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tv   Headline News  RT  October 20, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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it's not this is you. see. if you're reading literature you should expect some
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surprises. that people. actually say. international it's a friday morning a very warm welcome to. any. russian media. channel and other outlets will take. this is just. what we are seeing right now and what is happening around our media isn't comparable and much less powerful than our u.s. and u.k. counterparts i don't even know what to call it they're flipping everything upside down. we're going to mirror any action we take and we will take action fast as soon
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as we see any steps being taken to restrict our media outlets the which the russian foreign ministry spokesperson describes the spiral of last month when the justice department demanded that odd see america register under the cold war era foreign agents act russia says the move him dissolved in america and will have quote serious legal consequences and as the pressure grows he has also been pulled from you tube's premium appetising list in america with no notice in response moscow has now said it's not ruling out countermeasures against us media outlets working here in russia and with the foreign agent deadline now passed and r.t. america is still not registering washington's next move remains to be seen. daniel holkins filed this report from the valdai forum. putin was very clear that any move to restrict such press freedoms would result in very much negative media
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environment this is all part of what he also described as a wave of anti russian news theory anti russian campaigning and rhetoric in the united states which really began in earnest towards the end of last year the start of this year when hillary clinton lost the presidential election to donald trump and has continued to this day with attempts by government officials by media to find any links to russia wherever possible in any controversial american issue evidence of russian hacking russian meddling interference operations by intelligence services etc he also added that the us actions against russian diplomats and russian diplomatic facilities across the united states was the result of a build up of problems by actual issues between the two states. it's the us who put up with the some precedent and russian campaign which was not provoked by anything someone lost the elections to mr trump and russia was blamed for this then the unfolded the russian hysteria and now any failure will be connected to us it wasn't
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all negative however putin did believe that such problems are resolved in the long run and it's forums such as the valdai were here today that provided an opportunity to discuss debate and share ideas about how exactly to go forward in constructive dialogue to resolve these issues as opposed to engage in hostile ramping up of rhetoric and threats on both sides we discuss the issue with a number of experts they believe the campaign against russian media contradicts the very idea of democracy which the u.s. considers itself to be a beacon of. so it does seem that the american people are completely unable to think for themselves or that are to you know their company other media companies or some have somehow become the dominant media in america i mean that's just the first of all not true and it's also it is not very likely our most fundamental principle is the freedom of press which says that as press you have the right to share information without explaining yourself to anybody and that is
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a fundamental constitutional freedom on which this country was founded the idea of going against that in this kind of really petty bureaucratic way is absolutely something that we oppose during the first cold war the us would always claim complain that countries were jamming the voice of america right and they said that's not fair they should be able to hear the voice of america well then why can't we hear our tea are splitting it in a serious political social and really spiritual crisis in the united states right now the hatred of rushes in the d.n.a. of the american people so it's easy to blame them for trial for racism for police killings or whatever and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley appears to be following the trend guest just mentioned the envoy slammed the russia for alleged meddling of the twenty six thousand election and i.q. zation being made in the u.s. will almost a year now but it's never been supported by any concrete evidence but haley went
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even alleging the kremlin was engaged in the war against a number of countries. one country can come interfere in another country's elections that is warfare it really is because you're making sure that the democracy shifts from what the people want to giving out that less information and we didn't just see here you can look at france and you can look at other countries they are doing this every word this is their new weapon of choice why are americans anti russian and why have we done the sanctions well don't interfere in our elections and we won't be anti russia. is not alone in foreign accusations of russia with one of the loudest critics being the very post new claims she lost the election due to russian meddling. in germany members of parliament have been hacked by russia.
