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headlines on. you tube a quarter of the way mainstream on social media manipulate. try to make up for. something with intervention make sure that they. encourage the thing to be. liberated areas of syria we go inside the terror groups police station.
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with the spanish prime minister monday deadline for the region to decide whether it is a. very well welcome to you from all of us here at the international in moscow we have. potential between the new york times and you tube has been exposed. which is again did name for uncovering uncomfortable truths behind the media as leaked video seems to show an editor of the newspaper manipulating the video. very rare cases. try to make up for something isn't in the trick.
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the man caught on hidden camera is believed to be ernest petty according to his linked in profile he has you tube brand and diversity curation lead in the video he admits you tube intervenes to change trending videos their faces. try to make up for something isn't in the trick ok it's scary. but in this case is . just some human intervention to make sure that they. encourage the thing to be basically that he's for and as he is described in another part of the clip by project veritas was also caught on camera saying he benefits from their relations with us it's like something that's on the page like your treasures out about it we don't know it's just because security. the nickel is due to an audience of strategy editor of the new york times he claims he has previously worked for the election campaigns of both hillary clinton and barack obama he calls
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himself a gate keeper for the top u.s. newspaper deciding what gets coverage and what doesn't. i was right and see what grows out of that's what's great about race i. just. sure. we requested a comment on the revelations from you tube but so far no comment other news the new york times though house already reacted in fact in a statement to the newspaper admitted dudek apparently violated the outlets own ethics code but also claims he exaggerated the influence that he had at the outlet . now the communications director i project veritas steven gordon believes our so called gate keeping by social media is a big concern. certain political entities certain media entities rise to the
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top of the pecking order there is collusion between the social media networks and the major media outlets what we did was we caught it we caught them admitting it we caught them being candid on undercover video admitting what most people want most americans and what most people around the world strongly suspect was the case anyway but just couldn't prove we've just proved that. mr dudek who's kind of the star of these first two videos and was pretty clear about having worked for two presidential campaigns and wanting to continue his mission working for the new york times i mean he was pretty clear about it there's no ambiguity in his words and what's interesting is in the new york times statement they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we said we kind of suspected that if they well here's a low level guy but when they did they said he's a junior player but they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we put out they're just making excuses for. one of the worst the seats the mainstream media does and now
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major social media does is gate keeping it's their role it's not miss this is stopping most depressing story lines that they don't want to hear or don't want you to hear so they can bump up their narrative to the top of the list and most people trust as these major internet companies are growing and maturing and becoming almost monopolistic they've got the ability to do a lot more than they used to in the startup days of the internet and so they're clued in they're in bed with the new york in this case you tube and the new york times are in bed and we're in new york in new york times and you tube are in bed the bastard child of that relationship it's fake news. at the battle against iceland did as opens continues on t.v. has been traveling with the syrian army to get first hand experience from the frontline. isis is making it. is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full otoh.
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following the liberation of a syrian army is now advancing on ice oppositions to the north west however years of islamic state control have caused massive damage to the village what i witnessed a horrifying legacy left by the terrorists. liberating this village was just part of the job holding it is another. day and night the syrian army and the isis its edges in the meantime fresh forces poor in in preparation for the next push against the jihad ists still there's more to it had taken less than two days ago after an isis occupation that lasted years and left its mark everywhere these small village even hosted prison and police department.
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isis still doubt their brand of justice offenses like owning a sim card being a syrian government worker or an infidel carried the death penalty. for. many of the human is that these id cards no longer live islamic state had almost everything it's own government ministries police courts even had their own currency and stamp these coins quickly going out of circulation and becoming collector's items many people we get to get their hands on these. currency is a. form of control with it i says restricted trade to within the caliph that taxes had to be paid to and if you couldn't pay the money you paid in goods or.
