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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 14, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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all the way to the decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they won't have to pay a. call for help and get the middle finger the movie is in my hole is. delayed and i hope you die.
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they were going underground is today the leader of western europe's largest socialist party jeremy corbyn heralds the foundations of modern consumer lore in the u.k. at the co-operative party conference in london coming up in the show venezuela's foreign minister tells us about this week's talks with arrays of maize government and attempts by washington and its corporate media to destroy the nation with the greatest was a of oil in the world and the queen of country music dolly parton in the studio in nashville talks to us about her new album i believe in you could help millions of british children learn to read after the closure of hundreds of my breweries amidst the western economic crisis plus hours after her government met with venezuelan officials and the leader of the opposition asked me what planet i was on and what we all know will punish me and his shadow chancellor on his planet venezuela tourism in a trice a survey of the u.k. labor party with the country deemed once by u.s. president jimmy carter to have the best electoral system in the world at this week's prime minister's questions golden some more coming up in today's going
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underground but first five years ago today nicolas maduro was named vice president of venezuela by one of the most electorally successful politicians in the world who go chavez but during the would succeed chavez as president of the nation with the world's largest known oil reserves elected in a landslide in twenty thirteen but could threats from nato nations change all that regional elections in venezuela tomorrow the u.s. response to stay improvements in everything from literacy to health since the dark days of us back to take has has been clear under obama and trump we have many options for that as well and by the way i'm not going to rule out a military option and. here in britain venezuela is used by dres amaze ministers to attack police supporter of progressive movements around the world jeremy corben he says he still had mas bolivarian revolution recession as i say he's caracas and.
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well joining me now is boris johnson's venezuelan counterpart or head. thanks so much for coming out of a media hub more on media and how it manipulates opinion in a second why you in london we have to say the truth about venice right and have to spread the truth of our democracy of our own model of democracy socialist democracy so we came to london to speak to the foreign office but to speak much more important for us to the to our friends to the trade union and to the grassroots movement it will be let's go to those moments in a second what about to raise amaze government because we are normally the not that as well as used as the butt of jokes by either to raise a may or for it's likely boris johnson or any number of british cabinet ministers have just told. him that we need some respect venezuela cannot be used as an internal issue in the internal political affairs of the u.k.
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now you cannot attack whomever you sing our country you have to respect our country we are suffering country and it's not fair and it's not polite even in diplomatic relations to do so so we demand respect for venezuela but we told mr duncan the truth about venezuela we left some material for him to study some issues that he has no knowledge about and we believe we can open good channels of communication with this government and with the government in the future of course arguably you can't blame him i mean he had some information from the british embassy in caracas but he gets. information like the british public and the public in nature countries from the media are you saying that c.n.n. and b.b.c. the state when david media here are you saying that they're journalists don't
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understand your country because this stupid or because they are up again and more than the journalists the onus of this the shareholders of these companies they don't want venezuela revolution to survive because we are threat ideological threat philosophical for it for the capitalist world for the neo liberal policies in the world so it's an aggression in to grow aggression against our country and it has a media expression as well and we know it's different it's difficult to make the truth about venezuela get over but that's what we're doing here and we will continue doing this all over the world we will come to london again soon we want to go to ireland and we have a lot of friends in the united ok away from the mainstream media journalists they come under attack all the time what about the pictures surely they don't lie
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seeming to support the idea as a ruling elites here that your government is abusing human rights on a routine basis they've done that seems two thousand and two you know there was a coup d'etat against them and then the charges and this was the george w. bush best yes which was supported agitate by the then labor government. and then there was economical sabotage that same year and then these are the people of the opposition go to the streets with terrorist actions trying to overthrow our government and what do you get from the media the mainstream media is that we are repressing the the police man the national guardsman you know in venice where. in one thousand nine hundred eighteen in forty eight hours five thousand when this winners were killed by those governments and they were doing nothing against the government they were protesting demonstrating discontent with the economical situation here we have people of the opposition who go to the streets gangs with
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weapons with bazooka with the they put people burn people alive and what we do is to try you know to do what we have to do to do to make things peaceful and then they say this is a dictatorship we have evidence we keating's cables showing cia backing for what people might terrorists militants in other latin american countries do you have any proof that washington is being these forces in your country we have tons of proves even declassified documents from the cia that have been appearing in recent years they were behind the coup that the economical sabotage the behind and supporting the opposition with finance from the use aid from the net and there's enough proof for that and they are still and they say it you know they say that the director of the cia said he was working with colombia and with this it
