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tv   Headline News  RT  October 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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see. the world bank. with. us.
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for the weekly. headlines of the day stories of the week and we do start the program with where almost half a million people have protested in support of independence it's following madrid's decision to impose direct rule and strip the local government of its power as the spanish government is also calling for a regional election within six months. the move. but you have to know this measure we are going to implement has a lot to do with the goal of holding an election in catalonia the region will have to hold an election within six months but mine tension is to hold it as soon as we recover. a lot of us but you know a lot of our part of the spanish government has carried out the worst attack
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against scotland institutions and residents since the orders of the military dictator francisco franco we. were hawaii in a greatly irresponsible act christ all boundaries been asking and in fact a coup d'etat to ask a democratically elected government. triggering article one fifty five hours for the transfer of powers to madrid and the dismissal of those officials alleged to have broken the law is to be passed by the senate within days and while the cattle and parliament won't be dissolved it is now stripped of the capacity to elect a new president artes and we need a caution over now reports on reaction from barcelona. many people that gathered here at the square they were listening to the address that was made by the castle leader and they welcomed the plaza they were shouting slogans including the bit of that which means freedom so for them it was a big address quite a big decision that was made to now we've heard other reactions coming from
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different council and government officials including the had of the council and parliament that had a house denouncement treats decision to invoke article one fifty five and dismiss the local government now madrid's decision provoked we've of outrage and we've seen hundreds tens of thousands of people here in the streets so far salonen el protesting and marching and we managed to talk to some of them loses the muslim focus or we're a bit lost is the first time we found ourselves in such a situation we've heard talk of possible support from durham for example but it seems that the e.u. is not interested as a tool in what's going on here. i think. we leave i mean are there other planets not. even. countries day leave they say what they say all the time the same thing they repeat the same rewards and that's on monday and for the other
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leaders so it's it's it's it's impossible to talk to them so i'm not going to be don't know what they did by triggering article one five five it was suicidal because as you can see there are millions of people defending catalinas right to independence what happened this saturday and the region of council on the a mania local authorities call defacto coup de town and a blow to democracy we spoke to thomas harrington a professor of liberian studies he says exerting this kind of pressure in a democratic country is. what is the role for democracies in the twenty first century. all right thing. the consensus on the cattle on site is a very strong one and i can't imagine that the people who are rightfully elected in the september two thousand and fifteen elections going along with a new election after the government that they were elected to form part of
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is is overthrown by several of our days and i think president bush among makes a very compelling fight when he says well if this can be done to us what other things can be done to other people if you're going to sit by and let it happen throughout the week madrid's been tightening its grip over catalonia on monday to catalan independence leaders were arrested for the key roles they played in organizing the referendum and one of them's the leader of the catholic national assembly the other is the president of organ organization that promotes cattle and language and culture since then boss alone has seen even big demonstration uniting hundreds of thousands of people thank.
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god i'm back a ways and going to think that god wanted us to ask. just for a moment here let's take a quick look back at how spain has been cracking down on cotton lands push for independence. to those in charge in the council and government who are the protagonist in this
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challenge to walk coexistence i ask them to cease illegal activity they should abandon their objective. need we are now applying article one hundred five because no government at all in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored or violated or changed and this has all happened under false criteria and they impose their criteria on everybody else. it's been a week of intense scrutiny for what this channel attacked left right and center as kremlin propaganda. taking a bit of
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a closer look. ati has been in the spotlight for a while under fire from government officials the media even think tanks here are some recent highlights. boris johnson led the charge in the u.k. house of commons with an attack on opposition m.p.'s who've appeared on this channel if you study the output of of russia today it is a scandal it is a scandal that members of the party opposite are continuing to to validate to validate and to meet. that kind of propaganda by going on those programs but some of his fierce criticism of the foreign secretary of peers to have missed out a bit of important information his own conservative colleagues have also appeared as guests on the child as well as someone closer to home his own father stanley johnson was interviewed by going on the ground i was afshin rattansi just last
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month. the times newspaper claims there are now calls by the labor party for off the u.k. media watchdog to investigate artie's advertising campaign on the london underground they even contacted us for our take on the matter later saying our press office refused to comment except we did two questions do you wish to respond to this complaint which advertising agency created the adverts for r t what were they made in-house. high probably not much point in responding to a complaint to an authority that does not regulate out of two advertising the out campaign was developed in-house by the other team and fully proved by all u.k. vendettas we are glad to say many in the u.k. are engaging with our advertising understood thanks for swift response.
