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was an american official talking about someone else promoting ideology and views using violence in other countries to get what they want isn't that a us thing like the golden rule of their foreign policy that we've seen in action so many times we have to stand united with our allies for peace by acting now we are polling our values protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace in this nation. and world war and cold war as never permitted the brutal and lawless to set history's course. now as before we will secure our nation protect our freedom and help others to find freedom of their own. my fellow americans for nearly seven decades the united states has been the anchor of global security the burdens of leadership are often heavy but the world's a better place because we have borne them. what
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a historic background looks like mr royce might as well replace the words to iran regime with didn't names of american presidents they were the ones who loved promoting ideology i.e. democracy elsewhere yeah interventions are exactly what i'm talking about. ok so the president has spoken to us get some analysis now from michael maloof
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former pentagon official joins me on the line get even. my understanding of this now is that it goes to congress and congress doesn't have to listen to the president which often it doesn't do you expected to pass most sanctions on iran due to its nuclear program because that's what will they just define. well i think since congress can't get anything done i think it's going to be highly unlikely secondly there is a lot of difficulty within the congress in going along with what the president had to say i mean even some democrats prominent democrats are very concerned about pulling out of this thing. little concerned about the agreement the his statement today because he basically has stated a prescription for. regime change if you will in iran and as a result of this it's also going to have the effect of ostracizing us from the
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other allies and they could pivot more. in this case of russia as being the focal point to. be in the in the adult in the in the room if you will when it comes to dealing with iran and other international issues especially in the middle east he offered absolutely nothing in terms of. carrots and with this and even though the the in iran has been in strict compliance even according to the i.a.e.a. as well as our u.s. military leaders. he is using this agreement to go after iran on a variety of other areas and it basically mirrors what israel has been saying and it reflects basically the u.s. once again trying to conduct israeli policy through through u.s. auspices as you mentioned that coming up to this this speech from donald trump all
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i've heard is the i.a.e.a. inspectors is european officials even members of congress saying that iran is doing everything it promised to do everything it was asked today why would done from go against all of this does he have support israel aside does he have support from anywhere else. only from the israeli side in the hardliners the neo cons who don't like iran anyway and iran the israelis for years have regard regard iran as the the top bad guy in the world the chief sponsor of terrorism of the as they call it because of their support for hezbollah and i think that. given given jared cushion. influence with the president as as the son in law and his closeness with netanyahu the prime minister. israel i think that this was not really support a surprising outcome from his analysis and and i think that we're going to be
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seeing a lot more difficulties in the months ahead between the united states and european allies not to mention iran there are so many things we're going to be needing to discuss with iran not not only be not only about isis but also on a post post war stabilization effort in iraq over which there's tremendous iranian influence right now in the united states has sees iraq as a major strategic. area of concern to u.s. interests so. it's like we're cutting off our nose to spite our face rather than shooting ourselves in the foot on this for shooting ourselves in the head and i think it's basically going to isolate united states the german for it what you're of the german forum is to signal gabrielle said that if this was to help and if the president was to call for this then it could potentially force germany towards china and russia in terms of international relations yes he's going there ahead
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with this is the president sort of gambling with these u.s. relations with other countries in particularly europe just to get closer to israel . well i think he wanted the if he had certain recertified with the condition that the allies work over the next three to six months to go for the things that he's concerned about for example the financing of missile programs and what have you everything he discussed basically was almost unrelated to the agreement itself. the missile agreement the agreement doesn't even cover. the agreement doesn't even cover missiles it only covers nukes and yet he invoked that he invoked other political issues that the united states has been concerned about with respect to iran and is using this as using the agreement as leverage to try and get the europeans to come on board and do
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something more positive in according to his way of thinking basically to contain iran i think it's going to backfire i think that. i think that given the the poor relations if you will between donald trump and the europeans already i think that they're just going to chart their own independent course and they're going they're not going to be imposing sanctions that he wants in fact what he's talking about are unilateral sanctions and the other members of the u.n. security council of which u.s. is a member will not impose further sanctions on iran. and if he thinks that they're going to do that then he's living in another world but so unilateral sanctions are not going to work and already the iranians have said that they can live with that sanctions that have already been imposed and but the other concern that i have is that by imposing by. calling the i.r.g.c.
