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tv   Headline News  RT  October 21, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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and so here. we are. breaking news on r.t. international spain's prime minister mariano to hoyle invokes article one five five dismissing the government a console me out following the region's independence referendum on october the first. a european think tank publishes a list of thousands of arties guests including president trump calling them useful idiots in a controversial report on this child was policies. and human rights organizations warm deaths could rise in greek refugee camps this winter after cold weather and a lack of medical help kills a five year old girl. thank
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you for watching the headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge. the spanish cabinet has decided to trigger article one five five leading to the dismissal of catalonia regional government and snap elections there the region's autonomy could also be revoked something that's now to be decided by congress is what spain's prime minister mariano at a horse said. we apply now article one hundred fifty five because no government in a democratic country can accept the law be ignored or violated changed. and that these happens and there are their own criteria and imposing their criteria on everybody else. well for more on this we can now cross
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live to a question of. why that means it is so what else was said during the horrors. well we just heard the nouns and maze by spanish prime minister mariano and it was a very anticipated address to the nation everybody here and cuts a lot and across the country was awaiting for the reaction coming from trees and yes for the first time and the country's history the spanish government has decided to invoke article one fifty five now what is that actually article one fifty five as only two short paragraphs of the nineteen seventy eight constitution of the country now it's a money to be applied to a regional government does not comply with the obligations of the constitution and it is very important to understand that this move and this matter might only be applied after the majority of this vanished senate approved these steps and as i
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said before now the article one fifty five has never been used as a manager to somehow seize of the crisis in different regions of the country by the spanish government now another important detail that was mentioned by many on that are who is that they're not taking away they're not limiting the state of us of plants allying and they're not taking away the status of autonomy but what they're doing is that they're dismissing the current government which without this profound crisis. these men sure we are going to implement has a lot to do with the school of holding an election in catalonia. it was also announced. the spanish government plans to hold snap elections with
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them the next six months here and the region and of course are we now expected to hear reaction coming from the local from my council on government on what was just voiced by the spanish prime minister might and there are now we've seen protests here on the streets of barcelona and across the region and now just on tuesday the sounds and so people went to the streets to protest against the arrest of two local cats one separatist leaders and here on plaza catalonia located right in the heart of barcelona we expect to see tens of thousands of people coming in later by the evening to express their opinion on what was said today by the spanish prime minister. yes indeed right reaction on that machine a question about in barcelona thank you very much. we want a think tank called european values has released a damning report about this channel and criticized the thousands of people who've
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appeared just guests the institute which gets funding from the us and other western governments uses lenin's quote corn in the guest useful idiots. can discuss the report with my colleague neil harvey it's a bit of a surprise for you the r.t. bashing continues now in this particular report the issues that artie's guests are having really a dig at themselves this is a report by a think tank based in the czech republic of european values reporters called the kremlin's platform for useful idiots in the west. an overview of artes editorial strategy and evidence of impact now what this report does is neatly compile a list of basically all of our t.'s guests because it features thousands of people and it's not just you know or around a list not only are there seven categories in this report dividing our guests into us politicians and political figures british politicians european and other
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international politicians writers journalists academics and so on so seven categories and if that wasn't enough it also indicates the number of times each guest appeared on r t and links to some of the most relevant episodes it's clear that this particular think tank really worked hard at watching r t here in the u.k. in the states and all around the world he doesn't really mince words when it comes to our team gets not only is the report dubbed useful idiots but it also calls the guests naive and oblivious to our tease intentions so certainly something that is not being too nice to people who have chosen to come and express their opinion on our network and here is why the report decided to really look into all this the purpose of this list is to identify individuals who even when it's a political agenda or indeed explicit support of it and instead names and credibility to see. and proxy agents of the kremlin is pretty clear we need to
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start. hello my name is neil and work for. what. all we need to be ashamed about a missing one the two things what have i done what have you done what have we done wrong well apart from looking at all of our guests of course this wouldn't be a proper think tank report if it didn't actually try to get our tea itself it does say that the goal is to look at the history agenda of evidence of impacts of the channel that they describe as pushing program one agenda or under the guise of free . each and alternative journalism now not only does this report claim to be debunking certain what it calls myths about the channel such as being a reliable news source saying that it's not harmful and also goes into key points such as saying that archie's whole goal is to denigrate the west and our tea is rooted in the denial of truth we can say that some of the sponsors behind this piece is mostly private donors but as well as open society which is obviously
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a george soros foundation the european parliament the u.s. embassy in the czech republic and we do know that the author has been doing some work with the atlantic council which of course is known for certain anti russia hype so really no surprises there we'll have to wait and see what kind of reactions we see from all of those thousands of people who have been coming onto our channel to express their views. going underground was given special attention in the report we are asked it's host afshin rattansi what he sort of the useful idiots phrase. amazing that reports like this are actually presumably being read by politicians and hopefully you know our guests who still continue to appear but as regards guests the guests that they mentioned in the delineate in this report i mean does she really think and the politicians here and in the united states have learned or are going to think that a young is verified and the former first minister scott alexander the former mayor
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of london that they are just idiots they useful idiots of course the not in this is incredibly insulting i mean there is no not to call consistency here and it is at the moment we're joking about a little but of course there is a serious side of the british foreign secretary did this week ask democratically accountable politicians in britain that he should decide which networks are democratically elected politicians should be allowed should be appearing on that that run precedented. apparently is doing its job according to the regulator here in britain but not according to politicians the clearly do not want certain views being expressed and given the oxygen of publicity to the british public. and here are some of the other names you might be surprised to see only useful idiots list. senator john mccain a vocal critic of russia is listed among the politicians who've appeared on r.t.
