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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 20, 2017 9:29pm-10:02pm EDT

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within a minute to the bible of it i fell in love with her as a person i already adored her as a comic and she would call me every once in a while and go ok you know about all that still is social media stuff so i want to make some videos what should i do so i would have lunch with her every so often and we would talk about these ideas and i just adored her and was heartbroken when she was giving person when she passed away she was so whatever whatever you think or didn't agree with about because in her mind nothing was off limits for comedy absolutely and so she was an equal opportunity offender in that way and still so funny right up until the end of her life and and she was it was just an act but as a person she was so sensitive so loving so wonderful i miss her i really am said she's gone great seeing you thanks larry king big things to my guest chris hardwick be sure to watch the talking sundays at ten pm on the amc following the eighth season of the walking dead also be sure to tune in to talk to you with those
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lodwick sundays at the eleven pm also on amc you can always find me on twitter of kings things see you next. on larry king you are watching our america question for. there's a real irony going. on in the people and there's always a chance i think that's always next. or airing out wholesale surveillance you feel you have all made well as you and news as the internet has
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used to sell you. real. greetings and salutation but the end of the week is finally upon us hawk watchers and as we begin our weekend let us take time to reflect back on some of the more fascinating stories that may or may not have crossed your new speed starting with former president george w. bush's indirect direct criticism of current president donald trump steve bice of brand of presidential politics speaking at the bush institute spirit of liberty of the spirit of liberty. w. declare that bigotry seems him bold our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication bullying and prejudice in our public
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life such as a national tome provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children and while i can't disagree with the contents of president bush's statement i can say that it's. it's rather rich coming from the man who set the stage for much of the bigotry fabrications and bullying that have overtaken our national political dialogue you see there would be no donald trump without the war criminal actions of one george w. bush. and there would be no rush or date without hillary clinton and this week saw the queen of the b. and c's favorite accusation come back to bite or as the hill reported that according to sources as part of an investigation into alleged russian bribery for control of u.s. uranium stockpiles the f.b.i. has eyewitness accounts and documentation indicating russian nuclear officials had
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routed millions of dollars to the u.s. designed to benefit to the u.s. designed to benefit former president bill clinton's charitable foundation during the time secretary of state hillary clinton served on a government body the provided a favorable decision to moscow. so ho so the claim is they have been involved in russian atomic energy meddling. if you listen real closely you just might hear the breaking hearts of joy and read representative adam schiff and bill kristol get her break now and start watching the hawks. as. you know that i got.
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welcome ready to watching the hawks tyro joining me today and t.v. radio host and commentator extraordinary steve. thank you for coming on again today to talk about these rather interesting issues we've seen this week it is my pleasure thanks for having me back so steve i want to start let's talk about the rehabilitation if you will of george w. bush you know he spoke out against the trump this week so did obama but i think bush is kind of the bigger story in that because obama you kind of expect that it started i think his rehabilitation started last year you know what the whole appearances on al in the mainstream news media kind of fawning over his paintings of war veterans many of whom let's not forget he created with the invasion and occupation of iraq i want to ask you is the left's hatred of trump kind of a boon for those looking to whitewash george w.'s legacy of let's be honest torture
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unconstitutional surveillance and empire building. well i think george w. bush was a great president who reacted to the worst attack on this country since pearl harbor in the only way that you can and at the time he certainly had overwhelming support of the american people it was only you know in the aftermath did the media and the left you know take to the streets bush is a liar they had movies about how to assassinate president bush they had pictures of him in the cross has blood dripping down is his face so they hate came from the left let's let's make no mistake about that i think george w. bush what he did yesterday was pretty despicable as much as i liked him as president and as much as he reacted in my view properly to threats from saddam hussein to use chemical weapons and and to not let the inspectors inspect and violate u.n. sanction after u.n. u.n. resolution if the u.n. resolution and spit in the face of the international community in the wake of nine
