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john oliver of arc to america is. better than. c. heard of. the world bank he. sent us an email. washington is announce the united states is withdrawing from your desk citing among its reasons the organizations alleged bias against israel. and your times editor and his alleged acquaintance in revealing the way mainstream and social media organizations in the news. pieces. try to make up for something isn't in the tree but there's. something with intervention make sure that . you. encourage the.
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clashes erupt in barcelona is anti independence activists you spain's national holiday to express their opposition to a break with madrid with some of the burning independence flags. here in the russian capital money this is r t international. the u.s. state department has announced that the country is withdrawing from unesco the un's educational scientific and cultural organization the main reasons given for the withdrawal of the state department or concerns over unesco's mounting a real is the need for fundamental reform they say new organization and its alleged anti israel bias mirror card has more. the state department has just released
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a statement announcing that the u.s. is officially withdrawing from unesco the un's cultural body which the u.s. helped found back in one nine hundred forty five over the agency's a legit anti israel bias washington said that the move will take effect on december thirty first according to the statement however washington will remain in the organization as a quote nonmember observer state in order to contribute u.s. perspectives and expertise the current director general of unesco irina bokova said she expressed quote profound regret over the. we deeply regret that today i received a letter from the secretary of state but it doesn't mean that we will stop partnering . i will appeal once again for partnerships on this i think very important to make this we chart a common value which we share with united states washington now owes over five hundred fifty million dollars in back payments it's worth mentioning however that president trump has criticised funding to un institutions as disproportionate
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contribution the us funds about a quarter of the u.s. regular budget and over a third of all u.n. peacekeeping efforts now for some more background on the situation the us stopped funding unesco after the agency voted to include the palestinian authority as a member state in two thousand and eleven in a broader context it's unclear if this is merely a symbolic move but it's also quite difficult to predict what the organization will become without u.s. presence but this is hardly an unexpected move as director general of unesco stated that the organization is becoming more and more politicized. and israel is following america's example prime minister binyamin netanyahu is now also ordered that his country withdrawal from unesco he called the u.s. move a brave and moral decision because you know scott has become he says quote a theater . he also voiced concern that instead of preserving history the organization instead distorts it. last year israel suspended cooperation with unesco after the
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agency adopted a resolution that failed to mention jewish ties to a key holy site in jerusalem resolution also criticized israel's activities at holy places in jerusalem and the west bank earlier i spoke to her its newspaper journalist gideon levy he says that the israeli decision to withdraw from unesco after the united states comes as no surprise that his no other choice i mean it would have been quite ridiculous the world and israel would remain but by the end of the day there is no while tentative for international institutions these know well to be for international cooperation above about anything and just to break those organizations result by the way suggesting any alternative to break though also going to stations use all the problems that the phase the u.n. is not perfect who this is not perfect but you can't have any alternative into having those institutions vital really vital donald trump is doing that now is the
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. persistence of his really very very regrettable the will damage the international community. online investigation website is exposed potential collusion between the new york times and the you tube video was leaked by project very task which is gained a name for itself by uncovering uncomfortable truth behind the media very rare instance. trying to make a bridge back something isn't in the trend of the man caught on hidden camera there is believed to be ernest petty according to his linked in profile is you tube's brand and diversity curation lead in that video he then elaborated on how you choose sometimes intervenes to change trending videos. it's very rare but in those cases they. use some human intervention to make sure that we. do.