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with the opposition in venezuela to to make a change of regime that's the use the word they use in venezuela so they confess that they are doing so and the president of the united states himself his words he said he didn't discard and military operation against our country i don't know why because we were present no threat not even to our neighbors we are very good neighbors we help the caribbean we help our neighbors much more less to the most important country in the world who has the most important army that and weapons in the history of humanity so it's always a reaction when donald trump threaten military intervention in your country on television we're used to these aggressions it was president obama who issued the creed saying that venezuela was an extraordinary and unusual threat to the u.s. national security that. outshined there no change really and trump uses this to
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create with his personality and his behavior and but we do not discard that this man may use the force against venezuela so we are preparing for this we want dialogue we want to have a channel of communication with the trumpet ministration but if we are attacked we will respond if they want we know what we have to do to avoid the whichever army invaded invaded us in the future to have a drop of oil in one hundred years i do want to get to britain but do you think that lawmakers in washington to stand the united states reliance on the a country with the largest known reserves of oil in the world it's what they want they want to have a traditional government from the word just. not popular government not sovereign government in venezuela so that they can take our oil for free as they did for for ninety years but that's our own oil and we have to sell it at the market price and
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we have to invest in education in health in the people that's what we do so they have to respect these did the british foreign office talk about sanctions it will well i told him that it seems like they're following the steps of the united states of ministration don't trump and he said no we're not and i said how come not because if they have imposed sanctions to us and you want to discuss this in the european union good doing the same so you're going to tell me you're not following the steps of this man trump and he said he wasn't but it's obvious they do and so we shouldn't be happy if the european union is to board the native to the international policy of the united states because european union has its own spirit has its own values and it can not follow orders from the united states i learned the irony of britain is leaving the european you. you need takes orders from an iranian and i read but can sanctions help self-reliance in venezuela we've seen in
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quite a few countries sanctions have actually aided the independence of countries outside near the no way yes we can you know we can say it's the worst thing that could happen and abandoned and give up power but presley and i do too i said this is the best opportunity we have to change our economy structurally and to look for other markets and that's why he went to russia and he went to turkey and we have teams going to china because we have to build another i can texture for the financing routes of venezuela to guarantee that we can maintain the social investment in venezuela as fate made famous speeches against the i.m.f. do you see the brics bank and new institutions created by these emerging economies as being crucial to own child or bretton woods agreements of the world war two have
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collapsed they have no sense anymore they have to be changed brics is one of the alternatives the world has to china has a big economy with a big bank of development and it gives opportunities as well to latin america and russia has as well you know i should tell you though interrupting britain defied washington to join the bank and downing street said we are not washington's poodle here that's those those affairs you know but we believe we need like a common dented services and i would always doing as well a world with several centers and poles and that's in america should be a center ok we'll just fine you right now don't trouble and only threatening arguably the people of venezuela he's threatening big multinational oil interests what would you say to people it chevron phillips sixty six valero energy. he who invested billions in refining imported venezuelan oil for the united states they
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were surprised many refineries in the united states are built for our oil and to to change that technology it's millions of millions of dollars i don't know if the president of the united states is aware of that and if he was aware of that before issuing these these sanctions but i believe these companies that are that have invested in venezuela and i are very happy in venezuela should talk to their own government and make them take within the boat decisions and if anyone watching this interview which is a program on c.n.n. the statement a b.b.c. corporate media in the states saying that you are torturing people imprisoning people killing people on the streets of venezuela what should they do we have made a big effort you know eight million venezuelans voted for the national constituent assembly not even savvis ever ever had these figures and what they did was they they were patient they saw people like them being burned alive being brutalized by
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these opposition gangs and they were patient we spoke to all of them be patient we have to solve this through democratic means and they went and they voted eight million people i was surprised i expected a little less maybe seven million and even people of the opposition that were tired of violence of terrorist attacks couldn't go out to work or to study to the university who voted for the national constituent looking for peace foreign minister thank you thank you very much i've seen some pleasure thanks after the break working nine to nine we asked country music legend dr dhoni part of a remake of a classic film ninety five would be possible as unemployment reaches two hundred million around the globe and tourism a resorts to charges of anti semitism against germany who wins u.k. labor budget this week's b.n. years old is more coming up. but to have going underground.