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eleven it was the only thing bush could do that aside what he did yesterday after being silent really silent for eight years of barack obama's kaner e and of this of this and i hate and pitting one american against another on every level he comes out of without mentioning trump's name insinuates that donald trump is doing all of these things i think part of it might have been a little payback for what trump did and said you know said about his brother during the campaign interesting point interesting point obviously steve other will obviously disagree. with everyone with the iraq war and you have your opinion i have mine of course i'm not going to tack you for but i will say i don't know ma'am now that's great now you know i didn't i don't that's what america is all about exactly i mean i can i can point to a million reasons i'm saying that i don't bring saddam was truly both threat to the international community is we all want to make him out to be and how much money was made off without war and all that was the real reason we went to war there will be
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differing of opinion now you mentioned the job bush. angle and i'm kind of curious you know you know you know bush didn't mention trump by name but i don't think anyone watching is speech could say that he wasn't speaking about you know the current controversies surrounding the white house from immigration the rush of bullying and racism and lead you suddenly you know why do you think that he just chose now was it just purely because of the attacks on his brother i mean it was really it. i mean i think well really i think it's hey everybody kind of likes me now jumping on trump is the popular thing to do i can escape the things that i you know like i said earlier he's escaping the things the you know are the stains of his presidency many yourself would many would say are i mean is a really just all about p.r. at this point no no i don't think it's all about his brother think that might have been an underlying motivating factor where he has no problem now doing what he wouldn't do during obama's terms in office however george w.
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bush and you know this is part of the problem at its core is an establishment represents the establishment comes from an establishment republican family obviously and the apple cart is getting upset and i think that he doesn't like that and for all the good that i thought he did as president and and for the goodness of his heart which i think even a lot on that lot of people on the left believes he has a good heart if they believe he made mistakes they believe it was it they were vicious mistakes that he love this country and he feels for people that aside again i just think that he is part of the republican establishment and trump what's trump all about out you know do away with that and has no problem speaking out against them as he has done and bashing mcconnell and mccain and right on down the line so you know i guess it pushed bush over the cliff so it is being before we move on i will say steve was that you can you can have a lot of love in your heart and still do a lot of damage you know in the you know. as anybody who's been in
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a relationship that went sour knows that half. so you can you guys i didn't say you did but you can't but you. will find common ground there are right now i want to move one of them and yesterday the president expressed shall we say a little bit of frustration that the media isn't covering the developing story about the clinton's ties to a russian american uranium deal he said quote if the mainstream media would cover the uranium scandal i think that you're russia's story the problem is the mainstream media does not want to cover that story because that affects people they protect i'll ask you steve is that a fair accusation is you know is there really as much to this story as trump is implying or is he trying to kind of change the subject from you know everyone pointing the russia you know blame on him and then trying to make those ties and also all the other challenges that he's facing right now well well if in fact the media believes there's something to the russian collusion story and whether or not
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they do they're going to tell you they do they've come up with nothing so far to report as as any evidence that nobody in official capacity has said there's any existing evidence then then then you would think as journalists which they claim to be every single one of them on the left claimed to be journalists right down the middle well now the senate judiciary committee says we're going to investigate this uranium one deal and we have f.b.i. saying there was evidence of bribery so just those two words alone bribery an f.b.i. investigator shouldn't that just be absolutely no brainer that the media's going to cover it and talk about it i haven't seen it i watch it all day long i haven't seen them talk about this they couldn't care less all they care about is what donald trump said to the widow of one of our brave soldiers so you know this is a this is a scandal that that potentially could have representations for the clintons for obama right on down that line and with any you know kind of good conspiracy that we get wind of there's seems to be
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a lot of circumstantial evidence with this i mean you know bill clinton receiving half a million dollars from a russian bank the same the deal was a. the clinton foundation getting millions more from both russian oligarchs and canadians involved with the deal i mean even the infamous ago allegedly even the infamous but does the brothers appear to been working with the key company in question so there's a lot of smoke but do you think that will ever. do you think we'll ever see you know fire you know do you think will will see a smoking gun with this case or is it going to can kind of be the way the other russian accusations are words i'll just kind of like not i'm a source says this anonymous sources that nothing really comes to fruition well i don't know until we get somebody from the f.b.i. or you know before the justice department that say what they know and what evidence does exist because we're just reading reports right now and that might force the media's hand if there's testimony before committees about this then they you know if they call people like clinton or podesta brothers then they're going to be
