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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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little. little. coming up on our team president donald trump continues his criticism of iran while moving the decision over the country's nuclear deal to congress. and the death toll rises in california as the state suffers what is quickly becoming the most devastating over fire in history. then and f.b.i. report shows that authorities are worried about so-called black identity extremists that and more in race in america later in the show.
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it's friday october thirteenth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm a military man you're watching r t america. president trump who has long criticised the iran nuclear deal calling it the worst deal ever says he will not recertify it at a press conference earlier today the president threatened to terminate the agreement of congress and the u.s. allies failed to amend the agreement in some major ways r.t. is trying to chart it explains and trump said the review he ordered of the united states' policy towards iran has now been completed and at a press conference today the president addressed the nuclear deal by saying the u.s. will not verify that iran has been complying with the deal and says it is no longer in america's national security interest but he will not withdraw from the deal and said the president is pouting the ball the congress atop the requirement for iran to continue to get relief from u.s. sanctions importantly iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal so today in recognition of the increasing menace posed by iran and
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after extensive consultations with our allies i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions the deal which took the obama administration eighteen months to negotiate dr oz nuclear programs in exchange for some international think sions that were in place for over a decade to be lifted allowing billions of dollars of iranian funds to be unfrozen which trump claims of being you define terrorism the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and provides assistance to al qaida the taleban hezbollah mosques and other terrorist networks it develops deploys and proliferates missiles that threaten american troops and their allies trump also authorize the treasury department to quote further station the entire islamic revolutionary guard corps for its the poor for terrorism and to
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apply sanctions to its officials agents and affiliates and says the new strategy will also seek. to address the politicization of iran's missiles and weapons we will work with our allies to counter the regimes destabilizing activity and support for terrorist proxies in the region second we will place additional sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror third we will address the regimes proliferation of missiles and weapons that threaten its neighbors global trade and freedom of navigation and finally we will deny. the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon the president added that in the event a solution is unable to be reached by working with congress and our allies the agreement can be cancelled by him at any time reporting any or trinity chavez are to. world leaders are now reacting to president trump speech today the leaders of
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germany france and great britain said they want to preserve the deal to discuss this a little further we're being joined now by michael schwartz a professor of sociology from stony brook state university and author of war without end he also wrote this article called why they hate the deal with iran perfect timing for to have you on professor schwartz thanks for being here let's start off with president trump's accusation of of how iran is allegedly violating the deal so we can get your response take a listen on the other side. the iranian regime has committed multiple violations of the agreement for example on two separate occasions they have exceeded the limit of one hundred thirty metric tons of heavy whatever until recently the iranian regime has also failed to meet our expectations in its
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operation of advanced centrifuges professor what do you make of that. the over the hour decisions like so much of what president trump's ears are false to begin with but also. constitute the same kind of rationale that he tends to use for outrageous actions that he wants to take which is the fabric a. a set of alternate facts that would appear to justify his that actions in this case they don't even appear to justify those actions but these accusations have been denied already before he made them but virtually the entire world community which has been carefully monitoring the. the agreement and says that iran is completely in charge of it now i think the real underlying thing is that
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he's looking for pretexts to begin a process of ramping up for an attack on iran which was the original. which was the original. aim of the united states starting in the one nine hundred ninety s. but certainly after the designation of iran is one of the three centers three rogue regimes that the u.s. was targeting and the obama administration and slightly backed off from in the force of this agreement so i think we're. we really must take from this is understanding that he wants to start marching the road back to threats and perhaps the possibility of the long desire to attack on iran could attempt of regime regime change but i also think that we should not take anything that trump says too
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seriously because much of the commentary has said. most of what he's saying right now is is symbolic at best there's no real action following from him and he actually might take requires congress and so on and so forth. and most importantly because the united states is only one party to a new red deal and the other members have already made it clear that they are not going to go along with the united states decertification of the deal. i think one of the implications of this is to ask whether this my substantially undermining the united states is ability to marshal its allies to support some of its most. reckless military and diplomatic advantage so that's why i'm glad you brought that up because. the german foreign minister think margaret brielle has already said that if truck pulled away from this deal that that it would push the e.u.
