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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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it. was. years of talks and negotiations over iran's nuclear deal could be ruined amid fears president trump could decertified the historic agreements despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying to rob france been keeping its side of the bargain. u.s. media claim that the global gaming sensation poky mangano has become a tool from russian hackers. and the u.n. says an strikes in afghanistan have led to an increase in civilian casualties compared with last year.
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there you are watching r.t. international coming to you live from the russian capital nikki aaron good to have you with us. donald trump's expected to announce a new strategy on a wrong on friday and all bets are on the president wrapping up the historic nuclear deal chung pozen shied away from airing his confrontational views on the agreements. one of the worst else i've ever seen disasters deal with a rare one of the dumbest deals or one of the weakest grant directs the people that negotiated that deal namely kerry and his friends are incompetent one of the worst deals ever negotiated is the deal that was hammered out by the u.s. russia france the u.k. china germany and a wrong back in two thousand and fifteen if a load nine years of talks and
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a decade long standoff which many viewed at the time as one of the world's most pressing crises the international nuclear watchdog has been monitoring iran's compliance with the deal say two rounds keeping its side of the bargain that includes shipping and which to radium to russia pulling thousands of centrifuges and removing the court from every reactor at the key nuclear facility some u.s. officials also backed the view iran has been good to its word while they european colleagues think simply wrong on the issue. ron is in technical compliance of the agreement there and is not in material breach of the agreement but i do believe the agreement today there is delayed the development of a nuclear capability by. the signals we're getting from the united states that the president will explain to the senate that in his view the nuclear agreement with iran is not being fulfilled this is contrary to the view of the you are states that
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were involved in the agreement it also contributes sorry we certainly do not want the nuclear agreement to be damaged look at it as you do i would like to defend the nuclear agreement with iran renouncing it would be a great era we have an interest and the responsibility a duty to preserve the nuclear deal with. the u.s. administration has to thirty five that iran is in compliance with the agreement every ninety days team trump has already done it twice but now a third time in doubt any of the trying to take take a look at what trends and reasons to break the deal could be so donald trump's got a problem with what's known as iran's nuclear deal ok his not a fan of iran in the first place he's confident it's still a nest for terrorists but is that a good enough reason to basically throw the compromise agreement that required so much diplomatic effort to the floor i mean when it comes to sticking to the deal terms the world agrees to iran is behaving so why the assumption the deals in
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jeopardy because of washington the house foreign affairs committee chairman explains the tehran regime clearly sees itself as a movement one that uses ideology and violence to destabilize its neighbors. to threaten others just for the record that was an american official talking about someone else promoting ideology and views using violence in other countries to get what they want isn't that a us thing like the golden rule of their foreign policy that we've seen in action so many times we have to stand united with our allies for peace by acting now we are all pulling our values protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace this nation. in world war and cold war has never permitted the brutal and lawless to set history course. now as before we
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will secure our nation protect our freedom and help others to find freedom of their own. my fellow americans for nearly seven decades the united states has been the anchor of global security the burdens of leadership are often heavy. but the world's a better place because we have borne them. what a historic background looks like mr royce might as well replace the words to iran regime with the names of american presidents they were the ones who love promoting ideology i.e. democracy elsewhere yeah interventions are exactly what i'm talking about.
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donald trump is an unpredictable man when it comes to iran and the deal maybe not so much anyway we're just about to find out. political scientists can say after as they are be believed the nuclear deal was always at risk because trump doesn't understand enron as a country i really think that the notion that iran is a cause or a movement and not a state is a very poor substitute for a concrete analysis of iran and so externals behavior unfortunately the u.s. has not been pretty loyal to use on norms and values by supporting and
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deteriorate foray into ballot boxes particularly in the middle east and persian gulf region so part of the problem with the u.s. is not that it's not just a regime and moment per verse notion of its own values when it comes to its interests in all regions sacrifies in the marcus and human rights for the sake of. national interests so the problem is stems from the us. takes a page from its own history and attributes it to you iran creates a convenient misperception in order to push so hard iran or for big policies against iran. hackers allegedly targeting u.s. facilities are once again in the spotlight but this time it's north korea being accused of cyber attacks and harboring hackers his abilities are quote beyond
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imagination not as macao francis santiago takes a closer look at the new media. these days americans are well aware that north korea is enemy number one the media certainly the great job there and now the enemy's image is complete all you got to do is bring out the hacking card kim jong un has targeted the u.s. power grid in north korean hackers were behind the cyber attack north korea may have hacked a military network north korean hackers north korean hackers the north korean hackers could soon target the u.s. and guess what they have the power grid an essential item on the to do list of any bonafide enemy of america these days just take russia china and iran if you believe the media hype they've all been at it at some time or another in russia skase this turned out to be fake news and the story was retracted another must have
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been any hackers hit the power grid story the disclaimer there is no certainty the state actor was behind it it's based on unnamed sources and there's no evidence the alleged attack actually had any impact the tax was allegedly from china like russian group of chinese believed to be state sponsored hackers why can't we see the evidence that was by alleged chinese hackers first reported the attack citing anonymous sources the systems were not breached let's look at enemy number two iran yes we'll soon be hearing headlines about hackers from iran gearing up for an attack oh wait wait a minute we already did there is a template. there's a story line and you say either put in north korea or china russia just put it in nobody's going to ask you the why should north korean hackers russian hackers did this no damage and then at the end bring in the kim jong.
