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tv   Headline News  RT  October 11, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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it is the john oliver of our three americans do the same we are apparently better than the food and things that i see people you've never heard of low down to the next. president of the world saying so very. seriously send us an e-mail. coming up on our t.v. is state of emergency in california as wildfires are burning throughout the state to leaving out least twenty people dead we'll bring you the latest from los angeles . and a meeting of neighbors canadian prime minister justin trudeau visits washington to talk trade and relations with donald trump and. then the fate of the iran deal will look at what happens if trump just certifies the agreement that's later in the show .
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it's wednesday october eleventh four pm here in washington d.c. i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america we begin today in california where more than seven hundred fires are raging across both the northern and southern part of the state governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in nine counties and president trump has issued a major disaster declaration this enables the federal emergency management agency to now provide federal assistance to the golden state parties natasha sweet is in los angeles with the latest natasha. yeah that's right actually i mean between these seventeen fires one hundred fifteen thousand acres have burned since sunday and so far twenty one people have died and six hundred seventy people are unaccounted for in the northern california area near the famous wine country now so far three thousand structures have burned and fire officials say they don't see this under control anytime soon the tabs fire has burned twenty eight thousand acres with no containment level slided in napa and slidell counties the atlas fire
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is listed at twenty six thousand acres with three percent containment and in yuba county a fire cascade fire rather is at one eleven thousand six hundred eighty five acres at only twenty percent contained now vaults are now there's wineries have been destroyed a can one resident came home to his miniature vineyard after a quick evacuation. we were sunday night. and we know we're. just minutes to actually get out of. the house with our kids we called our neighbor. won't hurry up. which is a mad. as of tuesday evening some seventy five thousand customers were without power and in some cases lines were cut to prevent them from endangering first responders roughly three thousand two hundred evacuees
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are staying in twenty eight shelters all across napa and now governor jerry brown has declared an emergency in one thousand season while some of the biggest fires are burning up north some four hundred miles away an emergency has also been declare in orange county the canyon to fire is now eight thousand acres at forty five percent containment at least thirty six structures have been damaged or destroyed the happiest place on earth a disneyland's was covered in hazy plumes of smoke as well as neighborhoods near the pacific coast many residents were face to face with the flames before evacuating but got to a point where the flames were pretty tall they were fifty forty fifty sixty feet then we could feel the heat that's when we decided to leave i was trying to spray the backyard but you know that it's i saw the fire coming up over the hill there like i did out here but getting out alive was the goal of fire officials that they were stressed interested and who fought leaving their homes or crews from all parts of california and nevada are helping to provide relief efforts for the flames came
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up we came down here and you've pretty good sirhan from your face if i was coming up over the homes probably a hundred foot flames over your spadina both sides of the street damage assessment in all of the impacted areas is ongoing throughout the day to day because at least have fourteen helicopter resources in six fixed wing aircraft resources available for the incident eleven hundred firefighters on scene with more on their way the fire was fairly inactive last night on the western edge but was still active on the eastern edge of the fire that's the main area of concern right now as we have open area that leads into the cleveland national forest. and back up north in sonoma county they have to establish a hotline so the loved ones who are missing can be found by family members as again actually six hundred seventy people are still unaccounted for i want to talk of the good news here is that the firefighters are able or are beginning to start to contain some of the fires thank you so much for this report natasha sweet reporting
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in los angeles to canada where prime minister justin trudeau met with president trump as concerns a grow about trump's actions with the issues both at home and abroad trudeau is in washington in hopes of finding common ground between the neighboring countries and he's brought what some say is his most powerful tool charm artie's alex mahal of ages in the wrong to where he is following the story of alex prime minister trudeau is in d.c. during the volatile time in the u.s. government with the president receiving harsh criticism even from within his own party so what is true those agenda. well trudeau as you mentioned brought his charm some are calling this the charm of fence of and if you saw the photo op at the very beginning you might be seeing it right now with the president the prime minister and their respective spouses it was all hugs and kisses there and everything seemed to be lovely and then they went to meet inside the white house and from what we hear the meeting went well everybody's calling each other buddies and friends and