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allies to have closer relations with china and russia. have a president do you think the president has really thought about that inverse reaction to this. well you know i think most if we listen to the talking heads i think that they're right about one thing which is there's no way to know how much trump has thought about any subject. it's definitely been proven that he hasn't thought at all about some of the things he says so i doubt that we know much about what he's thought about i think what's more important is to ask the group around him as the question about how much the group around him is lot about this. and i for one don't know i mean i think that the sign that may be this is all just more blowing steam might be the fact that he put it in
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actually explicit caviar it's about not really tearing up the agreement not really taking any risks lists moves up punting it to congress suggests that maybe. they decided well let's let him blow off some steam you know. that the what what do you do if so to corker call it that the. personnel in the adult child person are actually in control it's conceivable that that's the case but of course he is the president and he could do a lot of things even that they didn't want him to do that could move us her direction of confrontation now speaking of confrontation obviously the hot topic right now is still north korea how do you respond to a president trying to suggestions that iran is in support of north korea's nuclear weapons program. i think that's a good example of a probably the the adults in the truck and the who the child care center were
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unable to get to enforce that that sounds like some some kind of fantasy of his i was listening today to an interview with robert literally the famous. kind interesting and he was saying that trump has a particular power ology that results in him saying things that occur to him without ever asking himself with that there might be any reality check. and that does sound like it because because it's the kind of thing of saying you know he needs for the world to be divided into these two pieces right with all the bad people one side and then he can get them all it wants the u.s. on the other it appears right alone pretty soon right and we've got to leave that right there professor thank you so much michael schwartz emeritus the thing with professor of theology at stony brook university thank you for sharing your insight with us today and thank you for having me. and for his take on the iran deal and
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other happening in the trump white house this week we're going to be joined now by ed schultz host of the news of that felt here on r t america which you can catch every monday through thursday at eight pm all right had so on the subject of iran. what's going on here is the president just punting to congress well first of all i think the president is trying to do everything he possibly can across the board to eliminate everything barack obama accomplished whether it be taxes whether it be health care now the iran deal the paris accord i mean he's just wiping out everything obama measurable success on is far as the iran deal is concerned this is as much a political move as it is anything else we're going to get out of this thing but he's not going to be the only one shouldering the responsibility he is kicking it back to congress and he's going to call out the hawks ok now you do your work make it better what do you want one of the american people want i also think that somebody in the white house probably talk some sense into the president that no
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don't get out of this totally you've got to give yourself an avenue to engage and that's exactly what they did so this is as much a tillerson influence in a madis influence as anything else and let's switch gears here to taxes we were talking about a twenty percent corporate tax rate what would this do to the economy you know manilla i don't think the mainstream media understands what a twenty percent tax rate would mean for corporations in this country it would be a big boon for the corporations no other republican presidents been able to do it and if trump can get this accomplished if he can get this in the tax package this will be the big apple that he will swing when he goes for re-election and i think that the corporate community of the business community. he's going to win a lot of friends i mean he's going to be able to campaign on that i'm the only guy that was able to get you down to twenty percent i mean i could just hear him on the campaign trail now so i think it's being under play this is the big pie in the sky that he wants to accomplish and if he. does is going to be awfully hard for the
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democrats to beat him in reelection i think it's that big an issue how do you think that might hurt like the little guy the little businessman though well i think that they'll be some other things in the tax plan that they pass if they can get it passed that will help the middle class that will help small businesses when it comes to their investment and what they do with their capital the thing that has not been explained is how is he going to get these companies to repatriate this money to bring the money back home you could have a tax policy but that doesn't guarantee that a company is going to take their profits and put them in a certain place and make sure they bring it back to america so that's a big theory that has never been proven in the past to be successful and as we know he's renegotiating nafta so i think that might play a big role going forward in the future as you know these get more pressure on nafta then he thought he was going to get the steelworkers are furious at trump he's standing idle right now counting on this tax plan to go through and then he wants to do something on the importing of steel and that plays into nafta the canadians