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and france. campaign was hit by a massive cyber attack just before their presidential election. you know the evidence that russia has a hard q e mails no civil civil war that is not possible to so you've obviously a state to deal with your criminal group it really can be anyone. still the simplicity of the technical part can make us think it's just a simple person who created it and so this person can be in any country with any kind of motivation. maybe you've even seen the ads in a london underground on one russian state funded propaganda distorted bragging
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watch archaean find out who we are planning to attack. the fact is they're also opening a new scottish bureau. all she wants to do is continue to blame other people and continue to cast doubt and she choose russia causing discord in the united states but really in the speech that she gave recently she actually cast the most discord by saying that it's everybody else's fault and the government failed in its russia's fault that she lost and nobody is even claiming that russia cast votes for people and americans made the decisions that they made so i think with hillary clinton bringing up europe that was her attempt to say i'm not just blaming russia it's isn't just baseless they've done elsewhere it. there there are some voices of the american public that actually are saying they're sick of it they don't want to read it anymore they don't want to see anymore headlines of russia when they know there has to be other things going on in the world. kurdish peshmerga forces reach their positions along the road to build
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a road on this road heading right here up to the northwest the iraqi army has taken up positions further to the south here and three days earlier repelled the codes from kota cook of the strategic oil rich city has been under the control of codice forces since the fall of saddam hussein of course that was two thousand and three of the government operation in the city began after the kurds independence referendum in september which was declared illegal by iraq's prime minister the iraqi government explained that the move was to quote impose security despite previous u.s. claims and support of the codes washington is now talking about a unified iraq with federal elections looming in baghdad the controversy here explained biopsies so america. ever since the invasion of iraq in the early two thousand is the internal politics of the country has been of great importance to us especially when it comes to the region and the us has now found itself in
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a tight spot over its alliance with the kurds but the kurds were once a top u.s. ally i think we need to arm and train and equip their pressure to help the kurdish government in a deal and they're strong and starch allies we should be using we should be arming the kurdish region to be that this matters really proving to be the machinery to start the long standing. order the kurds or the peshmerga who are on the front lines fighting us and now us trying to government troops are clashing with kurdish forces in care coop and the pentagon is trying to downplay the conflict this all comes at a pivotal time for iraqi kurds right after september independence referendum which the u.s. has shown no. supporting we hope for a unified iraq to annihilate isis and certainly a unified iraq to push back on iran the state department has named the brawn as the
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second greatest threat after. so countering iran could very well be the driving force behind the us abandoning its support kurds i don't want to use the word betrayal but we definitely feel the united states has been negligent iraq's upcoming election set for april two thousand and eight thousand may become a make or break moment for the us and could possibly affect its objectives in the region april's election is a choice between the vice president and the leaking all to describe the suddenly into the us and iran and the current president a body is that all it's with what you have here at the moment you have a prime minister in iraq who is supported by the americans the previous prime minister who is waiting in the wings which is the extreme part which is very close to radians and the united states made it clear to the kurdish leadership before they're a friend there's a last. september that they wished to delay the refer them and leave off the iraqi election the next spring so if the us seeks to resolve this problem of
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kurdish resistance washington will be forced to choose between two allies it's apparently not the kurds samir khan washington d.c. . cambridge university are being warned over the plays of shakespeare in case of potential distress some of the works contain scenes of sexual assault and violence on t.v. now takes a closer look at why the bard is now suddenly causing concern. ok to me from their worse than killing last and tumble me into some loathsome pit whenever my hands i may behold my body do this and be a charitable murderer so should i rode my sweet sons of their fee no let them satisfy their lust on the man's a snippet from shakespeare is a first tragedy titus andronicus the play features graphic violence gang rape and fourteen murders and now certain english lecturers at cambridge university
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are putting special warnings on that timetables when they're going to be covering potentially distressing topics like these they're going to have to have a lot of disclaimers with the works of shakespeare though some of his plays can be very gory they feature things like incest rape murder and suicide they also happen to have kept people talking about thorny issues like claws relations race relations and anti semitism for centuries i want to know what the people visiting the famous shakespeare globe theatre in london have to say about the warnings i think. demi's down the students. in the churn for smart enough to be able to handle this without a warning. for four hundred juice. being good enough for them. if you're reading literature you should expect to have some surprises you
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expect to be shocked to see or simulate that particular student i think the problem with the world these days is that there's just so much focus on being offended by everything that people are just so scared of what they can actually say or do cambridge university has told me that any warnings that they put out are the initiative of individual professes and that it's not a policy adopted by the english department design. by the way when the globe says to stage tied to some johnny three years ago several people fainted from the graphic violence including one of the theories to critics reviewing the show that very same critics still gave the production an exceptional review art isn't always comfortable the most challenging arts can be anything bought and now there are growing concerns not just in academic circles that modern students are being
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too morally called old if they can't handle the content in classic literature how are they going to cope with life in general the university has been criticized for the warnings the artistic director of the cambridge shakespeare festival says shouldn't shouldn't study literature if they're not aware of its war patrolling various scenes of violence at the same warning it seems could be applied not just to the work of shakespeare. sikes batters nancy to death in her bed her corpse is so deformed that the person who identifies her body is so scared by the experience that they're led away in a straight jacket. on.
