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tv   Headline News  RT  October 12, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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oliver of our three americans doing the same we are verily better than nothing. and see people you've never heard of low down for the next president of the world bank so very good woman a seriously send us an e-mail. the top story here at r.t. international washington has announced the united states is withdrawing from unesco citing among its reasons the organizations alleged bias against israel. a new york times editor and his alleged acquaintance that you chew on quote revealing the way mainstream and social media manipulate the news. very rare cases . try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trunk but in those cases they. use something with intervention to make sure they're going to.
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encourage the thing to be basically. clashes erupt vassallo down as cattle and anti independence activists use spain's national holiday to express their opposition to a break with madrid and some burning independents flunks. well those are the headlines coming to life from r.t. international here in moscow and thank you for joining us. and we start with that top news story the u.s. state department has announced that the country is withdrawing from unesco the un's educational scientific and cultural organization well one of the main reasons cited by the state department is concerned over unesco's alleged anti israel bias and the organizations mounting. areas where six years ago member states voted to accept the
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state of palestine into unesco a move that i think it israel and its u.s. ally. for on the story i'm now joined by our t. samir khan in washington there samir so what are the full reasons behind this decision what washington announced that the us is withdrawing from unesco the un's cultural body it found in one nine hundred forty five citing anti israel biased and the need for fundamental reform in the organization in the organization the us said that the move will take effect on december third thirty first excuse me the us code director general said that the move was a met matter of profound regret let's take a look. it is with deep regret that today i received a letter from the secretary of state the decision has been taken and it's just according to the cost of tuition the rules that they will formally leave you know screw the end for two thousand pay teen but he doesn't mean that we will stop
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partnering. will appeal once again for partnerships on this i think very important to make this we chart a common value which we share with united states. washington suspended its unesco financing in two thousand and eleven over its vote to include palestine as a member state and now owes about five hundred fifty million dollars in back payments president trump has criticised what he sees as disproportionate contribution to un institution the us funds about twenty two percent of the un's regular budget and over twenty eight percent of you and peacekeeping however washington has maintained a an office at the u.s. go ahead corps in paris and hopes to remain a nonmember state but this is hardly an unexpected move as the director general irina bokova also said that the organization is becoming more and more politicized but it's unclear what the organization will become without u.s.
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presence. there are ways to be seen in washington thank you very much indeed. well you know sco is a u.n. cultural agency that was founded with the help of the united states back in one thousand nine hundred five it works to ensure that people around the world have basic human rights and enjoy full freedom of expression but of unesco's mission is to contribute to global peace and the eradication of poverty was seen a correspondent for israel's hits newspaper i mean ordered says the u.s. has found a convenient excuse. well as you know the u.n. general and unesco in particular are a favorite bugman for some americans especially in the current administration israel considers unesco to be anti israel and therefore when the united states wants to show that these broader israel it becomes anti you disco it seems as if it
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is a very comfortable excuse for the state department trying to hide behind the backs of israeli supporters in the united states it's unfortunate that the united states . decided to come out. and palestinian in a way because it's broadly israeli statement. now and online investigation website has exposed potential collusion between the new york times and you tube video was leaked by project very tasks which is going to aim for uncovering uncomfortable truths behind the media very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the truth and. well the man caught on hidden camera is believed to be petty according to his linked in profile he's you choose brand and diversity curation lead in the video he admits you cheap sometimes
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intervenes to change trending videos. their faces. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trend ok it's very rare but in this case they still. use them to intervention make sure that they. do. encourage the thing to be basically a petits friend as he's described in another part of the trip by project farah tass was also caught on camera saying he benefits from their relationship. given the choice resort to something of the ability to repay just like your teachers out of iraq they don't know it's just words but for the security for the world. while nicholas dudek is an audience strategy editor for the new york times he claims he has previously worked for the election campaigns above hillary clinton and barack obama he calls himself a gate keeper for the top u.s. newspaper deciding what gets coverage what doesn't. that are right
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to do research into what goes out doesn't go well that's a great something a story that we've got you just a few days to make. right sure that's. right you do resist. well we requested a comment on the revelations from you tube but so far there's been no response while the new york times has already reacted well in a statement to the newspaper admitted dudek apparently violated their own ethics codes but he also claims he exaggerated the influence he had at the outlet communications director at project veritas steven gordon believe so called gate keeping by social media is a big concern. certain political entities certain media entities rise to the top of the pecking order there is collusion between the social media networks and the major media outlets what we did was we caught it we caught them admitting it would caught them being candid on undercover video admitting what most
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people want most americans and what most people around the world strongly suspect was the case anyway but just couldn't prove we've just proved that. mr dudek who's kind of the star of these first two videos and was pretty clear about having worked for two presidential campaigns and wanting to continue his mission working for the new york times i mean he was pretty clear about it there's no ambiguity in his words and what's interesting is in the new york times statement they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we said we kind of suspected that if they well here's a low level guy but when they did they said he's a junior player but they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we put out they're just making excuses. for one of the worst the seats in mainstream media does and now major social media does is gate keeping it's a role it's not necessarily stopping most pressing story lines that they don't want to hear or don't want you to hear so they can bump up their narrative to the top of
