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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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all over of our three americans you see in your very own way better than. see people you've never heard of low down to the next president of the world but so very. seriously send us an e-mail. years of talks and negotiations over iran's nuclear deal but they were wins amid fears president trying to decertify the historic agreement at this point the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying turn wrong has been keeping its side of the fog in. the u.s. media claim that the global gaming phone station poky long ago has become a tool for russian hackers. and the un says air strikes in afghanistan have led to an increase in civilian casualties compared with last year.
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hello there at six pm here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me the care and good to have you with us. donald trump expected to announce a new strategy on a roll on friday and all bets are on the president ripping up the historic nuclear deal trump hasn't shied away from air and is confrontational views on the agreement . one of the worst ever seen disasters deal with a rare one of the dumbest deals and one of the weakest ground directs the people that negotiated that deal namely kerry and his friends or incompetent one of the worst deals ever negotiated the deal was hunted down by the u.s. russia france the u.k. china germany and iran back in two thousand and fifteen and followed nine years of
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talks and a decade long standoff which many viewed at the time as one of the world's most pressing crises the international nuclear watchdog this be monitoring your wrongs compliance with the deal those two wrongs keeping it side of the bargain that includes shipping and which the rainy and russia mothballing thousands of centrifuges and removing the coffin of reactor at a key nuclear facility some u.s. officials also back to their view iran had been good to its word well the european colleagues think trump simply wrong on the issue. ronde is in technical compliance of the agreement there and is not in material breach of the agreement i do believe the agreement today has delayed the development of a nuclear capability but. the signals we're getting from the united states are that the president will explain to the senate that in his view the nuclear agreement with iran is not being fulfilled this is contrary to the view of the you state they were involved in the agreement it also contributes sorry we certainly do not want
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the nuclear agreement to be damaged look at it as i would like to defend the nuclear agreement with iran renouncing it would be a great era we have an interest and the responsibility a duty to preserve the nuclear deal with. the u.s. administration has to certify that iran is in compliance with the agreement every ninety days team trying to pals already done it twice but now a third time looks in doubt it but trying to take a look at what trends reasons to break the deal could be so donald trump's got a problem with what's known as iran's nuclear deal ok his not a fan of iran in the first place he's confident it's still a nest for terrorists but is that a good enough reason to basically throw the compromise agreement that required so much diplomatic effort to the floor i mean when it comes to sticking to the deal terms the world agrees to iran is behaving so why the assumption the deals in
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jeopardy because of washington the house foreign affairs committee chairman explains the tehran regime clearly sees itself as a movement one that uses ideology and violence to destabilize its neighbors. to threaten others just for the record that was an american official talking about someone else promoting ideology and views using violence in other countries to get what they want isn't that a us thing like the golden rule of their foreign policy that we've seen in action so many times and we have to stand united with our allies for peace by acting now we are opposing our values protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace this nation. and more and in cold war as never permitted the brutal and lawless to set history's course. now as before we
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will secure our nation protect our freedom and help others to find freedom of their own. my fellow americans for nearly seven decades the united states has been the anchor of global security the burdens of leadership are often heavy but the world's a better place because we have borne them. what a historic background looks like mr royce might as well replace the words to iran regime with the names of american presidents they were the ones who loved promoting ideology i.e. democracy elsewhere yeah interventions are exactly what i'm talking about. the poop.