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is still exist. ricos treated as one. hundred forty three cool. and i knew a lot of. the islanders controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence. either. still
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many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. on time along. with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. welcome back all give me there's no more pressing issue for the poor in austerity britain than the rollout to raise amaze universal credits policy and jeremy call been raised to the first british prime minister's questions since teresa mayes disastrous tory conference last week dres m h o's to focus on tony blair's poll. he's so cool been changed tack to plead for something practical no more telephone
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sex line style charges for the most vulnerable desperately seeking help but absurdly mr speaker the universal credit helpline cost claimants fifty five pence per minutes for the privilege of trying to get someone to help them try what they believe they're entitled to will the prime minister did to me show some humanity intervene and make at least a helpline three know the most vulnerable in british society whether they be homeless penniless or hungry will have to come up with fifty five p. or nearly a dollar a minute to phone someone who might be able to help them and anyway jeremy corbyn and his friends are probably a racist and hate jews they are qualities and human rights commission set labor needs to establish that it is not a racist party. and
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that maybe. i may believe you are right and council threatened to burn labor conference is because of freely expressed and see senator is that if anyone seriously thinks jeremy corbyn is a racist and t.c. might you're welcome to email us all contact us via social media. well now let's forget the uncertainty created by trump withdrawing the usa from unesco its national libraries week here in britain and germany corbin has pledged to develop a national policy on libraries in the face of hundreds being closed up and down the country to bail out the banks but arguably no single person has done more in the cause of promoting the tricksy than legendary country music star and actor dolly parton this week dolly parton has released a new album i believe in you all proceeds of which go to parton's imagination library which is meant one hundred million books for children in the u.s. canada. australia and britain joins me now from nashville tennessee dolly welcome
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to going underground to tell me about the new album i believe in you and then proceeds will go to part imagination library well i'm happy to tell you all about that and i'm very excited about the children's album is the first time i've ever done of a mainstream children's album although i've written many children's songs through the years i love kids and for the imagination library where you know we give books to children from the time they're born till i start school and a lot of the books i write themes the whatever the theme of the book is i rather a song about and the fact that all the money from this cd believe in you goes to the imagination library to put more books in the hands of more children. i don't use a quantity we're literally talking about tens of millions of books to children it's been responsible for a hundred million books maybe one hundred million books with any day now we're just about to get to that that milestone that we've started the program twenty two years ago in honor of my father who is gone now but he got to live long enough to see the
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imagination library start to take off and here in the children call me the book lady my dad couldn't read and write and so he was a country kid and grew up in the mountains and had to work to help feed the family so he didn't get an education so that was the reason that i started this whole program because i do believe if you can read you can separate yourself and the younger you are when you learn to read the better off you are so it's been a wonderful program but i'm very proud to be part of its nautical is just the south and tennessee we've had austerity the library closures here in britain and you're helping children here yes we have we're actually we started out in my home county then we went all over tennessee and many states here in the united states in the canada and in london were on our strength and we're just we've got places to scattered all around and we're just put in books in as many kids hands as we possibly can so you recorded i think one or two of the songs the wrister are very
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much children's songs tell me why you chose to record a coat of many colors i really felt like coat of many colors needed to be one of the songs in the album although i've recorded it but one of the main reasons we also have a new book trade book the coat of many colors and it's in the law and then the imagination library so i am doing my reading as a bonus track on the coat of many colors book and also i felt that i should sing it and have children sing along with me on the courses of it instead of like the the background singers that we used to do i did it more sample more kids. only i just think the message is very important there's another song in the album along those lines it's called making funny funny and it addresses the bullying that is just so prominent these days with children let alone code of many colors tennessee mountain home brewed seemingly love songs to see you're still based there though rather than
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metropolitan l.a. or new york well no i'm still live in nashville i love tennessee asked about the old home place you know back years ago were we early days and so i've kind of built up that part of the you know of our world of they are close i love my family i love the smoky mountains i love who i am and where i'm from and the people that made me everything that i am so i love travel and i love to go to new york i used to have an apartment there for years and i have a home in l.a. because i do a lot of business there but i just days or weeks not months and years there coast this is still. you know it's a poor state of i'm reading that maybe knowing team found direct jobs have been attributed to dollywood and maybe one billion dollars of economic impact for me about dollywood well dollywood we actually have dollywood the theme park we have a water park we have
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a couple of dinner theaters out on the parkway as well so we generate a lot of jobs for a lot of the people in the area and now we have a new resort called the dream or resort is doing really well in that employs a lot of people as well so we really like to feel like that we give back to the dollywood foundation which is actually is the house for our imagination library we do a lot of good things a lot of good charity work and a lot of things for the whole community and addition to that i can say provide jobs for our local people i mean aside from what those initiatives do you think i mean the caesar is a poor state do you think they need not only jobs where they. needed country music to survive the people are dead the thing is and i well tennessee is known for its music for sure in all parts of tennessee whether you're in the mountains of east in a sea you know where we have the mountain music in the bluegrass or you're in nashville where they have all kinds of music are in memphis where they have the