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basically a terrorist group we're going to see some repercussions from that as well that this the whole idea is to affect their economic iran's. economics given i.r.g.c. . influence in the iranian economy but again i don't think that initiative is going to work and i think it's going to once again going to isolate the united states from the other members of europe we mentioned repercussions i'll come back to that in just a moment first of all though is just want to mention one of the things that donald trump claimed he made many claims one of them was that he says that people believe that iran is dealing with north korea now first of all just what do you think there is any credibility to that claim but also what you make of the fact that he's not actually beating this is not saying who these people all i'm surprised that with all that's you know the last thing he would do given all the claims that been made about him without any any substance to back them up. well
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in years past there has been indications that iranians were on hand for to observe north north korean tests where they were missile or nukes a lot a lot of the intelligence if a lot a lot of this all of this is actually coming from intelligence and there in the intelligence actually is not based upon necessarily fact it's based on assessments and it's just their assessment and it doesn't necessarily mean that they can point to one thing and say this is this is the way it's the way it is and. iran did iran did get you know as of factually in history that iran did get a lot of its beginning missile technology from north korea and but and has then go on ahead and proceed with their own development programs. but that that's aside from the new killers that aspects. i think that what's going to happen by the by
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point out of this agreement if it ultimately comes to that is to certify now but if you terminates us role then that's really going to show not only the europeans but even the north koreans if we intend to do anything with them short of going to nuclear war is that you cannot trust the united states to come to any and that this is going to have a debilitating effect on our ability to conduct foreign policy frankly ok i think we can actually listen to a sound bite of president trump talking about the violations he claims have been carried out this even to listen to that now. officials and military leaders have repeatedly claimed they will not allow inspectors on to military it's even though the international community suspects some of those sites were part of iran's thailand nuclear weapons program. so it seems as though even though the i.a.e.a. said that iran is appearing to all of the requirements donald trump seems to know
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better what how is it that he knows better why would he go against the authorities on this. well the agreement as i recall does not require access to military facilities per se that was what was negotiated during the obama era. that was not that was taken off the table and the i.a.e.a. believes that it has proper means of. monitoring in order to ensure that. iran is in compliance with that not only that not only the letter of the agreement but perhaps even the spirit contrary to what donald trump says for this reason that they had they they did cut out their major centrifuges they sent them back they cut back on in rich meant well which is which was up to twenty percent which is allowed for medical purposes. and the four.
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but you need about ninety over ninety percent of enrichment and order to make a nuclear weapon then they are nowhere near that but they did turn and they did they turned over tons of their and rich uranium to russia and to others as part of the effort to be in compliance and so they they would have they have been working in compliance with the with with the with the agreement and the i.a.e.a. one day what is it i mean to return you just because a promise to come back to this point very very quickly if you can i just want to we talked about repercussions what you think the response will be from iran. well iran is going to turn just laugh it off over there and in fact they may they're going to be. it's absolutely going to cut off any effort that we might have with to try to work things out even in back channels if you will and they're not going to pay
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they're not going to be bothered with it they might even start targeting because of the targeting of the i.r.g.c. they might even regard. u.s. military as terrorists which is something that was hinted from tehran the other day so i think it's nothing that there's going to be nothing but bad blood that's going to be existing and it's also going to have the further effect of ostracizing this from our european allies there and they're not going to go along with this they they work very hard to get what iran. what they accomplished with iran and they believe that they're in compliance as well and the same with russia so i think i think we base the united states is basically ostracized itself you know isolated itself and iran will just cultivate other other channels for. two to carry on ok wrap it up that michael great to speak to you get your analysis michael maloof is my guest former pentagon official thank you neil. ok you can take
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a very short break we're back to this story. according to the international atomic energy agency iran is in compliance with the agreement signed during the obama administration donald trump knows this so why does he want to trash the agreement. and then always gives yeah you know until you tell him to hurt you those are the you know mr world that it's going. to go in another place or through the permit do that then. you have. to go to war if you're. just to believe also all those glad i. got. the number.
