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tv   Headline News  RT  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and all over of our three americans doing the same we are verily better than nothing. and see people you've never heard of love down to the next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. the top story here on r.t. international washington has announced the united states is withdrawing from you know sco citing among its reasons the organizations alleged biased against israel. a new york times editor and his alleged acquaintance that you choose alcorn revealing the way mainstream and social media manipulate the news. very rare cases . try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the tree but in those cases they. use somebody with intervention to make sure they're going to.
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encourage the thing to be basically. clashes erupt in vassallo das kapital on anti independence activists you spain's national holiday to express their opposition to a break with madrid and some burning independence fives. well those are the headlines from international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. and we start with that top news story the u.s. state department has announced that the country is withdrawing from unesco the un's educational scientific and cultural organization well the main reasons for the withdrawal cited by the state department off concerns over unesco's mounting a real is the need for fundamental reform in the organization and it's a. ledged anti israel bias. well for this i'm now joined by our.
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own in washington hi betsy mira so what's behind the reasons for this decision. well the state department has just released a statement announcing that the u.s. is officially withdrawing from unesco the un's cultural body which the u.s. helped found back in one thousand forty five over the agency's alleged israel bias citing the need for fundamental reform washington said that the move will take effect on december thirty first according to the statement however washington will remain in the organization as a nonmember observer state in order to contribute u.s. news perspectives and expertise and now this all comes as you know sco is voting to choose a new director the current director general of unesco both of us said she received notification from secretary of state rex tillerson adding that she expressed quote profound regret over the move washington's move she said was
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a loss for multiculturalism and the un family let's take a look. deep regret received from the secretary of state the decision has been taken and it's just according to the cost of tuition the rules that they will form when you leave your. house and pay team but it doesn't mean that we will still. will appeal once again. i think very important this week. that we share with united states. last year israel suspended cooperation with unesco after the adopted a controversial resolution which made no reference to jewish ties to a key hole they say in jerusalem the resolution also criticized israel's activities at holy sites in jerusalem as well as the occupied west bank now for some more background on the situation in the us stopped funding unesco after the ija. voted
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to include the palestinian authority as a member state in two thousand and eleven however the state department has maintained office at the agency's paris headquarters but the agency now owes over five hundred fifty million dollars in back payments and it's worth mentioning that president trump has criticized this as disproportionate contribution the u.s. funds about a quarter of the un's regular budget and over a third of all u.n. peacekeeping efforts but this is all hardly expect unexpected move as the director general also stated that the organization is becoming more and more politicized but it will be interesting to find out whether or not this decision will provoke any domestic backlash like we've seen in the past after every decision made by the trumpet ministration although it's quite doubtful as there's almost almost always bipartisan agreement on this particular subject as i mentioned earlier the u.s. suspended its funding to the agency over the exact same reason under a democratic administration so this all seems to be just an extension of bipartisan
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policy in a broader context it's unclear if this is merely a symbolic move but it's also very difficult to predict what the organization will become without u.s. presidents. indeed that remains to be seen some miracle on in washington thank you very much thank you. well you know scott is a u.n. cultural agency that was founded as we heard with the help of the united states back in one nine hundred forty five it wants to make sure that people around the world have basic human rights and enjoy full freedom of expression we want to be unesco's mission is to contribute to global peace and the eradication of poverty we've seen a correspondent for israel's had its newspaper i mean ordered says the u.s. has found a convenient excuse. well as you know un general and unesco in particular are a favorite bugman for some americans especially in the current administration israel considers unesco to be anti israel and therefore when the united states
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wants to show the keep these broader israel it becomes anti you disco it seems as if it is a very comfortable excuse for the state department trying to hide behind the backs of israeli supporters in the united states it's unfortunate that the united states . decided to come out. and palestinian in a way because it's broadly israeli statement. and online investigation web site has exposed potential coalition between the new york times and you cheap video was leaked by project very tass which has gained a name for uncovering uncomfortable truths behind the media very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trend. well the man caught
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on may have been camera is believed to be petty according to his linked in profile he is you changed brand diversity curation leave well in the video he admits he changed sometimes intervenes to change trending videos very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the truth and ok it's very rare but in this case they still. use some human intervention to make sure that they. do . encourage the thing to be basically. well patty's friend as he's described in another part of the tape on my project veritas was also caught on camera saying he benefits from their relationship you get a first resort to something you do for a page that you're hundreds out of over they don't know it's just words but for the security. well nicholas to take is an audience strategy editor for the new york times he claims he's previously worked for the election campaigns of both hillary
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clinton and barack obama he calls himself a gate keeper for the top u.s. newspaper deciding what gets coverage and what doesn't. that are right to do certain what goes out doesn't go well that's great so to write a story that we've got you just a few basic. rights and that's what you do well this is what we requested a comment on the revelations from you tube but so far there's been no response while the new york times has already reacted well in a statement to the newspaper admitted dudek apparently violated their own ethics code but it also claims he exaggerated the influence he had at the outlet or let's cross live to new york to discuss this with legal and media analyst lionel lionel thank you very much indeed for joining us he's already smiling this is a good sign so how damning do you think these revelations are. oh to the
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real world and credibly damning and i hoped i would say x. new york times or x. you tube employ but that's not going to happen you you know you heard the term gate keeper now in the conspiratorial ms i call it the world in which i live and that sort of very interesting term of art and that is the person or the persons is that keep certain either conversations or areas or levels of discussion from getting to the mainstream nutcake a couple of things first of all let me give you as a lawyer and a constitutional scholar the actual legal reason facebook new york times you tube up our t. you have no do he necessarily to to portray or to say anything to explicate or limb or provide any platform i do not have we do not have
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a first amendment right protecting us from the new york times or you tube these are private entities private establishment they can do whatever they want great that being said that's not what they say because in this unique world that we live in they provide and some cases ninety percent of what a lot of people receive as knows it's just not you tube or you think of a picture of a doc playing the piano or or grandma opening up her package at christmas no no no no you two. and i think it is the largest new platform are alone five billion views so this is not a little rinky dink organization and what they do especially to creators and i know this firsthand if you put up a video using hashtags using term. worms using subject matter and
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you're monetizing it were you was a curator are men are created rather are making money all of a sudden you'll notice how this story i just put out criticizing blank was just the monetized as not being advertiser friendly or it may be monetized but put the youtube. somewhere where nobody sees this and you see revenue drop tremendously could pray tell how they'd be filtering this censuring this you better believe it god blast project very god bless these people because here's the irony drum roll maestro that's journalism they are exposing what's not journalism and let me also remind the world because r.t.d.
