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us chip makers qualcomm is set to pay off in asia as regulators last find on it a fair trade violate also mr joe goes to washington we take a look at the visit of the canadian prime minister to the white house lots of trade to discuss there and then my guest former u.s. trade commissioner bart chilton joins us he brings the california wildfires into focus it's a bigger problem than just flames we've got an entire industry affected and funding questions to have answered stand by us start right now. lunges ahead with developing artificial intelligence quantum computer and fin tech which is essentially a i for banking china's alibaba group is dumping fifteen billion dollars into
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research hubs overseas and it's hiring one hundred researchers to develop next generation technology ali baba now has a large e-commerce footprint in asia and for its acquisition of online retailer lozada dot com for two billion dollars it's also got data centers in europe the u.s. the middle east's australia japan india and now indonesia the deep pocketed firm says that with twenty five engineers now on its payroll it aims to serve two billion customers and create one hundred million jobs by two thousand and thirty six. and spanish stocks rose after tensions over catalonia his bid for independence eased somewhat after catalonia as president backed away from plans to immediately break from spain following results of a disputed referendum in favor of independence in a speech the regional president said he would delay the declaration of independence for several weeks to give dialogue of chance. the spanish central government
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responded by asking for clarification and leaving open the door to revoking some of the region's autonomous powers the spanish ibex thirty five rose one point three percent after the cattle on regional government stop short of declaring that independence late tuesday regional president car less said should hold talks with the spanish central government after the landslide result in that referendum earlier this month madrid based government has given few hints it is willing to even talk since it does not consider the vote to be valid. for years u.s. based chip maker qualcomm has been accused of violating trust regulations as a result more than a few probes have been made into the telecom giant as you might guess now one of these just led to a record fine in taiwan boom bust bianca for she has more on this for us after
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years of allegations regarding and i trust violations qualcomm was fined hundreds of millions of dollars in taiwan on wednesday the country's fair trade commission claimed the u.s. based chip maker violated antitrust rules for at least seven years and that led to a record fine of seven hundred thirty three million dollars the taiwanese regulators said qualcomm created a monopoly by not providing products to clients that don't agree with its conditions and a statement on the web say the f.t.c. wrote qualcomm holds a big number of standard essential patents in c.d.m.a. w. c.d.m.a. and l.t.e. segments and is the dominant provider of their baseband chips it abused its advantage in mobile communications standards and refused to license necessary patents on top of the find the commission ordered the company to revoke deals that forced competitors to provide price customer names and other sensitive information
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so far qualcomm has yet to respond publicly on the move but if previous accusations are any indication it could fight back earlier this year apple filed a one billion dollars lawsuit against qualcomm over patent royalties and that came after a complaint from the us federal trade commission arguing it prevented apple from buying keek product components for competitors in a statement apple said despite being just one of over a dozen companies who contributed to basic cellular standards qualcomm insists on charging apple at least five times. payments then all of the other cellular patent licensors we have agreements with combined to protect this business scheme qualcomm has taken increasingly radical steps most recently withholding nearly one billion dollars in payments from apple as retaliation for responding truthfully to law enforcement agencies investigating them and given taiwan's new fine our bill is likely feeling good about its accusations against the chip giant and it remains
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unclear what effect if any lawsuit would have on that fine. we know ockham's got some pretty good lawyers on its side taiwan's not alone though qualcomm's currently facing lots of antitrust allegations where else they're kind of facing antitrust allegations all over the world we south korea china japan and the e.u. and particular the e.u. . there so it's qualcomm is trying to buy an x. piece semiconductors which is a dutch company based in the e.u. of course. regulators they're trying to say that they'll buy it without. leaving out certain patents and already has but there are a lot of antitrust concerns in the e.u. if it were to go through it would make qualcomm the leading supplier in automotive chip so it would be a pretty big deal but again the commission still has yet to review and it's unclear how this could affect their chances now ok so it could take some time what's the
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likelihood of qualcomm's bid for the next piece that conductor's actually getting approved well if you ask qualcomm they are feeling pretty positive in most of their interviews and any other sort of thing they'll say this is going to go down this will be complete by the end of the year like i just said it's kind of unclear how this news out of taiwan today on wednesday could impact that maybe it won't at all assuming it will have some sort of influence but another thing to remember is that the you there the european commission has sort of had this crackdown on american tech companies over there where. space buck apple google and you know they're it's their way of protecting european companies and consumers so with that sort of trend continues you know qualcomm might not have as much luck as they are suggesting that they're going to have by the end of the year right bad timing for this to be happening right now especially not an attacker and the antitrust and all these chemical companies want to invent thanks for following us for us give us back.
