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tv   Headline News  RT  October 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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catalonia president rejects spain's plans to impose direct rule on the region as almost half a million people rally in barcelona in a show of defiance against an. earlier on the day spain's prime minister asked the senate to dismiss council loney's leadership and also said he wants new regional elections as soon as possible. in other news a euro skeptic party wins the czech republic's parliamentary elections with its billionaire leader whom many have compared to donald trump and set to become prime minister. also human rights organizations have warned that the
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deaths could rise in greek refugee camps this winter the cold weather and a lack of medical help killed a five year old girl. my name is neil harvey this is an international. crisis in catalonia has taken a nother dramatic turn after the spanish government said on saturday it would impose direct rule on the region and triggered a wave of protests with almost half a million people turning out onto the streets of barcelona local officials branded madrid's decision as an attack on freedom day it's part of the initiative the council on leadership will be removed from office. but you have to know that this measure we're going to implement has a lot to do with the goal of whole. during an election in catalonia the region will
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have to hold an election within six months the mind tension is to hold it as soon as we recover all of us but one of our part of the spanish government has carried out the worst attack against scotland institutions and residence since the orders of the military dictator francisco franco. article one fifty five which allows for the transfer of powers to madrid and the dismissal of those officials alleged to have broken the law is to be passed by the senate within days while the catalan parliament won't be dissolved it's now stripped of the capacity to elect a new president and in a culture of reports now on the reaction in catalonia. many people that gathered here at the square they were listening to the address that was made by the castle leader and they welcomed with applause and they were shouting slogans including the bit of that which means freedom so for them it was quite a bit to address quite
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a big decision that was made to now we've heard other reactions coming from different now catalan government officials including the had of the catalan parliament that had has denounced madrid's decision to invoke article one fifty five and dismiss the local government now madrid's decision croaked radiate out wave of outrage and outrage and we've seen hundreds tens of thousands of people here in the streets so far salon and now protesting and marching and we managed to talk to some of them loses the muscle because we're a bit lost this is the first time we found ourselves in such a situation we've heard talk of possible support from durham for example but it seems that the e.u. is not interested as a tool in what's going on here. i think. we leave our there are other planets not. even. countries day leave they say what they say all the time
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the same they repeat the same words that's on monday and for the other leaders so it's it's it's it's impossible to talk to them reminisce that spanish prime minister met in the crowd of course said that madrid as not revoking catalonians autonomy but merely dismissing and removing the local government that led to this crisis but what happened this saturday in the region of council lonny a mania local authority is called defacto coup de in a blow to democracy. lottie's heard from several academics about their views on the constitutional emergency in spain and how it might unfold. the independent this movement is a very very peaceful movement i need to pass never shown any sign of violence so i don't expect that type of violence the only violence here comes from the spanish state. while the practice that was organized today was a practice that it was to protest against the. fact that they put didn't chamber
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leaders off to a seat in society are going to use a search out of the center of the sonship yet people are angry but people in catalonia are peaceful people they are not going to use violence i thought that i can ensure you'll. that was the major question here what is the role of the force in elective democracies in the twenty first century. i think the consensus of the catalan side is a very strong one if indeed he does remove the government and called the elections it's hard to imagine who is going to participate that most there is forty percent of the president sitting in parliament and catalonia that is that is supporting this and i can't imagine that the people who are rightfully elected in the september two thousand and fifteen elections going along with a new election after the government that they were elected to form part of
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is is overthrown by the several of our days and i think president bush among makes a very compelling point when he says well if this can be done to us what other things can be done to other people if you're going to sit by and let it happen. the euro skeptic party has won the czech republic's parliamentary elections with almost a third of the vote the movement is hailing the result is a huge success the head of the party who's the second richest man in the country who served as finance minister and deputy pm is now set to become prime minister. the group system we've had for so long is what i call them so yes we are in the movement. there is no place for migrants in europe.
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i don't want to be in the euro zone i don't want the country to be a guarantor for greek banks. let's face it they're not impaired by the e.u. their form and economy governance. is so weak. some of our political approach is just the real world. across the european union euro skeptic parties have recently been gaining support in france marine le pen leader of the national front party was the main rival to the elected president. in germany fifteen not only entered parliament for the first time but also became the third largest party in the bundestag the freedom party in austria also came third in elections there form a check for a minister cyril's for botha believes that europe's only got itself to blame. in
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europe are on the face you want. to see euro skeptic forces going to see him partly due to many of course in austria this is a massive victory of what you are skeptical says and maybe in the czech republic mr bucket and his movement under law belongs to the. group of party is who we are against caught us with you all or who. deserve movement which some called the very strong send you will be in position. it's an event that celebrates international friendship and which has brought together thousands of young people from right around the globe but now the world
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festival of youth and students has drawn to a close the scale of more pain was at the closing ceremony for us. we're hearing both choice cd i'm here in sochi in the stadium was built for the olympics filled with thousands of young people that are here for the closing ceremonies of the world press to all of you the students and there has just been an atmosphere of friendship there's been this feeling of bonding so many young people from so many parts of the world over one hundred fifty countries represented well over twenty thousand young people here all of them just committed to celebration atmosphere of love and kindness let's remember it was sixty years ago back in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven that the first world festival of using students to be held in russia was convened in moscow people in russia remember it is kind of a turning point in their lives the first time they met people from such diverse parts of the world we were able to speak to canadian basser and sixty years ago as a young canadian he was able to actually visit moscow in one hundred fifty seven.