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forced into covering this kind of thing it's impossible to predict right now but just this silence. is deafening admin it's just ridiculous there's so transparent they have no interest in uncovering something like this whether it's true or not it's at its infancy stages and by the way the justice department needs to launch an investigation just like they need to lodge one into hillary and bill and the clinton foundation and this might tie into the whole thing where is jeff sessions that's a very good question a very good point and i also ask you this do you think you know speaking of kind of the so many anonymous government sources that we always hear about all the time with any scandal not just the ones pertaining to russia do you think that the media today i know glenn greenwald kind of came out earlier this week saying you know the media today is a little too reliant on you know these anonymous sources just because it kind of works and that like you know everybody wants to get the everybody wants to get their headline everybody wants to about them no one retracts later on you know are we too reliant on anonymous sources us in the media today. well you know as a as
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a talk show host. biden journalists are yeah i mean and again what are you going to do prohibit them from using them i mean their own credibility is what's on the line when they come up with these things i mean to be honest with you a half the time when it says a certain network that has three letters then the first one starts with c. you know comes up i've been told anonymous source told me this one told me but i can't name it i mean i don't buy it i just don't believe it because they've been wrong so many times so they may quote anonymous sources as you indicated as you alluded to at their own their own peril their own risk their own reputation and i just guess you'd have to take it with a grain of salt but yeah i see more and more of it and it is disturbing steve definitely always a pleasure to have you on i think we got to definitely get back and talk a little bit more about our differing opinions on the iraq war and some point of the go to joy that i would be honored by you know i've had great debates with your dad and i look forward to more great debates with you most of well according to you
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as well all right political commentator and t.v. and radio show host steve malzberg pleasure to have you on the big thank you. as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are t. dot com coming up sean stone talks with dr jane orient m.d. about the real causes behind the opioid epidemic and they only care a body and natalie mcgill join us to preview this week's latest redacted to light up the so stay tuned to watching the it's. called the feel we go through. every the world should experience.
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and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to jess. come along for the ride. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed the fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts.
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all right hauke watchers here are some numbers that may make your skin crawl of the world's entire pharmaceutical opioid supply eighty per cent eighty person. said it was consumed in the united states and if you think this is just a problem we've always had you better think again because between one thousand nine hundred one and two thousand and eleven painkiller prescriptions in our country tripled from seventy six million to two hundred ninety million guess what per year as per year but as bad as those two decades were what we're seeing now is the worst of the worst with the last year seeing sixty four thousand drug overdose paid talbot's up a staggering twenty percent from just the year before and wait for it to make matters even worse and numerous studies indicate that our statistics are likely underestimating deaths from opioid overdoses by around twenty four percent who saw our quarters as pharmaceutical companies medical experts and government watchdogs
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battle over who's responsible for this epidemic and what can be done about it shawn stone sat down with dr jane orient the executive director of the association of american physicians and surgeons to find out if what we're seeing is really the result of malpractise by big pharma and their friends in the government i think there has to be government collusion at all levels but i think we may be looking at the wrong place here certainly big pharma they have done some things wrong but what about the transnational drug cartels which are bringing in huge quantities of drugs one tractor trailer that was apprehended recently at the yuma border. crossing point in arizona was carrying about one point two billion dollars worth of heroin and fence in el. texaco was really thriving it's heroin and is heroin production most of the fence in the list coming from china the fence no is an extremely potent
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. synth synthetic opioid that can be fatal in tiny tiny doses and people are not buying this at walgreen's they're not buying it from from big pharma they're buying it on the street. indeed and so how is this actually working you're saying that the transactional drugs are being are being trafficked from places certainly afghanistan as one source of opium poppies but there's also mexico which is now flush with poppies so how does it actually working are we seeing that these illicit drugs are being sold to the pharmaceutical companies in the transactional drug corporations. and now i think the trance and the transnational drug cartels are selling them to users they're not going through big pharma to do this they're going to their drug dealers and they're laundering huge amounts of money there have been exposé of of money laundering in the little suburban areas in florida which
