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tv   Headline News  RT  October 21, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the americans do the same we are verily better than. the sea people you've never heard of low down to the next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. spain's prime minister asked to send it to dismiss catalonia as maine or start his own wants new regional elections as soon as possible. a european thing time publishes a list of thousands of all teams guests including president trying calling them useful idiots in a controversial report on this channel's policies. and human rights organizations warned deaths could rise in greek refugee camps this winter after the cold weather and a lack of medical help kills a five year old girl. on
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cape cod continue watching the latest headlines here on a busy day at r.t. international thank you for joining us. and we start in spain where madrid has asked the senate to remove key figures in the council on government and hand their responsibilities to ministers the measures were announced by prime minister mariano rajoy after article one five five of the constitution was triggered it. we're now applying article one five five because no government at all in a democratic country can accept that the law be ignored or violated or changed and this is all happened under false criteria and they impose their criteria on everybody else. well for more on this let's cross live now to lottie's medina cartoon of a here's in barcelona i'm ready or there's so what measures does madrid want
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against catalonia government. well it was a very anticipated speech in a very intensive way did address that promise that. made it to the nation and as we now understand the spanish government has decided to invoke article one fifty five for the first time in the country's history now article one fifty five is only two short paragraphs of the nine hundred seventy eight constitution of spain and they might be applied to five regional government does not comply with the obligations of the constitution now this move can only be taken by the government after the majority of the spanish senate approve it and again as i said it is an unprecedented move made by the. us it is said this measure is going to be used for the time and the country's history now prime minister also said that it's madrid is
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not a revoking council audience autonomy but merely removing the local government that led to this crisis. we have. this measure we're going to implement has a lot to do with the goal of holding an election in catalonia the region will have to hold an election within six months of the mine tension is to hold it as soon as we recover the. prime minister met and there are also called for a snap elections to be held to in the region within the next six months and andrew is the one fifty five article top catalan authorities will be dismissed now spanish government ministers will temporary fulfill their obligations from madrid and now rest castle on government will keep acting but under madrid ruling now all these measures will be taking only after the majority of the spanish a son has approved this measures now we expect of course to hear the reaction of
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the council on. residence and it's going to be happening later this evening now we've heard some reaction already represented to the cattle and the party and the senate said the words that were voiced by the prime minister down that are quite violate democracy now the mayor barcelona said that. spans at ca to lonny and self rule and this is the thing so many fought for and it is a grave attack on all peoples liberties now to discuss the situation and more details now i'm going to join us live here and the heart of barcelona now by alleys and out by lucy who is a professor of economics at the university of barcelona thank you so much for joining us here life now do you expect the senate to approve the measures presented by might and of course because the party had not a horse party has the absolute majority in the senate just punish the night so it's
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going to be approved. what do you think it didn't answer and if the measures that are present is not going to be answered by the council and leader. refuses what either of measures what can we expect what's going to be the situation we can expect anything they are ready they are going to target the spanish constitution to expand his government because one forty five doesn't allow them to dismiss the electorate sorry to say the only thing got these articles say says that the catherine authorities may be order some actions by the spanish government but that doesn't sound all that into these missing a leg to coffee shows. so we can't expect anything in principle how to go one five five dollars not all the spanish government are the spanish for least two are rash to the same. time president but no probably what they would do in this type of gays who used to wash the few of the public prosecutor of the spanish they need to. or
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to our rashed here moderate their charges of rebellion who know they are against them or christie they are breaking their own groups they are they are completely doing are going to using a coup d'etat against their own constitution they are against the mocker see saw everything that happened while we expected a protest leader of the sea evening just how angry is it now going to be oh well you mentioned that there might be everything that might see violence on the streets do you think that people here in catalonia are angry after the announcement i didn't say we can see violence in the streets you know that doing that and that this movement is a very very peaceful movement and it has never shown any sign of violence so i don't expect that type of violence the only violence here comes from the spanish state. while the process that was organized today was