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encourage the thing to be basically they provide in some cases ninety percent of what a lot of people receive as knows it's just not you tube or you think of a picture of a duck playing the piano or or grandma opening up her package at christmas no no no no you tube might be and i think it is the largest news platform and the you tube manager that we showed you was not the only person exposed in the video from project veritas it also featured his friend nicholas dudek an audience strategy editor for the new york times he claims that he previously worked for the election campaigns of both hillary clinton and barack obama and he's on camera saying that he benefits from his relationship with patti and calls himself the gatekeeper for the top u.s. newspaper deciding what gets coverage and what doesn't. you're going to show us
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it's like this is something you do for just like your teachers out about if you don't know it's just it's right for the security. that you're right i mean the story and see what those are just. very great something that face. we've got you just a few. minutes. you. did you hear the way those i don't want to say this is parroting the but those young people were talking about how they are the gatekeepers the power it did you hear it how they said well i'm in charge you said it's good to know my people we this accumulation of young people we're in the front lines we get to decide what makes you know what does if you listen carefully you can feel this sense of bravado that they have well if they are smart and i think they are what zuckerberg is going to
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have to do and what you tube is going to have to do is to realize that there was a tsunami coming we requested comment on the revelations from you tube but so far that has been no response the new york times has reacted and the statement the newspaper admitted the dudek had apparently violated their own ethics code but it also claimed that he'd exaggerated the influence he has at the output. meanwhile the new york times is at the center of another story it's previously claimed on t.v. a software produced by the russian based company especially had been used by moscow to spawn the united states but an investigation by germany cyber security agency says there's no evidence. to warn against the use of conspiracy products since we have no evidence of misconduct by the company this is in itself it seems that the story behind has more questions than answers it all started with the new york times
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reporting that the so-called russian hackers that the parent of the paper believes have connections with the russian government had been using kaspersky a lot of software to get classified information from the foreign intelligence and security agencies and kloden americas and as a national security agency the paper claims this information is coming from israel's officials who shared it with n.s.a. the n.s.a. south refused to give any comment say they swore violate policy leaving all these quite clear well german is cyber security agency has been quick to claim that no evidence had been found to back these media reports i would say reports because shortly after the new york times article was published a lot of media picked up the story with quite catchy headlines like russia turned kaspersky lab software into a tool for spying because personal ad has called these allegations groundless
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kaspersky has never held will help any government in the world would sign the espionage yes it's private held russia based kaspersky lab has been repeatedly accused of being involved in certain spike t.v. in the last two years eight has been always denying all accusations and all allegations but we still hear and them just recently washington has fun as far as going as far as banning all federal departments and agencies from using kaspersky services and now we have germany on the side of kaspersky say no evidence had been found to prove any involvement by the company any spying activity but given the recent developments in the recent dynamic we can say that this is far from over and we can hear more allegations in the future. well a new wave of pressure on the company began earlier this month when
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a wall street journal reporter alleged that kaspersky was used by russian hackers to breach the personal computer of an n.s.a. contractor he'd taken classified work home with him claim is being questioned by cyber security expert jeffrey coll though he thinks that simply detected an n.s.a. hacking till that's used across the world is a reminder of how the allegations against his best mounted.
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this n.s.a. contractor brought home some crossfire material which was wrong to begin with but his home computer was protected by kaspersky labs antivirus program which picked up the malware. he had on that computer malware developed during his work at n.s.a. . because kaspersky lab network had been breached by the israeli intelligence service. israel was able to detect what kaspersky a.v.
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had found and then notified the n.s.a. the part of the new york times story that was completely without foundation that that the kaspersky lab product was used for spying and that is not correct there is no evidence to support that the only thing that happened was exactly what the what is supposed to happen a antivirus product. throw the match a protective device well we're already you know the signature created for so. that's all that there was there was no nothing improper it just did what it was supposed to do. thousands of people are protesting the crosscuts alone here on spain's national day is the impasse over the region's future intensifies tensions spilled over into clashes in the center boss alone. thank you i
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thank you. thank you prime minister said the monday deadline for the council president to decide whether or not the region has actually adopted the declaration of independence with more who is honest to say a church in a from boss along. the iconic french show must clarify is the nub of the cuts a loony right now and it was feeling this close where bands are joining streets that are around here thousands of people if you can be covered boxing from dogs or rocks and the ones that where they're still being same feelings of punishment carrying status by carrying off my duty was not just to get others this is not. right it's how all of these people are coming out in support of the things that's floating within spain as a major crisis it's
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a great country in the region this is what people here have been falling out we've lived here for fifteen years we've got married had children have grandchildren we want spanish catalonian together that's all we want you to know that you have to apply. for these to get out and vote on this pay. because it's the better part of the year should stay with spain for sure but i think that the government should take these then for the people to get to know what we actually want or when i don't have people one president said the lawyer to me has violated the law thank you should assume because it was. right. and so. that's a load of the absolute facts of legends. that come out and see. that. because i.