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are the very upstanding upscale areas that. that are money laundering facilities that might be something like a laundry i mean a regular laundry or or a bank or other type of business rental car place where even the government is known as had undercover agents knowing about the millions of dollars of cash from the transnational drug cartel being laundered through there we know that it's coming in not only across the mexican border which there's huge amounts that i'm aware of because i'm sitting right here in the tucson corridor but it comes into newark airport it comes into all kinds of places all over the country and how these cartels can get so much drugs into the country without collusion from the government at some level is really puzzling but of course the government is after doctors who are writing prescriptions in their office. and against big pharma but in the meantime the taxi drivers know where the transactions are occurring on the
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streets the police have to know. too but why is this going on. well indeed. there is a long history of. illicit relationships between the cia and other government agencies with drug trafficking it goes back to the vietnam war frankly a lot of opium that was smuggled there had been set up to through cia air america type of networks that went on obviously in the 1980's what are you pointing your finger at at this point in the in the wake of for example the afghan war where again we saw we've seen this explosion of poppy and opium coming out of afghanistan since the u.s. invasion. but i think we need to look at at where the drugs are coming for and who is involved in and who is looking the other way or for example i've heard that that in massachusetts they're going to have nor can in the school nurse's office in the hope to save some lives of kids who are overdosing but they're not overdosing on
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chris christie drugs they're overdosing on heroin and sensible and if the school nurse is having it in her office it suggests that the overdosing is occurring right there in the classroom and how is that happening why are there not drug sniffing dogs in the schools why are these drugs not being found and trip traced back to their actual origin why are they having fifteen armed agents going into doctor's office to seize medical records but when the kids are dying from things that are brought in from from mexico or other international locations. in today's twisted world of mainstream corporate news it seems like what was once up is now down the left is now right right there's no really really really really right the word the word neo used to just bring to mind. but now stands in
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front of conservatives and liberals alike saying. it's also very very confusing leaving many of us as high strung and rushed to the next news story like alice is rabbit always late for that very important day this is why we must turn to the twisted creative minds of comedians and comedians the hit comedy new show redacted tonight joining us to preview this week's episode of productive life to help us snap back to reality so we don't lose ourselves in the moment and throw up spaghetti with every fox news c.n.n. them assemble see how blind we see are redacted to my correspondents natalie would go on the only care of bonnie and go round with them in their excitement that i really get can hear. mail me i want to ask you and start now this week you discovered that our good friends at the cia. always good friends of the you have been busy trying to lure iranian nuclear scientists to the facts and work in the united states namely why is the cia trying to lure these nuclear scientists here ok so before i get to that i
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do want to back up and say that the cia does have a troubling relationship with a lot of american university and you have people in university leadership working concert with the cia you have undercover agents attending schools you have students being investigated without the administration knowing and there was a book put out recently by daniel goldin and one of the chapters was about how the cia created it fake academic conferences so this was like the level at which the cia was. waiting accademia them up is this all unlike the idea of what we want to recruit or just saw what we want to show by. it's neither these phony conferences were set up so scientists would attend these conferences not even knowing that the cia was behind them and the point of them was to get undercover agents to corner iranian
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scientists and either press them or trick them to defect definitely compromising them in some kind of way so that if they went back to iran they would like facing execution probably so. yeah so they the conferences were totally fake and they would corner these scientists and and and tell them you have to board this plane with me right now not necessarily in order to work in the united states but just to just to you know cause damage around nuclear campaign but what we've seen is more effective is negotiating so. you're going to. have almost forgotten you know if you take a look at the clip. the purpose of these phony conferences was for the cia to lure iranian nuclear scientists out of their country approached them individually
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and press them sometimes tricked them to defect since undercover agents in operation brain drain had no scientific knowledge they literally had to pick up blinds to seduce iranian scientists and get them alone why did i see you when you stamp and appealing to the shy wallflower nuclear scientists do you hate crowds as much as i do you wonder how that worked with no knowledge of science. maybe was it a story of reactor trials i mean i always thought that. korea two three three was advantageous as compared to uranium two think you know there's decreased plutonium production since it is three times as abundant in the earth's core but i don't know if it's economically viable what do you think.
