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he. pulled out. the headlines on our. european think tank publishes a list of. guests among them senator bernie sanders president calling them quote useful idiots and a controversial report on this channel's. pain is poised to trigger. me as tensions in the country. as winter approaches human rights organizations warn the. refugee could lead to more death it's after a five year old recently died of cold and the lack of medical assistance.
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adequate saturday morning here in moscow you're watching r t international news team here a very warm welcome to you. a damning new report from a think tank called european values has taken aim at this channel and thousands of people who have appeared as all guests on this network. which receives funding from the united states as well as a number of other western governments describes them all as quote useful idiots. and i joined my colleague neil harvey to discuss this report. it's a bit of a surprise for you of the r.t. bashing continues now in this particular report the issues that artie's guests are having really a dig at themselves this is a report by a think tank based in the czech republic. european values report is called the
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kremlin's platform for useful idiots in the west an overview of artes editorial strategy and evidence of impact now what this report does is neatly compile a list of basically all of our t.'s guests because it features thousands of people and it's not just you know or a random list not only are there seven categories in this report dividing our guests into us politicians and political figures british politicians european and other international politicians writers journalists academics and so on so seven categories and if that wasn't enough it also indicates the number of times each guest appeared on r t and links to some of the most relevant episodes it's clear that this particular think tank really worked hard at watching r t here in the u.k. in the states and all around the world he doesn't really mince words when it comes to our team gets not only is the report dubbed useful idiots but it also calls the guests naive and oblivious to our t.'s intentions so certainly something that is
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not being too nice to people who have chosen to come and express their opinion on our network and here is why the report decided to really look into all this the pit this of this list is to identify individuals who either underwent a political agenda or indeed explicit support of it and instead names and credibility. and proxy agents of the kremlin is pretty clear we need to start to know the most famous neal and. what. all we need to be ashamed about a missing one the two things what have i done what have you done what have we done wrong well apart from looking at all of our guests of course this wouldn't be a proper think tank report if we didn't actually try to get our tea itself it does say that the goal is to look at the history agenda the evidence of. of the channel
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that they describe as quote pushing pro kremlin agenda or under the guise of free speech and alternative journalism now not only does this report claim to be debunking certain what it calls myths about the channel such as being a reliable news source saying that it's not harmful and also goes into key points such as saying that our cheese whole goal is to denigrate the west and our tea is rooted in the denial of truth we can say that some of the sponsors behind this piece is mostly private donors but as well as open society which is obviously a george soros foundation the european parliament the u.s. embassy in the czech republic and we do know that the author has been doing some work with the atlantic council which of course is known for certain anti russia hype so really no surprises there will have to wait and see what kind of reactions we see from all of those thousands of people who have been coming onto our channel to express their views. program going on the ground was given special attention in
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the report we asked host returns he what he thought of the mantra useful idiots. amazing that reports like this are actually presumably being read by politicians and hopefully your guests who still continue to appear but as regards guests the guests that they mentioned in the delineate in this report i mean does she really think and do politicians here and in the united states have learned riglin to think that he and his very factors and the former first minister scott alexander the former mayor of london that they're just idiots they useful idiots of course the north and this is incredibly insulting i mean there is no. consistency here and it is at the moment we're joking about it a little but of course there is a serious side the british foreign secretary did this week of democratically accountable politicians in britain that he should decide which networks are democratically elected politicians should be allowed should be appearing on that
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that precedent. apparently is doing its job according to the regulator here in britain but not according to politicians that clearly do not want certain views being expressed and given the oxygen of publicity to the british public and here are some of the other names you might be surprised to see on the list of useful idiots and senator john mccain a vocal critic of russia is listed among the politicians who have appeared on r.t. and in the celebrities section for instance is the film director rob reiner he's actually now part of an organisation called the committee to investigate russia are the politicians on the list include a u.s. senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders as well as the current american president donald trump even former first lady michelle obama got a mention as well now according to the reporter all of these people appeared on a show on this network called politicking with larry david the problem is the
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famous american comedian has never had a show on c politicking of course has always been hosted by veteran journalist larry king and that wasn't the only mr. either of the think tank says it took guests name from show descriptions on our website which apparently led to just more confusion take boris johnson for instance he claims he appeared on artie's news thing comedy show but this was his appearance so it's always someone with their finger on the right side of the international affairs. boris welcome. all we go and get a chance to fight the spanish before america and russia kill us so. he's told you prove to be. a proportion. as for genuine guests that actually did appear on our channel we are some of them what they thought about the way they were being described in this report i'm not naive i'm and i'm under no illusion that he is this magically neutral news source any more
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than i'm under any illusion that the b.b.c. or c.n.n. is any magically neutral news source you know of course everybody has their agendas but i think it has certainly not tried to constrain my expression or the expression of many other people i know i work with a network developer is somehow trashy it gets more and more aggressive across europe the political debates one of these games they are playing. they are destroying the reputation of politicians they don't like people they don't like personalities don't who are not aligned with their own opinion and are trying to be used or i am not anti russian but sometimes i'm quite critical of russia over syria and over the detention of political prisoners like the others so i don't think that it's fair to say that we are simply here is russian stooges we speak our mind and we're critical of the west when it's appropriate and we're critical of russia when
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it's appropriate however some people just find it hard to leave the past behind seventy years ago saw the start of america so. cold anti soviet all until a russian witch hunt. chairman jay parnell thomas of new jersey opens an inquiry into a possible communist penetration of the hollywood film industry the committee is seeking to determine if red party members have reached the screen with the first hip-hop again.