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are a major customer the number one customer in thirty five states in this country so we're going to have to be delicate there and we're going to need them if they do something against north korea the obviously issue with nafta is going to be the border which plays into it border security and also of the cheap labor that is down in mexico and so i don't know how he's going to negotiate that but the activism is going to be pretty strong here the next six months and of course this morning we woke up to find that the president decided to cut subsidies to obamacare talk about how that's going to this is a big political play here and the president basically is telling the congress especially the democrats if you don't come to being negotiated only going to get worse and so we're is this is a big negotiation i mean we're you start out is not where you're going to end up yeah so if the democrats and i think nancy pelosi is yesteryear thinking on this if
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she thinks that she can just stone. wall and not do anything with this white house she's only going to hurt her constituents because trump has proven that he will move on this and when he moves on this it's hurting people so this is the perfect time for the democratic leadership to stand with bernie sanders and get together collectively and push for universal health care get a real separation between the republicans and the democrats on health care this is the perfect time to do that get on board on universal health care make a big statement about it show that the president is wrong if they do and then go negotiate with them as best they possibly can because trump's not worried about hurting these people because they don't vote republican and a lot of them don't vote and the republicans have got a great model for suppressing the vote so this is this is not going to hurt trump or the republicans in any way i mean those people owe vote for the republicans anyway so this is a move politically to get the democrats to engage on this right and we got to leave it right there always great to hear your take on all of this stuff catch ed schultz
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monday through thursday eight pm right here on our to america. coming up later on r t wildfires continue to sweep across california and one of the deadliest outbreak the fires in the state we'll bring you that story in just a moment that type well they're right back. to you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape is not all laughter all right but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit that we don't spew liberal or conservative and as you can see from this bar graph we don't skew the facts either the talking head left these talking head righties oh there you go above it all to look at world arts the americas in the spotlight now every really have no idea how to classify as and it actually took me way more time than i care to admit people have got to know whether or not fair presenter support american people deserve to know your difference at this point does it make must guard against the military industrial
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war we shall never let go. or should know that. we do what we. say heard. the mission of newsworthy is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long to cover it or how to say it that's the beauty of party america we do both sides tweak your side and we question more. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled that could be why
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america is so divided because people have been fed the fake news feed for by corporate interests. beat you down until you believe they're very. well here's a story. told. in the. rich. since sunday more than one hundred eighty thousand acres have burned in northern california as famous wine country destruction of homes and businesses restaurants and vineyards have all plagued the area the death toll continues to climb and hundreds of people still remain missing r.t.s. natasha sweet is live for us in los angeles with the latest details atocha. well manila these ones that are expected through this weekend have residents on edge and
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investigators say thirty one people have died but unfortunately they do expect that number to rise as you mentioned hundreds are still unaccounted for and the sheriff assume a county said nine hundred people or reported missing even four hundred thirty seven are now deemed safe but another four hundred sixty three are still without a trace. what i can tell you we will do everything in our power to look at all the missing people and i promise you that we will handle the remains with care and get it turned to their loved ones. as the fire continues to grow investigators are still trying to pinpoint exactly what caused it. i don't doubt for a wider if it is that seven of. them that. investigators
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are looking into reports of strong winds knocking down power lines between nine twenty and ten pm on sunday officials say it's around the same time most of the damage and fire broke out around napa and sonoma county as fire says more time is needed to determine the cause as accidental factors and even arson can't yet he ruled out as firefighters are battling more than twenty blazes they noticed these fires are different from others that they fought in the past. there because they're everywhere you know there's little pockets there's there's. there's parts that we just can't get to this part so we're waiting for you know so yesterday all yesterday we were prepping houses and we thought we were going to be defending houses but now i think we were transitioning into that that defense mode now. more than fifty thousand people have evacuated and as the fires continue to burn people remain worried about what the future. it's so when you have to run you have to run the problem you know in the choice we've not been you have to leave us there
