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tv   Headline News  RT  October 14, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i. this lunchtime from moscow seems the landmark nuclear deal with the rand is the risk of unraveling president trouble and his world leaders by getting tough for him to run claiming it's breaching the spirit of the agreement. this is a dangerous signal president of the united states many powers not this one. more children have been reunited with their relatives in an ongoing r.t. campaign to help orphans in iraq they are believed to be brought to the country when the parents join islamic state but now there's an argument over how they should be treated. or some form of things or children are not responsible for the actions of many fathers some of these children are being used as suicide bomber and
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twelve years old still constitutes a. big elections this weekend in austria one to watch the immigration party gain strength concerns of growing over the general rise of the right in europe we investigate. i just turned one in the afternoon here in moscow r r t h q my name's kevin owen thanks for tuning in we have you are chewing in and around the world this weekend starting with this historic nuclear agreement with iran is in jeopardy after president trump announced that he won't certified surrounds compliance with the deal his decision comes despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials though saying that iran is keeping its side of the bargain. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real
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threat of iran's nuclear breakout importantly iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal the move therefore means now that the us congress has sixty days to decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions against iran as well as to come up with new legislation to try and amend the nuclear deal but if those negotiations fail trump says the deal will be terminated full stop which risks undermining the fragile balance that that nuclear deal had secured here's why i might be considering ripping up said agreement than. four reasons why trump needs to pick a fight with iran. after all his policy flip flops he needs to stand firm on something iran will do just to save face the threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence of bloodshed and chaos all nations of conscience must work
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together to isolate. washington's also getting worried by iran's growing influence in the region iran has been allowed to run wild throughout the middle east for the last eight years. but let's not forget money iran the evil enemy cups is so a lot more weapons than iran the compliant part not investments in to the united states and our military. community is very happy with the thank you. and the cherry on top pressuring iran means pleasing it close friend israel common to injure. others will face from iran for decades iran has fueled the fire is threatening the region and causing so much to buy a land with its soldiers. but. i want you to know how much we appreciate. the change in american
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policy on iran which you enunciated so clearly so not surprisingly the iranian president's responded already to trump's claims by saying it's not up to any single leader to make a decision about what is in effect a global agreement here. this is an international multilateral deal that has been ready fight by the un security council it is a un document is it possible for a president to unilaterally decide to fight this important international deal apparently he's not in the know it is not a document between iran and the us so he can't treat it the way he likes it took nine long years a tough negotiations before that deal was finally reached into the fifteen or the standoff over iran's nuclear activities stretch way back more than a decade and was why they regarded as one of the most urgent crisis in the world but it wasn't only the us that had painstakingly in the go say to these terms now
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it was also the combined efforts of russia china britain france and germany to now the u.s. secretary of states tried to rally european allies over terms decision but they've mostly reacted angrily. that are eligible for it in europe or the region are going to be very supportive presence of the united states as many posts not this one it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it we cannot afford as international community as europe for sure to dismantle and nuclear agreement that is working and delivering especially now this is a difficult and in our view dangerous signal and if the agreement with iran has shown for the first time that it's possible to prevent war through negotiations all the destruction of this agreement would mean that others around the world no longer rely on such treaties it's therefore a danger that goes far beyond iran it's what we in europe germany france the u.k.
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and the e.u. we stand by this agreement and we want to preserve the agreement i think it will will further estrange our relations with our european allies it will draw them closer together and i think actually closer to the russians and the chinese just things stand out the iranians have the support of the russians the chinese and all of our your. pete allies it's washington this isolated. among the sati has been trying to help orphans in iraq be reunited with relatives again the youngsters are believed to have been taken out there by their parents who joined islamic state but many lost their immediate family the military operations to rid the country of the terrorists.
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one of them could i said grab dessert and these three. i still. think that that this. is. good that is good order to do it that tilikum no. one has sued by us not just of this i say it's an os true shoot i cherish it should give the right not. to see.