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nobody can take on. my. mind i'm. not. going to run the truth. somewhere. u.s. president says he refuses to certify the iranian nuclear deal doesn't trump made that announcement while expanding his new strategy on iran his decision comes
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despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials all saying that tehran has been keeping its side of the bargain. based on the factual record i have put forward i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. to mohammad marandi political analyst and professor at the university of tehran joins me on the line now. it seems as though it's pretty clear he said he thought it was a bad deal it sounds like he just wants to have this whole thing ripped apart is that what he's trying to do now. i don't think so i think what he wants to do is basically constantly violate the agreement until basically the only
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thing that is left is for the iranians to continue with their side of the bargain where's the americans can sanction the whole of iran and that's simply not going to work that's not going to be acceptable at the united states under obama and trump they have violated the agreement time after time after time under obama they passed the iran sanctions they passed the visa restriction laws then under trump we had the presidential decree for restricting visa and the recent laws against russia and iran all of these were in direct violation of article twenty six twenty nine of the united states is supposed to facilitate the normalization of iranian trade that is an obligation the treasury department of course keeps you know having new people to the sanctions list i mean as we speak today iranians cannot send through banks like
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a single cent as broad or bring money into the country so after two years there's been no normalization on the other hand we've seen the international atomic energy agency eight times over the past two years state that iran has abided by its side of the bargain in fact on some occasions the iranians have gone further their obligation and they've actually carried out certain. made certain concessions more swiftly than they were obliged to in order to create a positive atmosphere for the c.p.o. to work better. now iran promised to respond. if there was any action that tugs at the revolutionary guard if that happens and delivers on this threat to sanction them how will the around respond. well i don't know exactly what iran is going to do those decisions have been made and will be made behind closed doors but obviously sanctioning the revolutionary guards is itself an
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act in support of terrorism we know that isis and al-qaeda have been directly and indirectly supported by the united states or now and its allies for the past few years we know from the week that hillary clinton knew that saudi arabia was funding isis in two thousand and fourteen we know from the defense intelligence agency document of two thousand and twelve that from almost the beginning the extremists were the dominant terrorist organizations and they were being supported by iran by syria's neighbors and the united states took a willful decision according to the head of the defense intelligence agency at the time to support their allies in supporting the extremists we know that former secretary of state kerry in a leaked audio said that the united states allowed isis to dance on damascus in order to put pressure on damascus and we know about that huge oil trade between isis and turkey that only stopped when the russians began bombing that so by
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the major force on the ground alongside the syrians and the russians and the iraqi army and has a law that stopped isis from taking over damascus and. being for that matter is the revolutionary guard so the united states is in fact trying to weaken those forces that have been blocking terrorism. ok side to wrap things up there were about to lose the signal i think so say thank you very much syed mohammad marandi political analyst a professor at the university of tehran. on some other news hackers allegedly targeting u.s. facilities are once again in the spotlight this time is north korea being accused of cyber attacks and harboring hackers whose abilities are quote beyond imagination auntie's michael franti santiago it is a closer look at the new media buzz these days americans are well aware that north korea is enemy number one the media certainly the great job there and now the
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enemy's image is complete all you got to do is bring out the hacking card kim jong un has targeted the u.s. power grid in north korea hackers were behind the cyber attack north korea may have hacked a military network north korean hackers north korean hackers north korean hackers could soon target the u.s. and guess what they have the power grid an essential item on the to do list of any bonafide enemy of america. just take russia china and iran if you believe the media hype they've all been at it at some time or another in russia skase this turned out to be fake news and the story was retracted the other must have been any hackers to the power grid story the disclaimer there is no certainty the state actor was behind it it's based on unnamed sources and there's no evidence the alleged attack actually had any impact the tax was allegedly from china