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and you have to leave when that then you just have to save your life and you get flight we've already moved out a couple days ago how concerned are you about what works only sure no one will lose our property we've lived here since one nine hundred sixty so we know woes if at all possible. but the future for the vineyards is actually looking up well many of the groups were already harvested fire officials say vineyards actually hold more moisture than forest and are naturally helping to break the fires cal fire spokesman jonathan cox said fire crews use that then yours to their advantage to ensure that they can stop the spread of the fire or stop the front of the fire from coming through jennifer putin of napa valley grape growers says vineyards save lives they've saved property and lives in napa county it's as clear as can be well manella one can only hope that the vineyards will work their magic this coming weekend as the national weather service has issued another red flag warning going
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into effect this evening lasting through eleven pm on saturday and those winds are expected to head north and northeast directly toward those existing fires manila boy just hope everything gets better for them soon thank you so much for that r.t. is that tucker sweet in los angeles. thank you. recently c.n.n. aired a story about alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election by way of pokémon go there investigative journalist said that russian entities were essentially to blame for riling up b.l.m. supporters in places like baltimore and ferguson missouri so i spoke to conservative t.v. host and commentator steve malzberg earlier for his thoughts on all of this basically what it is is they're saying that russia using an account called don't shoot us poses black lives matter and targeted black pokémon go users in cities like baltimore maryland and also in ferguson missouri and said hey to
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this contest and if you win the competition you could win a gift card but you got to go to these sites and these sites were like black lives matter sites which showed suppose that police brutality against african-americans and supposedly the purpose of all this was would rage blacks so that they'd go protest and riot i guess and the rest of america would see it and they'd say oh my gosh what am i looking at i'm going to vote for donald trump if you could figure that out you better than me well ok i think it's safe to say that over the last couple of years it's been pretty self-evident that racial tensions across america really have risen the c.n.n. report alleges it pretty much implies that this was somehow the fault of the russian state that it's the fault of the russians what do you say to that. but look here's the here's why this makes absolutely no sense first of all at the end of their report c.n.n.
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had to admit that they cannot confirm that anybody anybody answer this contest or want to get current so there's a story i don't even know but this was all happening how stupid would russia have to be to even undertake this effort at a time when donald trump was campaigning for police against. bashing cops you just said five dead cops in dallas at the end of obama's term you had riots and protests and ferguson in baltimore and hillary was touring the country with the mothers of young men who were killed by police usually legitimately because they committed a crime and trayvon martin's mother so everybody was aware of this issue why would russia waste time if they were interested in tilting the election with this which was obvious to everyone it just makes absolutely no sense and of course the events conclusion was well how did russia know to target baltimore and ferguson
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someone must have been guiding them well by implication who would that be the trump campaign as if russia if they were doing this never heard of baltimore or ferguson on their own right and you can't make it up apparently donald trump put ferguson and baltimore on the map and twenty six million but part of the mainstream media narrative is also that racial tensions or anything that turned out to hurt hillary was then automatically pro trump by default is it possible that these two things could be independent of one another. well i mean i think hillary hurt herself a lot by by like i said trashing the police to philadelphia police didn't want to work the democratic national convention in the summer of sixteen because of hillary stance against the police constant bashing of the police so i think anybody who is for law enforcement and supporting police and for law and order was
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a trump supporter but but this this this notion that russia went out of their way to to foment protest by blacks so that the rest of the country would see it and trump supporters of people who support the police would then turn and say i got to vote for trump it's just so convoluted and then again at the end they say we can't prove that anybody even played this game so what are they talking about. right steve we've got to leave that right there i've had a blast glad to share the airwaves with you steve malzberg t.v. radio host and political commentator hope to see you back. more than forty years after the end of the vietnam war the debate continues over the outcome some say no one was but was a large hail ellsberg disagrees watching the hawks sean stone spoke to ellsberg here's a snippet in the united states to say that no one when this is misleading the arms industry and the financial industry and so forth but the that supports them but the
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military industrial complex in general profited very highly from the war the we lost tremendous number of helicopters more than a thousand i would say and those had to be replaced and were replaced at a profit to the makers some of whom by the way had faced bankruptcy virtually before the war and and profited very heavily from the war that's a factor in congressional tolerance of a war like that because there are jobs and profits and campaign contributions in almost every state of the union in such an operation. all right coming up later on our team of f.b.i. seems to be worried about the so-called black identity extremists but what exactly does that even mean that's coming up later in race in america what actually baked potato and. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to fix them they've been for bad could be why america is so
