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tv   Headline News  RT  October 11, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is. better than. the sea diver heard of. jack the. president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. the u.s. led coalition in that country is dissolved saying the forces are destroying everything but islamic state. syrian government forces edge. we have an exclusive report for you from the front line. isis is making it. doesn't look. like. that's where the spanish prime minister. clarifies whether he declared the region's independence or not the deadline for this monday. the journalistic standards of the new york times
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have been called into question after one of its editors was caught on camera bragging about how. you watching international. start this hour with syria where the government backed by russian air cover drug advancing against the islamic state in the province of but each victory is coming at a high price the terrorists are fighting fiercely to retain their last strongholds in the region the village of which is just been liberated witnessed a brutal battle. following the liberation of hartley the syrian army is now advancing on eisel positions to the north west but before that artie's right goes the a fall of the troops they moved in to have to travel across the areas only bridge
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that's over the euphrates river from where the center of this report. under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates over the only bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's fifth division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but not all it isn't like the movies doors rarely open at the first peek. then came the first warning minute before you could. go to many no no no and.
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he was right it wasn't one of the. isis back up had arrived we enforce the jihad ists felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in a good place the syrian army responded quickly but there was some confusion at first. then about it. there will never know how many. five hundred meters from hadleigh village isis is making it still. doesn't it dug in. like that house over there. to. try to be harassing the syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles in speed and distance as their protection taking more shots the other
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things hiding behind house driving out firing the critical. then hiding back before the serious. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game very much but it's a harassing kick in keeping everyone today during the firefight one of the pickup trucks stopped. is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full auto with the clear targets out came the heavy of weapons. it was a miss try again. the scrap isis lost but everything you just saw was shot within the span of
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a single hour in one village with a small unit these scenes being repeated hourly across the front hundreds of kilometers wide more i guess dia. from hadleigh syria. meanwhile serious foreign minister has demanded the dissolution of the us led coalition in his country claims that the operation is nothing but a cover up for syria's destruction. wouldn't the u.s. led coalition has to be dissolved because it commits crimes against the syrian people fountains of syrian citizens most of them women and children have become victims of these crimes during the past two months this coalition was created to destroy eyesore but instead it destroys the syrian people not. on the contrary it protects i saw this coalition must cease to exist so that it ceases to commit crimes in syria now those comments from the syrian foreign minister were made
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during talks with his russian counterpart part sergey lavrov and of course moscow has also in the past questioned america's intentions and the fact of this in the region the activities of u.s. led forces raise many questions in some cases the forces of courage of the terrorists to attack strategic positions really regain but damascus where they have deliberately engaged in bloody provocations against our forces attacking some strong allegations there but is there any evidence to support that well there's been little indications that are sort of piling up at this point on wednesday the russian defense ministry actually claimed that three hundred three hundred islamic state terrorists in pick up trucks freely past or a zone in syria's. region where the coalition has a base and has determined an explanation from the u.s. side given that in the past any investment on that base or any movement in that area has been met with very strong reaction from the u.s.
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but these militants seem to a pastoral untouched a ditch additionally in the end of september the russian ministry of defense released aerial images which they said showed u.s. army equipment an outpost near dare's or that had been held by eisel just days before and the problem is there was no indication no signs that fighting had taken place in the area indicating that the patients had possibly been taken without force plus of course no. trolls were obviously being conducted again and acadian that the u.s. forces felt safe in that area theoretically if they'd just taken those locations from islamic state there would be the fear of them coming back in attempt to retake them but no patrols being conducted encouraging the speculation that the us may have had some sort of understanding with the terrorists that a simple handover may have taken place and of course we contacted central command asking for an explanation or at least some sort of comment on the images they flat out deny the claims adding however that they would not and could not comment on the
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locations of their coalition forces some of those some of the criticism and i mean syria they are lone in condemning the u.s. led coalition was the international reaction there has actually been a number of wide condemnation from humanitarian organizations as well right now one of the coalition's manes main fight is to push i saw out of rock which is of course at this point the de facto capital of islamic state but both humanitarian organizations and the u.n. have raised alarm over the number of civilian casualties that are being reported in rocka as the coalition continues to heavily bombed the city were set up to twenty five thousand innocent civilians may actually be trapped at this point in time so questions and objections have been swirling for a while now especially given the fact that washington was never actually invited into the country in the first place so at this point all we can do is wait and see what sort of reaction of will be coming from the coalition. speaking with all of these gentlemen. meanwhile in the syrian capital this wednesday
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a triple suicide bombing has reportedly killed up to nine people voted to reports on the ground and began with to attack is attempting to enter the city's police headquarters this resulted in clashes with the guards which probably to bomb as to detonate explosives shortly after market nearby was also hit by a suicide explosion. at spain now a prime minister mariano rajoy is given catalonia leadership five days in which to clarify whether they proclaimed independence from spain or not addressing the country's parliament he added that there was no possible mediation between democratic law and disobedience. it's impossible to start a dialogue on something prohibited by the constitution and this is something that those numerous mediators who offered to broker a solution for this crisis or most of them with the best intentions should take
