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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 20, 2017 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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good argument i'm saying that these ads that seem vaguely bothersome are actually the endless global propaganda for unfettered capitalism they're not just annoying in the way like a splinter or a casey affleck is annoying. with almost all ads are pushing one side of a debate that could very well kill our species i mean if you look along the right things are back it is basically thousands of ads a day telling us to globally shoot ourselves in that head you will rarely if ever see an ad for peace for unity for caring about others for ending balsall if you'll forgive an error free hand job to people down on their luck for creating equality for helping out the little men or not little people i mean. you don't see answer that either but think about the ads shown to millions of human beings
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every day. ok this is literally a promotion for the death of humankind my. baby is bragging about it. then this would be like if it can be very important billboards it said tired of oklahoma general building oh. clemency rule and does stephen hawking said self he says we are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible we could become like venus with a temperature of two hundred fifty degrees and raining solve your it as it that's
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from stephen hawking all that guy does is think all right that you know you guys think and occasionally go to a strip club. seriously he's apparently an industry of gloves which means that man's list of interests is rather eclectic the. point is these ads are selling the death of the planet to us and if we're allowing them to do that. we deserve to be wiped out we are all right we have our debts we've got everything we could afford through our demise this is this is like of steve jobs a blade ads in there's a whole promoting cancer every day there's like jews can't get the economy how many ads you see for the other side for for national bar of silver endangered species or for the top of the mountain that was removed by the coal company apparently that mountain top didn't have the funds to buy prime time commercial
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television. to. have the best man job in the war please don't circumcise me please don't do that i guess the black bears didn't pull together and of scrap stock a glossy spokesperson with ironic self-awareness. nearly every commercial is arguing for endless is dana bull on unsustainable consumption. are you double cheeseburger. to sleep. oh it's just a delicious burger ad right but they don't mention that if we charge the real price the cost to the world and environment then the price for that burger it would be two hundred dollars all right you don't have a kid starter just to get a burger this would be a little charity two cans all around at the stores in town it is like donate
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whatever is in your pocket to help by andrew good of bacon stuff triple patty melt . the ad also doesn't mention the number one killer of men in this country is a heart disease where would surprise me those auto erotic if it association because there's a youtube video on how to do it doesn't mention that you should ask a friend of your father are you alright granted that's an awkward conversation. it's a real friend they'll understand. anyway burger man here also doesn't mention factory farming contributes more c o two and methane than or in cars do so this is an advertisement for a mass murdering gag spy role that we all subsidize with our tax dollars but don't worry the clown in the burger rather than on the phone yet. heart attacks always show up in silly hats because otherwise no one would buy of their
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oil and the narrator also talks log this as he describes a melted cheese and chipotle is sauce to open into some primal need to eat. just because the narrator is a voice deeper than slob oh geez jack in a basement there's no there's no deeper thought allowed in advertising ready even even like the innocent ones even though like a little action figurine commercial says at the end you know they never say again keep in mind kids these are made by chinese children who will never get to play what if they're even caught smuggling walder assembling superman they lose a bathroom break good to see a glint in their eyes what is that superman movie when he when he flies to vietnam to rescue the kids making his figuring. no come on michael bay get on it no qualms worries warnings or problems are almost ever
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presented sure pharmaceuticals have warnings that the united states is the only country besides new zealand that even permits direct to consumer farmers' judical advertising we don't allow ads for cigarettes because those could harm you but every other chemical product that could destroy your lives will pump bad for that into your soft brain matter on a twenty four seventh's cycle brothers can rape the land in a livelihood everyone in their path and get a prime time glowing review them and then look around. america is divided between success and failure. to perform our legal system and three young things to each their potential with an internet tape excessive regulations in this nation which the rich american people for business again coke believe it's time to win the barriers and the desire to