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a protest that was to protest against the. the fact that they put in jail their leaders off to save you society are going to use a certain shot of the pushout than just the sanctions now of course these these demonstrations. have been given more food by the by the decision taken by the minister sconce spanish minister. this morning so yeah people are angry but people in catalonia are peaceful people they are not going to use violence at all that i can ensure you of that we are going to protest democratically peacefully as we know to do and we are going to resist what i am expecting is that the no that the. president appealed to the young law he suspended the declaration of independence he stopped everything asking for dialogue to the spanish government to the spanish president the answer to these appeal to dialogue was the suspension the complete suspension of the cup that i'm not gonna be that
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these me some of the i'll start. is that the we have elected that we have voted and the reduction of functions of the parliament of the couple in parliament. i expect that now. that the prognosis is finally going to be declared we are going to defend the scots on brick by brick that we voted for on the first of october and that we defend as we defended the referendum we are going to defend the republic all right thank you so much i listen to a professor of economics at the barcelona university now and she was here with us a line for right and the heart of barcelona and again what we're witnessing right now is really the biggest constitutional crisis spain has sin in decades and now we're going to see a lot of protests happening on the streets of catalonia especially this evening we expect a mass protest here at plus a cut to luna and we will bring you the latest from barcelona. it ima come back to you for those protests as well made a question about in barcelona thank you. now i think tank called european
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values has released a damning report about this channel criticized more than two thousand people who've appeared as guests the institute which gets its funding from the us and other western governments promised the guests useful idiots. discuss the report with my colleague neil harvey. a bit of a surprise for a newbie r t bashing continues now in this particular report the issues that artie's guests are having really a dig at themselves this is a reports why think tank based in the czech republic called european values report is called the kremlin's platform for useful idiots in the west an overview of artes editorial strategy and evidence of impact now what this report does is neatly compile a list of basically all of our teams guess because it features thousands of people and it's not just you know or around
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a list not only are there seven categories in this. report dividing our guests into us politicians and political figures british politicians european and other international politicians writers journalists academics and so on so seven categories and if that wasn't enough it also indicates the number of times each guest appeared on r t and links to some of the most relevant episodes it's clear that this particular think tank really worked hard at watching r t here in the u.k. in the states and all around the world he doesn't really mince words when it comes to our team gets not only is the report dubbed useful idiots but it also calls the guests naive and oblivious to our t's intentions so certainly something that is not being too nice to people who have chosen to come and express their opinion on our network and here is why the report decided to really look into all this the purpose of this list is to identify individuals who either due to an awareness of political
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agenda or indeed explicit support of it and then stand names incredibility to see to it and proxy agents of the kremlin is pretty clear we need to start. hello my name is neil and work for. what. all we need to be ashamed about a missing one the two things what have i done what have you done what have we done wrong well apart from looking at all of our guests of course this wouldn't be a proper think tank report if it didn't actually try to get our t. itself it does say that the goal is to look at the history agenda of evidence of impacts of the channel that they describe as quote pushing program one agenda or under the guise of free speech and alternative journalism now not only does this report claim to be debunking certain what it calls myths about the channel such as being a reliable news source saying that it's not harmful and also goes into key points such as saying that our cheese whole goal is to denigrate the west and our tea is
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rooted in. the denial of truth we can say that some of the sponsors behind this piece is mostly private donors but as well as open society which is obviously a george soros foundation the european parliament the u.s. embassy in the czech republic and we do know that the author has been doing some work with the atlantic council which of course is known for certain anti russia hype so really no surprises there we'll have to wait and see what kind of reactions we see from all of those thousands of people who have been coming onto our channel to express their views we are the host of artes going underground show what he thought about his guest being called a useful it is amazing that reports like this are actually presumably being read by politicians and hopefully your guests who still continue to appear but as regards guests the guests that they mentioned in the delineate in this report i