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my neighbor has mellowed johnston. eighty three years old and i was of participants in the festival in moscow in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven oh i remember. i was there. that fireworks display. through his life at that time visiting another planet. too has a different era and i remember going through the the streets of a packed with people briefing us here on trucks with fun who are younger who are having a great time. this
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quota for example is taken. during our reception in the streets for a packed with people gives you an idea of the welcoming we got a group of us canadians as we arrived at bosco. that's big. time with the moscow march. i was thrilled to have that invitation but i said bring my granddaughter also yes so she said intergenerational possibilities we've got here. since the group the druse. of the. human rights organizations are warning that deaths could rise in greek refugee camps this winter we'll have more not story after this break.
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but will these gaining any more. damaging both sides it's really. damaging the russian economy and the russian the financial system and i know a lot of people who are looking for a creative ways to get better results. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get except the reject . so when you want to be president. wanted. to be this is what before three of the more people. interested in the water.
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a think tank called european values has released damning report about auntie and criticized more than two thousand people who've appeared on our channel the institute that gets its funding from the us and other western governments has branded our guests useful idiots the list of names is divided into seven categories that includes us political figures european and other international politicians as well as writers journalists and academics it indicates the number of times each guest appeared on r.t. and mentions the most relevant topic is what the authors of the report have to say about it. the purpose of this list is to identify individuals who either due to an
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awareness of political agenda or indeed explicit support of it then stand knaves incredibility to a pseudo news network and proxy agents of the kremlin and yes the number of guests how they feel about being included on the list. developer is on how trashy it gets more and more aggressive across europe the political debates and one of these games they are playing. they are destroying the reputation of politicians they don't like i don't think that it's fair to say that we are simply hearers russian stooges i am not anti russian but sometimes i'm quite critical of russia over syria and over the detention of political prisoners like dad and others. you know of course everybody has their agendas but r.t. i think has certainly not tried to constrain my expression or the expression of
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many other people i know i work with a network we speak our mind and we're critical of the west when it's appropriate and were critical of russia when it's appropriate. the reality is there is a dissident voice in the u.k. the only very rarely gets any airtime in the mainstream media r.t. is is the only place that has been providing a regular platform for what used to be dissident voices in the u.k. but and now much more mainstream voices. and here are some of the names that you might be surprised to see on that useful idiots list senator john mccain he's a vocal critic of russia and he's grouped among politicians who've been on our director rob reiner he makes an appearance he's actually now part of an organization that's called the committee to investigate russia and the politicians on the list include former presidential candidate bernie sanders as well as the current president donald trump even former first lady michelle obama gets
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a mention now the report clearly states that all of these people appeared on a show called politicking with larry david now the problem is that the famous american comedian here as actually never had a show all the worse for it i would say but we've never had him on r t politicking has always been hosted of course by the veteran journalist larry king and we're glad that it did come on our channel now that was obviously a mistake but it wasn't the only one the think tank says it to guess them some show descriptions of that which were on our website and that's led to confusion for example boris johnson the claim is he was an r.t.s. news think comedy show was this him you decide. it's always someone with their finger on the right side of the international affairs its foreign secretary johnson . welcome. are we going to get a chance to fight the spanish before america and russia killer saw. you saw would you prove to be. proportionate. boris' now if this seems
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like it's history repeating itself will seventy years ago saw the start of america's so-called anti soviet or anti russian which aren't. chairman j. parnell thomas of new jersey all funds an inquiry into possible communist penetration of a hollywood film industry the committee is seeking to determine if red party members have reached the screen with the first of propaganda.