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replace winner take all the system. and learn more and to divide dot com and the divide. but you know what the media won't allow ads for but i know nothing day an ad supported by adbusters magazine in which you don't buy anything you don't consume their commercials to promote the day have often been banned by television networks our media will allow ads for deadly foods by stanfield chemicals sodas that will dissolve metals pharmaceuticals that will turn resides into a vampire factory weapons contractors military propaganda and movies so bad they cause brain disease but can't have a single dad telling americans to put down the credit card for one day not want to add they'll proudly promote environmentally destructive fraud such as
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nestle's pure life. future. free. sleep your life your life begins now. i don't know what we just saw a. day in their lives better than i want you to read but i gotta get some of our water over although it's got those creepy kids floating in. there like the future is built every day everything is possible you're just repeating the
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refrigerator magnet says that. receipt is destroying your future every day they're buying up all the pressure water for bad he's the head of nestle says that water is not a human rights and human life doesn't come from some magical fairy land acid trip like they show you in the commercial it's tap water tap water you're alive bottled water literally comes from public water systems you're paying two dollars for tap waters out of a chemical laden plastic bottle this is someone selling you your own farts back to you it is like this engine to slap a label on pure cards. well i will and bag maybe five percent of bags are for good things. so that's what you get with my new show jack to do night. i have a good reason for that is because i'm
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a hypocrite just straight up. with regret this jacket is made from a blind panda bear fetuses that gave their lives for their country and then donated all their life savings to all their blind pandas. no but seriously at least that is an ad for an anti-establishment alternative media stories which is something you almost never see for almost all ads are meant to sell us ravenous capitalist profit driven materialistic destruction of life we are fighting a war for the mental landscape and the other side owns all the commercials so that means we have to fight that large order not just on a second while i yell our slogan how do you or was it is it about is there it.
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will come the league am alex take the news from behind the dow jones past twenty three thousand for the first time this weekend is game twenty five percent since the orange man became president why because the big banks and corporate america have fully capture the government they did before trump they did it was it was born run but now it's more evident you know that they're like a cat that actually killed a mouse a long time ago but only now showed up at your front door and just dropped the carcass on your fridge is like. that right. and regulators are looking. the other way while we're getting. some sort of reverse pornography but speaking of looking the other way this week new documents reveal just how much the u.s.
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knew about the nine hundred sixty five genocide in indonesia and yet look to the other way thirty nine us embassy in jakarta documents show the u.s. diplomatic personnel were fully aware aware of the scale and savagery of the nine hundred sixty five to sixty six killings basically anti-communist indonesian paramilitary leaders and military units massacred a million of their fellow citizens for being alleged communists and our government even helped fund the military that was doing the killing mother jones magazine called it sold figures to us back to genocide you've never heard of because just calling it the biggest us back genocide is not clear you lie which one when. you was baghdad in this is a needle in a haystack scenario idol oh you know i meant through the one you've never heard of oh yes oh yes that now i indeed recall the one i never heard of. following
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the genocide the us supported the government of the guy who led the genocide general suharto apparently they were fine with the part of his resume that said genocide and enjoys golfing genocide. he would rule indonesia for the next thirty years and considering how hard we are on corrupt cruel regimes around the world you know i like like we will not stand for human rights abuses you hear our politicians all the time we will not stand for human rights. in less we're doing them ourselves that is the difference there are any any gun you are someone a government say they're upset about human rights abuses. just do it is like you like a hot dog vendor angry that another guy is selling hot dogs on that block. would we're doing the human rights abuses or i get out of our racket go sell homemade jewelry or sell shit. anyway since we are not ok with horrible dictators and since
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we supported suharto for thirty years one must assume that he changed his ways right since the one nine hundred sixty five genocide well transparency international calls him the most corrupt a leader in modern history and that is a crowded field alright that's very impressive that that's like being the sleaziest dude at the weinstein company pool party that's pretty incredible too hard just stole up to thirty five billion dollars from his country of course jeff bezos has stolen far more from our country but he's a private citizen so it's a different rating system it's a different thing we've got a quick break but we have live comedy shows coming up in richmond virginia berlin germany and washington d.c. get tickets or vote for your city of redacted tour dot com we'll be right back.
