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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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headlines international years. the president expected to decertify the historic agreement that is despite the global nuclear. side of the. global gaming. becomes the latest unexpected link to alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election that's according to american media. he believes outrage in the u.k. has
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a disabled eighty five year old grandmother drive by police. protests. thanks for joining us when. we have your latest. expected to announce a new strategy on iran this day and all bets are on the president ripping up the quote historic nuclear deal. either way from airing his confrontational views on the agreement. one of the worst shows i've ever seen in a good disaster is deal with a ring on one of the dumbest deals or one of the weakest contracts that people that negotiated that deal namely kerry and his friends are incompetent one of the worst deals ever negotiated the deal was hammered out by the u.s. russia france the u.k.
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china germany and iran back in two thousand and fifteen it followed nine years of talks and a decade of standoff which many viewed at the time as one of the world's most pressing issues now the international atomic agency that's been monitoring iran's compliance with the deal says tehran has been keeping its side of the bargain of included shipping enriched uranium to russia mothballing thousands of centrifuges and removing the core from a reactor at a key nuclear facility and u.s. officials also backed the view iran has been good to its would while the european colleagues think trumps simply wrong on the issue. brawn is in technical compliance so the agreement iran is not in material breach of the agreement i do believe the agreement to be there is delayed the development of a nuclear capability but. the signals we're getting from the united states are that the president will explain to the senate that in his view the nuclear agreement
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with iran is not being fulfilled this is contrary to the view of the you member states they were involved in the agreement so it also contributes we certainly do not want the nuclear agreement to be damaged the european union will continue to work for the respect of the implementation of this extremely important still we have an interest and the responsibility a duty to preserve. our let's get more details on this now. joining us here live in the studio good morning to you good morning we've seen world officials well now almost all of them saying that iran has been agreeing and has been maintaining its side of the bargain here but trump is saying this deal is a bad deal what's his problem with it what warry i guess first of all the problem for the entire world right now is is that the compromise that so many international players you listed them they put so much effort into it and now it could essentially be thrown on the floor with one signature by donald trump the american
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president obviously is not a big fan of the deal as well as he's not a big fan of iran who he keeps calling terrorists net so if there is an international consensus as you were saying on the fact that iran is not breaching the what is wrong with washington right now or what is wrong with washington the way it is treating the agreement at this point house foreign affairs committee chairman explains so the tehran regime clearly sees itself as a movement. one that uses ideology and violence to destabilize its neighbors to threaten others ok so here we have an american official talking about someone else promoting ideology and views and using violence in other countries to meet their goals are we sure that in this
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case mr royce was referring to enron. and we have to stand united with our allies for peace by acting now we are all polling our values protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace in this nation. and world war and in cold war as never permitted the brutal and lawless to set history's course. now as before we will secure our nation protect our freedom and help others to find freedom of their own. my fellow americans for nearly seven decades the united states has been the anchor of global security the burdens of leadership are often heavy but the world's a better place because we have borne them. sounds all too familiar and we've seen this before haven't right what a story background and what an irony of course and with that historic background mr weiss might as well replace the word iran with the names of any american president
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and of course it is no secret that with the policy that they kept using promoting ideology around the world you remember that it all led to the only thing interventions and violence around the whole world like. yes.
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the announcement the speech by all of trump is coming up in just under twelve hours and we know he's an unpredictable that so well we'll be watching of course we'll be keeping tabs on that here announcing international thanks very much. we also spoke with a political scientist. who believes washington simply doesn't understand iran's foreign policy. i really think that the notion that iran is a cause or a movement and not a state is a very poor substitute for a concrete analysis iran and its external behavior unfortunately the u.s. has not been pretty loyal to its on norms and values by supporting and dichter theory other regimes that are foray into ballot boxes particularly in the middle east and persian gulf region so part of the problem with the u.s. is not that it's not just a regime and a moment per verse notion of its own values when it comes to its
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interests in all regions sacrifies in democracy and human rights for the sake of its on national interests so the problem is stems from the us. takes a page from its own history and attributes it to iran creates a convenient misperception in order to push so hard iran or for big policies against iran meantime iranian officials have been warning a very tough response if indeed the u.s. does walk out on the deal meanwhile the people on the streets of tehran don't appear to understand president trump's stance well you know the u.n. says iran is complying with the green and all european countries and russia see this saying the only country that claims otherwise is the u.s. our people need to stand together giving in to america would achieve nothing it would make matters worse than they are now. we're not afraid and we have never been
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since the beginning. we have been under sanctions for four decades and the people of iran are certainly not afraid now in fact sanctions have made iran more independent in many fields. hysteria over hacking the u.s. and allied facilities has switched to north korea with the east asian state accused of cyber attacks and hacking ability is quote beyond imagination artie's miguel frasca santiago takes a closer look at the new media hype. these days americans are well aware that north korea is enemy number one the media certainly the great job there and now the enemy's image is complete all you got to do is bring out the hacking card cameras young man has targeted the u.s. power grid in north korea and hackers were behind the cyber type north korea may have hacked a military network north korean hackers north korean hackers north korean hackers
