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tv   Headline News  RT  October 23, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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see. the world bank. protests over the future. on the program exclusive to the. media.
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thanks for joining us on our international. madrid's decision to impose direct rule on catalonia in the wake of the region's independence vote has led to yet more protests across. the senate is expected to approve the sacking of the leadership on friday and while there will not be dissolved it will be stripped of its capacity to elect a president. reports from. walk alone or staying together at the kaplan people had a chance to respond we saw those fully supporting independence and also those who want to be caught but part of spain. probably independence leaders sounded better in the beginning than the tone change
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. the people of get along won the right to become an independent state. report him but we propose that parliament suspends the proclamation of a dependence and practically deciding the future of a nation is not a crime so here is what we have the region is stuck in limbo while the cattle a government has been and for weeks and the jury took an unprecedented step and asked the national senate to depose that we. now have a castle and the president called it the worst attack since franco's dictatorship if you reward over with both attackers and the founders using similar arguments on each other. in a greatly irresponsible act christ all boundaries by announcing and in fact a coup d'etat to oust a democratically elected government if this is a there is a coup thoughtful he's the one that have been you know followed by. mr bush
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and his government but. we're now applying five five because no government a tool in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored or violated or changed yet but what the spanish government illegally proclaimed itself the representative of the catalans kaplan a story to still think they could win local media speculation that the president could even officially proclaim independence this week but it seems ordinary catalans are the ones on the losing side. of independence was declared in a very messy way so i'm not surprised by. it's happening this is the most we're a bit lost is the first time we found ourselves in such a situation there are people here doing them straight week after week and they don't talk about the only talk about some people that is doing other demonstrations but not have the cuts and the majority of the spanish senate still house to approve
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the measure is presented by my treats and if it does counseling i will remain a timeless in the moment at least till the next treason elections to take place within the next six months i mean the question artie barcelona. the spanish foreign minister meantime has caused outrage after suggesting some of the videos of the police crackdown on cattle on voters were misleading i'm not saying that all are fake beatrice but some of them are and you know there has been a lot of alternative facts and fake news here. i. was. i numerous videos of police using excessive force appeared on social media on the day of the referendum many cases of violence rule so caught on camera by our own crews as witness testimony. we're just helping the people because they were
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throwing them from up. the stairs and sewing them down upon the public here and taking them so what is on the floor and there is a guy that jumps on the person that's down. meanwhile there is at least one place in catalonia that doesn't want to leave spain the valley a small region in the pyrenees mountains claims that if catalonia breaks away from spain they will break away from catalonia and that house with the right to do just that thanks to a law that was passed in twenty fifty. one on the idea that and as they are on valley is a unique territory within catalonia which is self governing has its own institutions its own language and its own history in culture only nineteen percent of those who voted in the referendum in favor of catalan independence that i will show that each other our right to self-determination was unanimously approved by the cattle and parliament and by the spanish state we could become
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a part of france or china tomorrow for instance if we chose to do so but we won't do it we want to remain a part of catalonia and spain. people are really afraid especially for the economy the economy of their own valley is a very different show because it is entirely dependent on tourism therefore and from that we can see it makes people really afraid. so hot on the heels of catalonia as referendum two major italian regions overwhelmingly voted for greater autonomy on sunday here's what the leaders of the body and vent of so said the hoping for. linkup we want to overcome the inability of europe just solve problems and face up to them by offering a new dimension we want to more united stronger europe one that takes into account the specifics of territories this is what can be simply called the europe of regions a page of history will be written in any case vinnitsa will be the same as before
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we want to initiate this in amount of this democratic and compatible in line with the constitution. the to foad saw the first of their kind in italy they are non-binding meaning they won't result in any transfer of powers however the two regions may now request greater economic independence from rome some locals are unhappy with will having to subsidize poorer parts of the country now. two of italy's economic powerhouses accounting for almost a third of italy's entire g.d.p. in fact they are home to top tourism spots including milan and venice in fact university of maryland politics professor mark up a sign he believes very soon the map of europe will change dramatically i think we are witnessing really the disintegration of this kind of european order and there will be