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your new court sullen peoples half devil and half child. his eyes rested thoughtfully upon the sinewy forearm and restored dawson scarred with the numerable puncture marks finally thrust the sharp point home press down the tiny piston. well thanks joining us so far here on r.t. international still many stories coming your way today the u.k. for example the debate over the country's involvement of the syrian conflict heats up which has now discussed how many millions of pounds have been sent to the so-called moderate rebels which one barrenness insists don't even exist we're back in a moment. i
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mean so we have received this information and we agree with some of the issues raised in the report and with some others who don't agree with me but i can tell it clearly we have never had a state sponsored doping system in russia which is the primary in the report we have never had any institutional conspiracy.
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good to have you with us for the program today here on r.t. other u.s. branch of reprieve has launched an investigation into what the organization describes as trump's drone assassination program the activists are concerned that it could weaken constraints on the use of lethal weapon set by the previous administration leading the way to a greater number of civilian casualties now the program reportedly expands the list of possible targets to include quote foot soldiers with no special skills or leadership roles it also allegedly allows the military to utilize drones outside
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conventional war zones which are previously included yemen somalia afghanistan libya and pakistan the authorization process for the use of drones in cia covert operations has also been simplified paving the way for a quicker and more frequent drone use by that of the u.s. now according to a report compiled by the columbia law school's human rights institute in june the number of u.s. drone strikes increased four fold during president six months in office the data also revealed the white house has only acknowledged twenty percent of its total reported drone strikes and one expert told us drones execute people without trial. it appears that there are trim rules for change to reduce dramatically the numbers of people who will be under surveillance and who will be attacked by american crowds pretending accounting military against civilians is always
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a way part of the us. sanitize what they were doing by saying you know we have information that justifies our killing these people unfortunately these other people died in fact no one who was executed ever by us drones have ever been inside a courtroom and so there's really no way to make the. u.k. lawmakers are once again at odds over the country's role in syria in a debate in the house of lords questions were raised over funding of the so-called syrian opposition and what exactly taxpayers' money is really being used for if the government gives two hundred million groups and only fourteen or forty i didn't quite catch which it was was for political support what on earth was the rest for the fourteen million is specifically in terms of political support other examples
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for example thirty nine million has been spent on roads i will of course the right to the noble lord in terms of specific breakdown but it's very much about assisting the coalition the syrian opposition to actually stand on its feet and why does her majesty's government not recognize that asset is not going anywhere does my noble friend really think that british taxpayers want fourteen million pounds spent on supporting so-called opposition that they'd better spent on fuel poverty when he met his government changed their priorities from providing that massive financial support to opposition groups which are not moderate and make every effort to keep the lifting of sanctions. byron arse caroline cox raised the issue of the u.k. spending in syria in the british parliament calling for greater transparency she actually traveled to the country herself to get a better understanding of the conflict there but she says the british government isn't too keen on getting that side of the story and we've got some amazing figures
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something like two hundred million a year and the government said it's going to moderate opposition but our concern is that there really is not believed to be any moderate opposition and tool so be very concerned it's actually going to islamist related groups and that it may be prolonging the war would be putting down christians also the government to give more explicit and detailed information precisely how much is going where it's going and i would rather british government was doing more to keep would positive proposals to help the syrian people and particularly the lifting of sanctions i. i got a lot of aggression after a visit to syria we did meet president has said i do not in any way condone some of the very serious things he has done but i went to listen to the syrian people the british government was not pleased with me because they tried to prevent me from going they tried to tell me how dangerous it was well i spent a lot of my life working with people who were suffering from war and depression and