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divided because people have been fed a fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of it's not fiction. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. or some one of us. had to do it to be close as it was before three of the ten people that. i'm interested in the was using.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't lead them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical that chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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all right guys it's time now for the weekly segment a race in america hosted by ashley banks she is joining us now hey actually what happened the agenda today there monella will talk about a sheriff who is outraged over losing cheap labor and then later in the segment we'll talk to a guest about a new term called black identity extremists first let's go to louisiana where share of c. proud her voice his concerns for the state's a new criminal justice reform laws during a press conference he criticized the justice reinvestment act and said these measures will call for good inmates to be released resulting in the loss of cheap labor here's a quick look at what the ads will permit starting next month the state of louisiana will see the early release of thousands of enemy these new measures would reduce the state's population by at least ten percent by the year two thousand and twenty seven it would also save the state
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a total of two hundred sixty five dollars which all sounds like good news however share of prouder is not pleased with the upcoming change. i don't want to. start first. that you are a necessary evil to keep the doors open that we keep or keep some out there and that's the ones that you can work that's one of the biggest trade to work relief programs but you're right those are the ones that are really. in addition to the vision to the families that are. in addition to the relations of the good ones that we every day to do was call or to change all our core food cooking the kitchen to do only where we save money will they don't let them around. while the sheriff's comments are alarming this way of thinking isn't just native to louisiana but to the entire country as prison labor is a billion dollar industry here and the u.s.
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wants which here's a bit and talk about the f.b.i.'s new program targeting black identity extremists many are calling it quaint old prone to point zero now and one nine hundred fifty six the f.b.i. wants the point program targeting activists who are fighting to advance racial equality however the two point zero version of this program is not only targeting a group that many find to be unclear but raises concerns that federal authorities may be racially profiling activists and prosecuting civil rights protesters according to a leaked document from the f.b.i.'s counterterrorism division the f.b.i. says the black identity extremists pose a growing threat to law enforcement due in part to aggression over quote alleged police abuse like in the case of michael brown an eighteen year old male who was shot and killed by officer darren wilson in ferguson missouri back in two thousand and fourteen the f.b.i. report then goes on to detail specific cases the violence against police one case
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the report highlighted highlight it was the two thousand and sixteen incident where twenty five year old micah johnson shot and killed five officers. in dallas texas their report states african-americans use police brutality as a means to justify violence however the number of police officers killed on the job is still just a small fraction of the number of civilians killed by officers each year on top of that statistics suggest every year white citizens kill more officers than black citizens joining me now and to continue this conversation it goes the n former director of national lawyers guild an author of spying on democracy government surveillance corporate power and public resistance thank you so much for joining me heidi first if we can jump into what are black identity extremist and why is the government declaring black identity extremists a violent threat. thanks
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for joining us once again first i would like you to explain to us what are black identity extremists and if you can tell us why the government is declaring black identity extremists a violent threats the f.b.i. document defines black stream missed as individuals who engage in violence in response to perceived injustices against blacks it also says that their goal is to form. black government black communities their own black institutions i guess it's kind of in their eyes black separatists. the danger of course is that this is very vaguely worded and could be seen and i think will be used to. in compass activists outspoken individuals who take to the streets as we've
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seen with black lives matter and in fact that's when the intelligence assessment characterizes the beginning of what they say is this problem. i think it's a threat to free speech on many levels and i do like you're saying the black identity extremists it is very vague and very unclear and it's bringing up a lot of concerns with people especially in the black community now if you can detail for us how is this different from the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's when the government focused on monitoring and even disrupting civil rights organizations i don't think it's different at all that was under the government's counterintelligence or cointelpro programs where basically when we had a surge of of groups and individuals really speaking out for civil rights equal rights they were monitored by the f.b.i.