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so now five more children have returned home to russia and some safety after they were recognized by their extended family. but as neil harvey has been finding you know there's a huge difference in opinion when it comes to how these kids these orphans should be true. for some foremost these are children not responsible for the actions of their many fathers or their mothers should be treated as individuals in their own right to have protections on of the convention of the rights for children if we look at past experiences like the children of to use a horrible example them out so use those children were effectively reeducated and they were reintroduced of into the society boy you know showing them the benefits of society i'm showing them the wrongs of what was. carried out in their parents'
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names there's around about five thousand given to children in the in the caliphates when the fall there's a kilo the mothers then go off to the camps and they take the children with them we don't really know the numbers that are in the camps but what's happening in the camps is that the the children and the parents are actually the mothers are being rejected by other people in the camps you have to think about what constitutes the age of a top child some of these children are being used as suicide bomb. to blow up. and if they're twelve years old does that still constitution and your guest was quite right about what happened to the nazis but the nazis were completely obliterated they ended after the second world war we have got fifty thousand. troops syria and other areas that have come through the borders ass are open
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borders. in with the so-called refugees and economic migrants what are we going to do about them because they're not going anywhere so i actually have to take issue with what with with what janice just said there is a very strong consensus in the international law. according to the u. . the united nations convention on the rights of the child a child is defined as anyone under the age of eighteen years. of age and that means that the definition is very very clear i know what your definition is but the reality of roles in individual company countries doesn't actually reflect what international law rates and i think international law and needs to be a no no but remember you're not going to. if you know there's no there's no question about that i mean you're making a valid bottom in their eyes you're mixing up two issues with respect because on the one hand the definition of child is very clear the age of criminal
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responsibility which is raising just now is an important issue and but that doesn't mean that if you commit a crime you're no longer a child i mean that's just a non sequitur what the issue is is that. a person who is under the age of eighteen and who commits say a war crime or crime against humanity can and should be prosecuted for it down to a certain age and most domestic jurisdictions recognize that as lawyer referred to there and i mentioned earlier the convention of the rights of the child. most states apart from america have signed up to it including iraq and those rights apply to the children just as much there as they do in our lives or the u.k. and to treat children differently just because there may be different cultural norms would be horrendous state of affairs i want to hear from the russian children's rights commissioner she was saying that it's still possible to fight the radical ideas that may have been instilled into children by the jihadist let's just hear what was said. or was arrested got the right influence good intentions and
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outlook of relatives and those take care of such young children can reduce or even count so all the radical ideas indoctrinated in winds of them in iraq is well known that the vast resources of the child's psyche and our for a high chance of rehabilitation. i mean would you go along with the maybe a lot of hatred in some of these children may have seen family members killed they may have been told to hate the west or hate certain religions or mentalities do you think they can still be saved. i'm a mother of two children and as i said being the greek and i've been to cal a my heart goes out to the but the very very careful how we rehabilitate the child that is in our country is that we've still got seventy thousand children. we don't have the facilities we don't have the cycle we don't have the foster care
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is exceptional and that is that there is a real risk that children who have been heavily indoctrinated and have become newer to to violence and maybe have perpetrated some atrocities themselves have to be monitored and rehabilitated very carefully and it's not an easy task so i respect what very much what what she's raised there as a point and that point not so much to say well we just have to marginalize or ostracize or reject these people these are children after all but maybe follow the international standards every time i say policy in one of these discussions i'm up against a human rights industry they took in the human rights industry. they don't want to talk about surveyed it's why should we not be having these children on survey that they talk about best practices and your guest quotes many countries around the world where there's war toll in situations but they just talking why don't you actually explain to the people watching what you think your best practice is all
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what results you've had what you were to actually do because we're not hearing not from the industry well the challenges can be addressed by my proper therapy you know by by the surrounding of you know a warm environment for a child it's incredibly important for a child to have support the most important thing for a child and i watched with all friends of mine who worked with those children in the particularly the refugee youth service and in the comp and how incredibly important it was sitting down beside the toilet i'm not in the trial to. really you know allowing them to open up and deal with the issues that they've seen you know support for children is the only way forward or otherwise what's the alternative that we put a tiger on their ankle that we criminalize these children that is not going to change anything it's going to make them worse it will it will make them turn towards what will feed their anger which is violence ok well if i would have to.
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try to avoid. anything here that convinces me. to show you. stories on our site don't call now a developing story to tell you but if you like pictures of rockets taking off we can treat a russian progress cargo rocket successfully launched within the last hour or so from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan is taken supplies to the international space station where the pages. you see is that if you do that kind of thing the spacecraft has got to have tons of essential to including food and fuel for the crew the. two days after mission control detected some kind of fault or other with the rockets guidance system with the said it was all safe to go out as going well there it goes for just about just over an hour ago as it took off into those crystal blue skies that. but done on earth the news continues with me for the next fifteen minutes at least there's
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a populist party in the polls in australia had a big election coming up tomorrow we say without going to go on the rest we can use ninety seconds away. thank. you. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so what you want to be president. that's. actually going to be this is what we're hopeful for you people. interested always in the water. high against another big story happening this weekend austria's right wing maybe once again in contention for a place in government is ahead of a big poll coming up tomorrow suggesting a strong showing at the moment for the immigration freedom party but the country's foreign minister the leader of the centrist people's party sebastian cuts is widely expected to win that race is what he does next is going to be key here. if he does become austria's next chancellor he says he wants to end the power sharing with the
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social democrats then that's when this could happen in stead seeking a coalition with any other party including maybe the right wing with which he shares a strong anti immigration platform so the figures look at the moment now if that did happen the latest results last are only adding into concern over the rise of populism at the heart of europe take what's happened so far this year in france the storm should migration hardliner nationalists read the pain was a cause and leading contender in this year's presidential election didn't get in but she was running neck and neck almost at some point last month in germany saw the f.t. right wing party enter parliament for the first time in nearly sixty years that caused a lot of consternation now then could it be that austria will be following suit this week at. they boarded the. ship the cricket club jumped off the board it will be up to. the gold that's east but the ship is old but let's.