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missiles and that sort of thing as that will pass you just say our country russia and we just react we don't think anymore and we don't sit there and even suspect that maybe these these articles these stories aren't necessarily just false they're just poorly written this is horrible besides north korea is generally russians who have blamed for alleged interference in u.s. domestic affairs but the insinuations are becoming increasingly farfetched now global gaming sensation poky mongo is being named as one of the meddling tools mosco used during the u.s. election. ok mine broke no. it did it went far beyond broke twitter you tube the elaborate claim is that
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a supposedly russian lynx website posed as part of the black lines muscle movement and used this game to intensify u.s. racial tensions however no attempt was made to explain how that might have influenced the u.s. election we discussed the claims which originated on c.n.n. with a number of experts and they saying the allegations sounds more than a little farfetched. talk about poking mungo go to somewhere where this poster child i mean we don't know what's happened we don't know the facts the evidence within this quote unquote c.n.n. investigation but if you're talking about something like go to some place where a police brutality happened or something bad happened you can't force people to act and i think if you're talking about dissension in the united states between either some elements of black lies matter or the right extremists or the left extremist or some of the racist elements here i mean there is a problem in the united states of america there is a lot of hatred in so for c.n.n. to be targeting our or highlighting something like this i think is breaking news
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specifically highlighting any elements from poking mind go with an investigation without providing any evidence is actually kind of indicative of how little facts they've had and how much they're trying to continue to paint this election as just one big russian conspiracy if the kremlin did come up with this plan of getting him manipulating program on go to draw attention to racially motivated murders of black men by white police officers i say more power to him it shows a lot of it shows a lot of originality and quite frankly draws attention to a very important issue that americans could not possibly spend enough time thinking about because it's very serious cnn's allegation has gone viral on social media with many making fun of the unproven claims.
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and i said now it takes a closer look at the alleged new tactic by the infamous suppose that russian. i think care when you've got fifty and seek i would find it when you have to put in this time you've gone too far russia you've touched the most fake replace. all my funny bits and friends baby pictures and the only reason i remember my friend's birthday through russian interference in the twenty six thousand election and how it ties to facebook ads that it's a little bit one hundred thousand dollars worth of political ads to a so-called russian troll for yes it was about helping trump and hurting hillary do you want me to believe that a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads could swing the u.s. election trumping hillary's campaign which costs over a billion dollars and then facebook says twenty five percent of those ads run even
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seen by anybody and then there's google who just last month said it found no such russian ads ok google are you sure there's no russian interference on your platform . that it's better you know if russia wants to get better at the end they should learn from the best america in one thousand nine hundred ninety six bill clinton indorsed a ten billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. to boris yeltsin which helped to win the kremlin and russian heart why because he was completely incompetent and letting russia fall apart which was exactly why he was the perfect candidate then putin came along and said get the hell out of here america this is our country but that's another story if you really want to sway an election russia you could do it the american way learn from the best and how to spend billions. well concerns are being raised about a fresh nato buildup on russia's border with a law not so often
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a weapon. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to
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stand down the losers and you just the dance the right questions and demand the right answer. the. question. welcome back washington is building up its troops near russia's western border a move that according to most violates aka agreement the country has with nato jaclyn very explains on thursday the un us announced the presence of a second regiment in the already very tense baltic region and that's a move which moscow claims violates a fundamental peace treaty signed between russia and nato years ago and that was designed and decades of cold war tensions which of course right now are again on the rise and the russian defense ministry spokesperson believes the additional deployment undermines russia's own security by surrounding it with hostile forces.
