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i get a good laugh when you june if economy took the by maybe you can make a similar. cut in the survey year thank you. money and that doesn't. mean. that. christian work or charge him money would be to go back to when somebody they would die again within it would be having the opposite of what they would have i can t.
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get my me that i'm about to do you will look at this i'm going to get them to meet up under the. new government i think. i will be going to reported one lie because he's opening up his. house when you pray that. all. the money moderates will get some how much. you might have had in the isle of gold because. if. we cut it. all the. million that i was getting all the. other both of you but i don't want to go home both. are to get our model of you. know what we have and all the same a money market. account the flat call of a good mom. it's the idea of a whole lot of mike they're going to. all of the lobbying at the u.s.
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so you know a little bit as a soldier getting. local. police and. not on assignment but isn't that better than if the money that some members of come down then gets out of this without some budget. most. of the mayhem i'm waiting to figure out. why they seem
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a unique. limited in the not give one hundred knots or not cuz d.c. will scare bad maybe mahi mahi about hamas. not to make us feel good to solve or are so good no must imagine and i'm not one of them so let's ask if i love muslim. so that's when the kids used to me it's. coffee and food bank you had gone by here you might have been a worry a little thousand maybe was just a madness for me will you all stab a little graphene. is it i will. be called google me a. call for somebody that he come with us and. make up quite a few by killing was a believe it i feel like i just who is family little need are you both magic i'm
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not going my way he thought i've been away t. me. w.j.c. your make up gotta go but if you. just thought it was probably the wrong call it back up people are you because he's got are you going to go step by letter don't want to think the house there are no not around so many out there you are terrible metropolis promise i mean if you somebody want you downside. except when there are two of you have a terrible. i don't care really what's going to come back i know i don't know let's go back to work that left out one or you'll get one of them are developed out of
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i'm not. made and i'm here to much on may. need to face you see just to see if we hit next as i easily hold for you buddy who. took a huge amount of building businesses. maybe head on the hell out of myself because a few awful story art mike love the hamada kid i it's not. a snob i have to say about him for some catalyst and whole scene because the guy hated because they had to kill your husband was a has been here is lazy highgate is our little scene left us with the yeah good job book that it's similar to the year the one book about the man i'm sure i'm a little thin author a little kid years out of putting. one new idea. one of them. already had. can you measure model we are going to build when
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to put it down. on a date is it. that ended tomorrow i mean i don't know about that we don't know but everyone at the time i got a look you know would have busted it. are the electrolytic. but if. you go to the edge of the bucket i have a name in the model about this woman just some of them what is not of majok of the idea that got me what the motto. in job or job are doing a good job is not my job of the idea out of some of the market and then that may walk toward peace we all make them but don't buy that he looked up the law to get it out of that may well have been ha's they've been head up the lot of the rich so who didn't know i took the money but took apart how to cut lucky if that's all my little. over would not some of those things are. only.
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human mean you can. go on and do while you all are in me but. all it is to me is going to put on an extra one gave me ten. dollars because papa bossiest who we have talked. to tonight was amazed as he would tell you we could work on new cars all the money would go to know each of the mothers tend. to populated kids above all that they would call time out of easy accompaniment to today was a lyric made tuesday with guns for fifty two one pocket border cadence was causing another book as a little meaning the. most would come to cities we would take it on played on swans going to locate those holes that we know.
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oh yeah they do a little be. sure boys get to get john but i think. he isn't the hand to look much of what you see on a young. boy is the subset of a hand you have him hiding the week. the wife might be me. who knew her. to.
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let loose did the old millie. cloverlea cooling duleep really young oh to love to go. to look at. the time i did was alluding to me i was. not the kind of them. i it. was oh if that was the ownby. you. do you know i have become sick to my near dark yet us of the yet but i have a nick i time may be decided to. give us
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a verdict as well adding as i said i don't lose it but article yeah it was good whilst it was like maybe i'll make it up matlock love going cause i got a good set of bad luck. he flips a lot. of little matter to give that up i need in a moment and then i'm out and i still have the other but here. is. the bill so i have full war. suited that is the. sure that i have planned there and that they add with the minutes of. their bodies of would love to know that he. did what comes when good will set its but then that
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limited. will to get to your will get me to use the demarc to look at it a bit of money but. at the rigid need to pull me to the region of the don't know how to push and to move up i'm just trying to get a good look at it to mean you get past it or not the time then from the beginning of a sudden it will matter you will are so. full of school absolutely incredible and then by the you could get a lot of the idea to just it will go away ok i would have. to do that if it is the . room which edition of the children. used to know that yet mathematicians are not in the invaluable to gina good luck given the. general medical need to manage it going into the not busy doesn't hurt you there but i have begun to but i had to learn to put the most. each of the kids will need a paycheck but what about them with which he left us to be fool enough to. be by
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the keepers and look up at the top of a cabinet which. meant that. most come to you. but that there was any. question would you do it. because. he was just going there as we did with you to get his investment involved might i get out of it going to take it to him he could get hold of it take him a modern economy that had a can of all jews of us if it. didn't last a week and took a. while while the boat will accommodate them we're just in because i'm going out. to watch them buy a. modest. six . inch of what are they for the mafia.
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and so we have received this information and we agree with some of the issues raised in the report there was some others who don't agree with me but i can certainly clearly we have never had a state sponsored doping system in russia which is the primary accusation in the report we have never had any institutional conspiracy.
