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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 12, 2017 5:29pm-6:01pm EDT

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and about that and then getting burned by that when he makes jokes against the ayatollah of iran and then ends up having f a trois issued against him he's not trying to say iran is our enemy or our friend he's just making fun of the idea that he doesn't really know the whole deal with iran and how wading into politics without knowing everything can get you in trouble and the entire episode had me cracking up and it just felt so good to just laugh again without someone trying to brainwash me politically the same thing happened when triumph the insult comic dog just went on the view and just made jokes that would anger people who get offended over comedy on both sides the dog made fun of trump and clinton and it was all funny and so refreshing and after seeing that and curb your enthusiasm i'm starting to feel more positive like america is actually getting ready to laugh again i sure hope so because when a society loses its sense of humor as much as we have it's a very serious matter. it's
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. funny to know on a. monday what a. total. up. or not he did not know. oh you ought to go to both pieces to move for your. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down with those business you just need to ask the right questions and
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demand the right answer. questions. welcome to exacted tonight v i pity i'm only camp today my guest is someone i view as. a legend he wrote the new york times best seller confessions of an economic hit man and it was one of the earliest books to wake me up to the fact that the united states has a colossal economic empire along with its military empire that force is
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struggling countries to drown in debt basically a feudal system of nations that is responsible for the death and suffering of millions of people over generations if other nations refuse to take on our economic peonage that we offer them on our own on a silver platter then we try to bribe their leaders then if that doesn't work we threaten their leaders and if that doesn't work sometimes those leaders are assassinated in confessions of an economic hitman john perkins revealed his role in that process a role he is now sickened by today nowadays he works tirelessly to help create a better world one built on on life and peace rather than death and war here's my conversation with john perkins john thanks for joining me. my pleasure to be with
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you i just want to sort of i say it's a real thrill for me because your books were very significant in waking me up getting me outside the story of the corporate media that they have that they feed magine you hear that a fair amount from people i love hearing that it's playwrights are glad to hear that from you because you do great shows and have some wonderful people and it's a privilege to be with you thanks so much i want i want to start with the oil and gas companies that are basically as big as ever you were friends with leaders in countries that tried to stand up to them nationalize the oil their black gold in their various countries and some of those leaders were likely assassinated that was the one nine hundred eighty s. do you feel these massive oil and gas multinationals still kind of have the world by the balls they do and it's maybe a little less important now because wall street plays the such a huge role now back in my day the world bank and some of the multinational banks
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were played a bigger role but today we've also got wall street coming in and yet yes or oil and gas is still a very powerful one just many of our secretary of state comes out of the oil industry in our former presidents in the bush family and kindly soros i mean they are constantly in high places and they control show many resources around the world as so many transportation networks that they're strewn yes yeah absolutely wall street as well and as you mentioned rex tillerson so it seems like the facade of it you know having an oil government is kind of gone now it's just a straight forward c.e.o. of exxon mobile as secretary of state you you also mentioned the world bank there in your answer recently bolivia's president evo morales announced his country's total independence from the world bank and the i.m.f. can you explain why that's such a big deal. well yeah and i met with
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a wagner allison and also the plumber president of ecuador just just left who is in office for about ten years rafael correa who has a ph d. in economics from the university of illinois understands our system very well he also did that he basically got rid of the what he called the u.s. backed banks which is the world bank the i.m.f. wall street and these countries are now taking money from china which i think is unfortunate but when i talk to them about this they say well we'd much rather be indebted to china than and than anybody involved in the united states because china's never overthrown our government never assassinate one of our leaders never built a military base in latin america united states has done all those things we know the united states will do this and i asked well don't you think china may do it too and they say it's always possible to know that they haven't done it yet and you have so you know we trust china more and i really think that's unfortunate that we put ourselves in this position after after the soviet union collapsed in ninety one
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and we had an opportunity in the united states to really promote a good business practices around the world we did the opposite we promoted exploitation and that's very unfortunate and so now the chinese are stepping in and taking advantage of the mistakes that we made. yeah and. just for the people that maybe haven't read your books that you know we have so much control of the world bank of the world bank and the i.m.f. they they push debt on countries and then those countries basically have to do what what they want is that is that sort of to an elevator pitch as i know works yeah my job was to identify countries with resources their corporations want like oil and reshoot that country from the world bank or the i am after one of their sister organizations. and the money never went to the country that it went to our own corporations the decos and halliburton's there are these kinds of companies to build big infrastructure projects power plants highways industrial parks in those