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see. the train was just prime minister mariano rajoy has made it quite clear that the deadline he's giving to the leadership is this month it's one hour whether they're four hours because so far they're saying he only thinks he should let's take a listen in at council on president has to confirm whether any of the authorities proclaimed independence have got along here or whether his speech out on tenth of october included a declaration of independence it's a simple question you should give the answer is positive or there is no answer at all we will demand mr president to revoke the independence duration so obviously developments are happening quite rapidly here and that's why these people. think that he should actually but like that so many people.
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that's right. losing interest and. by this crisis that there. was so many people voted on the first referendum and this is an issue that's. on the streets that. unity protesters can be seen embracing local catalan police the scene surprise some as many regional offices came out against unity with spain during the referendum some catalan police tried to prevent the civil guard for using excessive force against voters. ok. thanks for the same time though some of barcelona's hard right groups of expressed their opposition to independence somewhat more aggressively they burned independence movement flags a march through the city with. human rights watch has described the use of force by police during the referendum on october first as being excessive the organization
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says the fact officers were carrying out court orders didn't give them the right to use violence against peaceful protesters people were assembled peacefully expressing their views and some of them got beaten up as a result i spoke to a seventy year old woman who was lifted forcibly off the chair on which she was sitting to prevent police from passing bundled over landed on the ground and had another thirty year old man sort of like thrown on top of her and she broke her wrist as a result so i mean these are cases where the type of force specific context used by the police was disproportionate and excessive. greenpeace activists have exposed a major security failing in france after breaking into a nuclear power station is setting off fireworks.
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fifteen greenpeace activists gained access to this nuclear power station in the eastern part of fronts early on thursday morning fifteen activists gained access to the site climbing a fence and then were able to unfurl a band there and to light fireworks they say at the bottom of the spent fuel pools this is where the radioactive material once it's been used is stored they say this was about highlighting those security concerns been rehabilitated or security around france's nuclear power stations and that's because this week the campaigning organization actually launched a report in which it had information collated information from a number of international experts about some of the security risks that were posed to these nuclear power stations in france now that report highlighted things such as concerns over security shortcomings and said that france's reactors mainly have been built before the modern types of terrorism that the country now faces such as
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those attacks from groups such as isis or al qaida which is the company which looks after this particular site in france has responded and said that this incident was dealt with within minutes the police were on the scene and it says that the greenpeace activists did not gain any access to any nuclear areas and this is promoted a lot of criticism from both sides here in france some people saying that this action was completely irresponsible when france has been subjected to a number of terrorist attacks over the last few years and then other people questioning the security at this site saying that even the bosses e.d.f. some people calling that he should be sacked and that there is a huge concern over the security of their sites now this. because france is one of the most nuclearized countries in the world seventy five percent of french elektra's city is generated from nuclear power plants this is a main source of energy here in the country and the country has fifty eight react
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it's piece of highlighted a severe lack of security at a very important site that could be at risk of the terrorists are actually future. ok let's bring in a guest now to discuss this story more debt to speak to journalist and environmental campaigner all of a tickle good evening to you oliver what point do you think if any greenpeace is actually made with this stunt. well. the first thing i think is that it's a point that they've made several times in the last few years recently the sense of paraglider over one nuclear power station in twenty four to a unit in twenty twelve. several doesn't bring peace activists occupied another nuclear power station it's all oriented towards showing the safety that is in the dangers that these nuclear power stations are present and the sad fact is that