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i don't think it is i would not be here that. much as if the sudan is all. political. parties. hate. it doesn't. suggest that you are outside of the mark on the. by then got a session on the nod there they are. right there is a system on. a study that's not it said and most is going on want. some certainly not so it. can be and also was revealed to the pope multiple injuries among current america so for them to keep sophie hold the rope but shows real your mercy on the phone to the moment when the feeling of a political symbol to the sea so you're welcomed as a bookie and more awesome what
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a month. hanumant of nothing of a left off allowed me to see you how are they somethin that was like hey don lemon not something not set it. on the market at a saloon to hospitals look ma it's a what up to now maybe i maybe i'm a bit bored after. if you we're. now he thank. i thank you i was thankful.
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thank god i thank god thank you. thank if you how. but. if you. think you. should. be me and i am. gay join akido on hoagy. you study make it to me like he is your only child here but he my mom is that it makes me look easier on the. side like your car down sort of. job but
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i'm on a little bit here also miss it too scripted to high is about the of the us is cool but i would be if that's a chemical what you will both be a good deal double boiler lab for digital school staff medicare job would be had he discovered the skull of a human didn't miss for not an hour though was it adequate funding. general use his have said they have that if you don't walk is out of gaza to get both of their company of the seeker to underage really have a headache. simply you have something that was good bad well that's peter would be if that's the law will he get that little bit of medals it'll be to you peter you see pretty terrible you just by like i said had believed that the secret to fall in love with a paid about of making if not the genius but. those that do best and that the appellate act is cups of tea cup their son would be used as they would you how to use cup as the. business will be.
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tough but i. am the father you see me i'll be the one meant to be going to tell but tell you the. news but i will tell you live by your mother what are you . sure about probably the most savvy big party you want to see so far how to. fix your problem i trust i will get it published but come on.
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you need only kind of have a global movement over. every night you. know nothing new packaging. in terms of what kind of. cookies just from a bit take up part of that. a little downdraft up the small uki hassles. get the keys with small yuki. take you back and tell us the bus and i'm caught with a maybe i'll. do a plea on the assets that will bob konami are you then the reason that you cannot because that was also a legal document was nearly
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a thousand need has he gotten. it doesn't mean they must. one say it and that there's a book on file because somebody living there. one day with what. degree did. the kids examine does he have a message. compass full bodied i mean these at that don't have to actually try. to get out of it until it is that so many of those. by that i mean over. time as a wife i wife how mozzies and then i bought a cup of tea i mean look at that what do you how much. of it in.
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the. year that i said oh are you. good so i had some of them up not that the my back is getting covered and i don't think put it when i think that. they are but they are a member of the main they. is the summer you cannot have a control diet gave them marked up some of the if the. biggest ever of all dead i must leave them in the almighty what if you got the message if you will get to the small note of it and a little smile we go what if we do it or them via some of you can warm body we call them without him before god and dad would go beyond that. because i'm in debt for the use maybe just so they don't lose yeah maybe i much and we could both see what little of that with us will be.
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the. last. thank you. so thank you. thank you thank you.
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thank you. thank you if you think. it is. a photo thanks be part of the people are going to thank you for. you but any pain you are hard to read the program such as a fool would go to the home of her family but that making our jaws six what it got today our joy that i have seen. here i'll get it will get far no relation to him to wake i had a feeling i had to possibly know what you want to feel and get a cancer care center close up to enjoy himself as somebody like you are whole lot of us would have given what education be really. taught to teach thank you thank you thank you thank. you. thank you
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to believe thank you don yes i think we as a kids and a lot of us yes and to him but just who are nearby so that could be a second not just make it out them over to the correct second or. by high end because i can now call the not you have to schedule hole be a spinning jag and sing your job was it being music. tickets for the highways fair city i'm told what love all get out of dance to be humble walk about . get your ass take it down say you must let me hit. the match try to hold all the freedoms that i you don't see do it good sounds pretty cool jewel sounds good because i just avoid the head of the stick a couple that i decide to come close to that i'll. come up in a bucket sick of the hay is leo and i have got a pot there could be
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a bit of joy i am and about his navy death i just wanted to maybe just how to get you high give it to look a job in the middle get away when you see that i make i live. a life down to what it was the custom was a quick buck a turn up to. a what's true it turns out china has a bunch of the dentist salu it would mendoza boil it gave measure a good tool got remarried just occasionally for the tools sold when a tough but. much really to define it to me so you could make a month to make up a cow could. get me how much these be of on all of. them going to nothing the only money but not a figure because they lend it. would not be
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a cool enough to be on call the police on a tell you just do a series of torcello this. kitty. opposite that is a. yes. she does it fit at it who. i do. remember since the vote to do so so so because i was going to hear from them on their travel to plug it also would limit the trouble to give them
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a beneficial additional. to limit the debate to what may be a committee to count. i want all the billing to be need to be done then get pissed on with the need to have my day has the day i met better how much out there to see a group of me going to upset the minute i'm not out there got me. up at the. platoon kidney mature beyond much as it clings to me. now go to school is a truly dingaan on downs on. to other. where you are likely. to do kind of concluding routine if not was adequately.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixties full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you in. what is the really pack the. yampa is the john oliver of our three americas do the same we are apparently better than booth. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank though they. were having
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a seriously he sent us an email. colin is still exist. rico's treated as one. hundred three cool as you can i know a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence. but on a. good at either we. were taking a game last year obviously. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. beings. with the country at a crossroads for anger on the island is on the rise. but . the ship.
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fairly strong. do chemicals that the appetizing. really increase the risk of cancer known to infuse them in the. system. is. by independent scientists. compensation for my time as was the others why is that the meat lobby. doing if you want to learn more. on sci fi. this is big business against health.
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russian media. the u.s. state department of. defense ministry says. washington.


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