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the countries love each other that's all fantastic but what that dark smoke covering a bubble that would be the nasty stuff that they didn't talk too much about starting off with the north american free trade agreement article came out in forbes magazine where president trump said i happen to think nafta will be have to be terminated and one talks like that and with many within the u.s. government and in canada as well supporting the nafta agreement of course this is probably on the top of the genda of what needs to be discussed between the two world leaders now now there right now the most contentious point with canada is the fact that the u.s. is asking for fifty percent of all parts in our vehicles built in north america to be american made when you have three countries that are joined in the building of our cars will be mexico canada and the states that point itself would not only destroy the make up of what they have right now where these parts are made but also the supply chain and redoing the supply chain will be
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a very costly effort indeed some say next to impossible and that really wouldn't be worth it in the end the other contentious issue is the bombard gave boeing debate two aerospace companies one in the states one in canada the trumpet ministration has put a thirty three hundred percent tariff on all or on bombarded products in particular one airplane that was supposed to be sold to an american airline this again is a point that says going back and forth of the u.s. is saying that barbara j. receives plenty of subsidies and this is not a fair way to be doing business barb r.j. disputes that and we've even heard from the brits saying that boeing. seen its shares of gifts of money come from outside the company as well so another issue on the table third lumber i mean this has been going on between canada and the states forever so i'm that that discussion is something that has been pretty now after during nafta and i'm sure will continue into the future one interesting thing about the prime minister he didn't only meet with president trump he met with
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a committee as well earlier in the day and that would be with the u.s. house of representatives committee to talk nafta with them he he's not only in washington to meet with president trump he's to meet you there to meet with some allies and supporters of nafta itself one of the biggest arguments that prime minister trudeau has come in with is saying that canada is a bigger export company country for the u.s. than china japan and the united kingdom all combined so as you can imagine this is a big deal for canada and that's what's being addressed today in washington alex now this meeting between trudeau and trumpets taking place on the heels of canada's foreign minister stressing that the world at the last stable place today and many are taking that as a less stable because of president what if you have to say well you know it's a christopher canada's foreign affairs minister just yesterday and here we have a couple of quotes from her but basically sum it up this is after a bob corker made his remark about the world war three and the president. has
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a has basically tied that the quotes are there are a lot of things that are concerning concerning in the world right now i think this is probably the most uncertain moment in international relations since the end of the second world war and another coach he went on to say the post-war order has really worked with time it has embraced more and more people in a peaceful prosperous world it's been great and that order is starting to fracture as a result we're seeing tension in a lot of different places she also mentioned north korea as a part of all this discussion so obviously canada is very concerned in the way things are going right now we see a lot of concern within the u.s. . ministration as well and we even heard from one high level u.s. military person you talk to the canadian press he basically said if you see john kelly our defense secretary matters or national security adviser or mcmaster if they leave the government well then you should start panicking so this panic that we're seeing in the states obviously crosses borders and from our foreign affairs
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minister here in canada she obviously sees the situation in the world as a very worrying state but as we all know donald trump likes to play things like he played his business he likes to throw things out there and he likes to keep people on his toes so the bottom line might be even with his nafta quote that it was his quotes about the situation of the world it's donald trump people so how seriously can you take it well some people are taking it seriously and when you're talking about wars i guess it's something that you should take seriously and rhetoric should not just be tossed out there to enjoy what it could actually lead to some dire consequences that you alex in the holidays are pouring in toronto thank you so much and make you. over to syria where three suicide bombers detonated their explosives near the police headquarters in damascus on wednesday and killed two policemen and injured at least six civilians some of them are in critical condition two of the suicide bomber set off their explosives right in front of the
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building when confronted by police that their attacker was concerned i was cornered by forces near a local market where he then detonated his explosives that a masked police chief says the quote investigations are ongoing to find out where they came from and how the issue has been controlled meanwhile the syrian observatory for human rights says over three thousand civilians and fighters were killed in the country's civil war during september the highest monthly total this year. saying in syria the syrian army is now at dancing on ice its positions to the north west following the liberation of how but but before that artie's in iraq ghazi if you follow the troops as they moved into the village they traveled across the areas only bridge over the euphrates river from where he sent us this report under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates the only bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than
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a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but. it isn't like the movies do is rarely open at the first peak. then came the first warning my english hundred. rather we go to many overnight and . told you. he was right it wasn't one of this. isis back up had arrived we enforced the job just felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in a good place the syrian responded quickly but there was some confusion at first.