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mean does she really think and the politicians here and in the united states have learned are going to think that a young is very and the former first minister scott and alexander the former mayor of london they're just idiots they useful idiots of course and lot and this is incredibly insulting i mean there is no logical consistency here and it is at the moment we're joking about it a little but of course there is a serious side the british foreign secretary did this week of democratically accountable politicians in britain that he should decide which networks are democratically elected politicians should be allowed should be appearing on the sun president. apparently is doing its job according to the regulator here in britain but not according to politicians clearly do not want certain views being expressed and given the oxygen of publicity to the british public. and here are some other names you might be surprised to see on the useful idiots list senator john
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mccain a vocal critic of russia is grouped among politicians who've been on r.t. film director rob reiner makes an appearance he's actually now a part of an organization called called the committee to investigate russia while other politicians on the list include former presidential candidate bernie sanders as well as the current president donald trump and even former first lady michelle obama gets a mention well the report clearly states that all these people appeared on a show called politicking with larry david the problem is that the famous american comedian has never had a show on r.c. politicking has always been hosted by veteran journalist larry king well i wasn't the only mistake i had a think tank says it took took guests names from show descriptions from our website which apparently lead to more confusion take or is johnson for instance it claims he was on artie's news think comedy show this was his appearance so that's always
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someone with their finger on the right. international affairs it's forensic boris johnson boris welcome. are we going to get a chance to fight the spanish before america and russia killer so. to be. purported we are. british former intelligence officer and frequent guest on r.t. what she thinks of also being on this list. i think we should wear it as a badge of honor because it shows that there is a group of people out there who are not afraid to challenge the western consensus so i'm trying to put forward my perspective my opinions based on twenty five years of expertise within certain fields and i feel as i do that professionally and i oversee other news outlets here i do it professionally too because i get reinvited back to all of those too and it's only when i appear and r.t. that apparently i'm doubting to be useful idiots and i would also say as well that
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r.t. is one of the very few t.v. channels that when it invites me on to do an interview they do not insist on a pre interview to censor and vet what i might be about to say many of the t.v. channels do because they're scared and they want to make sure that they're in control of what their guests are saying and yet i still appear on many other t.v. channels so perhaps what i'm saying is not being pretty useful idiots perhaps it's just an alternative perspective that people need to hear now human rights organizations war deaths could rise and poorly equipped greek refugee camps this winter worn out story after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around a problem ratio washington washington media the media.
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voters elected is not to run this country business it was. passed it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. but will these gamey anymore let you say. working but if they are damaging both sides if it's reality you know they're damaging our economy it's damaging the russian economy and the russian financial system and i know a lot of people who are looking for a creative ways to get better results. welcome
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back iran's reiterated its complying with the nuclear deal that donald trump is threatening to scrap earlier russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov weighed in and he stressed international security would be threatened if the u.s. ended the agreement and the north korean crisis could worsen but she didn't stop it is clear that the failure of the g c p a way iran deal due to one of the five plus one members especially one of its most active members essentially the leader of the group would be an alarming signal to the architecture of international security including the settlement of the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula if you want to negotiate with kim jong un and your goal is to avoid war and try to be able to have a diplomatic resolution the worst thing you can do is first threaten to destroy his country and the united nations and secondly screw around with the deal that has already been made because the message is don't make a deal with the united states they won't keep their word. well last week the u.s. president announced he would decertify the deal all that means congress now has
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sixty days to decide whether it wants to reimpose sanctions opponent ron or agree new legislation relating to the accord were donald trump said he wants his country out of the nuclear agreement even though it's widely acknowledged iran has not violated the terms we agreed on the fact that iran is instead focused on the if you're dealing with a nuclear deal the agreement is delivering. full compliance was a violation of the nuclear rights i'm all for agreements but those are. not in the spirit of their agreement they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement . will be iran deal was hammered out by king twenty fifteen by the so-called p. five plus one group that consists of the united kingdom russia the united states china france germany and iran it followed nine years of intense talks and was hailed as a major breakthrough where the former head of the u.n.
