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tv   Headline News  RT  October 15, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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it is good to see we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so kate was really pretty seriously send us an e-mail. five hundred meters from. village house is making it. was a mad dog in the white house over the. syrian government forces continue to repel islamic state from did israel province we've got exclusive footage from there is one of the last strongholds of isolates liberated in the east of syria also to come this hour on the weekly failed expectations and more uncertainty catalonia surprises and gives ambiguous signals on the region's independence to madrid ordered him to clarify whether he's actually declared it or not it's.
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true. also this hour the world festival of peace and she wants a piece of russia's black sea resort of sochi we're live at the new south. of. fellow good evening welcome it's just gone six o'clock here in moscow you're watching the weekly here on r.t. our look back at what's been happening over the last seven days and will start in syria where government troops there have liberated the eastern city of my d.n.a. from islamic state it is the latest blow to the terror group which is now being steadily pushed from the war torn country. i.
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well you can see out of the book all about a good job with this man to give up but yeah the idealism are to the. lord god be honest. for. while the terrorists are fighting face lee to retain what they can of their last stronghold in the region but against the air filed this upcoming report from the village of how to shot a syrian troops during its liberation. under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates over the only bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than
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a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's fifth division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but not all it isn't like the movies doors rarely open at the first peek. then came the first warning minute before you could. go to many no no no and. you knew he was right it wasn't one of their as. isis back up had arrived reinforce the jihad ists felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in a good place the syrian army responded quickly but there was some confusion at
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first. then about oh. there will never know how many. five hundred meters from hadleigh village isis is making it. doesn't that the good. life that house over there. wouldn't. be harassing syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles using speed and distance as their protection taking potshots the other thing hiding behind a house driving out firing for a little bit. hiding back before the serious. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game the very much but it's a harassing stick and it's keeping everyone today during the fierce firefight one
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of the pickup trucks stopped here is one of the jihadists briefly showing himself while spraying away on full otoh with a clear target out came the heavier weapons. it was a miss try again. this crap i says last but everything you just saw was shot within the span of a single hour in one village with a small unit these scenes being repeated hourly across the front hundreds of kilometers wide or i'd guess deal. from hadleigh syria.
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in other news this week the catalan president suspended declaring the region's independence calling for dialogue with madrid instead the move prompted the spanish prime minister to demand clarification on whether independence had officially been declared or not. we ask for a mandate to declare catalonia an independent states. responsible with all due respect i asked parliament to suspend the declaration of independence so that's in the coming weeks we can undertake a dialogue. for the moment we formally require the custom government to confirm if it has declared independence of catalonia after the deliberate confusion created over whether it has come into effect. meanwhile people in catalonia have been left . straighted by the confusion many were visibly affected while listening to the president's announcement there and also deeply disappointed at the end madrid has given the catalan president until monday to clarify the situation adding he has
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three days after that to drop the declaration if in fact it is made and to see sent this report from barcelona was was why you see. the reach it was. it is necessary to show rebellion i do not know if and dependence is the solution with this it demonstrates this half of the population is tied up with this independence will hurt both speed in catalonia it took many years to make the country whole and to divide it just like that is absurd this particular square their screens are being set up where no doubt this area is going to be by people in the hours to come preparing to listen to this crucial meet the parliament is right there and we do
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know that because one leaders in their meeting with parliamentarians in the head of the preparation of what's going to happen and people here despite this being a problem to find the gathering really there is no certainty as of right now what exactly he's going to say. was i. never said. she. was she. wouldn't see. it again later millions i think he should have declared independence because now he says he wants time like a good morning and has asked the spanish government like seventeen times. and every time the doors have been closed to you i believe today he would finally declare rates and we're going to be disappointed he stated he didn't take the step forward that everybody wanted we understand he wants that but to want to have spoken again
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and we did want to be independent in your view i want to dependence i don't want anything to do with spain my ancestors wanted it but were forced to be spanish if i ever can say that my nationality is catalan i'll be very happy i know where the iconic french showed us where barcelona plaza cuts alone we are right now and thousands of people if you can see governor marching from that direction towards this where this is that. that's where all of these people are coming out to speak in support of the things that's ok with. me probably relate to. you too soon because it was. cool to be i was. cool. that the opening ceremony of the world festival of
