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the site otherwise it will be a free for all there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. what we want is to put and hand to nuclear testing and then to move towards a world free of nuclear weapons and to do that we have to bring countries who seek or who out of this ambition to understand that their national security doesn't depend on the possession of nuclear weapons. what.
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just. a combination of eight nine and three there's also the worst possible hand in the japanese equivalent of blackjack. in other words good for nothing another term often used for the a closer. look of joy than what our she will do anything done nothing this is. your muscles and i know get in there she was almost. a mustache and there are other some of the assholes dare to what they did you have to create the state of our film critic i said. i guess he's going to. skewer the wal-mart. theory why you might like it oh. i don't skew no more. you can
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would you like it on their skin. and i disagreed on their must get up on the door to get the one i thought i didn't hear. mr schiavo the sixty nine. spent twenty seven of those years with the tokyo police homicide division. dealing mainly with the accuser. then the typical. i am championship on and it isn't then we call
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say that you're the kind of. somebody. younger than you on the newton and also the joke on the other than not they are more considered to look under. kosher utilization to keep them i don't want to eat them with whom the sun do fall in the can but it can but it so the. deal. with them to go to a point. some of these are when we're born from the system you think so those are. the accuser images so popular in modern culture that even former members take advantage of it. and they're still mobsters if early on the screen. seal of these five actors are used to be real the accuser. can you guess which.
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one image and no one. underwater. nagano or only know that. on the outskirts of tokyo mr ark asarco rents a room in one of these ordinary apartment blocks. one of his clients agreed to meet us here.
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do you. know my this guy who lives your modem was most. afraid of you know you do not live our lives here. don't want. to see what. you do if you see it goes he knows. you know you're. getting tattooed is a point of no return it displays the status of a second class citizen. and in. jenny when you go to school dealers there are only ever created with a special wooden stick and most directors that he does own a few but hasn't used them for some time. more than thirty machines a much faster narrower.
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marcos who refers to himself as an old fashioned guy he used to be married but no he's divorced and a single parent raising a son and he's not planning to remarry anytime soon because he already has a family the yakuza. and. marlo moved toward the top of. the remote specifically accuser tattoos but there are several traditional topics that often feature it's not the tattoo subject matter that says the wearer is a mafia member fears a blank space or makoto chest. is reserved for a name and when the oil or crime family boss his name is inked in that tattoo becomes your kusa specific and. because what is
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a form of your kusa he's not afraid to show his face but he insisted that we can feel his name. there's a myth that no one can quit the family and go back to being an ordinary person but actually anyone can and there are many who have regular yakuza mobsters can switch gangs or retire from members in the higher ranks of a family quitting is a bit more complicated but it can still be done once you've paid your penalty. before becoming a priest mr was a you're cool as a member. after serving a prison term he went home and converted his mother's bar into a church. there are many familiar closer in his parish. to the city of the. need to.
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be. well mr eko sucker enjoys a cigarette break makoto recalls his father's it isn't me. from local. the thing is maybe it'll come out the count the most he she won't know. the money so
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they'll be used to. you know you know. doesn't fall down on them so you know they. basically will be busy. but actually a monster and you accuse a member want to chill out for a while. be sure ac he's.
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going to board up the whole got there. to the madea so you know you got to run the gun out the whole front door. this is didn't go to a boat house with us. but because one had no qualms. we wanted to see if people would give them away. this. seems to be.
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finally. someone. this particular. zero. zero. zero. zero.
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course ended. up. in. a pit of this culture. the one. on the.
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bottom of. your hill your one. you. know i don't know. son neil he can bomb. a world without borders no longer seems desirable even europe scales back its welcoming migration policies is there a way of addressing the global migration challenge without being swept underneath. the.
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colon is still exist puerto rico is treated as one that's our own oil corn only cause an online possibly toll. on the portal three call us you know an ideal world. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence joe it was the only god you know it was getting about on a. board at either we. don't want to make overtaking again waiting. still do wish to join the u.s. . every day. with the country.
