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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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john oliver a party of mary is this. better than. c. . heard of. the. president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. from refuses to certify the iranian nuclear deal and threatens to put an end to the agreement brokered after a decade long standoff. that's until the united states many posts not this one the e.u. top diplomat tells washington it's not up to any one single country to terminate such a milestone international deal with the u.k. france and germany also voicing their concern over troops decision. and five more children arrive back home to russia from iraq where they were taken by their parents to join the topic of their future fate was discussed by our panel of guests
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. anything here that convinces me. plus the u.s. media claimed that the global gaming sensation. was become a tool for russian it's. very good if you manage the harvey watching international. the us president says he refuses to certify the iranian nuclear deal donald trump made the announcement while explaining his new strategy on iran his decision comes despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying tehran has been keeping its side of the bargain. based on the factual record i have put forward i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification we will not
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continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. correspondence american joins us from washington d.c. samir we had a little bit of donald trump take his through what else he had to say. well president revealed his new strategy on iran and yes he is indeed decertifying the iran deal as well as imposing a new sanctions against iran preface this with the usual anti iran sentiment we hear from american politicians saying it's the world's leading sponsor of terror under the control of a rogue regime let's take a look at it states the rogue regime in iran remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism violently suppresses its own citizens this regime has feel
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sick tarion violence in iraq and vicious civil wars in yemen and syria iran can sprint towards a rapid nuclear weapons. trump also criticized iran's murderous past bringing up u.s. iran relations and the eighty's but i'm surprisingly there was no mention of iran's cooperation with the u.s. on the war on terror after nine eleven but in stark contrast to others in his administration trump also said that iran has not complied with the nuclear accord saying that iran violated the quote spirit of the deal which really means that iran hasn't actually violated the deal nevertheless the trump announced that his administration will not certify iran's compliance with the two thousand and fifteen nuclear cord which leaves it into. really up to congress to establish new conditions on the deal he also and now announced new sanctions against iran completely unrelated to the nuclear deal but these were against the islamic
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revolutionary guard corps or i.r.g.c. for allegedly providing assistance to terrorist groups now the revolutionary guard is a branch of the country's armed forces that are present on land and sea and air currently about one hundred twenty five thousand people serve which makes it iran's most powerful security institution but trump also said that he expects congress to come up with legislation that will amend the deal to target iran's ballistic missile program which i must add are internationally certified as incapable of carrying nuclear weapons they're only designed to carry conventional weapons so and many other countries have ballistic missile programs like iran for conventional use he also threatened total term a nation if congress and u.s. allies fail to deliver in eliminating iran's path to full nuclearization but it'll be interesting to see how the international community reacts to trump's decision
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and how congress will act and if this will escalate tensions between the u.s. and iran border from washington d.c. . thank you. well the deal itself was by the united states russia from the u.k. china germany and of course iran back in two thousand and fifteen that followed no news of talks and a decade long standoff which many viewed at the top of it was being one of the world's most pressing crises international nuclear watchdog has been monitoring iran's compliance with the deal says that is keeping its side of the ball game. and that includes shipping and reached your way into russia mothballing thousands of centrifuges and removing the core from a reactor at a key nuclear facility the u.k. france and germany they've expressed concern over the possible consequences of trump's move the use top diplomat saying that it is not up to him to terminate such a milestone international deal president of the united states us many powers not
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this one it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it it is a multilateral agreement which was unanimously endorsed by the united nations security council resolution twenty two thirty one we cannot afford as international community as europe for sure to dismantle and nuclear agreement that is working and delivering especially now. iranian president hassan rouhani has responded to terms allegations saying that no president can on his own revoke an international document backed by the u.n. this is an international multilateral deal that has been ready fight where the u.n. security council it is a u.n. document is it possible for a president to unilaterally decide to fight this important international deal but apparently he's not in the know it is not a document between iran and the u.s.