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shows of some. believe in the cover of the jackal. which is always phone to the front of anyone who dares to expose individuals come in the same time get off t.v. . and mongering because what latino voters are paying for a t.v. man in europe plotting with the ones that. if a person defend the activity of the communist nation while consistently attacking
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the domestic and foreign policy of the united states she may be a commie i will say this thing and jack. now carrying out the desires of the ambitions of putin i think. a bloodless coup engineered by russia with best the traitorous indifference of the republican party and donald john trump and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to the store or beholden to start russia and stop. spain is planning to initiate the process of triggering article one fifty five on saturday in a move to suspend catalans regional all torn up and let's cross live to be in a culture of a standing by for us right now boss i don't know a very good morning to you my do you know ultimately it's a crucial day for the whole country and i was in. the constitutional crisis here in spain continues and the situation here and this
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region remains to be very honest and now we expect a cabinet meeting to be how to later today and much for you to discuss possible measures how to seize this crisis here and the spanish government has given council and leaders up until thursday to back away from claiming independence or to face the possibility of a direct rule coming from a treat and now the spanish government has announced that it is ready to trigger article one fifty five of the constitution to suspend castle on autonomy. respectively but it's. a clear and precise response in spanish or catalan is yes or no and we didn't get that so the requirement that used in initial step should begin this procedure in article one hundred fifty five of the constitution has been putin motion. article one fifty five is
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to only to short paragraphs of the nine hundred seventy eight constitution up spain now that if a regional government does not comply with. the obligations of the constitution or other laws that imposes or acts in a way that seriously undermines the interests of spain now the national government can ask the senate to vote on the use of this measure but another important detail is that its usage should be approved by the majority in the spanish senate and this article has never been used before and that is why the situation is so uncertain because there is a lot well it is not clear as to what's can be done and what can't and the situation now this follows the recent statements made by the catholic leader where he once again confirmed to the suspension of the declaration of independence and we've seen a lot of for approach us happening here in the streets of barcelona as well as across the region this past week now two catlin leaders have been the last time we
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had the fact that there are protests to take place here and they are you know barcelona this evening. i talked to somebody in a question about life in boston and i think you know. in the meantime the crisis is impacting catalonia economy over a thousand and the process of move their headquarters from the region ten percent of companies have frozen their investments and eleven percent of open to bank accounts outside the region although some pro independence activists in catalonia are protesting madrid's actions by withdrawing the cash from spanish banks we heard from some of them. came here because pro independence organizations have called on us to take collective action to withdraw cash from banks and i think is a fantastic idea because in a manner it allows us to show the power and motivation we have as well as give us strength without home and anyone. what drivel lucian or change has not began with
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civil disobedience is one part is that we have to get to this point to be hurt these deals thing would be for the government. to be available to hear these demands from society so we wouldn't have to get to this point. two point five million of the catacombs who ruined independence so we withdrew a little money and the banff left without assets there fool they will have to react to move see that they shouldn't turn their backs on us spain and europe. now plenty of stories coming your way here on the program today on r t international including drones are now being enlisted by the police in los angeles it's raising all sorts of privacy concerns that story and more just.
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this is i believe the worst crisis in the modern american history is the crisis of unfettered capitalism undermining the entire population of the country and we've seen the arab spring we've seen other hot spots in the world and ice and i feel the heat building.