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blues than all the good stuff so tennessee is like three states in one you've got your mountains you got your can you roll in heels and you got to the flat part of west in a sea so but there's a lot of poor people in every state and there are poor people in tennessee but there are a lot of prosperous people as well certainly those big star that are national. you sound like a one woman u.n. relief agency you mention the great smoky mountains i want to get on to the hurricane relief or to recall of course still suffering apparently your telephone may have raised about nine million dollars for for the twenty sixteen great smoky mountains wild yes it did actually that number is world wide is up to like twelve million now and then all the money that we raise for that has gone to the far victims and we are back in business now we did not burn down our beautiful gatlinburg really done some damage there mainly out in people's homes and in rural areas but it was a horrible horrible thing and i had so many country artists or many artists from
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all over the world in different genres of music performing or making donations or both and a lot of people happened to pull that together so it was my duty to do that because i am from the smokey mountains it just so happened that everything kind of failed or it could be done in the right and the timing was really well done well for that i mean i was lucky and fortunate we just got off tour when that happened that we were on our last days so we just came since we already had our band and all of our instruments and all of our equipment together we just brought it down set it up and just went right at it so we were happy to do that so i mean aside from all this amazing charity work we interviewed the director of a new recent film nick broomfield he wrote he did it for gold with me and i and i know that we need used in the cover of your song tell me about the pressures of
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fame obviously that film about whitney houston about those pressures of being huge singing well that's been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me have and whitney houston saying that song that most simple country song that was straight from my heart but she took it and made it into this grand. wonderful piece of music and i'll always love whitney houston for that but that song is very important to me and i mean i think of course the country people would have always recognized me for it but it was only when she did it in the movie the bodyguard kevin costner had loved the song and he directed that movie and was in it and so he's the one that you know wanted the song he and his secretary had loved the song so they sent for it and whitney just killed it and she just absolutely just did a wonderful job nobody could have done a better job than she did on that bridge in the book lady which was a part of the campaign for children's literacy in the united states will go door to
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miley cyrus was also in do you think you've influenced her music this thing a new album is country influence well i don't know if i have or not i'd like to think so in some ways i think maybe i have inspired her because she's a freshman to me as well she's very giving very talented very special and i was just so excited that we got to write and sing that song together in her new album the rainbow land but yes she's i think she's moving back to nashville and i think she's jonson new things and mother's relist smart and i hope she does well she'll always i've always said no matter how high she jumps she'll always land on her feet . and stars these days of to be pretty careful of the current highly polarized political climate in the united states oh well i'm just myself i don't usually talk politics i don't because i have a lot of fans on both sides whether democrats or republicans are trying to stay in the middle i say i don't admire hypocrite so i don't i don't try to do the politics
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but yes i think that you know a lot of people you know have need to voice their opinions and we all i try to live an example and i just think that everybody should be treated well we should love one another would be great to live in a world of peace. but what are the chances of that happening any time soon so i guess we all have our own way of expression that you want to would for acting actually i think as well as the music for a nine to five and then the joneses of a sequel to the film little over a rewrite of a song maybe nine to nine. well i'm not sure that we were planted anything we're a little all well now for that i think it would have to call it ninety five instead of ninety five but i do think it's a good story i think they could actually do a remake of a movie or something with years and younger people but not likely that we're going to do another sequel of that and the album comes out. thirteenth as it proceeds
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some of them may end up with books with children here in britain do yes all the money goes to the imagination library every damn of it i'm not keeping a penny of the sales from that album so it all goes to put more books in the hands of more children as we said and thank you for allowing me to come on and talk about it. thank you and that's it for this show will be back on monday till then keep in touch via social media we'll see you on monday one thousand years to the day that u.s. backed chilean dictator augusto pinochet responsible for the killing of tens of thousands was arrested in london on a spanish warrant before being freed on the orders of tony blair's government over ruling the british capital.
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a world without borders no longer seems desirable even europe scales back its welcoming migration policies is there a way of addressing the global migration challenge without being swept underneath. the.
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fears of people been saying about rejected in the us is a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really bad. yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is doing the same . apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack tonight. president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail. for headline stories this hour the syrian army liberate the city of formerly a small make state's largest stronghold in the east three. also ahead a landmark nuclear deal with iran is at risk as president try.


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