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john oliver a hearty america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank so they. sent us an email. washington has announced that the united states is withdrawing from unesco science and among its reasons the organization is alleged to bias against israel. the new york times editor it is alleged acquaintances revealing the white mainstream and social media organizations manipulate the news. very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trunk but in those cases they. use some intervention to make sure that they. do. encourage the thing to be basically.
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i. was counseling anti independence activists to spain's national holiday to express their opposition to a break with. independence flags. good evening great to have you with us my name's neil harvey and this is. the u.s. state department has announced that the country is withdrawing from unesco the un's educational scientific and cultural organization the named reasons for the withdrawal cited by the state department are concerns over us because mounting a real is the need for fundamental reform in the organization and its alleged anti israel bias auntie's correspondent samir a card has details. the state department
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has just released a statement announcing that the u.s. is officially withdrawing from unesco the un's cultural body which the u.s. helped found back in one thousand forty five over the agency's a legit anti israel bias citing the need for fundamental reform washington said that the move will take effect on december thirty first according to the statement however washington will remain in the organization as a quote nonmember observer state in order to contribute u.s. news perspectives and expertise this all comes as unesco's voting to choose a new director the current director general of the us go irina bokova said she received notification from secretary of state rex tillerson adding that she expressed a quote profound regret over the move washington's move she said was a loss for multiculturalism and the un family we deeply regret that today i received a letter from the secretary of state the decision has been taken and it's just according to the constitution and the rules that they will form when you leave your
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next begin to put two thousand page team but to doesn't mean that we will still partnering. will appeal once again for partnerships on these i think very important to make this we chart a common value which we share with united states last year israel suspended cooperation with unesco after the agency adopted a controversial resolution which made no reference to jewish ties to a key holy say in jerusalem the resolution also criticize israel's activities and holy sites in jerusalem as well as the occupied west bank for some more background on the situation us stopped funding unesco after the agency voted to include the palestinian authority if they pursued us with eleven washington now owes over five hundred fifty million dollars in back payments it's worth mentioning however that president trump has criticised funding to un institutions as a disproportionate contribution the us funds about a quarter of the un's regular budget and over a third of all u.n.
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peacekeeping efforts it will be interesting to find out whether or not. decision will provoke a domestic backlash like we've seen in the past after every decision made by the tribal administration although it's quite doubtful as there is almost always bipartisan agreement on this particular subject as i mentioned earlier the u.s. suspended its funding to the agency over the exact same reason under a democratic administration so this seems to be just an extension of bipartisan policy on the issue in a broader context it's unclear if this is merely a symbolic move but it's also quite difficult to predict what the organization will become without u.s. presence but this is hardly an unexpected move as director general of unesco stated that the organization is becoming more and more politicized. and it is just emerged that these really prime minister binyamin netanyahu was also ordered the preparations be made to pull his country out of scope he called the u.s. move a brave and moral decision because you know scale has become quote a theater of the it was
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a voice concerns that instead of preserving history the organization distorts it. one this and speak now to her newspaper journalist gideon levy joins me on the line good evening to you get in so we just had that information in that israel's preparing to basically mirror the u.s. may this is something that surprises you israel following. no israel has no other choice i mean it would have been quite ridiculous that the united states would and israel would remain and not sure that is really so keen to leave the nest go but israel doesn't have any other choice now what about the allegations that there is an anti israel bias in your nice side is when the main reasons for this decision there are any grounds for the. they are grounds for this but that's not a reason to quit the organization in my view. participating in the international.
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arena is important for is important for the united states and it's important for the international community and you know if you don't like something you don't leave it just like this i think it's quite regrettable as an israeli i would rather see israel in the united states staying in the unit school and you know part of the criticism is obviously very very justified part of the criticism on israel is. not keeping freedom of religion in the occupied territories. easy. ease violating any human rights including. rights and there is a lot of room to criticize israel this same time maybe the criticism was from time to time exaggerated but as i say that's not a reason to quit the organization. the u.s.