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russian group of chinese believed to be state sponsored hackers why we see the evidence that way by alleged chinese hackers first reported the attack citing anonymous sources the systems were not breached let's look at enemy number two iran yes will soon be hearing headlines about hackers from iran gearing up for an attack oh wait wait a minute we already did there is a template. there is a story line and you say either put in north korea or china russia just put it is nobody's going to ask the why should the north korean hackers russian hackers did this no damage and then at the end bring in the kim jong on and mend missiles and that sort of thing that will pass you just say. russia and we just react we don't think anymore and we don't sit there and even
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suspect that maybe these these articles these stories aren't necessarily just false they're just poorly written this is horrible. besides north korea is generally russians who are blamed for alleged interference in u.s. domestic affairs but the insinuations are becoming increasingly farfetched now global gaming sensation poky moment go is being named as one of the meddling tools that moscow used during the u.s. election. ok mine broke no one to far beyond if it did a one party on facebook twitter you tube. and she didn't believe it she the elaborate claim is that a supposedly russia link website posed as part of the black lives massive movement and use this game to intensify u.s. racial tensions however no attempt was made to explain how that might have
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influenced the u.s. election he claimed was mocked both online and off. for c.n.n. to be targeting our or highlighting something like this i think is breaking news specifically highlighting any elements from poking mind go with an investigation without providing any evidence is actually kind of indicative of how little facts they've had and how much they're trying to continue to paint this election as just one big russian conspiracy and they say now it takes a close look at the alleged new tactic by the infamous supposed russian hacker. i think care when you've got fifty and speak i was fine when you hacked e-mails but
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this time you've gone too far russia you've touched the most sacred place the source of all my funny bits and friends baby pictures and the only reason i remember my friend's birthday through russian interference in the twenty sixteen election and how it ties to facebook ads that it's a little bit one hundred thousand dollars worth of political ads to a so-called russian troll for yes it was about helping trump and hurting hillary do you want me to believe that a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads could swing the u.s. election trumping hillary's campaign which costs over a billion dollars and then facebook says twenty five percent of those ads run even seen by anybody and then there's google who just last month said it found no such russian ads ok google are you sure there's no russian interference on your platform . that's better you know if russia wants to get better at the end they should learn from the best america in one thousand nine hundred ninety six bill clinton indorsed
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a ten billion dollar loan from the i am out to boris yeltsin which helped to win the kremlin and russian heart why because he was completely incompetent and letting russia fall apart which was exactly why he was the perfect candidate then putin came along and said get the hell out of here america this is our country but that's another story if you really want to sway an election russia you could do it the american way learn from the best and how. to spend billions. live and learn i'll be back at the top of the of the latest news headlines as well to talk about. los angeles the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided
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to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response of the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such. a tiny house on a parking space is not a solution. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. and you know it gives yeah you know until you go in to her job also the lowest that is going. to go in the other those are three the in thing
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to do the little you have. to go to work your way you just you believe also is worse than the glad i. got burnt on the number. the money cake on. mom got up out of the line than. on the day that be important you know but this time of the room we're going to. see you become one of the.
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it wouldn't make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the claimant. lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to leave the room for the real need for. places like africa and india will be some of the most exciting areas to to see that gray say the coming decades it's only forty fifty years ago in places like dubai in the middle east themselves very impoverished communities but through energy they become some of the richest places in the world and what i would hope to see now over the coming decades is that places which have been without power through cheap almost limitless solar power in particular would have the chance to share in those
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benefits. just so. here's what people have been saying about rejecting. the show i go out of my way to . really. for
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a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. . heard of. jack tonight. president of the world bank. sent us an email. refuses to certify. new sanctions against iran revolutionary guard. present status many problems not this one. the top diplomat in washington it's not up to any single country to terminate such a milestone international. and then use the us media claims that the global gaming sensation. has become a tool for russian.


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