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canadian prime minister justin trudeau met with president trump as concerned to grow over the u.s. leaders actions with issues both at home and abroad trudeau is in washington in hopes of finding common ground between the neighboring countries and he's brought what some say is his most powerful to all charm. is in toronto where he is following the story and bringing us his most powerful tool his charm prime minister trudeau. during a very volatile time if the u.s. government to say the very least the president's receiving harsh criticism even from within his house his own party so what is true does agenda well it looks like us canadians we are charm for everything it seems this is a charm offensive some are calling it what trudeau basically walked to the front of the white house with his. millennia was there with mr prime minister or president i
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should say donald trump and it was all hugs and kisses at that point everybody seemed very happy to see each other that what is the white house and the conversation went on from there really see how friendly our two countries are with each other and which we love each other or might be you know changing the words around a little bit but that's basically was the tone that bottom line is though there's a cloud hanging above our heads and that will the biggest part of that cloud is called the nafta and now the day after agreement we just heard from the forbes magazine this is a quote from their president trump said i think dr will. to be terminated now that's not something that canadians want to see but there are some contentious issues there specially when it comes to automobiles now what the state is asking for is that fifty percent of all cars made in north america but the parts are made in the u.s. as we know parts and cars are made in mexico canada as well as the u.s. there are assembled in all three countries the parts are made in the three
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countries and there happens to be a way that we traded move things across there is a whole system at work there that would be very expensive to change the supply change management that works right now companies are saying it could be next to impossible but it wouldn't even be worth it to change these things around for canada that whole fifty percent equation is a very scary thing also we've talked about this before the three hundred percent tariff that was popped on to bombard day by the u.s. . versus boeing is the big big battle there to aerospace companies one in the states one in canada and the states are accusing bombards of not only getting subsidies from the government but also dumping them just basically lowering their prices to beat out their competitors in the states third when it comes to nafta back in out that would be lumber lumber something we've discussed pre-nup to during out there is going to be the discussion for avar one thing here though what we're hearing from donald trump now is that he might really drop nafta but if he does that there will be
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a new bilateral agreement between canada and the states mexico seems to be his sore point not canada so again donald trump these are the taxes he's used in business for years and years so this is nothing new prime minister trudeau knows that but he also knows that he has to cover all bases earlier on before meeting donald trump he met with the. very powerful committee in. the in the states will be the house ways and means means committee a very influential group it's not usual for a world leader to meet with these people but he knows that he has to talk to people that are for an app to in the states and that's why. he made that meeting happen as well there's a huge lobby in the u.s. business lobby as well as political to keep enough to float so on and these are some of the people that are close to donald trump as well they believe that nafta should be something that continues in the future ok well the meeting took place on the heels of canada's foreign minister stressed think that the world is a less stable place today many are taking that as the last table because of president trump over the words said in
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a statement well it really is i mean if you read between the lines of it pretty much is a direct hit towards donald trump and it's all again on the back of what bob corker said and we know the above corpora reason republican the senate foreign affairs committee the man basically saying that not only do we need adult supervision in the white house but that president trump might be leading us to world war three now what foreign affairs minister freeland said is i quote and here is the quote board there are a lot of things that are concerning in the world right now i think this is probably the most uncertain moment of international relations since the end of the second world war obviously we're talking about the trump administration here she also went on to say the post-war order has really worked with time it has embraced more and more people into a peaceful prosperous world with world it's been great in that order is starting to fracture as a result we're seeing tensions in a lot of different places and she did mention north korea she's also saying that the state of the world right now is very similar to where we were pre world war one
