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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 21, 2017 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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and you will soon see episodes on our t.v. i think. you know mid november it's going to be fantastic but. we have been on the road president has been. cutting cutting cutting obamacare in fact we're going to a little clip here. it's no longer. there is no such thing as obamacare anymore so everybody's talking about that fire to the affordable care act. you and i while we've been gone we received an e-mail from our one provider available in north carolina and they said that the new premium increase that we're going to have is in the mail in the post in the meat space mail they're not going to tell us by email how much more we're going to pay so we have to wait to get back home to find out but they did tell us that.
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basically. that our premiums going up but we're going to get less for what we get so our deductible would be seven thousand dollars on top of so we know that we paid twenty one thousand six hundred in total last year for the premiums so it'll be one of them. but we're going to actually have to also play the deductible seven thousand and more co-pays blah blah blah so it's like shrink. shaadi. of obamacare health insurance sort of policies for people living in other countries just to explain to them how the. product itself so in other words the insurance doesn't kick in for anything all you. really for seven thousand dollars apiece. are seven thousand dollars in medical costs and the co-pay. you go to the doctor and you actually cost money to see the doctor now
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in other words you don't get any coverage at all because the chances of even having seven thousand dollars worth of medical expenses in any given year is quite small last year i tried to get as much medical expenses possible and it was still under four hundred dollars when i was living in france whenever i needed medical excess help i went to the american hospital in paris i spent two hundred dollars or four hundred dollars over the course of the year on my spend you know seven hundred dollars on the year perhaps. spent a little money but this is set up to basically put billions and billions into the pockets of the insurance companies and to make sure that virtually no one actually who is covered by this so-called policy is covered by this policy in other words there is no coverage of this policy it's a transfer mechanism from the taxpayer to the corporation therefore it's
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a tax it's an unconstitutional tax i'm not going representation for the tax isn't the boston tea party didn't happen right over here just like a mile that way. the grounds for revolution have been look this is taxation without health care representation and no health care for the twenty two thousand next year will be twenty five twenty six thousand a year that we're paying so i want to put this into context because i feel like you know. obamacare did expand medicaid which is great because basically they pay nothing they get nothing and they get one hundred percent coverage in return that's what you expect when you're paying twenty six thousand a year that you're actually going to get something for is like no actually if you're paying that much that means you get the least of it so i saw this headline for the basically the equivalent of what we pay for insurance executives and they give us nothing in return here's a headline. drive
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a different porsche every single day of the week with this new subscription service the german luxury auto maker is launching a subscription service called porsche passport there are two versions which is two thousand dollars a month and includes on demand access to eight models hey stop that and accelerate your kid in a war. and the other model is called accelerate which is three thousand dollars and includes on demand access to all twenty two course models like these are people in the background by the way who are like i want that book bookish i look at the model and said i'm stuck on obamacare. but so here is a model two thousand dollars a month every single day you can turn in the porsche for another porsche and it includes they deliver the car to you they provide the car insurance for the vehicle all for this two thousand dollars a month three thousand dollars
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a month you get every single one of their twenty two models for this subscription model and yet the insurance by the way on this auto insurance. why can't your car you know car insurance is like a thousand dollars fifteen hundred dollars a year and that covers medical expenses up to like a million dollars if you hit somebody a car accident somebody that so i don't understand why health insurance can't be this sort of model especially if you're paying the same exact amount. of course in germany you get free health care. that's true because probably because there you get there cars are so expensive so you know like i was saying the other day for the five thousand dollars a year we pay in the insurance that we don't get any coverage for. twenty five thousand dollars with a prepaid. plates so why it's a commercial we could just take net jets a private jet wherever we go for approximately that amount of money per year no we have to give so taking the dose of the private. executives at the insurance
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companies i'm just doing is are writing a check different than a feudal lord at the end of the month that is an indentured servant you're writing top tithing all of your income to the aristocrat to the monarch and that's the relationship in america the social contract is broken down john locke said in seventeen turner would. that if the social contract breaks down there has to be a revolution and of course that's why we trump is a guy who could be in the white house during an american revolution and who knows which way that's going to go well i just bring it back to this notion that everybody acts like it's some foreign. you know superman guy who lost hillary clinton the election when we arrived back to the u.s. last year right before the election a week before the election and by the way they announced a new obamacare increases and there was forty four percent in north carolina where