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has been getting our ration of you know what from all over the world is being biased to this and that isn't it ironic that you have to go to our t.v. now to find out what these bastions of free speech new york times' facebook and youtube are actually doing do you think this is a bit ironic i certainly do this is a huge i don't think a lot of people truly understand that these organizations like you tube and facebook are not and not be possible social media little platform for people to send birthday wishes this is the pipeline of nudes and if somebody can affect what news makes that pipeline you have a negative. as sense and effectively affected the transportation to and the transmission of data all over the world and i'm not that then that's very quickly that's right alongside donald trump's long being waging a personal war against what he calls fake media such as which are again suggesting if atlas i'm making things up that luncheon should be revoked here's the media of
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such nonexistent sources let's have a listen to what you have to say. no depression speak war honestly i mean i've seen tremendously dishonest gross it's not even a question of distortion and so when they make up stories like that that's just made up and then they have their sources that don't exist in my opinion they don't exist they make up to sources there are no sources well i know we don't have a lot of time i'm afraid so in a nutshell what do you think of the president's suggestion. well by the way you see trudeau's body language. well first of all the president can do anything it's bluster it's bravado which breo he can do anything he can he can't he can't necessarily are remove the license but he echoes unfortunately what many many americans and what i feel for you frankly is that there is a proliferation of fake news a while what he said was and that's in say a fake news himself it goes or show you the mounting frustration that americans
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feel regarding what they believe to be not not just wrong news but fake and manufactured and fictional fictive news and data we're sending leave it there thank you very much indeed lionel legal and media around us thank you very much like and as the battle against i'm still rages in syria r.t. has firsthand experience from the front line that story after the break. what holds it to you some people. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so what you want to be president and should. somebody want. you to do right. this is what. are you. interested always in the water. there.
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welcome back thousands of people are protesting across catalonia on spain's national day as the impasse over the region's future intensifies tensions spilled over into clashes in the center apostle and i was so thank you
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i think i was. who was. the house of spain's prime minister has said on monday deadline for the council on the president to decide whether or not the region has adopted a declaration of independence auntie's anastasio choke you know reports from also low because the iconic sensual must play out barcelona plus a council lumia right now and it's a scene of clouds filling this hall where fans are joining streets that are out here thousands of people if you can see covered marching from that direction towards this square there's still continuing to publish carrying that it was carried off flags was not as together this is not true you can see protests all of these people are coming out to speak in support of keeping taxes
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low now within spain as this major crisis continues to grip the country and the region this is what people here have been falling out we've lived here for fifteen years we've got married had children have grandchildren we want spanish catalonia together that's all we want you to know that you have to fly. for me to get out of the boat on a space you know just about that part of the you should stay with spain for sure but i see. that the government should take these then for the people to get to know what we actually want or one of those that don't have people one day a president of the year truly has violated the law thank you should assume the consequences. right. until monday to either that's a load of was actually in fact it cleared and. come out on tuesday and make
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a statement that the. below. is the first. thing i discuss details with the dread of the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has made it quite clear that the deadline he's giving to the cat's leadership is this monday to announce whether four hours because so far they're saying the only thing they see is confusion let's take a listen in a council on president has to confirm whether any of the authorities proclaimed independence have got along here or whether his speech out on tenth of october included a declaration of independence i think it's a simple question you should give the answer is positive or there is no answer at all we will demand mr president to report the independence to operation so obviously developments are leveling quite rapidly here and that's why these people last night was a chance to leave the country but we have to keep in mind that so many people have
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been supporting the independence movement that's alone and it's quite unlikely they're going to lose interest in dependence clearly despite this political crisis that they're gripped him because so many people voted on the other first referendum and this has been an issue that's been stuck for this region for decades. or pro unity protesters can be seen embracing local council police the scenes have surprised some as many regional officers came out. against unity with spain during the referendum some catalan police tried to prevent the civil guard from using excessive force against voters. the same time some of barcelona's hardline groups express their opposition to independence more aggressively they burned independence movement flags and marched through the city with players. with human rights watch has described the use of