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by joining us here on our t.v. today russia's foreign minister has stressed the importance of the iran nuclear deal so to get left off said the u.s. potentially scrapping the agreement would create a global threat and could worsen the north korea crisis but you've missed open it is clear that the failure of the g c p a way iran deals in your view to one of the five plus one members especially one of its most active members is essentially the leader of the group would be an alarming signal to the architecture of international security including the settlement of the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula if you will negotiate with kim jong un and your goal is to avoid war i'm trying to be able to. a diplomatic resolution the worst thing you can do is first threaten to destroy his country in the united nations and screw around with the deal that has already been made because the message is don't make a deal with the united states they won't keep their word last week the us president
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announced he would decertify the deal that means the u.s. congress now has sixty days to decide whether it wants to reimpose sanctions against iran or agree on new legislation relating to the accord donald trump said he wants his country out of the nuclear agreement even though it's widely acknowledged iran has not violated the. we agreed. on the nuclear deal with. technical compliance. of the nuclear i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement they are not living up to the spirit of their agreement iran deal was back in twenty fifteen by the so-called p five plus one group consisting of russia the united states china iran france and germany it followed nine years of intense talks and was hailed as
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a major breakthrough the former head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog spoke to us. he told us it's important to preserve this deal. great achievement. and we have seen that before. the syrian chemical weapons. and there. are. these. in the. future. human rights activists. to improve conditions at refugee camps in the country
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as winter approaches. to face freezing temperatures. last week a five year old girl died from cold and lack of medical support at the morea refugee. just hours before her death parents were reportedly denied extra blankets now unlike other refugee. conditions more than fifteen hundred people including children and pregnant women and living in the shelters. of heating in winter temperatures can drop below zero. now the e.u. pledged to give more than a billion euros to greece to help it cope with the. main entry point into europe since twenty fifteen but the influx threatens to the country's resources the e.u.'s response has been called into question. economic could be
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a challenge to governments with things we simply can't cope with the influx i haven't got the administrative resources talking nice proper relief for refugees a bill proper cabinet the official a current of the you has a whole having not been signed off by the court to board it is that the unaccountable to the last twenty three years we know that the e.u. is very little idea about how its money is spent and that's always been true does be true before the market crisis and it's tonight during the crisis the e.u. doesn't know how to manage its money. and you know a lot of the money goes into the bloated bureaucracy and the governments of greece and italy i'm afraid i'm not renowned for the how can i put it it minnesota efficiency or credibility. the los angeles police department
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is set to deploy and test drawing technology within the city limits initiative has raised concerns of a privacy and safety factor hollywood's recently making a big deal about the dangers of drug misuse. well after years of heated debate the police commission of los angeles voted three to one in favor of the one year long pilot program however the vote caused quite a stir among residents in los angeles. you know people took to the streets and other areas in a show of discontent over the decision of the police department union president to
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short the public but the new technology will be used as a tool to protect both police officers and residents. the police department chief is assured that only swat officers will be allowed to use the drones. in specific operations or in high risk situations and technology can be applied in search and rescue activities or when looking for suspects. and spying campaign coordinator. raised his concerns over this well potentially controversial initiative. we have seen about eighty percent of the time over the last fifty years that swat has been used for low level drug offenses or no knock warrant entries and basically we've seen people's homes being destroyed lives being destroyed as children as young as three month old being killed smoke bombs in a lot of things and then of course surveillance surveillance remains a huge issue i mean the los angeles police department is besides being one of the most militarized police department has a massive massive architecture of human and electronic intelligence gathering so
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the drones fit into the must much larger apparatus and i think when we when we are looking at technology when we're looking at the uses of technology we have to really take a pause and see if it is this technology going to be enhancing the human condition is. for the benefit of health and well being of the human condition or of this technology is going to be used to terrorize to stalk to trey's to monitor and negatively impact it's all to international twenty five now in the. gaming. and to sanctions. it's. the russian economy. and i know a lot of people who are looking for creative ways to get.
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a place for many years so i know the. ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch school it's about the passion from the. age of the. twenty million. it's an experience. but.
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do chemicals that the advertising really increase the risk of. known to be used in the launch of. skepticism they do not believe that step is is true by independent scientists need industry biju for this. compensation for my time as well as you know others why is that the meat lobby definitely. doing if you want to learn more. about flood you. do not. think. this is big business against health.
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