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we were where hillary was supposed to win by five points i think you know basically the political pundits they underestimate the sort of you know anger that this causes people it's one thing if you're paying this much i'm forced to pay this much for your service when you don't actually receive any health care for this you think you have to pay another seven thousand on top of it so it feels like a total rip off and it feels like you're being plundered yes you know you're happy for the sixty you know fifty sixty percent of americans who have. government provided you know health insurance and coverage whether medicare or medicaid the fact that you're in this small might norty of people who are being plundered instead you can if you're going to throw away money like that you might as well get a portion every single day of the week for the entire month it is plundering by the health insurance companies as opposed to let's say plundering by a banking industry like wells fargo take money out of people's accounts here the health ministry is. taking money out of people's pockets with this plundering
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policy and of course yes there is an expanded medicaid and folks are getting health care but the health of the country is deteriorating rapidly because the entire middle class is being destroyed by this wealth transference being orchestrated by a clip dr c. and that's setting up and i will say this i'm sorry but the government the federal government is stoking violence and if they want to stop the violence then they need to stop encouraging this type of behavior by kleptocrats. i think they're they're still talking the end of their system because i think people don't tolerate it but again here's an article in the same newspaper talking about obamacare being overthrown by. health costs and early retirement can you actually other publications even firmer headline rising obamacare costs leave
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less than some early retirees pockets they're saying people are having to work later in life and this is obama actually when he introduced obamacare did say. that this is one of the reasons for obamacare that people between the age of fifty five and sixty four in particular they were often excluded from any insurance even being able to access any insurance but now they're saying that. you know so many people heading into retirement age of sixty five. they have no savings because it's being plundered by these huge costs and the ever increasing deductibles and some of these look quite envious they talk about people who have like now they have a forty five hundred dollars deductible where we are we don't even have like where on a seven thousand dollars deductible because there isn't even anything less than a five thousand dollars deductible available for any reasonable price this is again just plundering and the attitude of the the corporations the insurance corporations of the medical industry. as a whole we're or simply
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a source of organs to be harvested you know we're just being raised in these cubicles of nonsensical patriotic conditions and. liberalism you know to extract wealth using the tools of the of the entrenched police state and this is i believe the worst crisis in modern american history is the crisis of unfettered capitalism undermining the entire population of the country and we've seen the arab spring we've seen other hot spots in the world and i feel the heat building and i feel the health care rising up because you are forced by this and by the way they say and they say that the danger is such increases two years in
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a row they expect many states are now there's an ambulance for somebody lucky enough. to know they're not on obamacare because you don't want to call an ambulance if you're on obamacare has hit with a cost but they're saying that they double digit increases yet again florida i think has like forty percent increase this year that healthier people are just going to go off and middle class people who are just above. the line are going to they're not going to pay if you have sixty four thousand dollars a year income you're not going to spend twenty five thousand of that on insurance. americans got a real problem with goons you know we were on the reservation in the dakotas we said that story right off here you've got ambulance drivers who used to say there are. people over the head with billy clubs you know. taken to hospital.
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we were around. the state of. course well anyway that's my final point on this i think we're going to be one of those people because i'm not going to pay twenty five hundred dollars a month for a policy that that is just not going to give me anything in return and instead next year we're going to have reports from a different portion every single day of the month we're going to drive around going to do like that comedians in cars we're going to report in cars yeah for the same amount of money that we would have had in it because maybe if we get sick in the car like we're always in the car and you get sick in the car your car insurance will cover your you know. but we must go to break don't go away much more coming your way.
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that. much as you've just. a little. bit. on the. by then got a session. there in. by then is a shift the balance. not. going on. certainly not so with. that notion that was if you have the multiple injuries among compliment them to yourself you hope. shows your you know most of the. people but the people from the c.d.c. say you're in the book and. my. i
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am going to have nothing to laugh aloud with. something that will let you down long enough to latch on to. the model that has a little slit my. own little canal maybe i maybe i'm a bit cooler than. usual people been saying about rejected and that it was your sixties full on awesome for all of that the only show i go out of my way to launch it was the really packs a punch how will it leave yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue nothing's better than the sea savior you never heard of love redacted the night when i'm president of the world bank so very soon because we're going to treat it like send us an e-mail.