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nuclear watchdog spoke exclusively to r.t. he told us it's important to preserve the deal. the settlement and deal about the iran was a great achievement and it was achievement in dreyer by the p five in the security council and we have seen that before in the question of the syrian chemical weapons there was also a settlement and there is also now some sort of agreement on syrian peaceful car outcome of syria between the p five so it's very important to preserve this these these precedents of agreement really between the p five and the security council and if that were to be damaged in the iranian gaze that would be very serious i think for the future authority of the security council. now accountings underway in the czech republic where such today's general election will decide its next leader with votes counted in most areas in second place is the right wing freedom and
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direct democracy party behind the anti establishment and no movement which has almost a third of the ballots while the head of the party a euro skeptic billionaire and former finance and deputy prime minister had been gaining popularity prior to the vote. the group system we've had for so long is what i call a system so yes we are in the movement. there is no place for migrants in europe. i don't want to be in the eurozone i don't want the country to be a. greek banks. let's face it they're not impaired both the foremost economy governance.
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some of our political approaches just the real world. well across the euro skeptic parties have recently been gaining support in france marine le pen the need of the national front party was the main rival to elected president emmanuel mccraw one in germany the f.t. not only entered parliament for the first time but it became to third largest party in the bundestag while the freedom party in austria also came third in elections there were former czech foreign minister several snowboarder thinks the mood is right for us skepticism in the. in europe are all. you. can say euro skeptic forces going to see him so far leave germany of course in austria this is a very massive victory of the euro skeptic forces and maybe in the czech
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republic mr bugbee and he's moved on or belongs to the. group of party is who are against. us within the e.u. or who. does the move which so called the very strong send european position. now human rights activists and n.g.o.s are urging the great course orator's to improve conditions at their refugee camps as winter approaches there's growing concern asylum seekers are not equipped to cope with freezing temperatures well last week a five year old girl died from the cold and a lack of medical support at the morea refugee camp on the island of last pass just hours before her death her parents were reportedly refused extra blankets well
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like other refugee camps in greece moria is notorious for its conditions more than fifteen hundred people including children and pregnant women are living there many without any source of heating well in winter temperatures can drop below zero and as a result dozens of refugees have died in the last few years well the e.u. has pledged to give more than a billion euros to greece by twenty twenty to help it cope with the migrant crisis more than a million refugees have reached the country a main entry point into europe since twenty fifteen but as the influx threatens to overstretch greek resources the response has been questioned. economic could be a challenge to governments which think we simply can't cope with the influx and haven't got the administrative resources talking nice proper relief for refugees
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a bill proper cabinet the official a current. of the you has a hole have not been signed off by the call to vote it is that the only county will be the last twenty three years we know that the e.u. is very little idea about how its money is spent and that's always been true dispy true before the market crisis and it's tonight during the migrant crisis and the e.u. doesn't know how to manage its money. and you know a lot of the money is into the bloated bureaucracy and the governments of greece and italy i'm afraid i'm not a nine foot how can i put it it minnesota efficiency or credibility. well for more details on the council any and developments you can visit our website www dot com otherwise i'll be back with the headlines at the top of the.
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colon is still exist. ricos treated as one visitor annoying co-equals on the hind. for only macone hundred point zero three cool as. an idea well honestly doesn't make. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence joe it was the almighty god you know me getting up on a bike doesn't do it at either way but i mean to sort of want to make overtaking a game a game. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day knowing. beings. with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. up
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by too many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spend the two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game a great chance for. peace.
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this is the kaiser report we are in harvard square in cambridge massachusetts we're on the great american pilgrimage shooting all across america we started in california where we are boston. journey and you will soon see on our t.v. i think. you know mid november it's going to be fantastic but. we have been on the road president has been. cutting cutting cutting obamacare in fact we're going to cut you a little clip here because obamacare is dead. it's no longer even mentioned there is no such thing as obamacare anymore so everybody is talking about that fire to the affordable care act. you and i while we've been gone we received an e-mail
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from our one provider available in north carolina and they said that the new premium increase that we're going to have is in the mail in the post in the meat space mail they're not going to tell us by email how much more we're going to pay so we have to wait to get back home to find out but they did tell us that. basically it's shrink that our premiums going up but we're going to get less for what we get so our deductible would be seven thousand dollars now on top of so we know that we paid twenty one thousand six hundred in total last year for the premiums so it'll be more than that but we're going to actually have to also play the deductible some one thousand and more co-pays blah blah blah so it's like shrink. the shaadi. of obamacare health insurance sort of policies for people living in other countries just to explain to them how the code .


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