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break there is a history of frustration with the established political parties during the global recession and twenty nine europe in austria were in the heart of until up of this war this dream of migrants in twenty fifteen over that enormously increased popular discontent so big vote then coming up this weekend across it all paul asli is based in austria for us there's a lot of intrigue over whether or not the right wing freedom party will do as well as it's just as elsewhere in europe in france and in germany form a fringe parties making it big on the political scene the us skeptic anti immigrant freedom party seriously complicates things for the leading center right people's party the v p o v p started to harsh in its agenda to attract voters i'm here to
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pro freedom party rally the last one before sunday's parliamentary election in which the party is expected to come second many here accuse one of its main rivals of stealing some of its proposals look at if nobody is coming into the country without registration without a passport no one should be allowed to enter austria. we will do everything possible to stop illegal immigration so i am asking that social benefits for non austrians be significantly reduced those guys will do everything we can to end the abuse of our social welfare system by immigrants the peoples body has always been the pro european party. quite conservative and now they're a copy of the nation those program after freedom party they're now not trying to be like the blue party they're trying to be against foreign and multicultural things that's copy paste party because of freedom party was
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successful and so far it's working well for the people's party with its new young leader sebastian kurtz at the helm presenting himself as a bold reformist and not shying away from bowing the policies of the controversial freedom party it's slated to win sunday's parliamentary election some expose suggests curt's might even approach the freedom party to form a coalition government not least of all because of its fallout with its previous partner the social democrats i don't think that a big correlation between conservatives and social democrats will come again because no one wants i think there will be a change people want change people will vote change the european political landscape is shifting with parties that were on the fringes wielding even more influence policy r t v and. elsewhere around europe this weekend students have clashed with police outside the greek education ministry in athens i.
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i. i i was i. should thank you was a lot of anger there why it while they're protesting against a new law covering secondary education they believe they'll be budget cuts and a limit on free books in greek universities there was also a sit in earlier protest at the university of western logic. deadly wildfires. new to ravage the u.s. state of california at least thirty five people thus far known to have died but many more are missing to check out this bodycount video shows the ferocity of the fire and demonstrates just what these firefighting guys emergency services have to contend with with all this going on around them trying to tackle it california's
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forestry and fire protection department says it's the worst outbreak in the state's history more than five thousand seven hundred buildings have been destroyed so the livelihoods lost nearly ninety thousand hectares of land been scorched. well on a happier note for this bullet in one of the world's largest events for young people as but to get underway here in russia the world festival of youth and students the title then is a cultural event there is expected to attract twenty thousand visitors is set to launch in just a couple of hours' time with a big parade here in moscow the main event that takes place down in sochi that beautiful black sea resort.
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that brings back some memories of the olympic coverage couple of years ago well we'll bring you more as the parade kicks off in the russian capital for coverage coming up. if you're out and about mobile we'll be keeping you posted on the rest of the week long event insult she as well for now though it's twenty four minutes past one o'clock here in moscow thanks for watching this saturday do you see it was your next live bulletin from h.q. in that.
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manufactured. public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in all middle of the room six. days still exist. puerto rico is treated as one as our own oil. and then only on the portals recall as little can i know well once it doesn't decrease in the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence jello it was sealed already. by the court order
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either with. the right i mean. there are. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day knowing. that i'm a long way from any other. beings. with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media. and voters elected the businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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themselves some are saying i build tiny houses for the homeless. see is back and they are here why do these guys down for me a tiny how lives is not a solution it will be a free for all. these nice safe conditions to live in. to sooth the planet render the city of los angeles.
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always good terrorists. nobody should be homeless anywhere but especially in one of the richest countries in the world. i build everything was true because i make a lot of mistakes. and it's easy to back out your mistakes in compton south central l.a. a pint sized idea. in a battle with city off already. when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle. the mayor of los angeles has declared the city is in the midst of a homelessness crisis. is trying to solve it one tiny house at
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a time the tiny house idea is very simple it's shelter. food water and shelter are not optional they're required for human survival so it's a. temporary solution and like the first stone a foundation if you will to helping people who are homeless. according to elvis these cheap and portable tiny homes meant to be on the streets of l.a. . and they need to fix. but right now they're not moving anywhere because city authorities banned them so they used to belong to somebody yeah yeah. and now they're being used no now they've been sitting here for a better part of a year collecting dust. and people are you know struggling and suffering. so yeah it's really sad i mean it's you know this is human.


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