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soldiers was still sweeping looking for isis hideaways and bombs had been cleared when we got there but not all there weren't that many booby traps and those they left seemed crude made uncharacteristic of isis suggesting that perhaps isis did not expect to lose so quickly. with. more of guys deal. from there is on syria. the spanish prime minister monday deadline for the cut to decide whether the region has adopted a declaration of independence meanwhile a number of protests are expected in catalonia this thursday to coincide with
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rallies marking the country's national day let's cross live now our correspondent. joining us live from barcelona good morning to you how tense is the situation right now. well worry we are expecting quite a big march to take place within the next hour where we'll certainly be heading to follow developments as well as several other protests to take place in barcelona on this hispanic day which is seen as quite symbolic given the situation that the country finds itself gripped in now the protests taking place later today is going to be a pro unity rally we are expecting quite a lot of people to show up in support of keeping spain united of course all of this comes during a situation where the crisis that is unraveling here including having been described by the spanish prime minister. the biggest one this country has seen in generations so it's certainly something that's being watched by people throughout catalonia as well as the rest of spain as the situation continues to not be very
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clear in terms of what is going to be happening next we have seen yesterday kind of prime minister for a clarification from barcelona take a listen to what he said. to get you for a moment. to confirm if you're. confused . well the latest is that indeed the spanish prime minister did give a deadline of monday to the castle on leader karla's who didn't want to clarify whether or not catalonia has even declared independence because if you remember we had a situation on tuesday where the castle our leader was highly expected and highly anticipated by those who voted for the independence to come out and make a statement about how catalonia is declaring independence however what he did was talk about independence but say it would be suspended for a couple of weeks so negotiations with madrid and madrid in return has reacted saying look you need to decide whether you're in or out and we're going to be
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taking measures appropriately but the way things have been standing now madrid doesn't look to be too excited to get into any kind of negotiation because it does continue to see that the referendum that took place here in october first according to go. and thank you. we spoke to a former british diplomat william. he believes the situation in the country has now become a game of brinkmanship. historically. isn't it is an entity like the separate this is the basque region of spain. and. it was made a few years ago when the center. used to get down to the. so what we're seeing i think is a game of poker i think that the leadership and i stress also meet with the
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business leadership and not just the people are sending a message to madrid to be more flexible. allied to that is the fact that i think the spanish tend to be a pretty proud people if you look at their history so it's a delicate situation it's to do with the people as a whole and undoubtedly business interests catalonia held a referendum almost two weeks ago with ninety percent of voters said to have chosen to break away amid allegations of widespread brutality from national police but it is not the only region with its fate still undecided. catalans are holding their breath after the drama of their referendum will they end up sticking with spain after all really go it alone because. i winning a referendum hasn't always brought about the desired goal let's look at a couple of cases first up the greek bailout referendum in two thousand and fifteen
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prime minister alexis tsipras promised a no vote would mean an end to e.u. and i.m.f. imposed a stereotypic. a cooling on you to support this negotiation and calling on you to say no to this recipe of memorandums that's just doing europe. when an overwhelming no to a stereotype was returned caved in to the troika anyway it was i'm telling you right here that i take full responsibility for mistakes as well as the signing an agreement that i would do you believe in however i'm obliged to implement it next up because this struggle for independence the self-proclaimed region and move in iraq has been raring to go certainly for years now citing tensions with baghdad we choose to live together with baghdad willingly if they don't want us to be their partners we refuse to be their servants and last month emboldened by months of propelling islamic states from iraq the territories the region held an independence
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referendum almost ninety three percent voted in favor of going. through now this is a new era for the kurdish people it is a turning point and we have to use it and this is a big victory for the kurdish people that was almost two weeks ago and since then silence with the same silence to fall on canceling awakes to be seen. just out on a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital plenty of stories on this story still coming your way and although we are back in just a. so . we'll see what. interested.
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you. are this time. some of them turn out to be. defining. through the vision that. they end up. like. the buyers in the big gallery. and then they. could have you with us today for your news the times newspaper claims
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a british politicians are doing the kremlin's bidding participating in programs. programs such as going underground and news things and gives the exact number of their appearances on the fees reportedly paid to them the times claims as part of the kremlin to extend its reach inside british politics. this is one of britain's most read newspapers and one of the leading edge a tauriel in the london times today happens to be all about this place r.t. it's called helping parents in and it names the shames all the politicians that appear on the channel it's not although there's another article that elaborates on can sons about the extent of kremlin influence here in westminster and whereas talking to the media is normally considered an expression of freedom of
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speech here in the u.k. these articles appear to suggest that the politicians talking to r.t. are greedy and even treacherous well to talk about this more i'm going to gate crash the studio going underground host afshin rattansi hey ashton you talk to quite a few of the politician friends list in this article do you think that it's a fair assessment and why do they come on your show really short of journalism isn't it the murdoch times i mean to my knowledge they haven't gone to r.t. for call with let alone going underground which is name checked in this story m.p.'s politicians from all around the world from all policies in britain come on going underground because they can they know they will look at issues in depth and allow them to actually speak action one of the articles here lists a lot of the labor m.p.'s that came on the show and on the news channel and
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a select few of the conservative ones can you explain that to an international audience well i think obviously labor politicians have been on this show but the conservative ones from other smaller parties i think this obviously indicates the mood org line here they're trying to somehow attack media that is. funded by the russian government by saying it is allied to jeremy corbyn the channel has been attacked in the past but does this feel like a whole new level of this naming and shaming of politicians do you think it can be hard if you get guests on the show as a result i think strangely it's been an uphill battle right at the beginning it was tough but actually i think more and more politicians are becoming used to the idea that the u.k. is here to stay and it's going to allow petitions to speak about real issues not about the sound bite culture of celebrity and all the rest of it the british view