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countries things that made big profits for our corporations and benefited a few wealthy fans and he's in a country that the majority of people suffered because money was diverted from health education and other social services to pay off the debt in the end they couldn't pay off the debt so we go back and say hey so you're all rich or companies without any environmental or social regulations let us go to military base and insurance was really a very strong form of imperialism and and it was two to six taishan of these countries and some of the wealthy families in the countries benefit and so they supported it and they usually you know help a political position and that if they didn't support it as i said earlier we have through those governments very the cia or cia assets or maybe assassinated their presidents two of my clients the president of ecuador or honey roll those and head of state a kind of momentary host where both assassinated because they would not go along with these deals to terrible legacy and of pushing debt. on these countries seem to
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work so well that i had hypothesized a few years back that the corporatocracy realize that worked so well they started using it on americans drown us all in debt and then we'll work our whole lives to try and get out. out of it pretty much for main docile and easily controllable and productive productive member of society for the for the corporatocracy and use sure enough in your extended version of confession said something similar is that right absolutely it's coming home to roost you know a. good education debt college at university debt credit card debt mortgage debt all these these debts of faith could have really slaved americans and it's one of the reasons why i think we're so done down and not rising up against what our country is doing in the world today and the threats i mean it's just it's already just to think that a president of the united states would be sticking
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a thorn in the side of the head of state of north korea a very very dangerous country north korea and a very unstable and dangerous leader and we have it we have a very unstable invaders leader and he's just doing everything he can it seems like to. north korea and in america americans are talking about it but we're not doing anything you know has been impeached yet you know it's just interesting to me that we're so dumb down that we just kind of accept what's going on and in the process the united states to this is definitely in decline you know china is on the rise united states is in the trying to get a say it's our fault we've got no one to blame but ourselves you don't hear much of this on our on our corporate media can you talk a little about that who do you feel are our what is the goal of our corporate media if they're not talking about these incredibly urgent issues. they're propaganda machines for the most part for the big corporations you know it's interesting to me
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that people talking about what's wrong with capitalism well capitalism the kind of capitalism we have today is a failure it's a bad system it's what i call predatory capitalism but capitalism essentially means that the that the that the production facilities in the commercial facilities are owned by individuals by private citizens not by a government so if the small farmers markets are very capitalistic little markets in latin america capitalistic what we have today is something that stern capitalism on its head some people would refer to as fascism it's where actually rather than the government controlling the means of production and commerce and that those who own the means of production or commerce or private citizens and they control the government and so the government the united states today is very very much controlled by the big corporations or the leadership of the big corporations corporations are just people but their leaders have tremendous power and including
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over the media so the media today the mainstream media unlike you and me and there's quite a few others that are that are really being heard today the mainstream media is either going to out right by big corporations or it's manipulated by big corporations through advertising budgets yeah absolutely and some of it has to do with outright propaganda and some of it just has to do with muddying the waters with nonsense news all day long i mean if they fill the airwaves with trump's tweets and let's lay then you don't have to worry about all that other information we should be getting i want to get to something else here to talk about the eight industrial complex for lack of a better term people who support this corporatocracy our empire love to brag about how much aid the u.s. gives to other countries often developing countries why is why is that misleading. well it's it's an if fortunate that most of the all of the aid that we give goes to
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supporting corporations that does not go to helping poor people that the matter is we don't give aid to the going to give aid to our own corporations through the countries or the most part now there are exceptions you know after a major hurricane or something we spend a lot of water now in medicine and tents and that's very good and that's that's a good age a a good. but it's a very small part of the overall foreign aid that we give you know most of the foreign aid we give and it is there to boost us up as a stock market ration its presence in those countries to really in slave those countries in a certain way yeah there's always plenty of strings attached so let's get to some solutions here answers what people can do in this this world the field of a spiraling towards. unlimited corporate control in the in the updated versions of confessions you you list a bunch of steps people can take to create a better world and switch us from as you call it a death economy to a life
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a cot to me one of the most important of those steps that you fail people can take well yeah and again you know the book has these lists of course if you're a student there's a lot of things you can do if you're you know if you're a business person is a lot of things you can if you're a parent so that so there's these lists but you know mostly what it is is that were operating under a false premise in the role of perception i would say and that perception really happened in one thousand nine hundred seventy six when treatment won the nobel prize in economics and one of the most important statements he made was that the only business the business the goal of business should be to maximize short term shareholder profits regardless of the long term or social environmental costs and that changed everything and i've been business school shortly before that and that's not what i was taught i was taught that you'd make a decent return for investors but you also your corporation should be a good citizen so this is created since one thousand nine hundred seventy six this this terrible system that it's failing us today the oceans are rising the glaciers