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what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those the fantasies your wife or. dog like you need what's your biggest fear when you're in the on the right so let's talk a little bit more you say if you know that he's the best quarterback. on the topic so simple. now i could give you due to. pushing more. as.
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go back go back three texas churches damaged in hurricane r.v. are suing the federal government because they aren't entitled to free money of course the reason they are titled is due to this pesky little thing called separation of church and state you know that right there one safeguard against a public school teacher saying girls can get pregnant by jesus pointing and winking at their uterus and this could set a dangerous precedent for religious institutions that are already tax exempt for more on this we turn to our senior religion expert know him again oh. oh. thank you considering churches make tons of money we could generate seventy billion dollars if they were taxed like other organizations seems like a bit of a money grab i've been going to church my entire life this is not a money grab or item i think what happens when you occasionally use the collection
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plate to make change for fifteen which in case he is keeping score it was one time and it was for a church sponsored dave and busters. but these churches are immune to disasters and now of sewage in their public water you don't even need to be a senator for holy water to burn your flesh that's why they're appealing to a higher power you mean now congress. right now the senate is considering a bill that would amend the legislation called the stafford act to allow houses of worship to receive theme of money that means they can join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of flood ravaged americans who wait for fema money the same way i refuse to spend the night with a guy until he cleans his toilet seat. and fire and it's something hotter than fire . right in both cases you're going to see a lot of mold until you get
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a payoff. the issue with giving and the house of worship government funding is they are being held accountable for social services that society just assumes they provide a right like. for example the mormon church only gives point seven percent of its annual income to charity they need to accept the separation of church and state because there are no no we got as always in government it's wife or openly christian senators co-sponsored this bill plus the missionary handbook of one of the three churches proves this point which says while the assemblies of god recognizes government as god's provision and is not opposed to political parties as a part of the american political process it reframes from becoming embroiled in party politics or promoting a particular system of government for many reasons that wait refrains from becoming embroiled so they also agree in separating church and state do you actually read
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this whole thing before just now that i read it. no you're. probably going to read the bible front to back i mean unless they're all horny youth group teenager looking for a premarital sex loophole. ok so i may have glossed over that part but then i find the funding is godly and taxing them infringes on their freedom of religion this lawsuit is yet another example of how we exploit tragedies only to to pass laws that will then marginalize the already marginalized no one is infringing on their freedom by asking them to pay the same taxes others do we're losing billions of dollars yet we can't assure groups like the non-religious poor the l.g.b. t. community the they won't be turned away during disasters lein these churches would not turn away gay people. you're thinking the bakery. early there are proof that when you can't find a loophole in the bible you ask the supreme court to make one for you nobody.