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could soon target the u.s. and guess what they have the power grid an essential item on the to do list of any bonafide enemy of america these days just take russia china and iran if you believe the media hype they've all been at it at some time or another in russia skase this turned out to be fake news and the story was retracted another must have been any hackers hit the power grid story the disclaimer there is no certainty the state actor was behind it it's based on unnamed sources and there's no evidence the alleged attack actually had any impact the attack was allegedly from china russia a group of chinese believed to be state sponsored hackers why can't we see the evidence that was by alleged chinese hackers first reported the attack citing anonymous sources the systems were not breached let's look at enemy number two iran
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just will soon be hearing headlines about hackers from iran gearing up for an attack oh wait wait a minute we already did there is a template there is a story line and you say either put in north korea or china russia just put it is nobody's going to ask the question north korean hackers russian hackers did this no damage and then at the end bring it up but kim jong. un missiles and that sort of thing that will pass you just say. russia. and we just react we don't think anymore and we don't sit there and even suspect that maybe these these articles these stories aren't necessarily just false just poorly written this is horrible. well aside from north
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korea the frenzy over russian interference in the u.s. has reached new heights of the global gaming sensation. is now being hyped as a meddling tool for moscow in the u.s. election so they'll end up live. far beyond if it did it went far beyond facebook twitter you tube well the elaborate claim is that a supposedly russia linked site posed as part of the black lives matter movement and used the game to intensify u.s. racial tensions over no attempt is even made to explain how that might have influenced the u.s. election last year the site called don't shoot us encourage people to play pokie mongo in places where incidents of alleged police brutality had taken place to win prizes they were also instructed to name their poky moans off the victims of us police violence and we discussed the claims which originated on c.n.n. and then were faithfully repeated across the mainstream media with attorney
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jennifer breeden who says the allegations sound more than a little farfetched. if you're talking about pokey mungo go to somewhere with this . i mean we don't know what's happened we don't know the facts the evidence within this quote unquote c.n.n. best again but if you're talking about something like go to some place where a police brutality happened or something bad happened you can't force people to act and i think if you're talking about dissension in the united states between either some elements of black lives matter or the right extremists or the left extremist or some of the racist elements here i mean there is a problem in the united states of america there is a lot of hatred in so for c.n.n. to be targeting or highlighting something like this i think is breaking news specifically highlighting any elements from poking mind go with an investigation without providing any evidence is actually kind of indicative of how little facts they've had and how much they're trying to continue to paint this election as just one big russian conspiracy and it's a closer look at the imaginative claim. i think care
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when you've got fifty and seek i would find it when you have to put. this time you've gone too far russia you've touched the most sacred place with all my funny and friends baby pictures and the only reason i remember my friend's birthday the russian interference in the twenty six thousand election and how it ties to facebook ads that it's a little bit one hundred thousand dollars worth of political ads to a so-called russian troll for yes it was about helping trump and hurting hillary do you want me to believe that a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads could swing the u.s. election trumping hillary's campaign which costs over a billion dollars and then facebook says twenty five percent of those ads run even seen by anybody and then there's google who just last month said it found no such russian ads ok google are you sure there's no russian interference on your platform
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. that's better you know if russia wants to get better at the end they should learn from the best. america in one thousand nine hundred ninety six bill clinton indorsed a ten billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. to boris yeltsin which helped to win the kremlin and russian hearts why because he was completely incompetent and letting russia fall apart which was exactly why he was the perfect candidate then putin came along and said get the hell out of here america this is our country but that's another story if you really want to sway an election russia you could do it the american way learn from the best and how to spend billions. more years after the break.
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according to the international atomic energy agency iran is in compliance with the agreement signed during the obama administration donald trump knows this so why does he want to trash the agreement.
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that's joining us here on our international civilian casualties from airstrikes in afghanistan are up by more than fifty percent compared to last year that's according to a report by the united nations assistance mission at the u.n. also says more than two hundred sixty six thousand people have been displaced since january with many women and children trapped in a makeshift shelters. you know. u.s. forces bombarded everyone including children men and women in our houses have been destroyed on to the children and women were wounded and killed there were houses left. some homes were burned by islamic state militants and those were hit by u.s. drone strikes. but you. know what. junk food from the fight that is i'm going to slam extent militants came and
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started the clashes they would stick cars ahead self and us troops bomb the area so we left and came in the houses were destroyed and now we're leaving temporary shelters here. but there was some of the junk that they shrug off. here their problems with water supply the french water from very far away. from the . general to file a busy ongoing fight between islamic state militants and afghan and u.s. forces means we can go back to our home. meanwhile the cia has made public its file on a militant who was tortured and died in a us jail in afghanistan and the group before four was originally backed by the
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u.s. state department but it then fell out of favor only to find itself back in the good books when it through its support behind the new government in kabul. looks at the white house's utahns on extremism. over mine captured by the cia back in october of two thousand to under suspicion of having connections to the afghan militant group has been islamic. the bin. the group was founded in the one nine hundred seventy s. and enjoyed western aid and funding as it was one of the major militant groups fighting the soviets in afghanistan. in one thousand nine hundred eighty five they were even invited to meet president reagan in the white house. decades later the group suspected member of mine was confined to the notorious cia black sites known as salt pit to provide an understanding of salt while thirty three of its workers have been court martialed and over fifty five have been
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reprimanded for mistreating detainees upon arrival to salt pit and was immediately subjected to what the cia calls enhanced interrogation techniques. the but. for.
