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tv   Headline News  RT  October 14, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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another setback for islamic state is the syrian army liberates the city of al mired in one of the terror groups long strongholds in the east of the country. the landmark nuclear deal with iran is at risk because president trump refuses to certify it claiming to iran is breaching the spirit of the agreement the move has drawn severe criticism from european leaders. this is a dangerous signal present to the united states as many follows not this one. and as austrians prepared to head to the polls this sunday is predicted the anti migrant freedom party is set for the big games.
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you want you all to international live from moscow studio with me in india today welcome to the program syrian government troops have liberated the eastern city of id and from islamic states according to the russian defense ministry mccarran has the details. my dean is one of the last remaining eisold strongholds so the liberation of the city is likely to come as a major blow to this terrorist group fighting a military source the sun the news agency has reported the soldiers are now driving the road maybe just out of the city for what is underway on relieving land mines and booby trapped behind by the militant fighting lies in the province situated just south of the provincial capital and this area has witnessed some of the fierce
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fierce fighting between islamic state and syrian forces as government its battle to push the islamist. now its syrian army troops successfully reached the outskirts of al my earlier this month effectively trapping isis in the city and of course russian forces have been actively supporting syrian troops to with the russian naval task force launching cruise missile strikes on terrorist positions in al my again while dozens of militants have been killed in a series of russian air strikes across the province in recent weeks and all this comes just one day off the russian general staff announced that islamic state now controls less than eight percent of syria due to major successes of the syrian troops but controlling would you wish that you would see less than a percent of syrian territory. controlled since the real russian war simply will continue its operations against. the principle that are completely eliminated the liberation of diem means that islamic states presence in syria has shrunk further
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leaving the group wouldn't it and most crucially more vulnerable perhaps the perfect time for government troops to intensify its anti eisel campaign. middle east analyst. he believes it will take to liberate the remaining eight percent of syrian territory held by eisel. it will take some time but major city after major city is forming and this is very significant there is room for had been divided as a city between those assyrians who did not want to. not accept basically to go under control. so the lines in the trenches and everything are very much stiff doesn't have apparently this divide in the city the syrian army having crossed the euphrates a little bit south of daters or is now heading north back on the other side of the
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euphrates the eastern bank. and is in circling those forces from behind so this would also hope for the speed of the clearing of the resort itself but would it would also take some time just on another aspect to get your thoughts in a city of iraq north of were looking all of them are in in eastern syria that's where the u.s. backed anti ice law peroration is ongoing that russian military has said that the coalition is using the wrong target ticks as they're trying to destroy the city's water supplies which could of course impact greatly on civilians your thoughts on the aspect well yes i mean we're hearing a lot of reports. in the bombing of the american since this operation started four months ago. hasn't been very accurate the united states policy has backfired and they are forcing somehow to even if they do not do not necessarily wish so to hide
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behind civilians you know they haven't been very clear about this. the historic nuclear agreement with iran is in jeopardy after president trump announced he won't certify terrans compliance with the accord his decision comes despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying iran is keeping its side of the deal. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout importantly iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. the move means the u.s. congress now has sixty days to decide whether to reimpose the sanctions on iran that were lifted as part of the deal that would likely see the agreement collapse some lawmakers will also try to make tougher existing legislation on iran if those
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that. try the deal will be terminated here's why the american president may want to pull out of it for reasons why trump needs to pick a fight with iran. after all his policy flip flops he needs to stand firm on something iran will do just to save face threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos all nations of the most working to isolate. the. washington's also getting worried by iran's growing influence in the region iran has been allowed to run wild throughout the middle east for the last eight years. but let's not forget money iran the evil enemy cups is so a lot more weapons than the compliance. and risk to the united states military. community very happy to take you. out of the cherry on top rushing
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iran means pleasing your close friend israel common danger. and israel first from iran for decades iran is. threatening the region and causing so much to buy alliance with. the. i want you to know how much we appreciate. the. american policy on iran which you clearly it's very hard to say what his what his goal is is is he trying to go to iran into taking some actually really the pressure on trump is coming from is his biggest sponsors financial sponsors and fundraisers and they are absolutely all virtually ready for war with iran iranian president responded to donald trump's claims were saying the u.s.