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sometimes there will were and. very effective in getting iranian scientists that. are not very good at their. work for. her to just have it out for portraiture. so why do you have. pretty much going to be the first. person you know. and it's going to be my mom. you know are you going forward some really tough go in terms of the wording of the separation of church and state so there are so there are three texas churches that were damaged in hurricane harvey that are suing the federal government because they are not entitled to family money and now the senate is now considering a bill in the wake of that lawsuit that would amend the stafford act that would allow houses of worship to receive money and clearly the reason that they were not
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getting money before is because it's a violation of the separation of church and state but. but but yeah so obviously the senate bill is another example of the government trying to chip away at that but at the same time churches are tax exempt and you know if we tax churches the way we tax that we're going to be pumping over seventy billion dollars into the u.s. economy a year and so these churches already are being held accountable because of their exempt status of any social services they provide or services we assume they provide because they're churches so it's kind of a little bit of a money grab to be asking for this public money when you're already kind of. there was asking for money here and that's virtually always broke. but that's also raised i think another interesting element of just that idea that like why you know there are certain things that the community should just get behind that even if everything was fixed the church like they know rather fixing the church right you
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know but yeah i've been taking it to a congressional meeting at a congressional issue and making it this huge major issue for three churches does evil the web and some of them already have like the funny pages and so it's not like anybody that nobody is trying to help them or they're not yeah but it's just it's a little bit of a reach and then you also have to wonder like the people who co-sponsored the bill for openly christian sanders like what happens if this passes and like a mosque wants to like you know are they going to get the same material. and i wonder you know the scientologists some say definitely want to check out this week's edition of redacted tonight which airs every friday r.t. america and we're back to the lead v.i.p. which features exclusive interviews and panels every thursday on our t.v. america always a pleasure madeline with. so here all right everybody that is our show for today remember only in this world we are not told that we are alone sort so you all i
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love you i am tired of watching those hawks out there have a great day and night. larry you are watching our amount per student more. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more somehow want to be pressed. to be pressed to say what the forecast for you in the morning can be good good i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question.
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from. yes her. world according. to everyone we're back with more from our road trip to aspen this month we took the world according to jesse to the streets of colorado where we spoke to the people and learned about the most important issues in the state today two gubernatorial candidates get advice from jesse on what it takes to be a good leader but first the governor joins me from minnesota a sit down the show starts narrow.
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the war. americans are sick of the status quo when it comes to government now a new gallup poll finds that sixty one percent of americans believe the two major parties are inadequate and that the united states should have a third major political party jesse you ran for governor and won as an independent but of course it's really hard for third parties to gain support now many people don't know this about you but prior to becoming the governor of minnesota you were also the mayor of brooklyn park how did you get in politics. well brooklyn part is this it was the sixth largest city it's of north ring suburb of minneapolis and how i got into politics bruges was really an accident i didn't have any desire really to be to get into politics or be an elected official but it started for me and i lived in an old neighborhood a long.


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