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is making a habit now of quitting on agreements you know paris climate. agreement potentially the iran nuclear deal as well will countries now look upon the u.s. and donald trump as reliable partners to do business with. here this might become a very very bad lesson because if signed agreements by the biggest superpower is just words that paper and even not the paper that it is signed up on then we really face a much broader problem if the word of the united states is not a word then we really face a problem i still hope the concerning the iranian deal the united states will reconsider its because as we know there are no evidence as whatsoever which proves that iran had violated the agreement that if iran didn't violate the
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agreement there's no reason to break the agreement and above all they were good sense should of. it is or should i ask what is there a third of the of the agreement do we really want to push iran into getting can you clear weapons because this is the only meaning of canceling the agreement it's the real meaning we'll be letting iran go free and go wild and the united states was one of the founders of the in ask movement in that sense after world war two i mean they had lots of good intentions to increase access to education to increase the flow of culture does the u.s. want different things now and things shifting globally. i'm not sure i mean the world is different to the cold war is half there and half snorts in globalization to play many many
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global changes but by the end of the day there is no well tentative food to nation institutions there's no oil to this international corporation above about anything and just to break go from going to zation is result by the way suggesting any alternatives to break those organizations whose all the problems that they face the un is not. perfect but you can't have any alternative and having those institutions is vital really vital. trump is doing now with the assistance of israel is really very very regrettable and will damage the international community gideon thanks for coming hurriedly share your thoughts or it's newspaper journalist gideon levy is my guest. next an online investigation website has exposed potential collusion between the new york times
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and you cheap video was leaked by project veritas which is gained a name for itself uncovering uncomfortable truths behind the media very rare cases . try to make a pretty back something isn't it in the print. run caught on hidden camera there is believed to be earnest patty according to his linked in profile easy to use brand and diversity curation lead in that video he then elaborated on how you achieve sometimes intervened to change trending videos. very rare cases. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trunk ok it's very rare but in those cases the ole use some human intervention to make sure that it's going to . encourage the thing to be there basically. but he's friend as he's described in another part of the clip by project veritas was also caught on camera saying that he benefits from their relationship people shops it's like it's
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a recurrence of the you prefer just like your toasters out of it we don't know it's just goes right for the security probably. nicholas dudish there is an audience strategy editor for the new york times he claims that he's previously worked for the election campaigns of both hillary clinton and barack obama he calls himself a gate keeper for the top u.s. newspapers deciding what gets coverage and what doesn't. and i mean the very instant what goes out doesn't go in but they write something based they could we've got you just a few. minutes i knew it was we requested a comment on the revelations from you tube but so far there has been no response meanwhile the new york times has reacted in a statement the newspaper admitted the do think had apparently violated their own ethics code but it also claimed that he exaggerated the influence that he has at
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the outlet political commentator and new york observer columnist andrew walker thinks it's very dangerous when media giants pretend to be neutral when they are actually meddling with content this is what you tube wants you to watch if there was a section of the website then fair enough but of course what if you're going to pretend that the signature platform you cannot intervene you know if you are somebody who intervenes if you admit that you have a bias then fair enough but what has been the case for you two for a very very long time is for them to deny that they're interfering deny that they have a news agenda denies that they're supporting hillary clinton and barack obama whilst at the same time doing exactly that which is grossly dishonest a grossly unfair because the level of market dominance of youtube i think is going to be very difficult to shift the people are probably going say not take no notice of this the elements of monopoly. if there was ten fifteen different huge web sites that all showed videos and were all popular then youtube could do whatever they
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want but that's not the position we're in are not why this is potentially very dangerous although not a surprise we've known that we got through it for years but with a great things were finally proved that meanwhile the new york times is at the center of another story hit previously claimed that virus software produced by the russian based company spend skee has been used by moscow to spy on the united states however an investigation by germany's cyber security agency says that there is no evidence. to warn against the use of conspiracy products since we have no evidence of misconduct by the company this is in itself it seems that the story behind has more questions than answers it all started with the new york times reporting that the so-called russian hackers that the parent of the paper believes have connections with the russian government had been using kaspersky a lot of software to get classified information from the foreign intelligence and security agencies and kloden americas and as
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a national security agency the paper claims this information is coming from israel's officials who shared it with n.s.a. the n.s.a. the south refused to give any comment say they just would violate policy leaving all these quite clear well german is cyber security agency has been quick to claim that no evidence had been found to back these media reports and we say reports because shortly after the new york times article was published a lot of media picked up the story with quite catchy headlines like russia turned kaspersky lab software into a tool for spying because person has called these allegations groundless kaspersky has never held will help any government in the world would sign the espionage yes it's private held russia based kaspersky lab has been repeatedly accused of being involved in certain spike t.v. in the last two years eight has been always denying all accusations and all
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allegations but we still hear at them just recently washington has fun as far as going as far as banning all federal departments and agencies from using kaspersky services and now we have germany on the side of kaspersky say no evidence had been found to bruv any involvement by the company any spying activity but given the. developments in the recent dynamic we king say that this is far from over and we can hear more allegations in the future. or could speak about this now with cyber security analyst jeffrey carr kindly joins me on the line great to speak to jeffrey . these kind of claims i would imagine extremely damaging you know people think oh there's already so many allegations against the russian government of interference in elections now it's a russian cyber organization it must be true must be true and it's been claimed by
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the media it's been played by u.s. politicians no evidence at all to support it why is this happening. for well you know i can only guess as to why it's happening but my guess is that it's for purely political reasons. the the the election of donald trump i think shocked the nation. and the and russia appears to be the the lever by which people who want to see him removed from office think they can accomplish that so. we have that's you know you we've consistently seen this this anti russian drumbeat. during the summer of twenty sixteen and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and worse and it hasn't stopped and so that's you know
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that's surely my theory could be obviously could be. i can't think of any there is there is no evidence to support these these many claims about russian interference and that's really short of evidence the only thing that that i can think of his political motivation as i stood and understand back in twenty fifteen kaspersky itself discovered that his own network had been breached by what he said was a state cyber espionage agent could that be in any way be connected you think to the situation we're seeing now. oh sure well and in fact that's what you know that's what the new york times that part of the new york times story is probably correct because kaspersky lab itself a dollar it's now mark had been breached for almost a year between twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen until it was discovered. sometime in early twenty fifteen the. or in i think it might have been in the spring of
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twenty fifty but. kaspersky reported that they've identified the malware that was used and most likely because it was the government of israel and the they didn't name israel specifically but they implied that it was israel. during that time that this person is network had been breached. a n.s.a. contractor had wrongly taken classified material home. put it on his laptop his personal laptop which was running kaspersky anti-virus that because kaspersky had already identified some of that malware. when they found it on a server in the middle east it was that a signature had been being created right prior to this sort of rogue
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contractor and say taking classified material home so the moment that he had it available on his laptop because percy hours worked the way that it's most to work at it searches for matches of malware on your laptop to protect you and that's what it did so it found him our removed it which is exactly what antivirus is designed to do but because the network had already been breached because kaspersky network had been breached the israeli government learned about it they in turn notified the n.s.a. and that's probably how the n.s.a. found out that this employee had done what he did in a way the n.s.a. should be thanking kaspersky lab because it helped it helped identify somebody who was doing something which is a huge no no in the intelligence community. geoffrey let's wrap things up that unfortunately appreciate you coming on the fascinating stuff saab security analyst
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jeffrey kahn thank you a thousand people protesting across council as you know what is spain's national holiday as the tensions that rise over the region's future details after the break .