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doesn't really seem to be getting your site together and that's a matter of concern for all of europe when you think of what could happen as you said it's obviously worrying how easy they seem to get in what lesson should be taken away from this one is to be done. well clearly they have to step up security and just one of these nuclear power stations. going up and releasing the radiation from its core. would have a devastating effect. really on a global scale you know the the the amount of radiation contained in the nuclear power cords absolutely enormous you know it's of the order of all of the radiation released during the fifty's and sixty's from bomb nuclear. interests these things all could last a little dangerous in terms of what is in them. and they should take this very seriously indeed. but i think that there is another point which needs to be made
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which is that what probably scares me even a bit more. than this kind of action is the fact that many of us nuclear power stations are quite on safe in their own right many of them are very old. faces one hundred billion euros of unfunded liabilities for decommissioning its fifty eight nuclear power stations is only set aside twenty three billion euro. and there's about that there's over one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty billion euros of coal so if you assess the cost at the same break this new nuclear power stations in britain or in germany. and so it has a strong incentive to keep these nuclear power stations running and running and running well. wait. the longer these old nuclear power stations run the more dangerous they they become. unfair is another major scandal which is that there's
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no emerge that the reverse one of the main coasters of safety critical nuclear components in france is nuclear power stations and some others around the world has been systematically forging safety certificates for final components such as steam generators and so what is very worrying is that we now know that there are forty components unsafe components in these nuclear power stations in the world so between those two dangers of terrorism and the intrinsic unsafety of operation in the massive debt the deed is laboring under which make it want to cut costs at every turn frankly it's the latter that scares me most of appreciate you coming on enjoy your views all of a tickle is my guess journalist and environmental campaign. let's move on to the news now two rival palestinian groups fattah and how massive signed a reconciliation deal intended to end a decade long standoff now the deal was announced in cairo as egypt has been
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brokering the negotiations the news of the reconciliation was met with joy in palestine people danced in the streets and were waving flags. were. the conflict between the two groups began back in two thousand and six when last legislative council elections to hamas a year later hamas seized power in gaza by force fighter was left to govern the west bank since then the groups have tried to reach a reconciliation tried several times but all of those efforts have stalled up until now now under this latest deal the a bass government will take control of gaza fatah and hamas have also agreed on joint control of a key guards a border crossing that goes into egypt that was closed down back in two thousand
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and seven little analyst assad was shot and told us that none of this will get israel though to lift its blockade of gaza. we do not expect that i had to leave that seat is that i would probably will put more obstacles simply because. it is about this agreement that i didn't know when israeli officials said that they are going to examine that development in the field and then act accordingly so i don't think it's right and. is happy about. this agreement about their consideration is that i want to see the procedure people of the party defied the suffering from problem boys into their own seed and endorsing a siege on them and i think that is what i will try to try to be do and to sabotage this reconciliation. while television demands fatah and hamas recognize israel and ensure the demilitarization of hamas israeli prime minister binyamin
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netanyahu condemned the reconciliation talks for failing to ensure i must seize this moment. you are right up today texting with r.t. international on the back at the top of the hour. and now in gears here you go until you tell it to. the you know mr milosevic told you. so in other words i didn't intend to do that than. you have. to go to war if you're just evil the boss of
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all these bush the glad i wish i got. number one see nobody can take months. mom got up out of the line and you know i think when the state of pm pull. out a book stumbling out of the room. you have somewhere to put. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you know a loan to spend spend to do the twenty million. it's an experience like
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nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well with. the base. i'm max foster this is the kaiser part we've had a lot of guess the first half of the show big hollywood stars and of course today long time favorite long time contributor one of the up and coming famous biggest foreign artists in the twenty first century in america alex schaffer welcome thank you welcome back you stacy good to see you guys again yes fantastic last time we ran into each other in london and.


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