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and contrary to the claims of nature in the u.s. only in significance of the troops approaching the russian border in fact now it's not a brigade but a u.s. mechanized military division so what's the pentagon's explanation for moving these forces what washington has of course repeatedly referred to russia as a threat that they must protect themselves and their european allies against but the pentagon itself or their spokesperson insists that this division has not there's nothing sinister about it that it's a purely defensive attitude we are in in those places to as a defense and a defensive posture and we're very clear about that and anyone who sees things anything differently. would be wrong now they also went on to say that it's simply a matter of between a new and old regiment but it's worth noting that the route wouldn't take them back to the u.s. wouldn't take them out of the region altogether it would just move them to another
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eastern european country romania and at this point russia has expressed that they reserve the right of course to also strengthen its defense in the region as well now was the opinion of poland on all of this while the polish defense minister recently called for more u.s. troops to be deployed to his country in order to quote protect it from external threats and those comments specifically came on the heels of the recent zoppot drills that were conducted with russia and belarus and that came out what those happened last month last month and they caused an unprecedented just absolute opera or in the media with the routines being the routine maneuvers being attacked as nontransparent was speculation swirling that the russian troops that were brought in for those were there to stay there about to do an exercise in russia. it's going to up to one hundred thousand russian troops moving into into the country the great concern is they're not going to leave now that claim is of course completely untrue
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upon the completion of the drills the russian. it's returned from belarus to their permanent bases so that was completely unfounded but so far it looks like it's the us troops that are there to stay and. the million casualties from as strikes in afghanistan are up by more than fifty percent compared with last year according to a report by the united nations assistance mission which also says many women and children are having to live in makeshift shelters and more than two hundred sixty six thousand people from thirty provinces in the country have left their homes due to the ongoing war. you know the. us forces bombarded everyone including children men and women in our houses have been destroyed under the bombardment children and women were wounded and killed there are no houses left. some homes were burned by islamic state
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militants and others were hit by u.s. drone strikes like your own leaking telephone like what you're. going through or from the fight that is ongoing islamic state militants came and started the clash and they want to cause a head self then u.s. troops bombed the area so we left and came to the our houses were destroyed and now we're live in temporary shelters here we've got the only one some of the junk little bit of a shrug of. the full sad to hear their problems with water supply to fetch water from very far away. from them was a couple of hundred of hundred i would. like. to know to follow the ongoing fight between islamic state militants and afghan and u.s. forces just means we can't go back to our home. we
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spoke to whistleblower daniel ellsberg who witnessed the pentagon papers detailing america's real motives behind the one nine hundred seventy s. vietnam war he believes that in the current digital age there will be more prosecutions against journalists who make classified information the kind of electronic surveillance that exists now in remote cheesier than in the past to know who is leaked anything and to know who the reporters sources are and i it's very likely. lawyers who are close to this believe that there will be prosecutions against journalists for the first time. it's allowed under the wording of the espionage act it doesn't distinguish between journalists and sources that just anyone who has an authorised position or who passes on classified information
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as they interpret it the espionage act which was never intended initially to apply to leakers to people who inform the public but intended to apply to spies who were secretly trying to help the interests of a foreign power because obviously not the case with manning and snowden or me and but the wording is there and it's clearly unconstitutional the question is if applied in that way to a journalist and really. to others but for instance there's nothing in that activity that the defendant to argue that he or she was trying to help the interest the united states and that no harm was expected or resulted as i've said in chelsea manning trial they weren't able to bring out a single instance of actual harm of the kind that had been predicted from her revelations watching the whole kind of the full interview with daniel ellsberg later on r.t.
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them if it. a wounded in the last vegas mass shooting on october the first has filed a lawsuit against the hotel from where the gunman fired meanwhile the shooter's house has been broken into despite the ongoing police investigation stephen paddocks home was burgled a week after the shooting which left fifty eight people dead and the robbers didn't even have to try that hard going straight through their front door police found the property had been used by the gunman as an arms warehouse but it's not the only failure emerging from the investigation is also being revealed the security staffers didn't call police immediately after receiving a shooting warning from a hotel employee a maintenance engineer raise the alarm saying he'd heard a rifle shot that was right before the massacre started. call the police if you don't want to where i got up here someone spotted a rifle on the thirty second poured down the hallway. at the end of the hole where
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. i did i can't tell you what room he looked like before you go in the hallway when i go through the door and the timeline of the shooting has also been modified with police now saying the hotel security guard was killed by the attacker the full the must shooting and not off as was earlier claims. the armed security guard who was the first to find the shooters room has been identified his name is. his bravery also likely saved countless lives. personally i think. what with. what we were told last week he was gone and came to the rule during the massacre we were told that was why shooters start shooting and kill them so.
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we have learned as mr campos who is a counter by the suspect prior to. his shooting to be outside world. timeline of events he says campos was shot perhaps six minutes before the initial barrage of bullets rained down on concert goers. just can't quite. get a clear understanding exactly what time he called when he called. while police struggle to investigate the atrocity mainstream media jumping in with various conspiracy theories. perdue know more about motive in short no investigators still have no answers about why last big issues are steven patrick did what he did.
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but what i do know is this is not just one guy here have to be someone else while it was a politically selective college at the perception was there's going to be a lot of pro-gun folks there trump supporters at this concert this reflects some some very deliberate action on his part. because i still have a clear motive or reason why this is how conspiracy theories are rising you won't tell us this so off you go back to nine eleven the early news reports were all over the man and that is exactly where the conspiracies started they started because they read those news articles and things weren't in one article said this thing another article said something else and so it's a natural thing i think a lot of the problem comes in right now because the police are making this big effort to find a motive and in fact you know mash there are suicidal slash homicidal
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are not going to have a logical motives that the public can easily comprehend you're going to need a psychologist psychiatrist on to explain this. we'll have to hear your thoughts on the day's stories though do get in touch by following us on facebook and twitter and join me again in about thirty minutes for the races headlines. now you know on the. on the water. total up. i'm
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not he didn't i don't know. oh you ought to go to. d.c. then move for you. to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game my great so will more chance for. the piece it's going to.
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come. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle.


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