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. that you're going to be this is what will befall you the more people that. i'm interested in the water. should. welcome back thousands of people are protesting across catalonia all muddy spain's national. the region's future intensifies tensions spilled over into clashes in the center of boston. i.
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phones prime minister a sort of monday deadline. for the council and president to decide whether or not the region has actually adopted the declaration of independence it is on the search has more from bosler because the iconic sensual must clam barcelona plus a council lumia right now and it's a sea of clouds filling this square fans are joining streets that are around here thousands of people if you can see covered marching from the hands of russians once this where they're still continuing to come in here carrying that is carrying our flag like. not to sleep together this is not easy for the sas where all of these people are coming out to speak in support of the things that's low man within spain as the major crisis continues to grip the country and the region this
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is what people here have been falling out we've lived here for fifteen years who got married had children and grandchildren who are spanning catalonia together that's all we want you to know that you have to fight. for me to get out and vote on your space because it's the better for all the know you should stay with spain for sure but i think that the government should take these then for the done people to they get to know what what we actually wonder what don't have people one day a president of the year clearly has violated the law and you should assume the consequences. right minister. until monday to either that's a lot of times actually in fact it cleared and the players. come out on tuesday and make statements that could. become.
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the basis for several days say they see this stuff steet with the dread of the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has made it quite clear that the deadline he's giving to the council on leadership. is this one state's one ounce whether. it's because so far they're saying the only thing they see is confusion let's take a listen in a council on president has to confirm whether any of the authorities proclaimed independence have got the long ear or whether his speech tenth of october included declaration of independence it's a simple question if the answer is positive or there is no answer at all will demand mr president to revoke the independence to gratian so obviously developments on raveling quite rapidly fewer chances for these people the question is no i don't think job was to tell me that actually but we have to keep in mind that so many people have been supporting me and that's why and it's quite likely they're going
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to lose interest in the sea of independence for the religious right this political crisis that their great demand because so many people voted on the so-called first referendum and this is going to issue that's going to start from this region for decades. pro unity protesters can be seen in bracing local police and those scenes of surprise some as many regional officers came out against unity with spain during the referendum some catalan place tried to prevent the civil guard from using excessive force against voters. to me was i the same time some of barcelona's hard right groups expressed their opposition to independence more aggressively they burned independence movement flags and marched through the city with. human rights watch as described the use of force by the police during the independence referendum on
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october first as excessive we're going to zation said the fact that officers were carrying out court orders didn't give them the right to use violence against peaceful protesters. poor assembled peacefully expressing their views and some of them got beaten up as a result i spoke to a seventy year old woman who was lifted forcibly off the chair on which she was sitting to prevent police from passing bundled over landed on the ground and how to another thirty year old man sort of like thrown on top of her and she broke her wrist as a result so i mean these are cases where the type of force in the specific context used by the police was disproportionate and excessive. ok that's what you are right up today join me at the top of the hour when i'm back with the latest headlines. just manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. in the final go round me that one person. we can all middle of the room say. delete or you leave room. and you know when there's no you know when you go into the drugstore as a little you know mr welch that it's coach. to go in the other bizarre through the term that the that. you have. to go through if you're just to believe also is the glad i don't wish shotgun but on the number one thing
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nobody can take on. ok ok i feel this way or mom got up out of the line and you know if they're not going to stay that be important. you're not a bush you're still run of the truth and. you have become worthless. i played for many years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so well with.
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the geeks it's going to. come with the francis broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight us chip maker qualcomm is that the pay off in asia as regulator flat bottomed on it a fair trade violation also mr kudo goes to washington we take a look at the visit of the canadian prime minister to the white house lots of trade to discuss there and then my guest former u.s. training commissioner bart chilton joins us he brings the california wildfires into focus it's a bigger problem than just flames we've got an entire industry affected and funding questions to have answered stand by us starts right now.


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