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you know fidel sort of because i want to share what i think what all you know about the beautiful guy greets a woman chance with. the base is going to. max ties or this is the kaiser part we've had a lot of guest the first half of the show big hollywood stars and of course today long time favorite long time contributor one of the most up and coming famous biggest foreign artists in the twenty first century in america alex schaffer welcome thank you welcome back thank you stacey guy good to see you guys again yes fantastic last time we ran into each other in london yeah well it's all over the world and you know you made your bones i would say i did one of their famous
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periods of your career the burning bank period for anything that bank etc and this is what color our tension initially and of course you've got on for international acclaim and stacey i think it's quite fortunate we have alex with us tonight some alex you started out burning banks that's how the audience first met you yes and now you're kind of traveling across america on your honeymoon by the way of a very lovely new wife here and you're now traveling across america which is was really interesting because max and i are also traveling across america with a great american public who isn't stephen baldwin and we're kind of following you or you're following i know i'm thinking i'm chasing you guys or you're chasing me i'm not quite sure which ones which we've been watching i've been looking on your facebook page and you're painting these amazing scenes of americana as an american artists. in a country seeking greatness again what do you see in what are you're seeing is
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there anything that stands out to in terms of this. this anguish going on this is it better than what the news is saying is it worse than what the news say what are you seeing. i mean having lived in l.a. and witnessed. you know in the midst of a huge gentrification that's going on yes downtown l.a. downtown l.a. you know and the script the thought that the that they play out is the artists move in it's sort of and then that's the beginning of a kind of a wave of gentrification and it's i've had i'm seeing all these tiny towns all over the country kind of running the same script so you are talking about play below colorado for example a tiny town and yes this is actual city planning sort of policy now that you bring in the artists and then you're see your city your town with thrive because economic development will follow right. you know sea level has its own kind of like
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a two block sort of you know our zone that they've cordoned off and you know all these kind of tell me have a have an interesting you know sort of a downtown that was built in the you know before the first stock market crash they always charming building them into straight in other words usually if an employee artist types it can't get jobs because they're pursuing an artistic vision or they're crackpots or. for various reasons they outcast society some of them turn out to be the rino defining of ours i guys through the vision that they present and they end up in some weird cracked ridden drug house like east berlin or the lower east side of manhattan or so how in manhattan and then this attracts the buyers of the big money and the gallery owners and then that attracts
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the house flies in the suburbs and then that affects the rip property speculators and then they push the. artists out so you're saying though is that they're actually to get that cycle going they're bringing in essentially stunt artists. these are not actually downtrodden kind of wackos these are the could be from central casting could be from hollywood who knows yeah i mean crowdsourcing your you or your art opening i don't know i mean you know like a place like town like santa fe i think is totally unique for artists you know and i think they're trying to to to make that happen santa fe is neat for artists because like all these tourists come there and they're sort of expecting it and there's this pressure like when you're on a cruise you know that we're only going to hear for a couple of weeks you know we want to buy some buy this stuff because we will leave and go back home and it's gone but there's a vortex there right does that attract a lot of santa fe is yeah the whole southwest has that kind of raw as well you know what a moron side of paris during the bella pocket made it had all these artists of the
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hill there psychic and then tours came in they felt pressure to keep generating the same facade of soccer career over and over that became a cliché a lot of them blew their brains out or they ate what to say like then go i mean believe me there's a lot of. warning art that you know just. like the who was the first guy to do the bang. and a moon with a cactus in front of it you know and there's a lot of that we saw one last night we were driving through the mountains of the rocky mountains up there for real yeah. that it becomes ironic yeah and now i'm post ironic which is like when banksy takes some thrift shop junk piece of art and puts a figure in there and then it becomes a multi-cultural in dollar work of master you know don't know don't and it don't get you started. ok i thought it was very old racket it's there's a lot of you know what you think of the film exit through the gift shop i i thought
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it was totally taken over by mr brainwash and i think mr brainwash represents kind of the the the end run of sort of the celebrity artist and creating this kind of a fake hype about your own work you know you know speaking of this whole fake artists you're saying they fly in the artists like these fake artists max lived in the south of france for quite a while and if you're down and they need a nice corny sure anything like that down we're in the prominent days anglaise which was the scene of that infamous you know terrorist attack there are a lot of artists they're sitting there painting what you don't know is actually the painting was already painted in china they send a whole bunch of them over and then they pretend like they could all in a way have a dry brush for a little. clear coat of the fish a sunset a fishing village or sounds of china there's a factory of artists. write