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welcome back to the kaiser in florida i'm max kaiser time to turn to andrew coffee he is here chicago andrew welcome welcome to chicago the weather changed awfully quick to the windy city yes all right so let me just introduce you a little bit to the audience we've been in contact for a decade really because you're one of the pioneers in the blogging space the financial journalism space the alternative financial journalism space and even covering these issues from chicago and you've got friends on the scene d.c. crowd is close with those guys and so you've been offering some interesting insights into this into this business and you continue to do so so it's really great to have you back on so i consider to be an alternative media pioneer thank
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you yeah and what's your channel by the way i'm the coffee grinds on you tube and you can find me there were i'm putting most of my stuff on that's where i'm putting all my focus right now you tube as you should write i think you just restarted your challenges right maximizer t.v. show me how to actually post stuff to know if there was such a good idea he's already posted three videos yeah i like forty seven thousand subscribers and i haven't ever visited that site or done anything with us i don't even kind of knew it was around but apparently it is around and i can post stuff and i'm now i'm doing landscape no don't do this because if you shoot this way like up and down that means there's probably a flight to mcdonalds. and it's good for you it just doesn't come out you want to shoot a landscape yeah so politically of course you know things a lot are happening i guess in the alternative media space let's focus on that. in the last election the twenty sixteen election it was driven in large part by
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outside of the mainstream media mainstream media got it completely wrong. seem completely biased toward putting the establishment candidate in office taylor and clinton they were pulling up all the stops and they were really like member cheerleading for shock and all and they were like let's invade iraq and kill lots of people c.n.n. was like countdown to massacre yeah we love war but they took that approach to the hillary election they're like countdown to the queen she's going to be our monarch and it's all happening and then this interloper came in and destroyed that narrative what happened in your view i tell you you know when i knew this was going to flip and i wrote rush limbaugh a letter and i don't do that you know because i was into a show age when i'm out one of the ditto heads but i wrote him a letter i said tanya trumps going to pull this out and the reason is and i tell you does letters the first time i wrote to him i said because i hung out with o.j. for a week before he went to jail on a search before he went to jail and i said it's the o.j. . people would meet o.j.
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you hear people talk smack about these a murderer this when you meet o.j. and i saw all this firsthand you go out to bars yeah i was so juiced do your autograph the only changes when you meet and you see the person and that's the same thing i believe was the same effect we're trying you can talk all you want about of the soon as you meet i'm trying meet him some time and you'll be like it was you know that's what you know tell me the same thing to stephen baldwin. yeah he worked with him on celebrity apprentice and before days before the election we're having dinner steve all of my stuff that stacy and stephen said you know i'm going to win and it's very confident going to win despite what some other members of his family might think and because he said he's madam he's worked with him he understands that he understands how to get the job done he clearly had a very precise game plan he understands the electoral college he knew the exact thing he had to do the votes yet again and he was you know he went to wisconsin
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hillary did not go to wisconsin because he understands the psyche. amazing what you're saying is that with the case of folks that are on the front line dealing with the public one on one they have a greater appreciation for what motivates the public and what the public wants i think is what you're saying yeah. i agree and i you know i didn't i forgot that he was on the celebrity apprentice and he saw probably sees first families hanging out with them you know he's the only kind of the people who have met him felt that he had a great chance to win and this is what we're finding is that on this trip we're taking the great american i love this is this trip that you're taken around the country i can't wait to watch you are here in chicago and. kind of that this is one of our stops what about the politics of congo illinois going bankrupt it is bankrupt you know we came into this pot holes on holes the whole state appears to be falling apart what's happening well i'll tell you a couple things i don't get into the local politics as much but i tell you that the
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governor governor romer will probably only be a one term governor and i like republicans but i don't think he's going to do it he's just not you know he doesn't understand social media and he doesn't understand these little small things that can get him people to look and they're just against him and he really hasn't done that much and in interesting thing i went to the columbus day parade here in chicago we still have a columbus day parade there was only one politician marching in that parade that i saw that recognized and that was the governor the mayor wasn't there at all or men was there i guess the bogeyman got to him and said that you know christopher columbus is off limits so it's that's kind of a weird chicago politics right now and that's what rahm's going to do i don't know i mean you run for president. possible so the political correctness rail in politics is so toxic and so unknown that politicians are just walking away from
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doing anything because. they haven't taken a member two years ago it's of which is that this of him walking into little tiny sash on. you know this year not so much and i can tell you what's funny i know place in chicago where there's a sticker that says hillary rahm i know what starbucks it's mack brown this is the stop sign and oh yeah i remember that so yeah i guess maybe the opportunity for him to run you miss in social media its importance in politics i want to pick your brain on a topic air and this has to do with the national football league coming to grips with the protests from players taking vinnie because there's a conflict here on a pick your brain on this you've got the constitutional right to protest but you've got the corporations are not obliged to follow the constitution after they've