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the list and most people trust as these major internet companies are growing and maturing and becoming almost monopolistic they've got to ability to do a lot more than they used to in the startup days of the internet and so they're clued in they're in bed with the new york in this case you tube and the new york times are in bed and we're in new york in new york times and you tube and bad the bastard child of that relationship is fake news. well meanwhile the new york times is also essential to have a story it's a previously claimed antivirus software produced by the russian based company cast bestie has been used by moscow to spy on the u.s. however an investigation by germany cyber security agency says there's no evidence . remember plans to warn against the use of conspiracy products since we have no evidence of misconduct by the company this is in itself it seems that the story behind has more questions than answers it all started with the new york times
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reporting that the so-called russian hackers that the parent of the paper believes have connections with the russian government had been using kaspersky a lot of software to get classified information from the foreign intelligence and security agencies and kloden americas and as a national security agency the paper claims this information is coming from israel's officials who shared it with n.s.a. the n.s.a. the south refused to give any comment say they swore violate policy leaving all these quite clear well german is cyber security agency has been quick to claim that no evidence had been found to back these media reports and we say reports because shortly after the new york times article was published a lot of media picked up the story with quite catchy headlines like russia turn kaspersky lab software into a tool for spying because person has called these allegations groundless kaspersky
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has never held will help any government in the world would sign the espionage yes it's private held russia based kaspersky lab has been repeatedly accused of being involved in certain spike t.v. in the last two years eight has been always denying all accusations and all allegations but we still hear at them just recently washington has fun as far as going as far as banning all federal departments and agencies from using kaspersky services and now we have germany on the side of kaspersky say no evidence had been found to bruv any involvement by the company any spying activity but given the recent. developments in the recent dynamic wicking say that they saw gore is far from over and we can hear more allegations in the future. thousands of people are protesting across kus aloni on spain's national day as the impasse over the
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region's future intensifies tensions are high with clashes between pro and anti independence activists. was. i. i was like i. was. cool i was spain's prime minister has set a monday deadline for the president to decide whether or not the region has adopted a declaration of independence on t s an associate check it out reports from barcelona. because the iconic french show must clarify some of the plaza qatar lumia right now and it's a scene of clouds filling this old square and joining streets that are around here thousands of people if you can see covered marching from that direction towards
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this where they're still continuing to probably carrying out this was carried off by a group was not just together this is not true you can see protests all of these people are coming out to speak in support of keeping taxes low within spain as this major crisis continues to grip the country and the region this is what people here have been telling us we believe here for fifteen years we've got married had children had grandchildren who want spanish catalonia together that's all we want you to know you have to fly. for these to get zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero you should stay with spain for sure but i think to go very very close. these then for the people to get to know what we actually want or one of those that don't have people one day a president of the year truly has by only to be long thank you should assume because it was. right. until monday to
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either that's a load of stuff that actually in fact it cleared and. come out on tuesday and make statements that this. was. the first. thing i discussed details with the train was just prime minister mariano rajoy has made it quite clear that the deadline he's giving to the council leadership is this monday to announce whether search for hours because so far they're saying the only thing they see is confusion let's take a listen to him at council on president has to confirm whether any of the authorities proclaimed independence have got along here or whether his speech out on tenth of october included a declaration of independence it's a simple question you should give the answer is positive or there is no answer at all we will demand mr president to revoke the independence to operation so
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obviously developments are levelling quite rapidly here and that's a lot of these people last night i think i was beaten actually but we have to be like that so many people thought that that's quite like losing interest to them to sleep despite this political crisis that they're bringing him because so many people voted on the first referendum and this is been an issue that's been like for this region for decades. well pro unity protesters can be seen embracing local council and police seems have surprised some as many regional officers came out against unity with spain. during the referendum some council and police trying to prevent the civil gone from using excessive force against voters. for the same time some of fossilised most hard drive groups express their
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opposition to independence more aggressively they burned independence movement flags and marched through the city with us. now human rights watch has described the use of force by police during the independence referendum on october the first as excessive the organization said the fact that officers were carrying out court orders didn't give them the right to use violence against peaceful protesters people were assembled peacefully expressing their views and some of them go not as a result i spoke to a seventy year old woman who was lifted forcibly off the chair on which she was so them to prevent police from passing. over landed on the ground and out another thirty year old man sort of what thrown on top of her she broke her wrist as a result so i mean these are cases where the top of force specific context used by the police was disproportionate and excessive. and human rights watch has called