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force by police during the independence referendum on october the first as excessive the organization said the fact that officers were carrying out court orders didn't give them the right to use violence against peaceful protesters. people were assembled peacefully expressing their views and some of them got beaten up as a result i spoke to a seventy year old woman who was lifted forcibly off the chair on which she was sitting to prevent police from passing bundled over landed on the ground and out another thirty year old man sort of what thrown on top of her and she broke her wrist as a result so i mean these are cases where the type of force in the specific context used by the police was disproportionate and excessive. john w. has called for an independent investigation into the referendum crank down the group spoke with numerous times who were affected by the events of october the first and concludes that the impact of the violence goes far beyond physical injuries here's what she writes watch told us about the students of
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a school used as a polling station and attacked by police. one of the dog on the third and it's not something that's reflected in in our report is something that some members of a parent's association told us they said that their children were afraid to return to their school after having witnessed such violence in school you. cannot that's really sad reality though if if if if forced by police disproportionately. on the factor day to day life that may well be something that the spotter statements to assess and reassess as a cause for. moving on to syria and as the battle against iceland there is all province continues on t.v. has been traveling with the syrian army to get firsthand experience from the front line. isis is making it.
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here is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full auto. well the syrian army is now advancing on iso positions to the north west following the liberation off well that village has undergone wide scale damage after years of islamic state control radagast i have witnessed the legacy of the terrorists. liberating this village was just part of the job holding it is another. day and night the syrian army and the isis skirmish at its edges in the meantime fresh forces who are in in preparation for the next push against the jihad ists still there's more to it had taken less than two days ago after an isis occupation that lasted years and left its mark everywhere these small village even hosted an isis prison and police
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department. isis stoned out of their own brand of justice offenses like owning a sim card being a syrian government worker or an infidel carries the death penalty. for. many of the these id cards and no longer live islamic state had almost everything it's own government ministries police courts even had their own currency and stamp these coins quickly going out of circulation and becoming collector's items many people are eager to get their hands on these. currency is. form of control with that i says restricted trade to within that calif
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that taxes had to be paid to you and if you couldn't pay the money you paid in goods are. you. sure. there are other. soldiers was still sweeping hatta looking for isis hideaways and bombs well most had been cleared when we got there but not all there weren't that many booby traps and those they left seemed crude h.t. made uncharacteristic of isis suggesting that perhaps isis the north expect to lose had left so quickly for i had guys deal. from there is on syria. well for more on these and plenty of other stories come to us he don't come as so from a my colleague neil harvey will be with you at the top of the hour with the latest headlines.
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when gold make this manufacture consent to step into public wells. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent. whole middle of the room six. million real new.
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greetings and sal you tell us we begin today our watchers with nudes of one of the biggest takedowns of online child pornography and abuse in recent history all thanks to the good work of australian police unit task force argos their operation center down a dark web child exploitation form called child's play which acted as an online underground meeting place for thousands upon thousands of pedophiles and child pornographers to not only peddle their hannis wares but also among other things discuss the best ways to not get caught by authorities the site was created back in april of two thousand and sixteen in the cording to reports attract more than one
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million registered users by the time of its demise this last september speaking to reporters task force argos commander inspector jon rouse explained our team and units like others across the world are singularity focused on stopping the sexual abuse of children and we will continue to work together to infiltrate disrupt and dismantle child sex offender networks like this one. and while i don't think anyone with a conscience could possibly argue against that mission it's the tactics that the australian task force use that are raising eyebrows especially of those directly affected by these most horrible terrible crimes you see the norwegian newspaper b.g. has uncovered that australian police in their efforts to take down the abusers actually took over and ran the child's play site for almost an entire year that's right in
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their efforts to bust traffickers of child pornography the australian police essentially became traffickers themselves by allowing for four members of the sharon upload numerous images and videos of child abuse and rape. this of course begs the very very important question for not just australian citizens but for citizens all around the world just how far is too far should we allow our law enforcement members to become doubles themselves in order to catch the doubles they pursue. let's ask that question and start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing. as it were to pull out of it. like you know what i got. this.
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week so. well for our science i robot and i'm talking a lot less so that is the question it really is do you allow the police to go that far. in the you know in their attempts to catch truly despicable people i wouldn't mind so much if they were catching me truly truly despicable people which is the ones making that liberal producing it who are behind those pictures and that i didn't see in this case where you saw a lot of that i was just picking up people who were trading at right right yeah i mean i mean i'm assuming that they probably got your some of the purvey of the actual group purveyors but yeah you're right mostly as it is the people who are just on this forum trading these pictures back and forth and things like that it's like busting the guy buying drugs on the story but not.


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