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signed a contract with a big league player because it would edge into let's say a morality clause of a contract and they have the right to fire folks but if they start firing people they has business folks they might take a hit that way where do you see this thing going because on one hand they want to fire these guys because the attendance and the viewership is dropping because people don't like the n.c.a.a. merican by. like there's a lot of cross currents and social media's right there in it and your coffee what are your views on the whole first off it's not a constitutional issue that's just ridiculous and if you know anything about the constitution. standing mealing the n.f.l. the constitution's pretty clear on this you can say that the right to get upset if you're that working in the entertainment industry is no different than what trump did on the apprentice and all the things we talk about it's their platform just like these cameras are sit in front of us right now the cameras are on these people these players they would have this format to do their protests the one of the
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really protest and they say police brutality rights in other words. keep saying the liberal as they have the right tweeting. liberals as a class but they tend to say liberals tweeting that they should continue these protests because just our constitutional right and you know what it's telling these guys that commercially they can be fired with and with with for a cause which means no pension no back pay no money just the n.f.l. pension and union that's another story but firing cause stuff like that when it's not a constitutionalist even though they don't have any rights it's football's entertaining it's and i tell you a funny story when i used to live in hawaii the bills had lost their third super bowl one of the quit managers from the san francisco forty nine hundred came up to my gym while i was working at gold's gym in waikiki and he came up and his name was bronco he and he was the you can look this up he was the. manager and he said to me
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i said oh cool the niners use it because if you lose the championship games you get to do the pro ball when it was in hawaii and i you know i'm an n.f.c. guy eagles and i'm like all this this is great and i said to him i said awesome man i said you the forty nine one beat the bills third time losers and he looked at me and said well we're in the same union in the people in buffalo probably could've you know used the super bowl on a. it was like w w e russell you know all of a sudden it was like you know bad. really so i kind of changed my whole thought about football in general that it's just a game and it's they're all union they all you know you know we go against the you know i always who's going to smash a chair over trump's head you know it's it's it's show it's a folly fish the constitutional rights and. yet while. there is now
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for a second it what i like about the end of. well you know kind of two guys talking about football here is that the last place finisher in the league at steve draft choice the next year right am i right yes ok now in europe like their football which we call soccer football they it's all about money like it's whoever got the most money gets the most best players and so it's a reflects a bit of an old gaap listing like chelsea has a lot of money they win a lot of times or many just for united that there's no there's none of that kind of merit to craddick you know their losers get the best draft choice type of thing that is that in your view is why do you feel about that i mean i don't know this is when i asked congress and you said football players in europe the first thing that came to mind was like harvey weinstein without the work you know because these guys ok motion harvey weinstein. loves our you are the wise yeah he's my new thing so in
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oh the any high ground that the michael moore's thought that they had or george clooney or you know michael moore of course making a movie of the weinstein about trump. trying to get some traction in twenty eighteen to push back against the trump apocalypse it seems like weinstein is now completely obliterated that your thoughts anything that comes up they're just going to go back to the harvey weinstein that is going to keep going to this day raise amount out to respond to the harvey weinstein scandal sheets replayed the trump in the trailer hollywood making on the tours remarks concerning the opposite sex loser but that's the only thing they can go to at this point meanwhile this your thoughts they can keep playing that back it's just now there's it's just the tip of the iceberg now there's like a lot of ben affleck right group me things and you know these are guys he's a list and what i want to know is. now i know why oscars are so white.
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just think i hear what you mean by that except that harvey weinstein is a gatekeeper and he seems i have a preference for you will see maybe a prediction i'm going to make a prediction that the maybe they'll be more african-americans were no oscars now because maybe they gave birth preference sexual preferences. in the mix maybe albertine got a cut off their edge i'd love to continue on that but we have to go thanks for being on the kaiser report don't forget to watch you tube jeff i was going to have this this you know the kaiser report which made my skies are safe there were lots of us andrew coffee water i used to go to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report and my you tube channel next kaiser t.v. until next time by oh.
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about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you were yourself in taken your last turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest piece things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like. it said one does not need
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one different speech because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. bank you have. to make. the best of. it it will. come because well good luck. you can go google of mere hire. somebody to come with us from. the humble do the job center hold it up as a. need to get. them involved.
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only. one or you'll. part of our number. two and it's. going to get some of the. through here in southern russia in sultry attending the ball by discussion club and us russian relations and the state of the world. i. join the love
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that all must be. here. oh yes we have a moment with. breaking news. international people. in munich police say the suspect is still at large. but european publishers a list of thousands of guests among them senate. president donald trump calling them quote useful on a controversial report on. the spanish cabinet meeting. fifty five. years old tensions in the country.


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