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leader is not in a position to dictate the future of the agreement this is an international multilateral deal that has been ready for it by the u.n. security council it is a u.n. document is it possible for a president to unilaterally decide to fight this important international deal apparently he's not in the know it is not a document between iran and the u.s. so he can't treat it the way he likes. it took nine years of tough negotiations before the deal was finally reached in twenty fifteen although the standoff over iran's nuclear activities stretched back far more than a decade and was widely regarded as one of the world's most urgent crises and it wasn't only the u.s. that painstakingly negotiated the terms it was the combined efforts of russia china britain france and germany to the u.s. secretary of state has been trying to rally european allies over trans decision but so far they've mostly reacted angrily. i fully expected are eligible for it in
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europe by the region are going to be very supportive presence of united states as many posts not this one it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it we cannot afford as international community as europe for sure to dismantle and nuclear agreement that is working and delivering especially now this is a difficult and in our view dangerous signal that the agreement with iran has shown for the first time that it's possible to prevent war through negotiations with the destruction of this agreement would mean that others around the world would no longer rely on such treaties it's therefore a danger that goes far beyond iran we in europe germany france the u.k. and the e.u. we stand by this agreement with iran and we want to preserve the agreement i think it will will further estrange our relations with our european allies it will draw
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them closer together and i think actually closer to the russians and the chinese just things stand now the iranians have the support of the russians the chinese and all of our european allies it's washington this isolated. ukrainian far right radicals have been marking seventy five years since the creation of the ukrainian insurgent amin the country's capital kiev. league. a nationalist guerrilla force was founded in one thousand nine hundred forty two during the second world will it fall primarily against the soviet union on pride and at times collaborating with nazi germany in nine hundred forty three the insurgent ukrainian forces adopted a policy of massacring and expelling the polish population from ukraine which poland later declared as genocide it's also believed the army was responsible for the killing of ukrainian. moscow is concerned the
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u.s. is pushing the world towards another alms rice story is just ninety seconds away.
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so what you want to present. which. is what. three of the more people. understand. this. welcome back to the program moscow is concerned about the expansion of america's antiballistic missile systems saying it's pushing the world into a new all the russian defense ministry expressed its fears as a joint briefing with china at the united nations according to data compiled by moscow there are sixty u.s. counter missiles in europe and around one hundred fifty in the age of position pacific region the total number is expected to grow to a thousand in the next five years. a part of russia's concern is over the
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so-called problem to global strike system the russian defense ministry says the u.s. is closely working on the project adding it would not require nuclear weapons but would be just as destructive jacqueline explains. if you didn't think the world was scary enough this might just push you over the edge the russian defense ministry says that washington is one step closer to developing a prompt global strike system the pens are going to step closer to the development of approach global strike system such systems are designed to achieve the same results as nuclear weapons so let's break down the jargon problem global strike or p.t.s. is a system that can carry out a persistent guided conventional air strike anywhere in the world within an hour conventional air strike implies dropping projectile such as barrels or steel pipes from high altitudes and high speeds and anything release from the height of over one hundred kilometers instantly turns into
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a deadly bomb thanks to the gained momentum and explosion equal the power of a nuclear one except no fallout they even coined a term for it kinetic bombardment and here's the kicker kinetic bombardment is not prohibited by either the outer space treaty or the anti-ballistic missile treaty if that's not worrying enough wait till you see the report penned by a congress think tank earlier this year it's packed with possible drawbacks to the system saying that it could in fact prove destabilizing in a crisis for a number of reasons for example the report mentions the possibility of the us as adversaries taking the p.d.s. launch for a nuclear strike which could trigger a nuclear response and of course once one world power obtains a prompt strike system everyone will be racing to be the second pushing the world into a new arms race there are concerns by countries that. prompt global strike would allow another country to do a strike on another country without using nuclear weapons as a way to take advantage of these new technologies and that's why that you're seeing
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this arms race either we need a new agreement between countries or we need to figure out a way to ban any kind of weaponization of space that would not be good for world security and again is just causing another cold war type arms race. austria's right wing nationalists once again looking at a place in government ahead of sunday's vote polls suggest a strong showing for the anti immigration freedom party that grouping is currently in second place as you can see from the latest polls and front is the centrist people's party its leader and current foreign minister sebastian says if he becomes chancellor he will end power sharing with the social democrats and then seek a coalition with any other party including perhaps the right wing with which he shares a strong anti immigration stance the latest results in austria only adding to concern
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over the rise of populism at the heart of europe in france the storage immigration hard line nationalist marine le pen was a leading contender in this year's presidential election last month germany saw a right wing party enter parliament for the first time in nearly sixty years and now austria might be about to follow suit. that gets all been boarded. up the board it will be up. but. there is a history of frustration with the established political parties during the global recession and twenty nine european austria were hit hard and top of these were the
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stream of margaret's in twenty three all that enormously increased popular discontent. following events in austria is our correspondent paula. there's a lot of intrigue over whether or not the right wing freedom party will do as well as its sisters elsewhere in europe in france and in germany form of fringe parties making it big on the political scene the us skeptic anti immigrant freedom party seriously complicates things for the leading center right people's party the v p o v p started to harsh in its agenda to attract voters i'm here to pro freedom party rally the last one before sunday's parliamentary election in which the party is expected to come second many here accuse one of its main rivals of stealing some of its proposals and if nobody is coming into the country without registration without a passport no one should be allowed to enter austria. we will do everything
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possible to stop illegal immigration i am asking that social benefits for non austrians be significantly reduced. we'll do everything we can to end the abuse of our social welfare system by immigrant the people's party has always been the pro european party quite conservative and now they're copied to the nationalist program after freedom party they're now not trying to be like the blue party they're trying to be against foreign. multicultural things that's copy paste party because of freedom party was successful and so far it's working well for the people's party with its new young leader sebastian kurtz at the helm presenting himself as a bold reformist and not shying away from bowing the policies of the controversial freedom party it's slated to win sunday's parliamentary election some expose suggests curt's might even approach the freedom party to form
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a coalition government not least of all because of its fallout with its previous partner the social democrats i don't think that a big coalition the collision between conservatives and social democrats will come again because no. one wants i think there will be a change people want change people won't change the european political landscape is shifting with parties that were on the fringes we'll do even more influence policy r t vienna. thousands of firefighters in california trying to get a grip on seventeen wildfires spreading across the u.s. state police thirty five people have now been confirmed dead and almost six thousand homes and buildings destroyed crews say beginning to make some progress smell was so strong. the winds were just incredible to see sheets of embers just coming toward you and we had that before so you said are important papers on.