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and it gets better one thing tank recently completed the mom of the task of compiling a list of all the thousands of guests who've appeared on our shows ever from politicians and journalists to academics and thirty's and even groups them into categories and then dismisses them as useful idiots many people in europe and the us including politicians and of the persons of influence continue to exhibit troubling naivety about artie's political agenda these useful idiots remain oblivious to r.t.c. intentions and b. c it's legitimate see by granting interviews on the shows and news casts so only useful idiot list john mccain one of the most vocal critics of russia even film director rob reiner gets a mention in the celebrity section he's now part of an organization called the committee to investigate russia as not to mention u.s.
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senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders as well as none other than the current american president donald trump i guess that's finally the smoking gun of russian election influence former first lady michelle obama gets a mention although her name only appears in the program description she was never an actual guest check in the episode would have confirmed this back to boris johnson himself he is listed on the report's official guest list taken from web site descriptions for the comedy show news thing well they may want to double check that one as well its power in say three boris johnson boris welcome. are we going to get a chance to fight the spanish before america and russia killer so. to be the. proportion of the reporters sponsored by george soros as well as the u.k. and u.s.
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embassies in the czech republic it certainly spares no criticism of those giving interviews on this channel. we decided to ask some of our guests that were mentioned in that list of useful idiots whether they agree with that description. development is somehow trash it gets more and more aggressive across europe the political debates and one of these games they are playing. they are destroying the reputation of politicians they don't like i don't think that it's fair to say that we are simply here is russian stooges i am not anti russian but sometimes i'm quite critical of russia over syria and over the detention of political prisoners like god and others. you know of course everybody has their agendas but i think he has certainly not tried to constrain my expression or the expression of many other
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people i know i work with the network we speak our mind and we're critical of the west when it's appropriate and were critical of russia when it's appropriate. the reality is there is a dissident voice in the u.k. the only very rarely gets any airtime in the mainstream media r.t. is is the only place that has been providing a regular platform for what used to be dissident voices in the u.k. but now much more mainstream voices. come amid a russian meddling frenzy that of the latest attacks the most recent incarnation of which comes from britain or a labor party m.p. has called for a probe into moscow's alleged affair and in none other than the practice of vote. given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies wilshere shuls this house that the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure
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our country that all of the resources spent in the referendum from permissible sources. anti russian hysteria has been making headlines for months it started with alleged moscow meddling in the u.s. election then it moved on to well the french votes and then the german votes and there have been suggestions that russians hacked the catalan independence vote president vladimir putin says it's all part of a very deliberate campaign launched right after donald trump's secretary. it's the u.s. who put up with this some president and then to a russian campaign which was not provoked by anything someone lost the elections to mr trump and russia was blamed for this then there unfolded the russian hysteria and now any failure will be connected to us and one of the loudest complaints is coming from the very politician who claims russian interference cost the u.s. presidency.
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in germany members of parliament have been hacked by russia. and france. the campaign was hit by a massive cyber attack just before their presidential election. now the evidence that russia has a hockey e-mails civil civil war that is not possible to so you've obviously a state it still was still a criminal group it really can be anyone. still the simplicity of the technical part can make us think it's just a simple person who created it and so this person can be in any country with any kind of motivation.