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donald trump is an unpredictable man when it comes to a rare deal maybe doubt so much anyway we're just about to find out. let's discuss this further now and bring in our guest award winning journalist based in beirut martin jay thanks for joining us on the program mr jay now one criticism trump has lot of beer a nuclear deal is the fact that iran benefits too much from sanctions relief do you think it's a valid point. no i don't i just think it's a smokescreen i think what we're seeing now what we're actually witnessing is a lot of disingenuous comments from trump because his real objective in the region
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is to get the iranians to walk away from the iranian deal he wants to say to america to congress look i tried to talk to these people and they've walked away from the deal when that happens if that happens then they'll be a new tension in the region and that's really his main aim is to create attention attention which wasn't there in the past my own personal view is he wants to do that because he wants to walk away from the north korean crisis with some dignity intact i mean doesn't want germans looking too carefully of what's really happening with or another problem with that of course is that and the think the german minister and just put it to the north korean problem will actually be accentuated even further i mean any chance whatsoever of getting an international deal brokered by the e.u. russia china and america to get north korea to scale back on its nuclear armaments would be known impossible after this because trumps sort of set a precedent around the world that you can trust us when we make deals when we've heard e.u. leaders say it would be
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a mistake not so we ratify the deal so if trenton does go ahead and scrap it what's the consequences would be for us even relations. was absolutely fascinating because right up to this point the e.u. two main bodies for the first bodies which is the foreign affairs committee and european parliament and its own e.u. internet. diplomacy outfit run by federica more greeny both these organizations more or less follow washington on almost everything and it's been something that we journalism criticized you off for for being a sort of poodle to washington on for so long but for the first time ever what we're seeing is the possibility of the e.u. actually breaking away from this routine and actually developing truly their own autonomous foreign affairs policy to noxious to do that and i think this would be actually quite advantaged of and just for them to do that at this point you know the goal elections coming up e.u. elections in two years' time the e.u. is worried about low or low really low turnouts at the polls and it would be
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actually very good for them to say to their own people look you know we've stood up against trump these idiotic policies had which threatened to bring the west to worm world war the middle east you know and the other thing which is perhaps more comical is when you look at the around deal and i followed it quite a lot of a couple of years ago is that the e.u. actually believes wrongly and somewhat comically that it was part of the deal both the e.u. from the first chiefs who played and played a big role in turning up and seeing what the meetings actually believe in brussels within their own community that they made the deal they didn't it was actually put together mainly by the americans britain and france so for them to actually let trump go ahead and just throw this deal away actually makes them look quite weak within their own community so i think there is going to be a real opportunity now for the e.u. to actually stand up against washington and rather ironically look more closely towards russia and china and of course if the us does days that if i it would enable them to impose more sanctions on iran is that something you would expect to
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happen. well unfortunately that's inevitability of the whole thing i mean you when you look at it very closely that's really what trump wants to do he wants to create is totally wants to allow the americans to walk away and then automatically that gives him and congress still bitching to say well we have to go back to sanctions but it's a vicious circle. i mean ideally what he would like now is for the iranians to come close to the table and say ok we might agree to a few sections but it's not going to happen the rings are simply not going to agree to sanctions in a deal which they've signed which leaves stuck to and respected in every single order it doesn't really make any sense to them they have the leverage i mean the one thing the that the americans can't afford to happen is for the iranians to go back to developing their own nuclear arms i mean they've got something like a two to three year break up period and that can be quite realistically done you know we so that is i think a final point on the do so in a trump can't afford to get to a lower situation to get that close and the know it's martin j.