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countries dealing with protectionism globalization movement terror do you know that she's saying that this is the atmosphere is very similar and this is something that we really have to be careful with we've also heard from within the u.s. administration one a high level. person within the u.s. military spoken honestly can through the canadian press this individual said of john kelly defense secretary james battus or national security advisor h.r. mcmaster were to leave the government everyone should start panicking so this. lou that we see seems to be crossing borders it's not just in the states it's pretty much worldwide and obviously you see that it's hitting creditors will bring in the chairman bring in the hard hitting tactics as well thank you very much al joining us from toronto thank you. we're going to head to break now but stick around because when we return russia's central bank puts the clamp down on crypto currency and then wildfires and why california is burning the wine industry there is
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suffering we take a look at the implications as we go to break here are the numbers the closing bell . has a slight national survival. let's learn. let's say i'm not so i guess. the fight. thank you for. the story that's right if debt slavery.
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luxury and free. alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact is now ladies there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's no where to come in and it's been a struggle. for. this man from his own respond to the problem and construct dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle. parking space is not a solution. to someone want to turn the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to the homelessness crisis. they don't want or sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings to the trigger or
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forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw for the so you can be gossip the public but it. doesn't tell you that you are not pulling out by. the. ball or. what. the russians hundred bank says it is that the block the trading of crypto currency speaking at a conference in moscow the bank's first deputy governor sergei shuts off says it can not be tracked it can be used for crime so no he says we cannot stand aside we
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cannot give direct and easy access to such dubious instruments for investors their frequent exchange website will have blocked access he says now russia accounts for only a small amount of the bitcoin market china has recently clamped down on crypto currency but social media chat sites have proved very fertile ground for traders there who now face heavy penalties for operating undercover meanwhile japan's financial watchdog has approved eleven companies for big trading. and china may see success in its push to change the petro dollars if you want the u.s. dollar would of course take a direct hit if others follow suit and the dollar was abandoned as the world's world's reserve currency saudi arabia may have agreed to sell its exports in dollars as far back as the late seventy's but as china imports more and more oil it's become irritated at purchasing it in dollars from oil powerhouses like the
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saudis carl weinberg chief economist and managing director at high frequency economics says moving oil trade out of dollars into yuan will take right now between six hundred billion to eight hundred billion dollars of worth out of transactions from the dollar that means a stronger demand for things in china whether it's securities or whether it's good goods and services it is a growth plus for china and that's what they want to happen in september heading out u.s. economic and political sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro venezuela publish the price of its oil and fuel in chinese currency. and california wildfires are raging and one of the worst fire disasters in the state's history and it's far from over and more than one hundred fifteen thousand acres have been consumed neighborhoods destroyed and at least twenty one people killed the fires started late sunday night and quickly grew due to high winds and some twenty thousand acres burned in only two hours as residents were caught off guard and fled
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their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs former u.s. trade commissioner bart chilton previously served as the deputy chief of staff at the u.s. department of agriculture which oversees the forest service part thanks for coming in to talk to us about this terrifying disaster you had a similar experience with fire disasters over the years we see the devastation occurring are these fires different they're a little bit different lindsay one the fire season which normally does start in the west and particularly in california in october are becoming a longer and longer primarily most scientists say because of climate change and even this year there is a whole lot more fire more fact we've had twice as many fires already this year than we had in all of last year twenty sixteen so they're a little bit different right now usually these fires in california not all the time but usually they start in southern california you know these are different and these are coming off the diablo mountain then they call the do ya blow winds and