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so he can't treat it out the way he likes. despite all the criticism though donald trump has reiterated that the deal could be scrapped and at any point. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies then the agreement will be terminated. joined now by b. genius state sen richard black now speak to you again richard life is never dull in the united states when you have donald trump as president he's kind of going against what a lot of other important people think here it's important now what does congress do you think they will back president trump. it's a little unclear and the problem is that this is going to be driven in large part by the senate foreign relations committee which is which includes some some real super hawks as very warlike people senator tom cotton
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and marco rubio is a part of that. so. they will have some sort of a positive reception from congress already. senator cotton and rubio and. and perhaps others have. begun working on legislation that would extend the duration of the agreement there seem to be two principal issues that really are troubling president trump the first is that the agreement ands after either ten or fifteen years in different parts of that. so it's a it's a mid-range a gray man it's not a lengthy agreement that bothers him the other thing is that the obama
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administration made a deliberate decision that they would not. address the issue of ballistic missiles just because it was complex enough no i don't to deal with the nuclear issues and so this. president is troubled by the fact that missiles have not been included in the agreement lation those are the two things that are at issue example the leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi has expressed a discontent with the president's decision i said have a listen to what she said. president trump's refusal to recertify is a grave mistake that threatens america's security and our credibility at a very critical time the president is ignoring the overwhelming consensus of nuclear scientist and national security experts generals and his own cabinet
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including reportedly the secretary of defense and the secretary of state. do you think the democrats will use this is a opportunity to criticize the president will it divides the democrats and the republicans further. well first of all i would have to i seldom agree with nancy pelosi but i personally watched secretary madis and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff dunford. and both of them said that iran was in compliance with the united nations atomic energy people have said that iran is in full compliance so i am going it's put him in a little bit of an awkward position because his own administration is saying they're in compliance and yet he's refusing to decertify. i'm not sure whether you can split the your father has in the democrats any further than you already have
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there's tremendous of centrum. but i think this will accelerate it i think what's more important is that it does create some division with the european union and the u.n. ambassador to the united states i'm sorry the e.u. and gossett are speaking for the european union has said that they made a legal a shield european countries from liability because the european countries consider themselves still bound by the agreement as does china and and russia and so there's going to be a great deal of diplomatic on certainty by the united states unilaterally. trying to undermine an agreement that involves much of the advanced world
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you know how donald trump feels about north korea of an unreal keep man and he doing to iran to north korea let's hear this a sound bite. there are also many people who believe that iran is dealing with north korea now this is a big it's a big claim and he has already established you know a very negative opinion of north korea but he doesn't provide any evidence of who the some people are what is your opinion on what he had to say. well you know i have heard similar. however it seems clear to me that north korea is already grahams the iranian. nuclear technology. i can swear that they're not assisting in north korea but i would say that north korea other than other than obtaining nuclear
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material i don't think they have much to gain because they're you're way ahead of iran's when it comes to nuclear technology as when donald trump made aggressive moves launched rockets even in relation to the actions of north korea it seemed to boost his popularity domestically had a lot of support and also within the pentagon what about they say this move against iran though how will it affect his will for a team popularity as head of state. it's along certain i don't think it's going to help because the american people are tired of these endless wars or regime change in the middle east now tom cotton who has emerged as the premier war hawk. particularly with john mccain having brain cancer at this point so tom tom cotton seems to have
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a great interest in in war with iran and i will tell you that the american people do not have the stomach to undertake a nother war and one that would be a great war and would in all likelihood emerge as world war three for tab perhaps triggering a thermonuclear war. it's bizarre to me that we would go this far i'd like to just touch on one thing if i could when one we constantly accused iran of of being a sponsor of global terror. it's very difficult to document any any instances of classical terror on the on behalf of iran and they go back as far as the takeover of the us embassy in tehran back in seventy or one nine hundred seventy six which was