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for an independent investigation into the referendum crackdown the group spoke with numerous consonance who were affected by the events of october the first in countries that the impact of the violence goes far beyond physical injuries is what human rights watch told us about the students of a school used as a polling station and the tanks by phase. one of the dock on the thoughts that it's not something that's reflected than in a report is something that some members of the parents association told us they said that their children were afraid to return to their school after having witnessed such violence in school you. cannot sponsor you sobs rather no not even if it's forced by pollutants do. proportionally. on the facts for day to day life. something that the scottish statements to assess we use this as a school. when we want as the battle against iso rages in syria r t has first
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time the experience from the frontline more on that story after the break. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue things but i see people you've never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an email. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so would you want to be president. or some want to be rich. but you going to be this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the water. there should be. welcome back and moving on to syria does the battle against iceland air as all problems continues altie haas been travelling with the syrian army to get first turn the experience from the front line. this is making it. here is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full auto. while the syrian army is now advancing on iso positions to the
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north west following the liberation of kotla that village has undergone wind scaled down and after years of islamic state control more than gassy of witness to the legacy of the tourists liberating this village was just part of the job holding it is another. day and night the syrian army and the isis at its edges in the meantime fresh forces poori and in preparation for the next push against the jihad ists still there's more to it had taken less than two days ago after an isis occupation that lasted years and left its mark everywhere these small village even hosted an isis prison and police department. isis doled out that brand of justice offenses like owning a sim card being
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a syrian government worker or an infidel carries the death penalty. many of the ulan is that these id cards are no longer alive islamic state had almost everything it's own government ministries police courts even had their own currency and stamp these coins quickly going out of circulation and becoming collector's items many people are eager to get their hands on these. currency is a form of control with that i says restricted trade to within that calif that taxes had to be paid to and if you couldn't pay the money you paid in goods or.
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if. there are american. soldiers was still sweeping hatta looking for isis hideaways and bombs most had been cleared when we got there but not all there weren't that many booby traps and those they left seemed crude hastily made and characteristic of isis suggesting that perhaps isis the north expect to lose had so quickly more of guys deal. from there is on syria. greenpeace activists have exposed a major security failing in français to breaking into a nuclear power station and setting all follow. fifteen greenpeace activists gained access to this nuclear power station in the
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eastern part of france early on thursday morning fifteen activists gained access to the site climbing a fence and then were able to unfurl a band there and to light fireworks they say at the bottom of the spent fuel pools this is where the radioactive material once it's been used is stored they say this was about highlighting those security concerns vulnerabilities of security around france's nuclear power stations and that's because earlier this week the campaigning organization actually launched a report in which it had information collated information from a number of international experts about some of the security risks that were posed to these nuclear power stations in france now that report highlighted things such as concerns over security shortcomings and said that france's reactors mainly have been built before the modern types of terrorism that the country now faces such as those attacks from groups such as isis or al qaida which is the company which looks
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after this particular site in france has responded and said that this incident was dealt with within minutes the police were on the scene and it says that the greenpeace activists did not gain any access to any nuclear areas and this is promoted a lot of criticism for both sides here in france some people saying that this action was completely irresponsible when france has been subjected to a number of terrorist attacks over the last few years and then other people questioning the security at this site saying that even the boss of e.d.f. some people calling that he should be sacked and that there is a huge concern over the security of their sites now this comes big. because france is one of the most nuclearized countries in the world seventy five percent of french actress city is generated from nuclear power plants this is a main source of energy hit in the country and the country has fifty eight react is greenpeace of highlighted
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a severe lack of security i do very important site that could be at risk of a terror threat in the future. well that's all for this hour i'll be back in just over thirty minutes with the new headlines meanwhile follow news. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spend the two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so what more chance for. peace is going to.
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win goal make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. don't lose any more you leave. currently. live
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live live . just. a combination of eight nine and three there's also the worst possible hand in the japanese equivalent of blackjack. in other words good for nothing another
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term often used for the a closer. look of joy than what our she will do anything done nothing this is. your muscles and i know given their short the more you play any moustache in their other empires some of the assholes dare to what they can you have to create the state of our film critic i said. i guess he's going to. skewer the wal-mart. theory why you might like it oh. i don't skew no more. you can would you like it on there. and i disagree on their must get it up under the door to get the one i thought didn't.
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mr schiavo the sixty nine. spent twenty seven of those years with the tokyo police homicide division. dealing mainly with the accuser. i am a champion jeff gordon and then a deadly joke under scum only. younger than here on the newton. part of the joke on the other the more not the others i was a more considered to look under our. kosher dog station to cut them i don't eat them with joomla decent would do for him but that can be.


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