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a song goes back to zero for a dollar apiece and then there's a guy with a looking thing a bit here now i also want to talk about the twenty sixteen elections bizarrely america is part of their mental make breakdown right now societal breakdown is about the. it's about the twenty six thousand election and that american people themselves the media and they at least tell us have no agency at all you were big bernie i was big you were out there campaigning hard for bernie sanders are you a kremlin agent absolutely i mean i get me and putin we we hang out do you know what do you think about this i like what i did there was you were out you traveled across the country you saw all the enthusiasm you don't you go to wisconsin or similarly will be i went to philly for the d.n.c. . you know my whole thing with bernie was like it doesn't seem like the government
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is going to stop with this ridiculous spending i mean i don't i think they can you know and the paradigm they're stuck on is we're going to see his spend all this money and all these ridiculous words you know granted i understand why people always throw the commie thing and venezuela you like bernie want to go to venezuela you know and that's a long story about how they got screwed over with oil prices you know loans and things like that but it's like. bernie look like at least he was going to spend the same amount of money in a way that was going to become america better because that's how they're stuck there set up in the spending spree so as bernie and trump both are promising to make america better and great again at the same great again bernie was saying just better. well i mean you know if trump hinted at a bunch of stuff that i wish she would she would follow through on but i think he just said it to get elected like why don't we declare war on infrastructure why
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don't we spend a jillion dollars on that you know why do you think when you are traveling that had more resonance with the people that you had some sort of facebook ad talking about black lives matter that was like that was more influential than like you were out listening to yes that's a campaign event so you saw what was going on on the ground yes i really think that you know for a lot of people in the country going into the military isn't a major that's kind of like their only opportunity yes you know why can't there be like a national like a national infrastructure army you've got the energy you've got people the you know the money has to be spent and yet they spend it in a way that just fuel. the blow back of their spending fuels the worst of america it's fuels the security state it fuels this terrorist fear and.
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i just don't see that at the moment shifting with trump but at the same time i've really lost lost lot a lot of faith in the system you know i mean yes. you're talking about you know keynesian economics like f.d.r. spending on infrastructure for people to work building stuff and of course i worked and it could work again but obama bailed out the creditors that is to say the banks write a set of the debtors first time in history that's ever happened and the result was catastrophic and the result is also chump but i want to mention down a year you know usually you focus on finance and banks in a way but a warhol did. so extremes of dollar bills and experiments with money as art but you take a step higher looking at the actual instance the bank itself the j.p. morgan branch setting in a blaze or you portray deserve the clown for ben bernanke the one who's doing zero percent interest rate so you're really getting into the machinations of money and finance that are very plain to you for that i'm
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a complete. now to those of them about this california bank well alan browne to be on the board and this is a step in the right direction i think knows about it we talked to her in the last episode but i know this is going to be great i am i met her at a talk los angeles wants to start a public bank of los angeles for the purpose of being a bank that could extend infrastructure statewide infrastructure size loans and legally take all the deposits from the cannabis industry which is whether you whatever you think about people being a bunch of stoners you know it is sort of keeping everything going big business job it's a cash crop it's you know they're farmers you know american. gothic we're big we'd stop you know that's right americans started with syntax andrew are we have before we had income tax it was the government completely finance themselves from sin taxes than they would tax alcohol and cigarettes and they. well once the states
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start realizing how much money this is out there and then i just think they won't be able to resist because it's just like. you know a fraud has never works you know profession of these types of things are going to be cash cows but for states like colorado california right in the fact that they can't put this money anywhere you know because i asked a guy in colorado like where do you deposit the money is i well we get paid through kind of a separate corporation that we used to be a construction company and then they just send all the money offshore man i mean that money should stay here that that money could capitalize a public bank of denver or a public got all fargo out of business school. is still going from people's money blatantly i know and i be legally still does business with wells fargo that that is l a's bank is a shame. i had a silver bullet from my guests that's where we met traveling across the country
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look at you know if you ever encounter one of these vampire bankers apparently this is work they're not armed. well we look forward to seeing more of wells fargo branches up in flames yeah yeah definitely i mean i sold the last three of those that they are a hot item i kind of cooled off on painting them once you know just just completely failed to be so much on us like why did i do they have nothing happened you know yeah the powers that be that we tried to notify like hello crime yeah like. to see nothing they have all raised anyway we got to go thanks for being on the show love you guys already well stay tuned for the second half a lot more coming your way so don't go. about your sudden passing i phone lee just. aren't you worried south in taking your
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last bang turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. los angeles the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people