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thank you i don't know what i'm going to leave you recently because of the puzzle you almost definitely have not heard about correspondent naomi your avanti got to the bottom of the raging controversy. college campuses the most open and international of american institutions. trading. but i guess this is progress or diversity so even if you identify say an undercover agent carrying out a military agenda. to serve a quality education too. after coming under fire for allowing cia agents to act undercover harvard defended their inclusion saying we are proud to train people
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from the us government and the intelligence community as well as peace activists and those who favor more open government ok so now you're questioning if every strange person who wore shorts through their new york winter was actually undercover and i always knew there was no one plays look cross after high school and majors in farsi and ancient greek were on to us greg the worst example of the intelligence community infiltrating academia is that the cia secretly spent millions of dollars staging scientific conferences you know condemning conference is the crucial for the international exchange of ideas for going to resume to do narrow on a government funded grant and getting the brazilian boyfriend. shows you would see . it's a boost of feel like i hear it's supposed to feel good not like medieval torture at
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all but i can confirm that the purpose of these phony conferences was for the cia to lure iranian nuclear scientists out of their country approach them individually and press them sometimes trick them to defect since undercover agents in operation brain drain had no scientific knowledge they literally had to use pick up lines to seduce iranian scientists and get them alone like did i see you when is stamping and appealing to the shy wallflower nuclear scientists do you hate crowds as much as i do wonder how that worked with no knowledge of science. and. maybe was it a story of reactor trials i mean i always thought that story two three three was advantageous as compared to your opinion two three two you know with a decrease plutonium production and since it is three times as abundant in the
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earth's core but i don't know if it's economically viable what do you think. don't you just. don't know when the big crowds line doesn't get them along just poison their guards meal and leave them incapacitated by diarrhea and vomiting so which rat did the cia pledge in order to learn if words don't work drop a diary a pill in her drink. then they prove that they're part of the cia by listing all the intimate information about you for instance one potential defector said the cia told him i know you had testicular cancer and you lost your left don't you hate crowds what do you prefer to be alone with someone who mysteriously knows the history of your school. since a lot of kluwe operated with the nuclear deal the cia stopped operation brain drain
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but we're in danger of going back to that thanks to this guy who's helping these guys the hardliners in iran her against cooperating with the west europe pale the deal as a success which is why the u.k. don't tutorial that the president can understand with lots of picture show no seize the targets or more of them though you're really. no more do you know. this is not the first time that iran scientists were targeted at least five iranian scientists were murdered by car bombs israel was suspected to be responsible and though they never emitted to it the u.s. pushed israel to stop assassinating iranian nuclear scientists in two thousand and fourteen you know that's how you know you ever friend when they're not afraid to tell you that you're spinning in your teeth or your assassination campaign could lead us all into war and also ruin
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a lot of good pictures with their killing or kidnapping these are war tactics and threat and diplomacy and things to diplomacy iran through billions of dollars in dangerous weapons away and it will also threaten academia as commitment to peace and peace activists and last month harvard withdrew chelsea manning's fellowship after cia director backlash. her you like. conflict of interests like. your parents. reporting from washington this is namely caravan and we're back to it's a night. zero your headlines from the future wall street celebrates average americans are suffering it's even impacting college campuses in two weeks jewelry. history drops
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to second most popular college major replaced by bludgeoning neighbor to death to still cash of guns canned tomatoes. and in a couple of weeks you'll also read the. president's hand stuck inside white house vending machine debate rages among staff as to whether nation better off. and in three weeks you will rid of. new m.s.m. b.c. anchor looks suspiciously like amazon akko in necktie reading pentagon press releases i'm only here as more personality than most of their anchors still that's our show which i go to redact and i we're going to talk just a moment of clarity free on i tunes and stitcher also you can now get redacted night on direct t.v. channel three two one until next time but i think. you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america into the greater media
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landscape is not all laughter all right but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit we don't skew liberal or conservative and as you can see in this bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking head lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world art see america is in the spotlight now every lead might have no idea how to classify as it actually took me way more time than i care to admit i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta scheme ailes and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be
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verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. chris hardwick today's a very interesting interesting experiment because i just went to three doctors i have a terrible sinus infection. i just got invisalign for the first time and the eye doctor dilated my pupils so i can't really think straight talk well or. or
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scenery well so let's hope you. do with just being alone. if you. were making a lot of obscure references were probably playing dungeons and dragons we're probably talking about buying things like we're probably giving each other cheek tips for video games the staying power of the walking dead i think it really taps into the the cultural. you know everyone sort of feeling like the world is ending and we're in apocalyptic times and how would you navigate that plus i see some of your tactics and i'm not good at them but i like your tactic tactics i see i see so i see the matrix code sometimes larry see the matrix it's so you so you'll say oh you like disneyland yeah i love going to disneyland i hear you're an alcoholic yeah as you know as i've already opened up so all next on larry king.


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