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are melting there's this warfare all over the world were threatened with nuclear holocaust we need to change our perception and understand that the goal of business should be make a better world pay investors a decent rate of return and invest that money in things that will clean up pollution that will regenerate destroyed environments and it will recycle it and use other technology. so we don't have to dig up the earth anymore we don't have to have a death economy that kills the very resources upon which it depends so it's really and there's a lot of it getting to you should hear a question it's telling a new story it's telling a story that we only want to buy from businesses that are dedicated to making a better world for us and our children and grandchildren to create a life economy an economy that itself is a new a renewable resource so for everybody out there your listeners i would say you know whatever you do keep telling a story if you're a cop and or build a sustainable materials whenever possible and tell your clients why you're doing it
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and tell it this may cost a little bit more but you're you're investing in your children's future if you're you know if you're a writer as i am right about these things if you heard if you're a dentist you get your hands on some of his mouth talk about these things every one of us can spread the word depending on who we are hope we do parents teachers plumbers whatever it is you do spread the word that we need to create a new story which is a life economy an economic system a political system in a social system and that creates a world that will continue and that it and an economic system that is itself a renewable resource whatever means you have for telling that story and also only shot from companies with companies that are dedicated to doing this and let them know you know write a letter writing letters to ninety and monsanto in wal-mart and chevron and all the other companies saying hey you know i love your products but i'm going to buy anymore until you pay your workers
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a fair wage here i mean up the pollution you cause until you create a life economy that monsanto know you're not going to buy any products that are made with monsanto seeds until they take the toxic chemicals out of the whole process that they have that they've been slave farmers who have. get the word out speak it and you know social networking consumer campaigns are very easy and fun these days and powerful let's send messages to all your networks and ask them to send messages to other layers and so forth absolutely people need to speak out about these things maybe some of what you just said up lies that us but i just wanted to talk for a minute about your website dream change dot org that you're also the founder of it's incredible it's about teaching compassion and love to businesses it's all fair but it's all about businesses letting businesses understand that you know if they want to be loved if they want their products lives they want people to buy their products and to buy from them they need to be lovable and that means creating a world that we will all want to inhabit and you can go to dream change dot org to
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find out more also my personal website john perkins daughter very write about the trips i've been taking a group of people to the mayan people who want to be in january had a few spaces there people go to my website john perkins dot or and also dream change dot org to learn more about what that wonderful nonprofit organization is doing and it's launched them and john thank you so much for all your work and keep fighting out there my pleasure it's so great to be with you you do a great show and please keep spreading the your message it's so important we got to get that story out there we got to change that perception and not change and change perception changes reality for have to go to a quick break but don't forget to check out the redacted and i pod cast because hello that is time for all of the content we put out i don't i know i don't so get the audio version for free it's called moment of clarity and it's on i tunes and stitcher i'll be right back with a lot more. you
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know what no to the street that looks like the real thing the truth is when. analyzing it came from the bottom. of my life would it be like you not i got to. put up. with three. women so. long. i'm going to do just that and you're watching harlotry. swashing. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been for
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that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called the big and it's full of facts not fiction. welcome back. so there's a new book coming out called the dangerous case of donald trump in which a group of twenty seven psychiatry and mental health experts warn that anyone as mentally unstable as donald trump should not be intrusted with the life and death powers of the presidency and this is true this is true. we all know we'll know out of his mind out of shouldn't be trusted with
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a button and he bought an elevator budge from trusting with elevator buttons but here's my problem with it with this doesn't that cold for most of our past presidents at least recently doesn't that they weren't they bombing innocent people and just allowing the endless exploitation of our our world our resources our environment. so it's not that i disagree with on it i think they should say it is about done from what i also think they should have been saying this about so many others for so long i don't think pinning it on donald trump because people have to go along with all the right he can't do it all himself to go along with this bombing around the world and what this through with this economic system that created so many struggling i mean look at let's take for example rex tillerson right secretary of state they they act like he is the adult in the room in this
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cabinet but that still isn't wise and carrying this still is in a lot of ways the c.e.o. of exxon mobil the most devastating whole refrig gross vomitous organization and corporate corporation avar. terms of number over lives destroyed number of people that. ruined their existence exxon mobil has a far more impressive resume than dolled tromp could could a hope would have psychiatry as the lance dodes a former harvard medical school professor says trump's sociopathic characteristics are undeniable and his speech and behavior show signs of significant mental derangement absolutely i absolutely agree but then why does our