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but it was assumed. the lead in the cover of the jackal. which is always found of the throat of anyone who dares to expose individual come in the same time get off even if you look at that it's a different back and not hearing different take on what the modern airport is a painter a k.g.b. man in europe plotting what i do and see. if a person defend the activities of communist nations while consistently attacking the
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domestic and foreign policy of the united states she may be a commie i will say if they object they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of that. pollutant. how could. a bloodless coup engineered by russia with past the traitorous indifference of the republican party and donald john trump and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to start a war beholden to use russian. human rights activists and n.g.o.s are urging the greek or thirty's to improve conditions at the refugee camps as winter approaches there's growing concern asylum seekers are not equipped to cope with the freezing temperatures and last week a five year old girl died from the cold and the lack of medical support that was at the maria refugee camp on the island of les boss and just hours prior to her death
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the parents were reportedly refused extra blankets and other refugee camps in greece maria is notorious for its conditions more than fifteen hundred people including children and pregnant women are living there many of them without any source of heating winter temperatures can drop below zero as a result dozens of refugees have died in the last few years and the e.u. is placed to give more than a billion euros to greece by twenty twentieth's to help it cope with the migrant crisis but more than a million refugees have reached the country a main entry point into europe since twenty fifteen as the influx threatens to overstretch greek resources the ease response has been questioned. economic could be a challenge to governments which think we simply can't cope with the influx and haven't got the administrative resources talking nice proper relief for refugees or bill proper camps the official accounts of the you has
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a whole have not been signed off by the court to board it as the only county building for the last twenty three years we know that he has very little idea about how its money is spent and that's always been true this be true before the market crisis and it's tonight during the migrant crisis in the e.u. doesn't know how to manage its money. and you know a lot of the money goes into a bloated bureaucracy and the governments of greece and italy i'm afraid i'm not renowned for the how can i put it it minnesota efficiency or credibility. donald trump's pretty decisis barack obama and george w. bush have long had furious disagreements on key policies but now they finally seem to found a common target is the current us president. george
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bush is watching that what the banks and financial institutions what i'm up bush went after the obama administration's handling of both iran and isis some seem to believe that we should be go with the terrorists and radicals get used to me and other democrats of wanting to negotiate with terrorists i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president undermine the current president. we've seen actually listen to stories good maybe it isn't folks don't feel good right now about what they see. deep and short but instead of our politics reflecting our ballot politics going back to our communities. there are some signs that the intensity of support for the democracy itself is way because on the microphone is the face american security and prosperity were
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directly tied to the success of freedom in the world the world council of america having its act together at times it can seem like the forces pulling a supporter stronger take this seriously than the forces binding us together when we can it is the same old politics of the mission. like staying with us here on r.t. international we appreciate you joining us to stay with us as well for me for now but my colleagues on thomas will be here with the latest news at the top of the hour. when i will go. to may no must use the sun to m d not to run eventually get the deficit in be theo i know there's no subtlety by the spirit of openness i'm just trying.
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to. say yeah i use a little for the sunday times not for myself in the most part of the a lot of the behind of the hour eat noodles on the c.d.'s that our studio and the militias recovery will. kill adenoma them to get is the food out of this not just of the this got to be but i mean. look you're the. gets to live it up with other. people. in case you're new to the game this is how it works
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the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. thank you. hey thank you thank. god welcome to you were damaged in the match so if you're a fan of the show you've seen me talk before about how i feel about about commercials and i'm not trying the same thing bad about them i just think they're. ten nations flee of noxious black holes of creativity lie that are useless
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mindless piles of infection the scrapings off the bottom of the the cesspool of humanity's anus. but other than that they're kind of funny. but i'm not talking about the high i.q. like commercials or stupid argument i'm saying that these ads that seem vaguely bothersome are actually the endless global propaganda for unfettered capitalism they're not just annoying in the way like a splinter or a casey affleck is annoying. with almost all ads are pushing one side of a debate that could very well kill our species i mean if you look along the right things are back it is basically thousands of ads a day telling us to globally shoot ourselves in that head you will rarely if ever see an ad for peace for unity for caring about others for ending false hope you'll forgive an error free hand job to people down on their luck for creating equality
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for helping out the little man or woman not little people i mean. you don't see answer that either but think about the ads shown to millions of human beings every day. ok this is literally a promotion for the death of humankind my. baby is bragging about it. then this would be like if it can be valued put up billboards it said tired of oklahoma barrel building oh. clemency rule and does stephen hawking
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said selves he says we are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible we could become like venus with a temperature of two hundred fifty degrees and raining sulfur europe as it that's from stephen hawking all that guy does is think all right thank you oh god and occasionally go to a strip club. seriously he's apparently an industry of blogs which means that man's list of interests is rather eclectic the. point is these ads are selling the death of the planet to us and if we're allowing them to do that. we deserve to be wiped out we are all right we have our debts we've got everything we could afford through our demise this is this is like of steve jobs of blade ads in there's a whole promoting cancer every day just like jews can get the economy how
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many as you see for the other side for for national bar exam for endangered species or for the top of the mountain that was removed by the coal company apparently that mountain top didn't have the funds to buy prime time commercial television. to. have the best man job in the war please don't circumcise me please don't. i guess the black bears didn't pull together and of scrap stock a glossy spokesperson with ironic self-awareness. nearly every commercial is arguing for endless is dana bowl unsustainable consumption. ok you double check her. to sleep. oh it's just a delicious burger address.


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