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maybe you've even seen the ads and on london underground from one russian state funded propaganda source bragging watch our t.v. and find out who we are planning to attack. the fact is they're also opening a new scottish bureau. goes to show you yet again the hysteria the absolute. boggling hysteria that occurs whenever the word russian. whenever it's even mentioned people say. russians they're added again how are they at it again i don't know but you know how they are who the russians what russia and those russians were not more of the week's top headlines coming your way in a few minutes including. shakespeare's plays now coming with
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a warning label at cambridge university more than four hundred years off where they were written because while the fear is some people's feelings might be hurt. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is. washington. business to run this country business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. you put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. to be close this is
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what before three of the more people. interested in the waters in the. city. good to have you with us today on this sunday this week at the pentagon the victory of the coalition led kodesh fighters against islamic state in syria hailing the operation a great success in the fight against. we're having great success against what was once known as the core caliphate iraq in syria and now we're actually in the beginning i think the stone age and watching the caliphate is rocket however. don't
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exactly give us a sense of success it's a ghost city of destruction you see here was caused by eisold militia shouting vast coalition bombardments aid agencies say a huge effort will be needed to end the humanitarian crisis that i still claim as its defacto capital in twenty fourteen the first major offensive against the terrorists began two years later it used to be one of syria's largest city is what is now little more than rubble. recently called mission after us is we're ready to demolish the whole building to
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target one member of i so they have no problem killing civilians. we ran from death and any human being would be afraid the sound of the planes makes us afraid they were shelling the civilians destroying buildings and houses rakhal was destroyed by a coalition aircraft only ten percent hit their targets the rest hit civilians. the u.n. estimates that's an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day. and they seem to be no real escape for these civilians their level of suffering friends relatives family of the children it's actually. it's just getting. with humanitarian relief teams are only now beginning to arrive there has been
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a destruction in the larger supply their political mission of because of course the area was under siege for such a long time there is a severe lack of medical services medical care hospitals that are functioning a severe lack a lot of course and so there is a massive massive humanitarian need on the ground. william shakespeare's literature has been stamped with a trigger warning by lecturers or cambridge university to avoid patel. causing students to stress they have been warned about which texts contain scenes of sexual assault or violence. who asks why the bugs work is raising so much concern over four centuries later. ok to me from their worse than killing last and tumble me into some loathsome pits whenever man's i may behold my body do this and be a charitable murderer so should i rolled my sweet sons of their fee no let them
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satisfy their lost on the that's a snippet from shakespeare is a first tragedy titus andronicus the play features graphic violence gang rape and fourteen murders and now certain english lecturers at cambridge university are putting special warnings on their timetables when they're going to be covering potentially distressing topics like these they're going to have to have a lot of disclaimers with the works of shakespeare though some of his plays can be very gory they feature things like incest rape murder and suicide they also happen to have kept people talking about thorny issues like claws relations race relations and anti semitism for centuries i want to know what the people visiting the famous shakespeare globe theatre in london have to say about the warnings i think.
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demis down the students oh you're not mature enough for smart enough to be able to handle this without a warning why should be green. four hundred use. being good enough for them. if you're reading literature you should expect to have some surprises you expect to be shocked to see or simulate that particular student i think the problem with the world these days is that there's just so much focus on being. by everything that people are just so scared of what they can actually say or do cambridge university has told me that any warnings that they put out are the initiative of individual professes and that it's not a policy adopted by the english department as a whole by the way when the globe series is staged tied to some john three years ago several people fainted from the graphic violence including one of the theory reviewing the show that very same critics still gave the production an exceptional
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review art isn't always comfortable the most challenging art can be anything bots and now there are growing concerns not just in academic circles that modern students are being too morally called old if they can't handle the content in classic literature how are they going to cope with life in general where there is a growing backlash social media users have questioned whether students have become overly sensitive others warn that if people can no longer cope with fictional violence than they're likely to struggle with life after university. now the measure has also raised concerns among many in akademi and literary circles the artistic director of the cambridge shakespeare festival so as students shouldn't study the bard's literature if they're not aware of his works put trayvon so we looked at what other literary classics this might also need to apply to.
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sykes matters nancy to death and how bad the corpse is so deformed that the person who identifies a body is so scared by the experience that they're led away in a straight jacket. your new court sullen people's half devil tough choice. his eyes rested thoughtfully upon the sinewy forearm unrestored dawson scarred with a new puncture marks finally thrust the sharp point home press down the tiny piston
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. society isn't becoming sensitive just a few snowflakes who are in position of the influence at university they are pushing this agenda but the real agenda is to cut freedom of speech and freedom of expression thanks for sharing your sunday with us here on r.t. international the weekly will return in about thirty minutes. here in southern. russian sultry attending the ball by discussion club and our topic is us russian relations and the state of the world to.
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apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million. so it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so well with. the base.
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it. is a stronghold for puerto rico's independent party. the caribbean island which was annexed by the u.s. in eighty ninety eight is about to elect a new governor. many young people have turned out before.
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ruth wants to make. fun of. has been passed bringing austerity measures to overcome the crisis. a federal american board is supposed to govern puts a rico. does the independent candidate she's determined to defy washington in many view the federal board is a humiliation.


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