come back into this point later not part of your mission and about the. risk of the africa i'll never be or much but that as we have seen during the past day of this day it's. an honor in front of you in our society. for forward we expect a solution you really don't need to go to in tranquility only that differently and almost as normal it will be serenity in which we want to defend that enormous all of our society serious impossible one of the. latest and gentlemen of a couple when you're on the first quarter october going into nothingness you're not for oil nuff you mean off in parliament of qatar has initiated this illegal you know referendum we got this you know very important it was the last step of
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your type of politics. which do you not to divulge a little more mostly about what we can be in it. we have to remember this is not an update it but i for a long time they don't know what it will be almost got a month out of most of the middle we have to go back and also to the miracle two thousand and twelve for a bit of scripting he told us that was a little very critical moment on autonomous region had documented problems at that time building to ship your body there on the twentieth of september of two thousand and twelve up on your ship are fond of that you get it. but there was a real lunar in that. of cut that you know you have heard about don't be a mystery if it was about financial leader quiddity in the autonomous
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statesman of the new yorker even wish to speak with young people the a subject i was buying a debt drive. for of course the fly always told little cotton. that when we were able to support and assess the autonomous region more effort in order for it it should be executed the british the media and i meant that shy would want to leave this young lady and gentleman it didn't go much into it i was always this i was and. before a dialogue. if you want in bed and i've also always shown him of course i'm a prepared you're in conversation we call it just. going to funny gosh nation. i have to find you sort of father problems in the title since two thousand and twelve is going to shoot all that. my trouble. and i
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only know that of the person who has is going to pretty much i mean i'm in favor of the referendum. has lost votes and support during the following years i don't. got a lot of young one however. a feeling off searching help and assistance from the big parties or from the parties who represent their majority they look for help if you feel that if you're not a match in this party which represents only a minority member. if you're to miss most going to stick up when you're not with an oligarchy and nor should you have a walk on your. governing and western leaders in cotonou in the main not are you a not tain rhetorical better there was no dialogue or no support because there has
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been a lot of and there have been many offerings in the past eighteen months if you got a question are and you got here and they had access to seventeen thousand to your letter excuse me seventy million for them if you roll. it up enough you'll. couple if they are trying to carry out it's already a referendum a referendum we saw about the independence in april two thousand and fourteen when i'm out of luck i want to go on a bit or not but this is clearly reality off. ladies and gentlemen your. of. the democrats because it all sort. but i can't. sation that's not much
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to proclaim a unilateral independence by knowledge cannot be demolished on the sunni competent this but only competent citizens before a difficult decision of this kind the whole of citizens and the members and the inhabitants of this country are not out of you know what happened on the sixth of september two thousand and seventeen was not. however all of that was a disobedience to the articles and to the legal. people of yet another couple when yeah they did not follow body of the. information afaik constitutional court to it meant that you could. pick up on the seventh.
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of september and they acted clearly against. killie datasheet if you want a sentence of the constitutional court i mean the body or not a few projectile going up and further was cut on it's gone but altered. in order to carry out their project in which they're not thought of separation or putting feed back they use a minority of cattle and they further separation and division within their region yes i'm with them all they know that. this was a hard about it you know beat for against our system of so tie a society against structure ship with a shot of. going to fuel up you speak of that effort into the out of it i mean if you want. to create we have tried to meet you in there and if you are overjoyed to get up and get this referendum on was held last. but of course
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hollywood up. on it but i think there are enough what about oprah only me darkon for democracy referendum there are two of them enough you'll not be a she don't pick it up here they're not going to be dangerous but in the interest at all your on the basis of the object you've got in articles which are legally effective at what it was clear that this is a referendum on the far out determination they could not be held to the legal limit what about one of this doesn't mean legally that legally i want to go back and get to the legal aspects of what it did not cause you to if you're not that i'm going to take it to the constitutional court because they didn't create it on the norms and also the only elected to read that you would prohibit the organization of such a referendum. to go to tell it that are on that wish they could do not proceed with
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your not only shop but if you be there what if you keep us shorten for us yup we gotto in and will. populate but she won't get up to the local mental field if you are going to be a female begin with your initial fearless she and. even a little less act as they call the police department has follow leo instructed effect which they were given on match day no warning people the not if you got your know if you they have reason to see equestrian and confiscated more than ten million documents. there was you know of notification to the president was until of the members of the table. there was no artificial limit of your electorate senseless. and the spanish organization for protection in building a stock has confirmed that. the basis for it but other. referendum
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a bit official and election. voters has a lot of it or stop it but not of it with you know i'm sure you can wish to underprice intent as the administer of your money there were no representatives of the administration could have controlled and got a gavel that this referendum was held to it orderly. i won't be there when i'm on you are not going to get i'm sure glad to quibble the forum are finished get out of the game that is that you can dish the referendum where cheney sort of person go on to say on a day off for a referendum that is in the very morning. over two thousand. so don't worry about the results. because this result is not accepted is not official and is not correct.