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then about a. nobody. five hundred meters from hadleigh village isis is making it still. doesn't it dug in. the hideout. house over the. truck to the. syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles using speed and distance as their protection to keep. the other think i do behind house driving out far in the critical bit then hiding back before the syrian. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game the very much but it's a harassing you know it's keeping everyone ok during the fia's firefight one of the
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pickup trucks stalled. is one of the jihad just briefly showing himself while spraying away on full auto with the clear targets out came the heavy of weapons. it was a nice try again. the scrap isis lost but everything you just saw was shot within the span of a single hour in one village with a small unit these scenes being repeated. across the front hundreds of kilometers wide or i guess do you see from hard luck syria. president donald trump has hinted at plans to decertify the iran nuclear deal the
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move would make the u.s. the only country to pull out of the multi-nation agreement and response the anti-war group code pink held thank you visuals in washington d.c. today at the embassies of britain france germany russia china and iran have think those countries are upholding the iran deal code pink co-founder been germanic call the u.s. decision to pull out a big mistake right now in. middle east is an incredible crisis and their worst going on all over the place where the u.s. is involved and iran is involved there has to be an end to the war in yemen in syria in iraq in libya and the only way to do that is to have a good relationship with iran the concerns that the trumpet ministration has about what they call iran meddling in the region well first of all they are the region it's the us that is not the region and we are meddling in the region but besides
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that there has to be negotiations on all of these issues and the only way to stop the iranian interference as the u.s. calls it is to sit down to keep this nuclear deal intact and to move on to talk about the other issues to further discuss u.s. policy towards iran and the current status of the iran nuclear deal where now i'm joined by retired u.s. army colonel and former u.s. diplomat and right thank you so much for joining us here arrived at your with code pink at these various embassies earlier this morning to think all the governments there are of holding the iran nuclear deal now what concerns you the most about the u.s. pulling out of the deal well if the u.s. pulls out of the deal it really undercuts the u.s. credibility in the whole world on not only this year this issue but other issues too with if america is seen as untrustworthy that signs a treaty and then goes against that it really does harm the u.s.
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reputation in the world. the un has mentioned that iran has complied and has been upholding its end of the deal but it's obviously so big so hard to choose iran of not upholding their end but could this in part maybe explain why we're here now more and more allegations about iran and from some members of congress that iran is supporting extremism and is threatening israel well indeed the u.s. executive and congress always has something to throw at iran and they know for sure that iran is in compliance i mean this is the seventh quarter or seventh six month period that iran has been in compliance by the international atomic energy association. has certified again that iran is in compliance they've destroyed two thirds of the some nine hundred centrifuges all of their rainy i'm
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they've done everything that the international community has asked them to do and yet that's not good enough for the trumpet ministrations so here you have all of these other things that will be coming up about terrorism extremism and all of that . now it's feared that a president trumpy to certify i did certify the iran deal and think sions iran it could lead iran to pursue nuclear weapons which could in turn increase the chances of nuclear war i therefore in your view who is a bigger threat to global security well indeed what the u.s. has been doing i mean when the united states is bombing seven countries right now that's pretty destabilizing. the united states the certification does not mean that that treaty is over for the other five countries that are a part of it and indeed as we went to all of the embassies that you mentioned before me and all of the leaders of those countries have been very very firm in saying we are sticking with this it is so important that we that we have
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a deal that iran can count on that would be lay their their nuclear program by at least ten years and so those countries are not going to be giving up on this treaty at all and we certainly hope that iran will not that iran will say we signed this we're going to stick with it and iran can say as the other countries america is kind of going off its rockers right now the american administration but they are going to stick with that deal we hope now you're in south korea not too long ago we mentioned you mentioned earlier that if the u.s. does back out of this iran deal it could harm their credibility when it comes to let's say north korea and their nuclear program but how do you think north korea will react to that as well and of course north korea has been calling for a peace treaty with south korea the united states all the signatories to the armistice that happened fifty years ago and if the united states now undercuts its
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own treaty that that was signed by the through the obama administration if it's undercut by the trumpet ministration why should the north koreans believe anything that the united states ever signs. so it's very dangerous what president trump is contemplating doing and we urge his advisors to please tell president trump it's in the safety and security of the world that this treaty go ahead and that he certify that indeed iran has complied with the conditions of the treaty what do you think the outcome is going to be do you think that iran will move forward with this certifying the iran deal well i'm always hopeful but if not he's going to get an earful from all of the constituents and the members of congress who have sixty days after that to determine whether or not a decertification should stay and i'll tell you what they're going to be millions and millions of americans that are going to be calling their congress people to say do not do not agree with that these sort of occasion because it is