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and in the celebrity section is film director rob reiner he's actually now part of an organization called the committee to investigate russia while other politicians on the list include u.s. senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders as well as none other than the current american president donald trump even former first lady michelle obama got a mention. well according to the reports all of these people appeared in this network show called politicking with larry david the problem is the famous american comedian has never had a show on artie politicking has always been hosted by veteran journalist larry king and that wasn't the only mistake either the things i says it took guests names from shows descriptions on our website which apparently led to more confusion for instance take boris johnson it claims he appeared on r.t.c. news thing comedy show this was his appearance so that's what we saw in one with their finger on the right. it's following surgery boris johnson boris
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welcome. are we going to get a chance to fight the spanish before america and russia kill us so. these two. purported. well for me i might buy bobby's animation claims artie never tried to censor her with pretty interviewing unlike some other outlets. i think we should wear it as a badge of honor because it shows that there is a group of people out there who are not afraid to challenge the western consensus so i'm trying to put forward my perspective my opinions based on twenty five years of expertise within certain fields and i feel that i do that professionally and i oversee other news outlets feel i do professionally too because i get reinvited back to all of those too and it's only when i appear on r.t.e. that apparently i'm now deemed to be useful idiots and i would also say as well that r.t. is one of the very few t.v. channels that when it invites me on to do an interview they do not insist on a pre interview to censor and fetch water i might be about to say many other t.v.
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channels do because they're scared and they want to make sure that they're in control of what their guests are saying and yet i still appear on many other t.v. channels so perhaps what i'm saying is not being putin's useful idiot perhaps it's just an alternative perspective that people need to hear. well perhaps some just find it hard to leave the past behind seventeen years ago so the stance of america's so-called anti soviet all anti russian and. german j. parnell thomas of new jersey all forms an inquiry into possible communist penetration of the hollywood film industry are coming to your city to determine if red party members have reached the screen with the first republic get.
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some. believe in the cover of the jackal. which is always found of the throat of anyone who dares to expose individuals come in the same time get off the validity of their cause look at the different facts and not be very different because what latino voters are paying for three t.v.
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manual plotting what they want to. hear from first defend the activities of communist nations welcome physically attacking the domestic and foreign policy of the united. she may be a problem and i will say if they object they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of lattimer putin. a bloodless coup engineered by russia with past the traitorous indifference of the republican party and donald trump trump and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to stump for beholden to sky russian stuff. while the czech republic is currently electing its new government we know what the opinion polls say after the show break.
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one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to stamp out disdain attitude and in games from it because betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. but will these gamey anymore you say inches are breaking but without the damaging both sides it's it's the reality that damaging our way call it the image of the russian economy and the russian financial system and i know a lot of people who are looking for a creative ways to get better results. welcome
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back human rights activists and n.g.o.s are urging the greek or storage is to improve conditions at their refugee camps as winter approaches there's growing concern that ill prepared asylum seekers may be left on aided to face freezing temperatures well last week a five year old girl died from the cold and a lack of medical support at the morea refugee camp on the island of last boss just hours before her death her parents were reportedly denied extra blankets well like other refugee camps in greece moria is notorious for its conditions more than fifteen hundred people including children and pregnant women are living there many without any source of heating. well in winter temperatures can drop below freezing and as a result dozens of refugees have died in the last few years the pledge to give more
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than a billion euros to greece by twenty twenty to help it cope with the migrant crisis over a million refugees have reached greece a main entry point into europe since twenty fifteen but as the influx threatens to overstretch the country's resources the e.u.'s response has been questioned. could be a challenge to governments with things we simply can't cope with the influx and they haven't got the administrative resources talking nice proper relief for refugees or build proper camps the official accounts of the who has a hole have not been signed off by the court awarded to the accounting for the last twenty three years we know that he has very little idea about how its money is spent and that's always been true does be true before the crisis and
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during the crisis when the e.u. doesn't know how to manage its money. you know a lot of the money goes into a bloated bureaucracy and the governments of greece and italy i'm afraid. and for. put it. in a sort of efficiency or credibility. now citizens of the czech republic have cast their ballots in palm tree elections which will decide who will become the country's prime minister opinion polls that preceded the election indicated that the anti establishment a and only it may become the biggest party in the pilots' lower chamber when it's head a euro skeptic billionaire in the country's former finance and deputy prime minister is gaining in popularity. the group system we've had for so long is what i call a system so yes we are in the movement.