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youth and students is currently underway in russia's black sea resort of sochi at the moment the week long coat for event is expected to attract upwards of twenty thousand visitors from all around the world in a couple of people that we know very well our correspondents. following the event for us let's start with the caliber i understand you're in the iced tea ceremony has been taking place i've seen a bit of it very colorful and spectacular to just tell us what's been happening. as you can see around me we're in the stadium here and there is a crowd of roughly thirty. fifty thousand young people. for the opening ceremonies. bastable now as you can see behind me there's kind of a song and dance performance going on the theme of which is human progress the advances in technology the struggle to eradicate poverty and sure it is easy is
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just a very moving and epic performance that we're seeing here in the crowd is made up of young people from all across the planet africa asia latin america all over the globe and they're actually anticipating the arrival of russian president vladimir putin will be pressing the gathering here at the opening ceremonies some quite a lot of energy in the audience here people are just deeply moved i saw people in tears just deeply moved by the performance here just so moved by the spirit of global solidarity and friendship that they're hearing how the slogan we keep seeing everywhere is together all across the planet and you can really feel that spirit here in the auditorium so quite a moving moment everyone waiting for latimer putin to arrive we'll keep you up to date here on aren't seeing. things colored differently terrific atmosphere there in a thought slightly quiets a place we can go live not to die knew he was. the study but still in the olympic
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first don't you just tell the senate bit about the background to this festival because this quote of the state histories and and also what we can expect over the coming days. all i can cite is only mostly quotes if i do this but a concert going on behind me now for quite a number of hours with a couple of thousand people gathered at this square in anticipation of course of the president's speech for the ceremony finishing in that part of why caleb is all those people come pouring out and join a big party although central square here behind me it's a very special year for the world youth festival of self with youth and students as is a lot of us are you know this whole thing started way back in not include the seven it's been held twice in russia before fifty seven and eighty seven in moscow. this year is obviously in the southern city of sochi as i think a little mentioned we're expecting about twenty thousand people from abroad to fifty different countries i was spoken to people from south america asia the middle
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east really to global presence here from all over the world it's an opportunity for young people to take part in a really big program of concerts cultural events sports competitions we've spoken to some of those who've traveled from russia and beyond to get some of their emotions about what they're looking forward to most let's take a listen i came from jordan middle east from sri lanka we have from argentina a lot of countries here more than one hundred fifty countries but a lot of cultures a lot of people still excited to meet the new people youngsters a great opportunity to come and meet guess one to get to know you all around the world a just like a sense of that the possibility of food right at world a world with more social such just peace it's impossible and here we can see that it isn't we can meet people from every country that can prove their experiences what they are doing in their countries and that's what we came to the and it's really great but. i'll be the motto of this year's first of all the
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headline a catchphrase if you like is for peace solidarity and social justice struggle against imperialism and finally altering our past we build the future and the future something also very important for people here this festival is not only a networking a bone meal but unity for young people from around the world it's an opportunity for them also to discuss debate share ideas about salient global issues from global warming and security to education to health care the environment some of those forms will be taking place over the next few days with leading speakers ministers from russia as well as foreign experts that they will have to look forward to over the next few days here in sochi at the parade took place in moscow yesterday to open up. grand opening ceremony is here today not a ball from young people of course there's also some people that way all those years ago many decades ago in russia previous festivals you travel worldwide back here to be live some of those emotions.
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thirty thousand young people gathering. for the festival and. hundred and fourteen delegations thirty thousand people from a hundred and fourteen counting the war. or. peace and friendship. this is somebody you might recognize. you must imaging.
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he says he will believe to be he. says yes lethal thing at. my first century absolute and i read through i said from school we. see you next first of all. i hold that our ideals we see play out he. had. grown old to have had the experience of the world more open minded. while also at the festival his rise from the speaking make the change he hopes to inspire the young people and encourage them to believe in themselves i love russia and actually with the heritage of my parents coming from former yugoslavia we have
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a lot of similarities in our culture and i love the food the hospitality and russia's a beautiful country and i'm very excited for the country is there holding also the world cup so i'm glad to be planting seeds of hope and love all across the country especially to the next generation my expectations at sochi i had the world festival of youth i'm so excited that my story can inspire people to never give up and to help them. overcome obstacles and really come to a whole new level of of happiness in their lives so i hope that they receive it well and i just want to let them know that they're beautiful and to never give up. we will continue our special coverage of the world festival i need students over the next five days. i see and begin doubting. me just to write nine unforgettable dooku forty days. to
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visit in. the spirit i. did you do me any amount good stuff i know but if. you're watching a weekly here and still ahead of the deadliest attack in somalia's history has killed hundreds of people in the capital we'll have the latest on that after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington to washington.