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corporate media fall in on him endlessly in a lot of ways i mean yes they criticize him a lot but they get a lot of ways they're fawning on him especially when it comes to the do our board games to our bombing and when he started bombing syria they all cheered at all and they they cheer on most of his belligerence with north korea yeah every once in awhile there go oh oh he doesn't know what to do and but most of the time with our war games it i mean like i've said many times the democrats helped confirm general mad dog mattis is secretary of defense ninety eight to one and the one the one that voted against i don't know i'm sure it was think it was like the. guy guarding the door you know is like a janitor walked in there he was the one that was i r o a don't don't put that guy in charge of the defense to par and they were like shut up you know we've got a vote to do all right trump shows the following characteristics that are terrible
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for a president impulsivity recklessness an inability to accept facts rage reactions and attraction to violence of proneness to incite violence all these things are signs of danger again i agree i absolutely i don't know man do i agree totally agree totally but let's go through some of these that they list inability to accept facts hillary clinton brock obama george w. bush all of them were completely and utterly unwilling to accept all kinds of facts first and foremost climate change right they knew it they knew was how they knew that the dead sea of to c o two increases in the environment they they knew about and what do they do more oil pipe than ever hillary clinton ran around the world pushing fracking fracking which is within the methane release and fracking is more
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dangerous than other gases factory farming which causes more climate change than our cars do. fine with that right totally great agricultural subsidies could do more of it so they they didn't take in any of those facts whatsoever unwilling to accept the results of unfettered capitalism right we're talking about a system that requires infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. that's impossible that's physically impossible for that to continue forever and we're seeing it as systems collapse around the world right the oceans are acidifying a raisin getting higher that the our our biodiversity is collapsing they were unwilling to see how wall street abused the american people and tied them down to endless dead peonage right with crushing debt we're all we're all
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what have you noticed people are walking around a little lower. bad on a. high even amarah it's good to see how bad their weather yeah well it is slowly being crushed into diamonds because of the debt on our heads and that's all of these last several presidents and trumps doing it too is to allow a wall street to run wild ride and our media is complicit in that they allow wall street's continued exploitation and destruction of our world but no it's just donald trump just on trumped it just him so. i want to move on now to another article but a very related topic cnn's crist's salissa is it was shocked and horrified that donald trump is treating a potential war like a reality show cliffhanger as if c.n.n. is one to talk see an ad budget of overpaid douchebags has been acting like war and
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death and destruction is a walk a carnival for all to enjoy for the past thirty years they perpetuate a horror show of warmongering fear mongering belligerent manufacturing of consent. they take the fact that most americans are not questioning what they hear on the t.v. because their elbow deep in a in a jar of mayonnaise to see me are on top of their deep dish pizza because because it didn't make the proper. sound as they bit into it like the first time so you add a little in the key is to really you can really get that humming along because to do you know otherwise the meal would you know the meal won't have the requisite artery clogging requirements you want to know which you want to have so loud that the neighbors deaf dogs start barking. central lights go on around the neighborhood
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that's what you want really get home along. anyway c.n.n. has taken advantage and furthered the pride in the durance in this country by pretending that reporting on war literally the killing of often unarmed civilians is the same as reporting on a video game rudy that i did look at look at our smart bombs let them go look at how they obliterate everything from the sky smart that there's no such thing as a smart weapon it's up playing chess with anyone. it's destroying everything a smart bomb smart bomb is about the same as saying the smart disease a smart broken bone book i will believe our corporate media is worried about trump's insane tendencies tendencies toward violence and destruction
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when they stop cheering on war like they're a high school cheerleader go and be aggressive aggressive p.-p. . when they stop doing that that's when i'll believe they give a flying about trump. that's all the time i have but if you want to find out about all of my web exclusive videos text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free and quick also you can now watch redacted tonight on direct t.v. channel three two one good night good bye. underwater. total room go to.
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your room go to. pieces then move for you. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. i made a professional powerpoint to show you how artsy america into the greater media landscape. right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar
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graph skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go . look at world is in the spotlight now frankly. and it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. greetings and salutation f.b.i. i want you to meet hot water yes the f.b.i. has found themselves swimming in hot water again hawk watchers this time for appearing to have their hand once again in the proverbial domestic terrorist factory cookie jar and a fascinating turn of events bruce joyner the security guard who was wounded in the twenty fifteen isis inspired attack on the controversial draw mohammed about darwin texas is now suing the federal.


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