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a very unfortunate time but keep in mind that just a year earlier. the vietnamese the north vietnamese had attacked with military force and smashed down the gates of the us embassy in saigon with that tank and yet we have very smooth diplomatic relations so they have been at about the same time and i think there comes a time when you you have to put ancient history aside to pull its allies just when i think we're about to run out of time on all connection with you as i do apologize great to speak to is always the virginia state senator richard black is i guess. thank you very much. now we've been reporting on the children on our channel found an iraqi orphanages who are believed to be sons and daughters of foreign eisel fighters most recently five more children were returned home after they were
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recognized by their relatives in iraq but as we heard from the russian children's rights commissioner they could be just the tip of the iceberg. one could just hear stylists it's hard to say how many children remain in iraq but to quitting twelve dates we're talking hundreds. we discuss with our panel guess what can and what should be done regarding the fate of the remaining orphans first and foremost these are children are not responsible for the actions of their many fathers or their mothers and they should be treated as individuals in their own right to have protections on the convention of the
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rights for children if we look at past experiences like the children of to use a horrible example the nazis those children were effectively reeducated and they were reintegrated into the society by you know showing them the benefits of society i'm showing them the wrongs of what was. carried out in their parents' names there's around about five thousand just given birth to children in the in the caliphates you have to think about what constitutes the age of the top child some of these children are being used as suicide bombers. and if they're twelve years old does that still constitutes the child and your guess was. quite right about what happened to the nazis but the nazis were completely obliterated. after the second world war we have got fifty thousand. from syria and other areas that have come through the
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borders us are open borders. with the so-called refugees and economic migrants what are we going to do about them because they're not going anywhere so i actually have to take issue with what with what janice just said there is a very strong consensus in the international law. according to the united nations convention on the rights of the child a child is defined as anyone under the age of eighteen years. of age and that means the definition is very very clear i know what your definition is but the reality of laws in individual company countries doesn't actually reflect what the international lorries and i think international law and needs to be no no but we remember you're not going to. know there's no there's no question about that i mean you're making a valid buggering the right is you're mixing up two issues with respect because on the one hand the definition of child is very clear the age of criminal
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responsibility which is raising just now is an important issue and but that doesn't mean that if you commit a crime you're no longer a child i mean the non sequitur i want to hear from the russian children's rights commissioner she was saying that it's still possible to fight the radical ideas that may have been instilled into children by the jihadist let's just hear what was . done was arrested got the right influence good intentions and outlook of relatives and they take care of such young children can reduce even all the radical ideas indoctrinated in in sudan in iraq is well known that the vast resources into a child's psyche and now for a high chance of rehabilitation. so i mean would you go along with the maybe a lot of patriots in some of these children may have seen family members killed they may have been told to hate the west or hate certain religions or mentalities do you think they can still be saved i hope they can. mother of two children and as
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i said being the great camps and i've been to cal a my heart goes out to the but the very very careful how we rehabilitate the child bodies in our country is that we've still got seventy thousand children. now we don't have the facilities we don't have the psychiatry if we don't have the foster care a success well the challenges can be addressed by by proper therapy you know by the surrounding of you know a warm environment for a child it's incredibly important for a child to have support the most important thing for a child and i watched with or friends of mine who worked with those children in the particularly the refugee youth service in in the comp and how incredibly important it was sitting down beside a child and not in the child talk and really you know allowing them to open up and do you with the issues that they've seen you know support for children is that the only way forward or the worse what's the alternative that we put
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a tiger on their ankle that we criminalize these children that is not going to change anything it's going to make them worse it will it will make them turn towards watchful what will feed their anger which is violence ok let's go to the not safe thing out of auxilary and that's you know danny thing here that convinces me. what she did is building up its troops near russia's western border a move that according to moscow violates a key agreement the country has with nato. joined my colleague aaron to explain. on thursday the u.n. u.s. announced the presence of a second regiment in the already very tense baltic region and that's a move which moscow claims violates a fundamental peace treaty signed between russia and nato years ago and that was designed to and decades of cold war tensions which of course right now are again on the rise and the russian defense ministry spokesperson believes the additional deployment undermines russia's own security by surrounding it with hostile forces