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is used to in this country the russian embassy in london responded on twitter by questioning the logic behind the article it pondered if russian politicians are appearing on the b.b.c. therefore help the british prime minister. social media giants feeling the heat again this time in the u.k. british m.p.'s want the likes of facebook and google to be classified as media outlets meaning they'd be subjected to greater regulation that's raised concerns about freedom of speech and we discussed a few points on this issue with two guests the whole idea of risk completely ludicrous it's even a lot of football it is of course a gross intrusion to freedom of speech but more significantly frankly it's completely unworkable it could be different on freedom of speech but the problem moment is the nobody is accountable to the social media platforms aren't accountable and there's no way of holding those who post to account could be you
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know carol in bridgeville you know who are you you know where are you i think there's been incredible excesses and i'm facebook and google have an awful lot to answer for but that's not all they all are i have a twitter account i reach we are to cool things i've read of interest and significant. ten twenty times a day sometimes every single one of those is a publication under what this person is saying it is simply impractical they could do it who on earth is going to monitor it how it's going to be done it won't work can't work and it shouldn't work when you're writing stuff you can be you know you can sometimes get a little bit carried away and you could be a lot more harsh than you would be face to face and this is exactly what the government is saying that you shouldn't be putting stuff all social media which you couldn't say face to face to somebody and that's sort of pretty fundamental principle a thing to be problems for governments talking about a code of conduct
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a new city singled out religious aspects of the bt community and you know my antenna rise a little bit because if you're not going to be able to. code to say anything negative about homosexuality or anything negative about islam then that is an infringement on freedom of speech which just slike you people off all posting fake news you must must be must be accountable i quite accept and quite agree that facebook and google should be doing far more to clean up there are but there are those freedom of speech issues what is your definition of what is terrorist material verses controversial political opinion. a libyan humanitarian peace activist will take his case to the european court of appeal on thursday khalid he is seeking justice after his entire family was killed
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in a nato airstrike it was june twenty eleven when seven rockets hit made his family home in the small town of soma near tripoli among the thirteen people killed in what nato called a perception strike where his wife two kids a niece and aunt at the alliance claims the strike was conducted on a regime command center l m a t s a case against nato had previously been dismissed . by the court of instance referring to the organization's immunity but his lawyer claims there are severe contradictions in nato explanation of the strike. if you look at the position of nato at the very start of this whole situation actually the day after the bombing the nato spokesman made a long statement early hours of monday morning nato carried out a persistent strike using precision guided weapons on a highly significant command control node we have the site over a prolonged period of time before conducting the precision strike which minimized
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any potential risk of causing unnecessary casualties very quickly it became clear that there was absolutely nothing like this in the compound that was bombed that especially not in the building where mr ahmed it would his family was living we remain confident of our information that this was a military site that there was no evidence of a civilian presence nato did not have access to contemporaneous ground observation from reliable neutral observers. incoherent incompatible statements made by two nato responsible tonight a spokesman shows as far as i'm concerned that something is wrong that they didn't say it's a mistake either they didn't say oh sorry we were aiming at some some other building or we had wrong information so the only thing i can think of at this stage is that the aim was really to hit this family house. which of course would be a war crime maybe just to terrorize old who would be suspected of being too close
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to the former regime terrorizing into them into capitalization something like that . he is a humanitarian activist and the founder of an international organization for peace care and relief in libya or though it is claimed he also had links to the deposed regime. i think it's important that somebody takes the initiative because probably because of his higher profile that mr and i made the i had the opportunity. to bring such a case in brussels which is of course much more difficult for people in living in ruler in rural areas poor people though undoubtedly suffered a lot from nato intervention the case here is also that mr maybe of course complains about his own family and his own suffering and the harm that was done the injustice that was done to him but at the same time he also feels to be a spokesperson for all those who suffered from similar. acts committed
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by nato during the libya campaign and we are back with more here thursday worldwide headlines in about thirty three minutes. i'm going to guess now you know into the new delhi. for us a little slow mr milosevic polls. showing how the three day into the movie that. you have. is if you do your work here will you be given to believe on some of these groups the glad i'm. not the number that the let's move the money take on the. field where your mom got out of the
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mandate and you know i think when the state that be improved. you know to. become where. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out so. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. well it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base
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it's more new to. land. belonged. live illegal. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington the washington post media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business
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as usual it's business like it's never been done before. kind of welcome to all the parts for decades if not centuries russia's fascination of it geopolitics and global leadership came at the expense of its all internal development the soviet union sputnik into space before many of its citizens had running water and as last put in the vast sea into regaining some of its lost international influence many of them still don't what will it take for russia to fully turn its ally just in worth while to discuss that i'm now joined by russia's
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economic development minister. and i said it's great to talk to you thank you very much for a time. now russia i think is a paradoxical country in the sounds of always being caught between playing big on the global stage and merrily getting buy a home and i think that puts your ministry in the their precarious position because development has never been our first priority will it ever be where it was it should be because if you're strong at home that you mean that you can be stronger globally but it is russia really strong at home at the moment well it's improving it's improving the economy if you look at the results of the bus decades if you look what has happened was the in the machines the beginning of this century it's improved a lot it's improvement on terms of g.d.p. we'll put in those three your favorite quotes from different areas on the new technology also we are progressing so well produced from well i know that the russian budget has long been your specialty and just a few weeks ago they got.


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