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no because. when i say they'll want to move more on this get off has he got to buy one more. do you. figure. that can make a pretty about yet to see. nothing in the city.
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i thought you did not. think it is. this business is one of the establishment. you want yeah he also happens to have missed his former wife here though she wasn't one of the stuff. going down on some of the film when i did it but i think that i think. i'll just. give them up. on still. love me.
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there are always depicted in movies as grim faced. their enemies apart and without a second thought. that may be true but interestingly enough until recently. the syndicate operated quite openly. even little offices with a list of employees and a sign on the door it's their openness to search your panels mafia apart from all of the rest. most who are. not. here know hold is the. one i saw. and all else and. for the first time in your kusa history it's stages has come close to its literal meaning good for nothing they won their move. for the beginning of the program for that
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she. couldn't imagine there that were here more. food and water see through. none. none of them want. to. be on a day that. you want to go. there or the other. good. morning bill what addicted. can you don't want to do that. and those in mafia busting that was. the heart.
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of these actors only mr and mr were real. mr ruef enjoyed a long career in the mafia. he was also a member of a chinese crime gang and his tattoos a chinese not japanese. fan because he's an actor we asked mr rufu to play a small role for us. oh. yeah yeah yeah yeah. he was. well it's going to. be ready and i mean that. from.
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the rubber band stops blood flow to the finger so in about ten minutes mr rufus digit will be completely numb and lose all feeling. sumi ritual dates back to japan's middle ages cut fingers affected a worry is skill making it hard to hold a sword in. one of the. parcels i. am . and what. they call you know all. eat.
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well. you. never ate the fingers in the old days he'd have taken the digits and put them in formaldehyde jobs and they became a source of pride for the syndicates. these days and i would run into serious trouble with the police if any of his followers practiced you but sue me. where we told makoto about are you but sue me frank who was quick to highlight some of the mistakes of motor. so much of. what. might. come up will.
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come. down. oh yeah. to sing a song about his life principles. for him it's a very important show and. i'm out. of it. no mood.
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you. know.
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i don't know you. always tell me said that they don't behave like. you do you get all the money you want to know things that. sort of do it to me so well quoth i said to them and i don't. makoto introduced this year who's a member is one of the families best fighters they regularly train together at the
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gym makoto some trains with the two. just as it did when i was a child ordinary life goes on that's what this is regular life for the. now you know. not. it's not that i like. to exhibit that. then. and there is still time to down my music but it is not a plot that up. for
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grabs i do. think that. such as a year coup is a rite of passage. in fact macos is about to reveal some very intimate facts about his second best to us. you know. what it's going to. radio. national. interest. what is it will make on it for the good. and then. we're putting that to. prevent us with a. lot of the show that. we have to not. know this will be so it will.
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be placing with us you're giving us an idea of the. christian books and one of the times my superwoman. yeah to give them what i think they're. not up there so when i get all my email and i would stick. to. my. must be given to them. it's worth remembering that japan's crime rates are amongst the lowest in the world and that's why the story of the modern day you're closer is much less about
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a particular crime problem than it is about a rapidly vanishing breed. los angeles the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided
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to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. on a parking space is not a solution. to someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. by
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then got a session on the nod. by then if. not . more. so it. will. if you have the multiple injuries among can't connect them to yourself you. shows your you know most of the. book on a few of the people from the say yes but in the book and more awesome. my. own i'm an. awful lot like. something to watch. something.
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a little tunnels look not that i would like to now maybe maybe maybe pull it off. another setback for islamic state has the syrian army liberates the city of one of the terror groups last stronghold in the east of the country plus as we review the week's biggest news stories to. tell you. the syrian army continues to repel iso from there is all over its correspondent follows the troops as they free another village from the terrorists and the catalonia standoff breakaway region calling for a dialogue with the prime minister or does the catholic president to clarify if he's really.


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