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in country to the claims of nature and the u.s. on the significance of the troops approaching the russian border in fact now it's not a brigade but a u.s. mechanized military division so what's the pentagon's explanation for moving these forces what washington has of course repeatedly referred to russia as a threat that they must protect themselves and their european allies against but the pentagon itself or their spokesperson insists that this division has no there's nothing sinister about it that it's a purely defensive attitude we are in in those places to as a defense and defensive posture and we're very clear about that and anyone who sees think anything differently. would be wrong now they also went on to say that it's simply a matter of between a new and old regiment but it's worth noting that there were wouldn't take them back to the u.s. wouldn't take them out of the region altogether it would just move them to another eastern european country romania and at this point russia has expressed that they
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reserve the right of course to also strengthen its defense in the region as well now was the opinion of pows and all of this while the polish defense minister recently called for more u.s. troops to be deployed to his country in order to quote protect it from external threats and those comments specifically came on the heels of the recent zoppot drills that were conducted with russia and belarus and that came out what those happened last month last month and they caused an unprecedented just absolute operator in the me. yeah with the routines being the routine maneuver is being attacked as nontransparent with speculation swirling that the russian troops that were brought in for those where they are to stay there are about to do an exercise and be all right. it's going to up to one hundred thousand russian troops moving into into the country the great concern is they're not going to leave now that claim is of course completely untrue upon the completion of the drills the russian
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units return from belarus to their permanent bases so that was completely unfounded but so far it looks like it's the u.s. troops that are there to stay. besides the latest deployment of troops the pentagon's budget requests for operations in europe they've also been steadily growing as you can see from this chart their requests for next year that's roughly six times higher than compared with what this but last year. i was always north korea is generally russians who get blamed for alleged interference in u.s. domestic affairs but the insinuations are becoming increasingly elaborate now the global gaming sensation go is big name just one of the meddling tools that moscow used during the u.s. election. ok mine broke. it did it went far beyond facebook twitter you tube. the elaborate. supposedly
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rush website is part of the black movement. to intensify u.s. racial tensions but no attempt was made to explain just how. the u.s. election the claim was. targeting or highlighting something like this i think is breaking news specifically highlighting any. go with an investigation without providing any evidence it's actually kind of a. little fact they've had and how much they're trying to continue to paint this election as just one big russian conspiracy. and now it takes a closer look at the alleged new tactic by the infamous supposed russian hacker. i
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think care when you've got fifty and speak i was fine when you hacked e-mails but this time you've gone too far russia you've touched the most sacred place with or all my funny bits and friends baby pictures and the only reason i remember my friend's birthday through russian interference in the twenty sixteen election and how it ties to facebook ads that it's a little bit one hundred thousand dollars worth of political ads to a so-called russian troll for yes it was about helping trump and hurting hillary do you want me to believe that a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads could swing the u.s. election trumping hillary's campaign which costs over a billion dollars and then facebook says twenty five percent of those ads run even seen by anybody and then there's google who just last month said it found no such russian ads ok google are you sure there's no russian interference on your platform
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. that's better you know if russia wants to get better at the nation learned from the best america in one thousand nine hundred ninety six bill clinton indorsed a ten billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. to boris yeltsin which helped to win the kremlin and russian heart why because he was completely incompetent and letting russia fall apart which was exactly why he was the perfect candidate then putin came along and get the hell out of here america this is our country but that's another story if you really want to sway an election russia you could do it the american way and learn from the best and how to spend billions. crimea the russian mainland giants that close it's of being physically linked to the huge may not have the planned bridges just be maneuvered into position you think that is no easy task is a high speed look at the engineering feat.
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ok you all right up to date i'll be back with the latest news see top of the.
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