5:36 pm
they were infiltrated and they were also the subjects of what we call dirty tricks pitting individual activists against one another by things that the government did to really full meant division in these in these activist groups and i think we've been seeing that since occupy really since nine eleven where the department of homeland security is actively monitoring groups we saw the government labeling animal rights and environmental activists the top f.b.i. domestic terrorism threat in two thousand and five. in part because these groups are successful and i think that's key to understanding this new intelligence assessment is that black lives matter has really changed the way a lot of americans look at racial inequality in the nation and they've become successful therefore they're a threat to the government and the status quo but i think we're going to see
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increased surveillance increased of been monitoring by our. we have these you know groups across the country that. work with in partnership with private entities and the government. fusion centers and i think they're sloppily run they're poorly supervised this gives them carte blanche to say that they are following threat assessments where really it's just vibrant speech heidi what do you say to supporters of this who cite examples of violence against law enforcement by african-americans. i would say that if they do their due diligence and read the statistics in fact more caucasians have been responsible over the past three decades for shooting and killing police officers i think there's about a ten percent difference in the number of african-americans who have killed
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officers and i think that we also need to look at factors such as mental illness our gun laws or lack thereof and the rise of white supremacists especially under the trump administration where individuals feel free to take to the streets with brazen violence that we haven't seen in a long time so i think the statistics show a different story than what the f.b.i. is saying by this codification how do we have about thirty seconds left can you quickly tell. that's what impact will this have when it comes to people taking to the streets in the near future. i think it's not going to be a good impact i think in addition to the kind of violence we're already seeing it gives a reason for more white individuals and law enforcement especially at all levels to attack african americans with without reason and with the wantonness i fear
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may not lead to a good future heidi thank you so much for this and say that was the end former director of national lawyers guild an author of spying on democracy government surveillance corporate power and public resistance thank you so much thank you. let's go to missouri where it's been about a month of civil unrest in st louis since the september fifteenth acquittal of jason stokley the former st louis police officer was found not guilty of first degree murder in the death of anthony lamar smith the twenty four year old at the time was shot and killed back in december two thousand and eleven and what stokely fired five rounds into smith after chasing him through a local neighborhood recently at a town hall panel including st louis mayor lyda cruz said protesters erupted in chants of fire all tool they enter and police chief lawrence o'toole who has been under scrutiny for his department's under really tactics during arrest and just
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yesterday a crowd gathered outside the ritz carlton in clayton missouri calling out governor eric greitens and during his thirteen hundred dollars per person fundraiser saying come outside we outside to acknowledge black lives matter all of this is in the wake of a st louis county ordinance that says quote it is unlawful for any person to interfere in any matte manner with a police officer and the performance of his official duties or to obstruct him and any manner whatsoever while performing any do you chief. well that's it for race in america i'm actually banks follow me on twitter ashley banks underscore r t don't forget to question more that team and thanks ashley the royal canadian mounted police have come under fire for racial profiling critics say a questionnaire the police use to screen asylum seekers unfairly targets muslims canada's government has taken action against the interview guide but some canadians are standing behind the police screening practices archies alex lyall that has the
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story from toronto very obvious but the questions actually did target muslim asylum seekers passing questions like what do you think of headscarves how do you feel about isis or the taliban how many times a day do you pray how many pray are you religious how often do you go to your mosque or your place of worship things like that and even questions like how would you feel about having a female boss so all these questions in this three page questionnaire seem to be targeted at one population moving across the border and the border that we're talking about in specific is in quebec it was only one border area actually we were there just a couple months ago and. the people crossing the vast majority of them are actually haitian immigrants and as we know haitians are not usually muslim but amongst you should immigrants were a lot of muslim people as well so we're in the past year alone about ten thousand people crossed in to go back this is where this happened and it's basically the
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government's targeting one area where the r.c.m.p. was the royal canadian mounted police it seems like it was just with one contingent and that this didn't go much further than that ok interesting so these questions more specific to that area only and not all across canada but obviously not everyone agrees that these questions are inappropriate what can you tell us about that side. well there was a big movement for specially most conservatives in canada for canadian values to be at the top of the agenda when allowing immigrants in so what are canadian values again some of these questions would come into play that we've heard especially something like well how do you feel about a female boss and in canada obviously there are a lot of people that feel that way murders a lot of people that equality is number one that's what's myself. you know so when you have immigrants coming in they go i wouldn't work for a female i would shake hands with somebody because of their sex etc that sometimes
5:43 pm
makes people's hair stand on end but again the conservatives took it a little bit too far in that direction so that argument just basically dissipated and now you have the backlash which is always on the other side that you can ask anybody anything about these things but ralph goodale who is the canadian public public safety minister he had this to say about what happened they pretty much jumped on it right away these questions were not appropriate they were developed at the local level but they were immediately withdrawn and the r.c.m.p. is now examining how the decision making took place so they can make sure it does not take place in the future so the questionnaire as it stands right now is being revised by the r.c.m.p. they do want to be able to ask people questions it just seems that questions of this nature might be pushing it a little bit too far alex one question for you how do you feel about female. i prefer female acres i really enjoy working with it's a good idea but i'm not big sexist here big so it's a sort of male
5:44 pm
a good answer and my canadian friends are to you alex my hyla bitch and toronto thank you my friend. coming up on our new study finds a connection between genes formed in the womb and schizophrenia well here from one of the researchers after the break i want to tell what it. is mark twain said it's easier to rule people than to print them there's been fools that could be why america is so divided because people have been so bad fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tale well here's a story for it's called big and it's for the. rich. what politicians do. i put themselves on the line they did accept the reject.