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persecution and i used my vote in the house of lords to try to be a voice for these voices are not heard a top you huge human rights official also found himself in the line of fire after visiting syria and was forced to resign in the wake of the trip earlier this year petro joined of russian lawmakers during a visit to damascus where he met with president bashar al assad e.u. officials however took issue with the run day for you since quit europe's main human rights watchdog but he says he does not regret taking the controversial trip . i thought this process of him was to up when i saw in the what i saw a lot over a short period of time i only spent twenty four hours there but i noticed a strong russian influence on the country i saw that russia was very serious about fighting international terrorism and i saw other countries including turkey and those in the us led international coalition are also making a considerable efforts to put an end of what's causing the majority of europe's
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problems terrorism the influx of refugees and migration of them most of which are rooted in syria seeing that i realize that much closer cooperation between the countries combating terrorism is needed or as i've said before some parliaments would prefer to return to the cold of europe but times have changed and i've always considered russia to be a european country in that europe is inconceivable without russia and vice versa although some didn't like it i did what i wanted and if i had a chance to go back in time i would have done everything just the same as i including it would have even travel to syria in iraq and of course. more than twenty five thousand students from all around the globe have gathered in the russian resort of sochi where the world festival of youth and students is now underway at the festival was last held in russia or in one nine hundred eighty five and many of the volunteers that were involved in a back and then are now eager to experience all the joy they had once again.
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with the sole good people it. just in so. i'm not some oh yeah. and. be afraid. of course. that you. are all if you will be connected with each other.
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it's a friday morning here in moscow thanks for joining us here on international your end of the week world headlines continue in about thirty minutes. and. if you look says you will see that it will suck. sufficiently previously. he means you can't. sleep. with this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. really really really really. low income just so see em comin sophie shevardnadze the accusations state supported doping in russia are we get to the proven true but already there is talk of banning team russia from the twenty eight in one tara lympics well there'll be
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a blanket ban and what will that mean for the end. global sports ally russia sports minister. people world cup and the twenty eighteen winter olympics around the corner a doping controversy threatens to overshadow the athletic spectacles as calls for a blanket competition burn on t.v. russia grow louder what will it take to persuade the world doping agency used to work on a case by case basis russian athletes overcome the adversity build up by duping accusations long before the olympic committee finds a way to work out this crisis. thanks for being with us today lots to talk about let's start with the most actual the anti-doping agencies of seventeen countries including the u.s. canada great britain sent a letter to the i.o.c. asking to ban team russia from the winter olympics of twenty eighteen zero chance
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are up athletes won't go there. and what is being done to fix the situation are you in direct contact with the. with. the. well this is a layered question so let me start with the seventeen agencies you mentioned and look at this organization which was created by seventeen anti-doping agencies to help national anti-doping bodies with educational programs establishing certain standards the kind of thing so by the statement you mentioned they clearly overstepped their mandate but it's up to international and national sports federations in the i.o.c. to oversee the development of sports so what are they saying is just their personal opinion accordingly bait too much attention to that i think they should mind their own business and stick to the things they're supposed to be doing a couple.


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