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fourteen years after response death and prison has busy signed a peace agreement with the afghan government. subsequently the un removed the group's leader with an hekmatyar from its list of designated terrorists hekmatyar was then pardoned and allowed to return to couple from exile where he shook hands with the country's current and former presidents earning praise for the us we consider. clear evidence of the afghan government's commitment to restoring peace and stability in afghanistan which will ultimately benefit the afghan people so has been islami experience every phase of the us foreign policy cycle making its way from allies to enemies to allies again the united states government and the united states military are willing to partner with absolutely anyone if it looks convenient and useful even if only in the short term the decisions of the us government in terms of allies are completely re all politics they are not
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consistent or moral or based on any sort of standard they also talk to a noted was a below a daniel ellsberg released the pentagon papers that detailed america's motives behind the nine hundred seventy s. vietnam war he believes there's much to be exposed about the afghan campaign as well. deliberately instigated. attacks on the soviet favorable. afghan regime at that time in seventy nine. hoping to bring in soviet. intervention into the war like ours in vietnam and then when it succeeded in doing that by our support of jihadi he's a that is by no means come out and it won't come out unless somebody puts it out i suspect there is a lot of history of that written in cia and white house analysts and so forth
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likewise iraq of course so we do need people like chelsea manning and ed snowden at a high level with high access and they each selected by the way as i did information that we thought would not harm the security united states but which the public needed to know there are many analyses i say that from my experience in the government that's what they do they document this sort of thing and people are honest within the system they just don't sacrifice their careers or risk them by telling the public when the public is being lied to but there are many people in the system moon over the more troops for afghanistan will not end that war it will not end the war it will just continue a u.s. war against afghans basically to no effect. watching the whole size of that full interview with daniel ellsberg and watch it a bit later here on this channel the. british police have been caught on camera
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dragging and mistreating a disabled eighty five year old woman at a truck in protest. believe he believed. you mean to tell me you came out the house this morning to drug an eighty five year old in a cross the road. so there's no way that you could have an officer on the legs. next time you would make some you drag eight five year old. i couldn't believe i. believe. the driving. because looking.
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at the looking i remember. a police released a statement by insisting no complaint has been received over this incident over the pensioner says her shoulders were bruised and she was so traumatized she says she's been well struggling to sleep ever since there's also a massive online backlash against the police and anti fracking campaign or a member of britain's green party hit out. similar to the issue of police brutality in the usa police must do their jobs to keep us safe but was a disabled woman that much of a threat awful to see and being dragged like a rag doll over to road by police but they will move her more carefully next time. put people in a uniform give them some authority to cut them some slack and you can quite easily create a moment. shocked to see the video of her being drugged across the road she's a peaceful woman as well. preston you rode with her
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a few times and she will sit and she will talk and she will hold up a mountain frankenstein i've never want to see and so of provoke she's passionate. persistent she is still a eighty five year old woman spoke with it and she's exhausted there she said she's really struggling to sleep since. i'm greedy and upset it's a real shame when the way it's being policed actually takes the attention away from the reason that we're all there this is our international approaching half past eight on friday morning here in moscow your world news continues in about half an hour.
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and you know with years you know you always hear you're going to. go into another to be that. your or your. just to believe also all is lost in the glad i. got. the timing number on the left in the u.k. the one that. he got up out of the local one down. in the. new year and three not aboard are still moving out of the are going to shoot me in the movies. music is always. going to. be a. time when it please. thank you.
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this many a factor can send. public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. we can all middle of the room sick. one on one with commentator host bestselling author tavis smiley his take on the n.f.l. kneeling controversy donald trump race relations in america it's all next on this edition of politic.
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politicking on larry king it's a return visit from my guests than my friend tavis smiley you know him from his award winning p.b.s. talk show that bears his name he's also a bestselling author and was named to the times list of the hundred most influential people in the world is latest project is extraordinary absent production of his twenty fourteen bestseller death of the king we'll talk about that in a bit waltzes so you clip thanks for coming back good to see my friend. well and you i'm trying to try to make sense of all the madness in the world that we live but i'm going to get you going to do a big tour next year we are excited about this next year we'll talk about it later i suspect that next year's the fiftieth anniversary of king's assassination is you know you were around king and then kennedy bobby kennedy later that same year so sixty eight was a major year of tom malt in this country and you've as you've heard people say.


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