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living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. who's in there is just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the earth or news except such to lucian a tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution you her off to someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to envy homelessness crisis. welcome
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back to the kaiser report stacey herbert max keiser he is on the road with stephen baldwin i am here with catherine austin fits of finally gets me see her i'm so excited just in person in person we've interviewed many times that's strange
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because i feel like i know you because we've been face to face now we're here at the script of currency conference we'll get to that in a bit but. i want to ask you about the deep state because you've written about that for a long time and now well i was running away from them a long time before a spurt of writing about yeah it was kind of like conspiracy theory world and now it's like out in the open i was never a conspiracy if i mean i was scared conspiracy theory but now rachel maddow sorts i mean stream media are embracing the deep state in calling for overthrowing of the democratically elected president so because you're taking so much market share from her she has to talk about if that's true that's true where they don't like to have to compete with us what's going on but if there is like people say the deep sea can control everything how did trump win then or did they want him to win yesterday when i was speaking at the conference there were were both attending. i asked the audience who here if they had to work into a court of law could walk into
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a court of law and produce documentation in evidence and describe accurately how the governance structure on planet earth works no one person could risk their hand now we live in a world where the governance structure is a mystery and so one of the things i've tried for many many decades a standard stand what it is and how it works and i always follow money because money is a mapping tool and it shows trance actually what's really happening in it suggests patterns so the real governance structure is very complicated so i don't mean to us . for. oversimplify it but for purposes of speed let's oversimplify it my metaphor for the governance structure is mr global and in my experience the governance structure is extremely central. and it's centralized about the management of investment and assets so ownership. i think of a world where essentially the greatest power lies in the intergenerational pools of
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capital you know it's it's family capital whether you call it monarchy or aristocracy or the art of. yeah so a lot of it hides behind you know i mean if you look at the vatican model for example you know think of it two thousand years with no taxes diplomatic community and the magic of compound interest by the way i interrupt here to in case people real audience understand you were in the bush one administration or so i was in bush one and i was a partner in a very wonderful firm on wall street to leonard and company there's a book about it dylan read in the aristocracy of star prophets it's online and i was a part until it came to be. housing the first bush administration left and started an investment bank in washington and bush of course had been the head of the cia so i was the first keeps the right and the reality is if you look at the bureaucracies that implement the we the wishes of intergenerational investors if there's one
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bureaucracy in the united states that's been the most intricate so that enforcement of the real wishes of the deep state and the cia so you know if you want to understand this the cia if you want to understand the deep state understanding the history of the cia and their involvement from the kennedy assassination to the. yes to nine eleven it cetera it's essential now so we've got these intergenerational investors you know and essentially they're men edging in a very organic world so they don't have complete dictatorial control yet. and they're operating through a variety of different mechanisms to manage risk so the insurance industry the monetary system a lot of control runs through the financial system so the banks and then the governmental bureaucracies and of course very powerful in the government
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bureaucracy since world war two has you know when world war two after the war ended we created a hidden system of finance by creating the forty seven and forty nine act and it was the beginning of the national such security state so you married the federal credit mechanism which is the most powerful financial mechanism ever created on planet earth with this hidden system of a combination of the intelligence agencies and private investors and if you look at how they operate they operate by consensus by committees it's a very organic process there are many organisations involved but the reality is if you and i were to go to work in the in the u.s. government there is no government stacie the government doesn't have information sovereignty you know so the president can have a conversation with a world leader without appealing to the press yeah you know one of those so how did trump like trump came in it's funny because reality t.v. in a way is a way to keep americans dumb and you know entertain us the bread and circuses sort
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of stuff a lot of our entertainment well he is a reality t.v. star and he. beat legit because if anybody and most of the media most of the talking heads never leave new york city washington d.c. or l.a. we happen to be because of family matters had to go to north carolina at that time we were living in london and we only heard what c.n.n. and imus and d.c. were telling us wrote hillary was going to win by five points in north carolina we showed up in chapel hill you know it very liberal area of north carolina. only saw trump signs maybe one bumper sticker for hillary i drove back from california in october i stopped in twenty cities everyone i talked to rich poor white black men they were all voting for trump how did they ok i could see how rachel maddow missed it because it's her own bubble that she like you know so he's going to win