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award winning journalist thank you for your time. hackers allegedly targeting u.s. facilities are once again in the spotlight but this time it's north korea being accused of cyber attacks and harboring hackers here's abilities are quote beyond the imagination artes make our friends this sunday are going to take a closer look at the new media. these days americans are well aware that north korea is enemy number one the media certainly the great job there and now the enemy's image is complete all you got to do is bring out the hacking card kim jong un has targeted the u.s. power grid in north korea hackers were behind the cyber attack north korea may have hacked a military network north korean hackers north korean hackers the north korean hackers could soon target the u.s. and guess what they have the power grid an essential item on the to do list of any bonafide enemy of america these days just take russia china and iran if you
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believe the media hype they've all been at it at some time or another in russia skase this turned out to be fake news and the story was retracted another must have been any hackers hit the power grid story the disclaimer there is no certainty the state actor was behind it it's based on unnamed sources and there's no evidence the alleged attack actually had any impact the attack was allegedly from china russian group of chinese believed to be state sponsored hackers why can't we see the evidence that was by alleged chinese hackers first reported the attack citing anonymous sources the systems were not breached let's look at enemy number two iran yes we'll soon be hearing headlines about hackers from iran gearing up for an attack oh wait wait a minute we already did there is a template. there's
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a story line and you say either put in north korea or china russia just put it in nobody's going to ask you the why should north korean hackers russian hackers did this no damage and then at the end bring in kim jong on. missiles and that sort of thing as that will pass you just say. russia and we just react we don't think anymore and we don't sit there and even suspect that maybe these these articles these stories aren't necessarily just false just poorly written this is horrible. and besides north korea it's generally russians who are blamed for alleged interference in u.s. domestic a fantasy but the insinuations are becoming increasingly farfetched now global gaming sensation pokey go is being named as one of the meddling tools that we used
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during the u.s. election ok mom. ok mine broke far beyond that it didn't want barbie on trees broke twitter you tube the elaborate claim is that a supposedly russian linked web site posed as part of the black lives must only meant and used this game to intensify u.s. racial tensions however no attempt was made to explain how that might have influenced the u.s. election the implausible claim was smoke's both online and off. proceed and to be targeting or or highlighting something like this i think is
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breaking news specifically highlighting any elements from poking mind go with an investigation without providing any evidence is actually kind of indicative of how little facts they've had and how much they're trying to continue to paint this election as just one big russian conspiracy and there's the now it takes a closer look at the alleged new tactic by the infamous supposedly russian hockey. i think care when you've got fifty and speak i was fine when you hacked e-mails but this time you've gone too far russia you've touched the most sacred place with or all my funny bits and friends baby pictures and the only reason i remember my friend's birthday through russian interference in the twenty six thousand election and how it ties to facebook ads that it's a little bit one hundred thousand dollars worth of political ads to a so-called russian told form yes it was about helping trump and hurting hillary do you want me to believe that a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads could swing the u.s.
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election trumping hillary's campaign which costs over a billion dollars and then facebook says twenty five percent of those ads run even seen by anybody and then there's google who just last month said it found no such russian ads ok google are you sure there's no russian interference on your platform . that it's better you know if russia wants to get better at the end they should learn from the best america in one thousand nine hundred ninety six bill clinton indorsed a ten billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. to boris yeltsin which helped to win the kremlin and russian heart why because he was completely incompetent and letting russia fall apart which was exactly why he was the perfect candidate then putin came along and said get the hell out of here america this is our country but that's another story if you really want to sway an election russia you could do it the american way learn from the best and how to spend billions. with
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a million casualties from an strikes in afghanistan on the increase we've got more on not and plenty more after this short break. that you just stand is this you need to be the first one on top. the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race. to stand losing you since you just the right questions and the right answers. question.
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seemed wrong. but i. just don't. get to shape out. active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back washington as building up its troops in a rush as western border a move that according to most violates i can't agreements the country house with nato so i can regard joins me to explain. thursday the un us announced the presence of a second regiment in the already very tense baltic region and that's a move which moscow claims violates a fundamental peace treaty signed between russia and nato years ago and that was
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designed to end decades of cold war tensions which of course right now are again on the rise and the russian defense ministry spokesperson believes the additional deployment undermines russia's own security by surrounding it with hostile forces in country to the claims of nature and the us still in the in significance of the troops approaching the russian border in fact now it's not a brigade but a u.s. mechanized military division so what's the pentagon's explanation for moving these forces what washington has of course repeatedly referred to russia as a threat that they must protect themselves and their european allies against but the pentagon itself or their spokesperson insists that this division has there's nothing sinister about it that it's a purely defensive attitude we are in in those places to as a defense and defensive posture and we're very clear about that and anyone who sees think anything differently. would be wrong now they also went on to say that it's simply a matter of between