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the wedding album. the. whole time we have for. the fires have driven out ninety thousand people from the recording to local authorities this body. rots that's what the emergency services to deal with is reportedly the worst outbreak of wild five in california history. one of the world's largest events for young people is under way in russia the nation's capital is welcoming the nineteenth world festival of youth and students and we'll be bringing you all the highlights over the next week. i've seen and you can bet that after it oh well i just meet mr right now i'm forgetting you for you have the days yeah well dyson d.l. says i'll tell you something we used to do that is we need you and you didn't move out the spear in one you get up mickey i do mean it up now and it's not with.
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a colorful phyliss play as monk the opening of this year's festival in moscow and a half hours since the students paraded through the city center caleb maupin was there for us a crowd of young people have come out and they are not deterred by the bad weather it may be raining but they are here to march through the streets of moscow and celebrate unity of use of the world thirty five thousand students both russian students and students from around the world gathered it was a very carnival atmosphere with with parades and floats decorated to to look like different countries and represent different countries all of it representing how sixty years ago the world festival of youth and students was convened here in moscow in one nine hundred fifty seven now we were actually able to speak with some of the young people from around the world who participated in the festivities in
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the carnival atmosphere in the parade i'm feeling the energy all fuel that and the people they're so excited and happy and i'm happy to do it's great to learn what's going on in the world and not only in your own community so to be here and to share our view of the world and to experience this culture shock that's enriching for us all students from different countries that are in the brink so wall to me to try to be one has time to try to de talk to go beyond the politiques and deduce seats and talk them understand each other as human beings do steps like that maybe world peace recall that we could have done it's wonderful being here what's coming up is the world special museum suit students. in sochi sochi is where the action will really be happening as we'll see thousands and thousands and thousands of young people from around the world gathering in sochi for this festival now a lot is going on in the city of sochi different pair for this huge gathering of
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young people that are that are coming from around the world that kicks off on sunday so let's take a look at what's going on in sochi as they get ready for this huge international gathering promoting the ideals of peace and international cooperation between the youth of the world. and.
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the round up of the news this hour look us up on social media or on facebook time you tube i'll be back at the top of the hour so do stay with us. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such to lucian tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution kroft someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. a world without borders no longer seems desirable even europe scales back its welcoming migration policies is there a way of addressing the global migration challenge without being swept underneath. new delhi to urge her.
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your total. money we didn't. all. go to post could still move for you.
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i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report we are in north dakota we are in standing rock reservation just about one hundred yards from casino here and we are experiencing full front. loaded the impact of. the standing rock phenomena i want to get into this slowly and describe it in a deliberate way because i see something here rolling over the plains significant a revisitation the karmic wills about to roll and people who think they've been so smart for so long are in the crosshairs stacy well first let's tell the global audience out there who might not know where north dakota is is in the middle of the united states away up north and it is freezing cold up here and there is miles and miles and miles and tens of miles of nothingness and there's no trees hardly even
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here so you'll hear a lot of wind is blowing everywhere we're in the middle of the standing rock reservations to sioux indian tribe reservation from here north dakota all the way down to south dakota for hours you drive through it there's a lot of buffalo and a lot of things like that and at each end of the reservation there are cops waiting to basically shake you down as we've experience we'll tell you about that in the second half but the first half just about a ten minute drive this way is where sitting bull is buried and in a pizza joint which is probably the only place for a couple hundred miles around to eat there it on the reservation there is a few signs interesting signs first of all standing rock resisting since fourteen ninety two which is interesting in light of the fact that not only is columbus day this week but also that you know this whole.


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