5:45 pm
so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right. this is what. you get. interested in the law. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have. to tell the truth party's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out
5:46 pm
there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical that chills people when a company in the environmental goosen is polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know once they're working. as if surgery was an end or deal in and of itself apparently your life may depend on the gender of your surgeon if you heard that correctly in a recent study published in the british medical journal patients of female surgeons fare better than those of male surgeons they have a lower death rates fewer complications and are less likely to be readmitted into the hospital a month after going under the knife and while there are no definitive reasons as to
5:47 pm
why this may be the authors of the study believe the way female doctors develop relationships with their patients and their colleagues might actually be a contributing factor. and a professor of biology at penn state university and his team have narrowed down certain sets of genes that may lead to future schizophrenia these genes are formed in the womb as the fetal brain is developing dr yang way mao joined me earlier to share their findings. right. this trees had been show by yahoo group before so it's actually won't be for one of the first generic to reach did you know why associate the. surat a group and then follow up to. gene to contribute to the risk for schizophrenia and. we are not
5:48 pm
a group the group identified this gene but are two other groups who studied this gene function oh i see ok and know your study it though also mentions how people have the specific genes present in the utero is that to say that specific genetic testing can identify if a baby might be born with schizophrenia. it's still too early to say that because. we know this gene actually is a risk gene and we can have some genetic test potentially identify the mutation for this gene and also. that actually to say we can have genetic screening but it's hard it's so far it's hard to say that this gene defect can cause schizophrenia so basically
5:49 pm
we know actually it's schizophrenia is actually a very complicated gene genetic disorder it's may have but you why wouldn't a. risk of factor so it's have to be combined together i don't want to say what can you are thieves this is is part of the future testing in the womb such as how we currently test fetuses babies for things like spinal bifida. yeah you in the future you should be you for joining a link to use the one for a cause. for schizophrenia in the future definitely this. is potentially we can actually do that screen very fascinating and you say that presently the psychiatric community simply treat the symptoms of schizophrenia how might you or study help to actually treat the condition itself yes so far
5:50 pm
the current team and in the focus on the neurotransmitter and how it's actually effect the neural activity our study actually really identified this risk gene may contribute to. protein production in the neurons in that way we can actually. point to a new direction that maybe we can actually manipulate the protein production in our neurons through this gene by targeting this gene so potentially we can actually identify new drug pockets and so far there's not too much study own this directions yet. but actually that's one of the potential and can you talk a little bit more about what you see for the future of neuroscience will we be
5:51 pm
able to prevent various types of psychiatric predispositions. you know that's. my dream actually i really hope we can actually study. the gene function and also we can actually prove. this kind of disorder once we know the genetic costs and also we have know the function of those rich. player o.-u. in the new development potentially we can actually do the early intervention. you order to reverse or slow down the proper process of the disease that's i'm hopeful so that is wonderful thank you so much for sharing your study with us and your hopes for the future we expect to see great things coming from you guys thank you so much dr young way mel from pennsylvania state university thank you.