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the winds that really help push these fires forward we're on sunday night about ten o'clock local time and they got up to seventy miles hurricane starts at seventy four miles an hour those sorts of winds but huge winds and that's why when you're opening why you had so much devastation and destruction in such a short period of time and it's continuing there was a little bit of a low yesterday because there was higher humidity and cooler temperatures but today they're right back at it again and the winds are going to be up to fifty miles an hour they're reporting at two. later in the morning so could could get worse before it gets much better what a lot of people don't realize how fast fire moves i'm from wildfire country washington state as a local news reporter you're always covering these things it moves so very quickly it's breathtaking to see and it's just devastating the governor there california governor jerry brown has declared many counties disaster areas the top
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administration has promised to provide assistance can the federal government actually help on this and how does it go about digging in to help well there's a couple of different things the federal government does one they can provide a and the house and senate here in washington are working on a thirty six point five billion dollars disaster aid that's the hurricanes and wildfires wildfires are only. five hundred seventy six point five million of that thirty six thirty five point six billion is still a small percentage but the main thing that they can do and by the way that's money is really needed for fire prevention because the administration saw it a three hundred fifty million dollars cut in right vention and firefighting you know fires are going to stop as we've discussed a moment ago you know it's year round we believe that and you know that i'm learning so right but the cool thing that the federal government does and this is neat it was when i was at u.s.d.a.
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in two thousand i oversaw part of what they call the multi-agency command and that was the worst fire year we had in fifty years in two thousand and the the assets that the federal government can put in place are really neat and helpful they've got lots of planes they've got c. one thirty s they've got d.c. ten as. the retardant and now they're moving into the gels the gels that they put on they hold a lot longer they have a lot more moisture in there that they can last for hours of opposed to the foam which last just fifteen or twenty minutes and they've got helicopters and they've got those. really marvelous and brave smoke jumpers jump out of the planes and with parachutes and and so anyway they have a lot of resources and they don't just deal with the one hundred fifty four national forest in the system they deal with places all over whether or not it's bureau land bureau of land management land or whether or not it's wineries in value or in sonoma right now i've got to get out there not only you know fight the fire
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but dig fire line and do the things that take a lot of manpower very expensive someone so not getting enough money federal disaster resources have certainly been challenged with all the recent hurricanes but also as you mentioned firestone got a lot of funding here which is just insane to me you think the federal government is really doing what it can local ballots by the way in states such as washington are being ratcheted up asking people for higher taxes to pay for fire services because the federal government they just say it's not giving them enough what's your take on one hundred percent there needs to be more money for this and this isn't just a parochial thing as a former government guy government guys i want more money i mean our first responders for fires should not be volunteer fire departments in college you can't for a lot of gas. and you know look i don't want to say anything negative about the forest service certainly as a new forest chief tony took just took over like last month sunny producer director culture is doing
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a great job right the president hasn't tweeted you know i mean you could get a little love on his tweets he's still out on the n.f.l. exactly secretaries to an i.q. test but by and large i think the government is doing a good job federal government along with the state government is doing a great job they've even got in california the department of forestry has a cool plane it's a seven forty seven four hundred that can drop eight or nine hundred thousand two hundred gallons of gel so everybody's all out is just as you say unpredictable because of the wind lindsay all right well we all know the area where the blazes began it's in the famous wine growing region rivers of wine. now that they're saying are flowing because all of these grapes and everything is just totally decimated apart from the structural devastation we're talking about what about in the human tragedy clearly that's being very much covered in the media what about the impact on the this industry well i mean one is hugely hit there are six hundred fifty wineries you know in that area thirteen percent of all the california wine is
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grown in just those two counties and tsunami and napa it's a big deal the good news if there's any good news at all is that seventy five percent of the groups have been harvested what's left the twenty five percent is primarily cabernet and low and we'll have to see when they get into the vineyards and and some of the related orchards whether or not there's a big problem there but even if they don't get charred and burnt the bottom line is even ash and smoke can reduce the quality of the winds right when you in a couple years from now don't think is two thousand and seventeen is like a really good one year and just real quick the bottom line is there's also other livestock and agriculture there there is the sheep and goats and cattle and lots of there's even medical marijuana producers there so lots of people are impacted by this really devastating right inferno that's going on and with agriculture we all now are we should know that you cannot just rebuild you have to recall to date and