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voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace talks forcing you to fight the battles that still need. to do socks for the tell you that every gossip and by style for the most important day. off of telling you are not cool enough to buy their products. things are the hawks that we along with all. hello again now the al qaeda linked terror group al-shabaab is thought to be behind the deadly twin attack in somalia's capital the number killed in saturday's bombing
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has risen sharply to two hundred thirty one according to local officials in mogadishu the country's largest ever attack also left some two hundred seventy five people injured police say the first bomb a powerful truck explosion went off outside a hotel close to government offices the second blast happened just two hours later in the capital to medina district no one has admitted carrying out the attacks and though the islamist group has a history of carrying out a trough cities in mogadishu the somali president has declared three days of national mourning. polling stations have closed in austria for the country's snap parliamentary election where the first exit polls put the conservative party in first place with thirty one percent of the vote meaning that sebastian could look set to become the youngest ever leader will for the latest on yet supposed to be entering a bit more of what to expect we're joined now by paula flair poor the early
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indications then are as expected. certainly the early indications are as as expected as you mentioned the polling stations have now closed and in the last few moments we have received the first exit polls they put thirty one year old foreign minister sebastian kurtz's people's party in first position as expected with thirty four point two percent of the votes and then also as expected in second place is the freedom party with some twenty six point eight percent now this is a white us skeptic party that many here say might be in line to form a coalition with sebastian coe it's his party making it a very right wing government. this is part and parcel of a trained not only here in austria but across europe that sees voters turning more and more to the whites. was
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viva the birth of course a review of it did you see that it was one of. the. book of the hard work for a. clearer. than thirty years. now could this people's party has campaigned on a platform of being tough on immigration it's also made a lot of its policies more white to attract voters away from the freedom party so much so that the freedom party has responded and accused this party of stealing some of its proposals. that if nobody is coming into the country without registration without a passport you no one should be allowed to enter austria i list we will do everything possible to stop illegal immigration so i am asking that social benefits
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for non austrians be significantly reduced i just will do everything we can to end the abuse of our social welfare system by immigrants. now the reasons as to why there has been this turn to the vice are numerous they include high unemployment a lack of economic growth and at the same time fears of migration. ok thanks poor that was poor in vienna force. well the media has dubbed the austrian election campaign as one of the seen acting chancellor christian kern accused of using facebook to discredit opposition a disability curt's calling him a xenophobe the pay. legibly set up and run by a former advisor to the chancellor with current himself denying any involvement and promising to investigate the scandal. but other news now on thursday the us the names it was withdrawing from unesco the un's educational scientific and
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cultural organization the main reasons for the drop cited by the state department are concerns over mounting u.s. arrears the need for fundamental reform and unesco's alleged anti israel bias the us still owes almost five hundred fifty million dollars to the organization five times more than all other member states combined when pressed on whether america would actually pay up the state department dodge the issue is it fair to say that the screw loose tradition is no longer trying to find a way to work their way. through rational doing what i think we've made our determination and that is to pull out i've been asked to stagger so in other words they're never going to get their money i. would less and less they will for him to rejoin as it were that ok well israel has also followed america's step with prime minister benjamin netanyahu announcing that they were quitting unesco as well he
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called the u.s. move a brave and moral decision because u.s. scale has become quote a theater of the absurd he also forwards concerned that instead of preserving history the organization distorts it. in twenty sixteen israel suspended its cooperation with unesco it adopted resolutions which you would jewish ties to a quixote site in jerusalem the resolutions all say criticised israeli policies on places in jerusalem the west bank journalist my explaining things to the us rules shows the influence the pro israeli lobby has over america. that this goes back all the way to twenty eleven and congress withheld funding for your nasco because you nasco allowed the palestinian authority membership and congress is very very easily influenced by the pro israel lobby whereas traditionally the state department and the u.s. mission at the u.n.
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have not been so this is the first time we've really seen the state department kind of get in line with the congressional elements that are funded by pro pro israel lobby and easily influenced by it and i think this really reflects the weakness of the trumpet ministration. thanks being with us tonight you can watch the weekend here or not say i'll be back with more news and often. need you know more of the. total. not. all. it's
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a good move for your. today is the start of a new stage in took us a couple of days to get here in two jeeps each one traveling separately only one vehicle arrived so as not to arouse the suspicions of the neighboring farmer who keeps insisting we're producing cocaine. to believe in dari by the nest. entry one
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three hundred thirty six days before which is death. in one nine hundred sixty six and that's already famous worldwide covertly comes to bolivia to incite a guerrilla war to very house or volution their experience under his belt and habits he keeps a diary in which he describes the rebels every day life in detail. their
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radio young dawn that they were back so primitive book out of it tell you about out . seven killed fourteen taken captive alive and intact and the four wounded unfortunately we didn't manage to get hold of any provisions we took a manger on the camp and prison there blabbing that hands off like all king pirates . knew. that is so not so i thought i did yeah follow that he almost getting get a yellow and yang i implant that it's so poorly tika. they use later as the money. you already know even though they can't seem to see own data come on down to about a.


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