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but are of a lot of words much interest but your initial just going to fuel nation. under the conditions that ruled on that day. it's no surprise that the whole vote did not work out fine but at the least the people had to vote for example if you privatized. enough to cause i want to thank you all. and the president has proclaimed this is the even before the votes were counted so i must not will explain to you that it is based on is the referendum result cannot be recognized. if you go. into sure you know it.
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and there is no model country. in the world. that could respect their referendum which was held on the first of october in catalonia literally. lost their job it took for you they want to we want to defend everybody's rights and our task as representatives of the government. but if you know we want to defend the judges. and the public order thaddeus. thank
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you also your son the champagne you will. be but office you know you. have professionally worked until the young people will go to go it's probably cush there have been many much got charges filed in which the rushed out of the rich and they publicly rely. on the state and the nation on the government to defend their rights. nobody can lie to police what happened but nobody can be happy with what happened on the first the next told me that i've heard about many people of unification of the ocean but if you don't want to then have a big man you motivation. on that day will surely go to nothing of this sort of happy little should not get you. in month or near a second book at bahia should be investigated but absolute i mean. and the protocol
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chris you know. off this is it you a show where those who did not respect the legal situation on the first of october. two thousand and seventeen one of those who initiated it and carried out this referendum in i order they should not search for other guilty person it's because they have originated and caused the whole situation of your money market rent but if inefficient you go to court about what the tone of your honest question i would like to know them up if you are pushing to work with state and knowledge on this i'm sure of that aspect see shit but i believe they'll respect what put up your medical. and medical that of course stick with your nearly double the price of the spanish people have a margin everybody much respect must respect this margin and our
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constitution if you will for the me and at the marker see without rules. is worth a few nothing not at all the personal just must be respected as anything else which does not in america the name of democracy be written of us should our complete our mission month rather get them shadow. or better control of the mcafee or. that has been that of the cheering of the last weeks saying i'm going to vote democracy but voting against democracy is not democracy or one of the i wouldn't know there where no legal basis for this referendum and it is false just saying. that the participants in the referendum haven't enforced democracy no surely they have total against democracy in which the home she went
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but i'm not going to doubt it. democratica for forty years of our common most daily life the of our society look it up but it has been peace will be no. quick she embeddable i would point to a few minutes of this for the us bullshit more difficult but i'll bet if you want to shut down they don't come. here they should polish the last days the spanish society was a little you got. to recognise the again the worth a shot is the real. value. of your mouth. or. even fear will develop in the last forty years of conflict. by late when is a breach. of this society you know i feel ashamed of a phone call is damaged go through. there will be.
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fear just understood insecurity to which. he though i thought people the simple of this actually able to that i can be for the first the photo burning print i mean those interest you that much we have presidents get any number of steps which have acted against democracy reached ash and again of the law of what opposed. it might be a shadow just have intimidated some enough of us control and insulted them and journalists as well are they going to start. initially and be a different impression on the order through the multi officially go it up on your many articles have been violated by them printed out i really want better upper body that wish i could money that you could talk about the companies who have created the brand of cut in the whole world. women there have been
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threatened by the development and. republican leader. in view of the possible risks referendum and the possible separation of. that. try to transfer. the legal basis. of them into which she. really thought while some strong words there from spain's prime minister mariano rajoy let's just briefly wake up on some of the issues he was talking about there he described the constitutional crisis with catalonia as the most difficult crisis of recent times and the points he was emphasizing were legal and constitutional issues which he said were unprecedented in spain's history he said that he is free predisposed to dialogue which is something that carlos bridges wants and all the cattle has been talking about but he also said that the government was there to represent all of the spanish not just the cattle and as.


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