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that is very painful to do with great plans absolutely thank you very much from a u.s. attorney mr park helton. we need to talk more about the total damage these fires have cause in california and the economic impact i have on wine country as we mentioned we turn now to our to correspondent and sweet and los angeles natasha what can you tell us about this. well and the a whopping three thousand structures have been burned and fire officials say some of these places are still nowhere. near under control of the tubs fire has burned twenty eight thousand acres with no containment level cited and yuba county the cascade fire is at eleven thousand six hundred eighty five acres at only twenty percent contained and as of tuesday evening some seventy five thousand customers were without power well in some cases some lines were cut to prevent them from
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endangering first responders and as bart told you the napa valley and sonoma regions of california are being hit hard by these fires and it's more than likely going to have a harsh economic impact on the wine industry according to the napa valley ventura's association the region contributes more than thirteen billion dollars to the local economy and more than fifty billion to the national economy annually well that's not including all the tourists that come through the region luckily for these wine producers many grapes have already been harvested at this point in the season what remains to be seen is how the fires will impact the remaining harvest in sonoma the paradise ridge winery burned down earlier this week and luckily no one was hurt in that accident but it's possible up to thirty percent of their remaining great purpose was completely lost well that's just one example of many wineries that are suffering from these fires and we don't know yet how many of the four hundred seventy five wineries and napa valley happened affected what we do know at this point is that in napa and sonoma county alessa fire is listed at twenty six
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thousand acres with three percent containment and roughly three thousand two hundred evacuees are seen in twenty eight different shelters all across. this devastating lot of families having to rebuild up through the holidays very sad looking forward thank you very much our to correspond in tashi suite for us in los angeles. well who would have thought the mexican food chain taco bell would be anything more than i go to for people wanting a quick break or the late night answer to a craving well now millennium goals are all over it or rather it's all over them and their clothes clothing giant forever twenty one is debuted taco bell logo threads. everything from t. shirts to crunch wrap to body suits to those oh so popular cropped hoodies and blazing with the logo it's fast close and fast food word has it that super fans are even shooting their senior portraits in the talk about threads i'm sure they'll have no regrets in twenty years or so thanks for watching be sure to catch on
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directv and united states you can find us on the r t channel free to watch and if you missed us on directv catch us on youtube youtube dot com slash the bus r t thanks for watching see you next time. news in the morning. on the world. total. not. all your to go to. move for your. sputnik was sent into space before many soviet citizens had running water as moscow
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regained some of its influence many russians still don't have it what will it take for russia to fully turn its energy on itself. is still exist. ricos treated as one does not own no equal and only clothes and line fully throw in some throw ins and then thrown them along on the puerto rico i see little turn on you a lot of seats and they can be seen at the time the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto rican screw even dependents gentlemen will see that only god you know me. but i don't like to think we're doing. either way i'm going to sort of randomly go over that again again. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day. with
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the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. produce offspring to tell you that what we gossip the public by file for the most important news today. off the bat doesn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. it was. funny.
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because of. the. headlines on r.t. international a new york times out of his friend who allegedly. according to revealing the way mainstream on social media manipulate you. will. try to make up for something isn't in the tree but in this case this. is something that intervention make sure that they. do. encourage the thing to be. the horrors of islamic states in liberated areas of syria or go inside the terror groups form a police station prison where many innocent people lost that long.


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