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a horrible danger to the world all right thank you so much over and over right now it was retired u.s. army colonel and former u.s. diplomat and right thanks so much. and charlottesville virginia an african-american special education teacher who was brutally assaulted at a white supremacist rally that's on gets has been charged with felony assault police say twenty year old the andre harris was charged with unlawful wounding during an alleged incident and the area of the east market street parking garage however harris is attorney claims the magistrate circumvented the local charlottesville police department the charlottesville police detective sergeant told the washington post quote we were not expecting this we were expecting to do our own investigation into the man's allegations while the a.c.l.u. is calling the charges a desperate and vindictive afeard by the white nationalist to smear the victim. boom bust is coming up next year in our team america lindsey france joins us for
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a quick preview hi there lindsey chinese retail giant alibaba of course billions into overseas research hubs as it up to game in artificial intelligence also chip maker qualcomm is in deep trouble over in taiwan and prime minister of canada justin trudeau heads to washington and it's all about making nice on trade that's coming right up thanks so much. well that does the for now for more on the stories we covered go to you tube dot com slash r t america also check out our web site r t v dot com for america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question war. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of boys that's how it is in the new culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm a troll i don't argue america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll
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get the straight talk in the breakthrough. on contact where neo liberalism for free or endless floors in the south or patriotism. where truth is not a casualty of war socialism is the counterweight to barbara. is a moral and her crimes of empire are small for the crimes of the wall street the for the crimes of state or terror on contact with chris hedges that's where i question will. mark twain said it's easier to homeschool people than to print them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed the fake news and the need for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's
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a story for the wall. and that's that picture you. got to do just that if you're watching. this piece of dedicated to a very funny man named jim bill kimball that's what wendy the slow adult calls her friend jimmy kimmel when he is a member of howard stern's wack pack which is a bunch of people stern regularly features on the show they're all pretty crazy like they have funny voices and many of them have either physical or mental
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disability they're all great and jimbo kimball had gone on to join a bunch of times and had fun with them so jim bill kimball was on stern just a few weeks ago and wendy was on it too and they talk about how she poops her diaper and whether or not she's having sex with a helping hand worker at wal-mart symbol actually asked wendy who is literally a special needs woman if she knows how babies are made and they use the words that trump gotten so much trouble for the p. word over and over again and jimbo kimball is left and derek lee but whole time then later in the show it gets even more un-p.c. they start talking with ronnie the limo driver another stern regular about is that they talk about rings for gentleman to wear on their sex organs and how they're great for punching her with your deep and then jimbo actually talks about his own wife's private parts calling it over and over again molly the c. word except he doesn't think the word he says the actual word in thought and keeps
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cracking up over it like he's practically crying with laughter say his wife's work and then not even a month later he just sent down trump jr a link to his father saying the p word to remind him of what his father is like and i guess his father supposed to be bad because they use this word even though. no he just used the p. word over and over again with a special needs woman he even used this the word about his own wife now i'm nothing jimbo's everyone's turn wasn't funny i'm saying it was. but his getting all self righteous after and being so vulgar himself that is not so funny the biggest irony there is that also in the interview jim bill says he's not going to get political i was so happy when he says that but then not even a month later he's out there not only getting political but blatantly shilling for
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one side immediately alienating so many people and dividing the country which is exactly what we don't need even if you want to talk health care jim will have bernie sanders am rand paul on your show to represent both sides or how about you just take a bunch of your millions open up a clinic in compton and you can tell anyone whatever you do jim i beg you don't get bought off by a political party like this and remember who you are you are jimbo kimball a very funny man and that's what this country needs from you right now not more divisive partisan politics. you know one old expediential street looks like
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a real tree this would be analyzed but the bottom would. be just like the would it be like you not i got. to put a three d. model because. when it's all. sunny you know where the. underwater. total room going to. be. a boy not me did not know. oh you ought to go to the post gets to move for you.
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what politicians to do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be rich. to going to be prosperous like that before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in our. quest said. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of people from. corporate media reach users to talk about the current crisis coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing council bluffs corporate conduct is be and model these are stories that you know no exception to my pepto your post to the american.


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