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how did. how did they not i don't think the deep state did miss a i think you had a real debate in the deep state now remember the presidency of the united states does not run the government and is not in control so this is just one position so when rachel maddow when anderson cooper sort of people are calling for a lot of very famous people were calling maybe less so now we're calling for the cia and the military to intervene and overthrow the get rid of trump so what were they expecting if the president has no power and what were they expecting what would we have seen as the president has power so it's an important position if you're you know you're on the chessboard and it's important position on the chessboard you want to control it if you can so there was a real competition i believe for the sport and i think there was real disagreement within the deep state. related to
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a couple of issues so it still sounds like conspiracy as soon as the save stay still sounds like conspiracy theory crazy stuff but the fact that like people were openly calling for this and saying this and like even former heads of the cia were going on the news and saying the sort of things that seemed insane to me well no you have an election and you have a real debate among the literature leadership of not just two they want but what policies they want another words are are we going to sacrifice the united states to build out a global empire or is it a is it a in. is that a more conservative more sensible strategy to pull resources back into north america and make sure if we lose the global empire that we're ok yeah ok now my guess is this is just as joseph sherman say high octane speculation my guess is i think what happened was when the new york f.b.i. office was able to get control not only of wieners laptop but get court permission
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to use it outside of just the winner investigation the people back in trump basically went to the clintons and her former congressman who is than what he was texting sexting some women across america who aberdeen was hillary clinton's but if you watch now booz allen hamilton and goldman sachs the stock traded in the equity markets they started up to the equity markets basically traded the victory starting in late october so so i think what happened was you know one faction said to the other faction you know if you don't stand down we are going to use this and literally what you saw was you know the top corporations who are going to be the winners of trump one certain to trade up that day and i think the other faction stood down so it was
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a deep state squabble over that position so yes trump have the better slogan make america great again. again i'm with her all about herself now she's on a tour what happened like a very selfish like self obsessed woman lost to a guy who was saying make america great again we don't have much time because we've already lifeline through the time so i want to ask you is he doing anything to make america great again is that do you see anything on the horizon that this guy has a dream the slam i see a lot of goldman sachs so it's are they going to make america great again so here's here's the thing i think what has happened so far is significantly different than what would have happened if the other faction had won yeah definitely so i think you know and i'm talking about small incremental change that has been positive now as you can see the neo-con agenda is succeeding in taking over and so and i think once jeff sessions sold them down the river and allowed mueller to happen. you know
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they've got him in a box and it's very dangerous well because we all know he's a real estate developer and you know all real estate developers in new york city launder money and nobody could afford five million to million twenty million dollars properties a few guys maybe like steve jobs sort of person or a few bankers but most of his laundered money from overseas and you know if you're out of that i'm assuming let's assume for a second that he was taking in the russian money which i assume he was because everybody in new york was taking in the russian money you just weren't in new york at. the u.s. intelligence agencies were raping russia and they were pulling the money and a lot of that money went into new york and you know and but that was a u.s. intelligence agency operation so he if he was taking that money then he was playing directly or indirectly with the u.s. intelligence agency so if you want to say it was officially sanctioned it was in
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that sense it was officially so it should but let's assume for a second he didn't do anything illegal ok. there's enough that you can use to smear him drive him crazy i've litigated with the federal government for eleven years doesn't matter what the facts are doesn't matter what the truth they make stuff up they falsify evidence they do whatever you know so so you know who knows what the truth is the next ten seconds left any economic you are also study economics anything economically is he doing anything any trade deal negotiations any. regulations if one is able to get tax reform it could make a huge difference if you look however what the deep state is doing around the country to implode the economy and make sure that they can do the rape of russia here we are in real danger ok that's going to do it for this episode of the kaiser report with me stacy herbert on the max is there max sizes in the first half against captain awesome fit of salon dot com if you want to get in touch with us
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tweet us at kaiser report until next time i owe. her. fairly obviously. you're no no no no no.
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no these are the very. thought that this is. the. still exist. rico's treated as one. hundred three called. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence. either. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day.
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with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. a new york times editor and his friend. a quarter of feeling the way mainstream social media manipulate the news. very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trend but. it's something that intervention to make sure. to. encourage the thing to be basically the films the horrors of islamic states liberated areas of syria on the program here we go inside the terror groups form a police station and prison where many innocent people lost.


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