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a new and old regiment but it's worth noting that there were wouldn't take them back to the u.s. wouldn't take them out of the region altogether it would just move them to another eastern european country romania and at this point russia has expressed that they reserve the right of course to also strengthen its defense in the region as well you know what is the opinion of poland on all of this while the polish defense minister recently called for more u.s. troops to be deployed to his country in order to quote protect it from external threats and those comments specifically came on the heels of the recent zoppot drills that were conducted with russia and belarus and that came out what those happened last month last month and they caused an unprecedented just absolute opera or in the new. with the routines being the routine maneuvers being attacked as nontransparent with speculation swirling that the russian troops that were brought in for those were there to stay to do an exercise. that's going to
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up to one hundred thousand russian troops moving into into the country the great concern is they're not going to leave now that claim is of course completely untrue upon the completion of the drills the russian units returned from belarus to their permanent bases so that was completely unfounded but so far it looks like it's the u.s. troops that are there to stay behind the latest deployment of the troops the pentagon's budget requests for operations in the europe have also been steadily growing as you can see from this graph their request for next year is nearly eight times higher compared with what they spent last year civilian casualties from strikes in afghanistan are up by more than fifty percent compared with last year was according to a report by the united nations assistance mission which also says many women and children are having to live in makeshift shelters more than two hundred sixty six thousand people from first to provinces in the country have left their homes due to the only
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going war. you know. u.s. forces bombarded everyone including children men and women in the houses have been destroyed under the bumbled women children and women were wounded and killed there are no houses left. some homes were burned by islamic state militants and others were hit by u.s. drone strikes. like. the. drunks who were thrown the fight that is ongoing islamic state militants came and started the clashes they want to cause ahead self and us troops bomb the area so we left and came only houses were destroyed and now we're live in tampa shelters here. the past few years there are problems with water supply with fetch water from very
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far away. all. the folly the ongoing fight between islamic state militants and afghan and u.s. forces means we can't go back to our home. we spoke to whistleblower daniel ellsberg a witness the pentagon papers detailing america's real motives behind the nineteen seventies vietnam war he believes there is much to be exposed about the afghan campaign to. it won't come out unless somebody puts it out i suspect there is a lot of history of that written in cia and white house annals and so forth likewise iraq of course so we do need people like chelsea manning and or ed snowden at a high level with high access neither of them were at a high level but they had good access as i did and they saw each selected by the
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way as i did information that we thought would not harm the security united states but which the public needed to know i think by the way very few people were aware chelsea manning had access to not only top secret information but much higher than top secret as it's known and she put out nothing of the level of secret and not even very. sensitive material from that on the assumption that it would not lead to arm the united states and it did not it didn't catch the full interview with diane alice but later on artsy on the watching the hawks program. crimea and the russian mainland are one giant step closer to being linked physically but huge main audit of the plan to cut straight bridge has just been maneuvered into position noways a tosk has a high speed to look at the impressive engineering feat. impressive
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stuff as always we'd love to hear your thoughts on that day story so do get in touch by following us on facebook and twitter i'll be back in about thirty minutes
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with the headline story that. according to the international atomic energy agency iran is in compliance with the agreement signed during the obama administration donald trump knows this so why does he want to trash the agreement. i. love. all your. it's a good move for you. i
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played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game great so one more chance for. a nice minute.
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please. i'm lindsey francis is the boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight cuba is set for even more sanctions from washington as relations between the two nations why we take a look at the island and its oil and what it means for its future also millennial are falling behind houses cars families these are hallmarks of adulthood in generations past we explore why these are harder for millennial to attain now and the big corn is going crazy two thousand and seventeen has been a breathtaking year for the currency some governments are taking harsh actions against it's trading others are welcoming it open arms my guest former u.s.
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attorney commissioner bart chilton explains it all for us stand by the boss starts right now. according to british conservative m.p. daniel hannan the u.k. would be bringing something new to the table by joining the north american free trade agreement between the united states canada and mexico this comes during the lead up to the fourth round of nafta talks recently in canada prime ministers justin trudeau and theresa may were off to mystic about a bilateral trade deal on the heels of their talks in ottawa if given a choice had and says he'd like to jump into nafta as well as the european free trade association of non e.u. states and then perhaps bring.


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