5:52 pm
and talk about strange occurrence of a massive hole just appeared in the frozen weddle fee of antarctica and guess what no one actually knows why it's called the weddell polina and it hasn't been seen since the late one nine hundred seventy s. and this hole is roughly about the size of south carolina but a big hole. watching the octave coming up next here on our team america tyrrell is joining me for a quick preview hey ty what you got today all right on tonight's new watching the hawks we welcome team drum salvator of the boss to the team bernie sanders nick brown and of the hawk's nest to discuss some of the biggest political issues facing college age kids today and whether or not our out of touch leaders can actually solve them sean stone talks cia drug runner and subject to the new tom cruise movie american made barry seal with journalist and filmmaker daniel hop sicker and by way
5:53 pm
of the wallace will be speaking a little truth to power as the age of massage comes to an end. you know to call me crazy but i guess for the college student debt is probably going to be a big issue most beverly that will be a big issue boehner told me watch and thanks for that tie. that does it for now for more of the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com for a flash are to america check out our website our team dot com for a flash america follow me on twitter right there at manila chandler number two question or have a great weekend. mark twain said it's easier to rule people than to complain to them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of. fiction.
5:54 pm
people have got to know whether or not their present or support american people deserve to know your difference at this point does it mean a guard against the military industrial or we shall never. know the real facts yet we do what we. think we. feature the same. guys i meet a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape our team is not laughter all right we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see from this bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking head lefties talking head righties oh there you go above it all to look at we're all artsy americans in the spotlight
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now every lead i have no idea how to classify isn't it actually took me way more time and i care to admit. the washington examiner has a weekly column called mainstream scream in which they cover the craziness of the mainstream media this week it was all about how washington post editor marty baron went on c.n.n.'s reliable sources where he actually sat there despite what many people say the media was not cozy with obama in the c.n.n. they remember and said that the reason it seems like the mainstream is tougher on the current administration is that they've created a very hostile atmosphere so he blames trump naturally as they all do none of them seem to realize that maybe the media's constant battering of trump during the
5:56 pm
election actually helped get him elected and that when he was elected there was already a hostile environment because they had been so incredibly biased then in the saying goes on to say it's not that we had such a wonderful relationship with the previous administration there's sometimes an assumption that the press had a warm cozy relationship with the obama administration and that wasn't the case for that claim the mainstream screen rated baron's remarks as a four out of five screens meeting it was pretty scream worthy and i have to say i agree listen i voted for obama the day after the election i was on the you tube home page doing a dance a how happy i with but then as soon as he took office he started doing a lot of the things he said he wouldn't like hiring bankers or continuing our perpetual war but instead of taking him to task for those things like they had with bush they let him skate i watched it happen they found all over him when he started bombing libya they pretty much ignored it instead showing videos of him doing cute
5:57 pm
like drops on late night or selfies took videos of him on buzz feed they did not demand that our most eloquent president ever explain. why he was choosing to continue our wars they just showed pictures of him with beyond say for the zillionth time mainstream media yes you were very cozy with obama and until you see that you will continue to divide the country which maybe you're fine with because that helps you get people to tune in and that's really all you care about maybe you don't want to hear the truth because it doesn't matter to you anyway but to the rest of us who don't identify as left or right who are just normal people using our eyes and ears it's very obvious how cozy you were with obama and it's very obvious what you're up to now with the current president and it's all just pretty loathsome .
5:58 pm
what you have for breakfast why would you put the fantasies your wife. what your biggest fear are little bit on the right wing so let's talk a little old to see if that is the best order but. it's one topic so simple. now i did do due to what more. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been for that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales
5:59 pm
well here's a story for you it's called the big and it's full of facts not fiction. i'm larry king you are watching our t.v. america question and more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests are best drowned out a lot of voices that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i meant still on r t america i'll make sure you don't get railroad if you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable.
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greetings and salutations we are in the heart of autumn hawk watchers and here in washington d.c. the air is chris in the leaves are turning the same color as our president skin all four of the country's major sports leagues are in session but the real games are being played on capitol hill where the sexagenarian septa generics and octogenarians occupying congress the white house and the pentagon continue to roll the nucular dice on our nation's future.


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