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into account i have to thank them for their involvement and interest but mediation is not possible between a democratic law and disobedience and a lawful us. thank the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy in the latest statements that he's made said he wants a clarification he said this earlier today to the press he said this at the congress and he wants more slowness to really clarify whether or not they have actually declared independence now in the speech or a point said that he hinted that article one hundred fifty five of the spanish constitution is still not completely out of the picture now this particular article is quite crucial because it would be unprecedented for it to be used it would be something that would basically the autonomy of catalonia now this is not happened yet but i'm for it to be able to even be considered madrid does need to hear from
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barcelona whether or not independence has actually been declared let's take a listen. the cabinet has agreed to seek a formal notification from the government as to whether or not it's declared the independence of catalonia this requirement is necessary we're actually waiting article one hundred fifty five of the constitution and other measures we may take. these statements come follow. the events of tuesday night which was supposed to be a huge historic key night a years in the making where the catalan leader was expected by many to declare independence for catalonia following the referendum of october first but what we have seen instead is cast by leader karla's demond knowledge the independence but he studied would be suspended for several weeks of negotiations to potentially take place with madrid and obviously now we have a situation where madrid remains confused and catalonia today we haven't heard anything from put demands in that regard quite yet now it has to be that that his
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are non-secular ration of independence very straightforwardly was seen by somebody as something that raised eyebrows because of course the referendum created so much noise and concern and left nobody in difference including with the violence that had problems on the day of the referendum that people really expected him to go ahead and the fact that he did and was seen by some as a betrayal. we will not return to any parliamentary activity until steps towards the implementation of republic. well this is a statement from the c u p which is a crucial party in the castle and regional parliament which does along with still see which is together for yes look a group of peace that supports the issue of independence and so they are quite crucial in terms of being able to coordinate obviously with the council on leader moving forward and at this point it looks like at least here in barcelona carlist which to my needs to decide whether or not he's going to try to continue to sit on
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many chairs at once because he's now in a situation where madrid is unhappy the people who came out and voted in the referendum some of them of course are not understanding why the declaration of independence didn't quite take place as soon as expected because if we remember he said it would come within forty eight hours of announcing official results so really a lot at stake here right now obviously including we've heard from the. vanished prime minister rough voice himself acknowledged that this is the biggest crisis the country has seen in decades so how this is going to be unraveled is anybody's guess but dialogue right now is not quite taking place. the journalistic standards of the new york times newspaper have been questioned after a video surfaced of what it said it is revealing his political and professional views washington correspondents americans are now on the line with more on this serious i was very interesting this take us through what exactly has come to light well project for readers has released hidden camera footage of new york times video
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editor nick due to. lack of journalistic. dudek also considers trump a threat saying he would target trump by going after his business. this is. so. cold. so they wrote it.
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like. this is where. you start. but if you read it she york times ethical handbook according to a section six sixty two employees must do must do nothing to excuse we must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of the times but prior to joining the new york times dudek worked on the political campaigns of both barack obama and hillary clinton and in two thousand and sixteen he was recruited for the clinton campaign quitting his job in journalism to do so but it's also worth mentioning that in the second half of the video he talked about his relationship with james comey claiming cody was his godfather who asked him to join and now this is something his own father refuted saying his son was embellish ing but out of all the statements made in the video it seems that his admission of
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slanted coverage has at least some credibility considering the new york times hasn't really denied this issuing a statement they were reviewing the situation however this isn't the first time project as has exposed the mainstream media let's take a look what do you think's going to happen this week to be told russia. didn't. really. want to constantly. this is radio. free to reserve the right. lucky for us this is only part one of project read as american prompt a series so we can definitely expect more stunning revelations to come. i thought it would be interesting dated didn't disappoint many things in washington. british lawmakers want social media giants to be regulated just like t.v. broadcasters will be debating this right after the break.
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welcome back a former advisor to barack obama has revealed the so-called special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. was actually seen as a joke for decades american and british leaders have made a point though stressing how strong and important it is explains. repeat something long enough and people will believe it the relationship between america and britain will remain strong our relationship is a very special special relationship that exists between our two nations people
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forge friendships together that is what makes this relationship special i hope to have a good relationship with them has over the years been a special relationship it was very important for us to mention the special relationship in every press conference that we had when the u.k. were here but really we laughed about it behind the scenes nowadays on both sides of the pond the phrase special relationship is rarely outed without a generous dose of irony some say that you started with the bromance between these two leaders as something that you some personal interest that you have in common maybe in religion or somehow or to our newsmaker with both you colgate toothpaste tony blair as support for the u.s. led invasion of iraq and tame the unsavory nickname of bush's poodle america was less reciprocal in its loyalty though when bush's success so weighed in on the u.k.'s brags that referendum in twenty sixteen there might be a. u.k.