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there is no place for migrants in europe. i don't want to be in the euro zone i don't want the country to be a. greek banks. let's face it they're not impressed by the e.u. they're formalised economy governance and the eurozone is so weak. some of our political approaches need to adjust the real world. or euro skeptic parties across the have been gaining support during the last round of elections in france very near pen leader of the national front party was the main rival to elected president emmanuel backlog in germany the a.f.d.
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not only entered parliament for the first time but it became the third largest party in the bundestag while the freedom party in austria also came third in their elections or form a check for mr soros for border also thinks euro skepticism is gaining momentum in the e.u. in europe are all. you. could say euro skeptic forces going to see him so far germany of course in austria this is a very massive victory of the euro skeptic forces and may be in the czech republic mr buckbee and his movement and all belongs. to the group of party is are against. us within the e.u. or or or. which so called the
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very strong send european position. now police in california are set to deploy and test drones in the skies above los angeles initiative has raised concerns over privacy and safety hollywood has recently been making a big deal about the dangers of misusing drones. surveiling. entire . watch is turning. well after years of heated debates the police commissioner of los angeles voted three to one in favor of the yearlong drone program however the vote caused a stir among the residents of l.a. . where people staged various process in
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a show of discontent about the decision the police department union's president assured the public that the new technology will be used as a tool to protect those police and residents. well the police department chief has also given assurances that i'm nice wants officers will be allowed to use the trains touring specific operations or in high risk situations the technology can be applied in search and rescue activities or when looking for suspects the los angeles county spying campaign coordinator khan has raised his concerns about the initiative for time what we have seen about eighty percent of the time over the last fifty years that swat has been used for low level drug offenses or no knock warrant entries and basically we've seen people's homes being destroyed lives being destroyed children as young as three month old being killed smoke bombs in a lot of things and then of course surveillance surveillance remains a huge issue i mean the los angeles police department is besides being one of the most militarized police department has a massive massive architecture of human and electronic intelligence gathering so
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the drones fit into the must much larger apparatus and i think when we when we're looking at technology when we're looking at the uses of technology we have to really take a pause and see that is this technology going to be enhancing the human condition is this for the benefit of health and well being of the human condition or this technology is going to be used to terrorize to to stew stock to trey's to monitor and negatively impact. now thousands of young people from around the globe are in sochi where the world festival of peace and students is now drawing to a close the festival was first held in russia in one nine hundred fifty seven and sixty years on some of the first participants couldn't resist coming back and feeling young again. my name is johnston. eighty three years old and
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i was of participants in the festival in moscow in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven i remember. it was the. fireworks display. it was like at that time visiting another planet. it was a different era. member going through the streets of packed with people greeting us. trucks who were younger having a great time. this quota for example is taken. during our reception in the streets for a packed with people gives you an idea of the welcoming we got a group of us canadians as we arrived at bosco. that's.
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tied with the famous moscow landmark. i was thrilled to have that invitation but i said could i bring my granddaughter also yes so she said intergenerational possibilities we've got here. so here goes the jews. now reminded breaking news this hour spain's prime minister mariano to hoyle has triggered article one five five this enables him to ask the senate to dismiss the regional government in catalonia has also called for a snap election within six months if the senate agrees with you in this period catalonia would come under central rule from madrid. how about with more news
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including those developments in spain at the top of the hour see that. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as a tremendous place. for. colon is still exist. rico's treated as one. and a portal three cool. little can i do a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto rican screw even dependents journal it was the almighty god you know my. good at either way but i'm going to sort out what i mean we're digging again with their ideas. still
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many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of. the new socks for the tell you that will be gossip and tabloid but most important. off advertising tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one.
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and wendy francis is being bused broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight master card business to business is set to take advantage of the quiet harry block in technology that will cut across the middle man and tear down those borders of cross border transactions and the second fortune five hundred company to do so in just days also german carmaker b.m.w. has confirmed its munich offices for the subject of an unannounced inspection by antitrust regulators and we'll talk about the cone zone president trump's director of the national economic council gary collins says clearing houses could be a risk to our financial system is he right unpack it for you stand by.
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for of wells fargo's foreign exchange bankers are fired as both regulators and the company look into shady practices in the investment banking arm wells fargo is no stranger to lawsuits arbitration and committee hearings recently the bank's new c.e.o. was questioned on capitol hill over a separate seven year long sales practice scandal which saw employees open customer accounts without their knowledge in order to meet sales targets it was followed by the dismissal of the former c.e.o. and some of its executives the retail banking arm is also in trouble for setting up an authorised bill pay programs for customers and needless car insurance. the senate has narrowly backed a four trillion dollars budget plan it sets the stage for the first major tax reform package in three decades the republican party valley.


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