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u.s. trade agreement is not going to happen time soon and u.k. is going to be. in the back of the queue in a glossy magazine interview the same month barack obama gave david cameron a dressing down for his handling of the libyan intervention. i had more faith in the europeans given libya's proximity being invested in the follow up david cameron soon stopped paying attention becoming distracted by a range of other things twenty seventeen ushered in a new jew as the figureheads of the world's most famous long distance relationship keen to prove it specialness to reason may was for us to visit the newly inaugurated donald trump q some awkward hand-holding and yet more talk of friendship we have one of the great bonds we pledge a lasting support to this most special relationship but according to reports
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donald trump's promise to prioritize a trade deal with the u.k. was broken just days later when the german chancellor angela merkel convinced him to deal with the e.u. first and just last month the u.s. didn't shy away from slapping heavy import tariffs on bomb body a jets made in northern ireland after a complaint from u.s. company boeing and basically disappointed by this. is hugely important to northern ireland in terms of the jobs that tell them special relationship was immortalized by winston churchill but over seventy years down the line the rhetoric and the reality don't seem to match and that makes it increasingly prone to ridicule no particular special before it might have pain i think it's going to be it's our now everyone is like almost going on their own way they'll do all they want to do regardless of what we want to do there are elements of fragments of what
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was once a special relationship in defense of risk and water and water isn't depending on who's in charge of the two camps and it's very wide at the moment it's complicated . social media giants are feeling the heat again british m.p.'s want the likes of facebook and google to be classified as media outlets meaning that they would be subject to greater regulation and also raising concerns about freedom of speech now this is because the online giants with then be moderated by of com ukase telecommunications watchdog ensures t.v. viewers and radio listeners are protected from potentially offensive material although it does not regulate newspapers and magazines ok now we were hoping to have a debate on this issue now we're having a few technical issues and we have
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a can i'm pleased to say we do have one guest on their lives let's bring in neil wallis media commentator. and he'll first of all you can hear me ok. i certainly would if i were hoping to bring in another guest to debate this issue with you but we have a few technical issues but let's crack on anyway. and i'll try to debate it with you if i can myself would making social media giants accountable to a t.v. regulator is that it is it a violation of freedom of speech which is what some people are worried about or not . i think frankly the whole idea is completely ludicrous it's even laughable it is of course a gross intrusion to freedom of speech but more significantly frankly it's completely unworkable one hundred billion people use facebook every month one hundred billion publications therefore possible who on earth is going to monitoring this how is this going to be done we already have
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a situation in this country where yes of course as you were pointing out earlier in the program they regulate television and radio here they don't regulate written material they have no experience of this they don't know how to do it is another organization altogether the independent press standards organization which would make far more sense for most of the material they're talking about this feels to me frankly like a rather cynical had one hundred. grab by the head of off it won't work can't work and shouldn't work let me argue to the other side of this see that if you turn on your t.v. you are protected as a viewer to an extent you have organizations that to make sure offensive material doesn't get through it turn on your computer or whatever tablets phone these days and you go on to a lot of websites and there is bigotry there is racism there is hatred there's lots of offensive material isn't it only sensible to try and clean this stuff up so that
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imagine children logging on and they're exposed to this immediately. i couldn't agree with you more i think there's been an incredible excesses and facebook and google have an awful lot to answer for but that's not all they are all you probably have a facebook page i have a twitter account i reach week articles things i've read of interest and significant ten twenty times a day sometimes every single one of those is a publication under what this person is saying something someone like of called probably deal with an adjudicate on a dozen items a year. and dozen items a year it is simply impractical a could do it i quite accept and quite agree that facebook and google should be doing far more to clean up their out of those freedom of speech issues what is your definition of what is terrorist material
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versus controversial political opinion it becomes very difficult what is sexism what point does a comment become races how do you define these things now. in the independent press standards organization are pretty experienced in this off come simply don't i think it's immensely difficult thing to do i think the there was a pandora's box open when the internet came along i think there was not enough regulation beginning. a lot of enough so for a given beginning they did not know what they were doing they have pursued the dollar i believe. while turning a blind eye to what else is going on and now they're in danger of reaping the whirlwind we suffer you are quite right because our children can be exposed but i think we're past the point of
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a load of do goodness out there in very comfortable offices. have to interrupt you now just because we've run out of time hoping to get the other guest on and we will pray record that conversation too in the t.v. i hope and bring it to our viewers next hour many thanks neal. ok we are out of time i'll see at the top of the alkali. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be rich. to be like to be prosperous like them before three of them can't be good. i'm
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interested always in the waters of our. pursuit more. money you know more. underwater. more money we didn't. owe you ought to go to. move for your. fears will people been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue things bennett said and see people you never heard of love
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redacted the night my president of the world bank hates him but he doesn't write me seriously he sent us an e-mail. i'm lindsey francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight's the international monetary fund releases its growth projections for two thousand and seventeen india sinks china is set to rise we take a closer look around the world also denmark it sets relax its laws regarding the sharing economy or at least create a few the government is warming to the idea of collecting big taxes on this new form of consumerism instead of running it out of town for lack of regulatory control also my gas former u.s. attorney commissioner bart chilton has the lowdown on taxes can washington get it done this year he is set to fill us in standby starts right now.


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