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a confederation in europe clearly like ten or fifteen years from now but not based on the nation states. that we know if catalonia. and spain break apart then a lot of things will happen there that will have a definitely a domino effect with van in tow scotland and all sorts of other regions there might be easily thirty five to forty five new countries coming up. u.s. backed forces in syria have liberated the country's most lucrative oil field from i still. located in the province of dead as or was captured by terrorists in twenty fourteen producing up to nine thousand barrels a day it became a key money machine for the terror group now the syrian democratic forces have been fighting terrorists mostly on the eastern side of the euphrates river whereas syrian troops backed by russian as support or i separate anti eisold mission mainly
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to the west of the river they have now almost liberated the provincial capital and these exclusive pictures are from the recently recaptured talent of my idea and. spoke with local residents about life under the siege of ice. i saw mill attempts declared jihad a bit more than a month ago this was a general mobilization and everyone had to participate the established age of those subject to mobilization is from twenty to thirty years do they take all the young pino because many of them escaped the militants confiscated all state property for example i am a civil servant so they took my house and turned it into a living room where headquarters the living room was used to gather women why do they collect women in the living where there are hostages where did they come from they were brought from everywhere they were kidnapped i mean what i say the militants marry them when one of the militants died the second married his woman. that was. to milton's drove also jurors from desir an army into cages and put them
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into the water put into the water to drown they were lowered into the water to militants first destroyed ten cheery classes and go to a mosque when they found someone's empty place during prayer they beat us we do with intercourse to the police station once i was standing in a park and watching the children playing city caught me in which me for eight times . in neighboring iraq he continues to run a campaign to bring russian speaking children back home parents went missing killed fighting for islamic state one boy is about to be reunited with his family. it was kind of. kind of. you know scuzzy.
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i just. was. i was on the air with mr sulu and what's what's just cut me and. what the. news minister. you know it was. completely tom to the. show this.
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monday use your nazi international a billionaire populist dubbed the czech republic's donald trump is on course to becoming the country's next prime minister the party of one the parliamentary elections by a landslide over the weekend. explaining now whether comparisons can be made with the american president. i bet most of you have never been bothered by the heartbeat of political life in prague the time has come i'll tell you why it's worth checking out how the czech republic voted for its next parliament and meet the man set to become the country's new leader representing the winners a n o anti immigrant anti-establishment. i'm ready to
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voice for our interests in brussels and ensures that because we have to fight for progs interests first brussels interest second understood dammit does he have any relatives with the last dame trump even if not mr bob as well deserves check donald trump title given by the media despite already being part of the system as finance minister for a while no way this guy has kept up the image of being beyond the system i was looking for two years twenty hours of day before the election i met thirty thousand people i don't need to fill my ego my ego is really full mr bobbish and his billions make him the second richest man in this country journalists call him a media mogul but his business toys vary from farms to chemical plants no golf courses though is younger than trump he's got time to catch up oh wait he's focused on the new job with confidence from the state like a business we went home and i'm like politicians have to understand i've been
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a businessman but i have good common sense in that business and i've told you and ray bobbish is not a fan of migrants or the way brussels deals with them for now there is no place for migrants in europe we will soon begin the construction of a great great wall along our southern border be dead and it is obvious there is no check donald trump without rumors of him being a kremlin favorite mr bobbish has been trying to throw that off he. and wrote an open letter to the washington post maybe thanks to it we won't hear the media go on about russia helping their man when the check polls maybe we spoke to political analyst adam gary about the new czech leader's similarities to donald trump. in some ways and certainly in the superficial ways he takes those boxes he's
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a billionaire he's subject to control the sea levels and blunt statements in other ways he's very unlike donald trump he's got many more years of big speech in government then trump will be in a leadership position he is someone who is officially part of the establishment key thing with this election is to realize that all of the policies that really won the top spots with the exception of the party that came in second the the conservatives the center right party everyone is really one of the new polities that so what this election represents is very much trump like in the sense that it's a rejection of everything old and embrace of many things new. it is a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital poor translation software could land you in a heap of trouble and even get you linked to a list of terrorists we'll explain why after the break.
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when the ruling classes protect themselves. we can all middle of the room. but will these again in a moment that you say. it's really. damaging the russian economy. and i know a lot of people who are looking for a creative ways to get better lisa. thanks
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for joining us here were naughty international today you may think it's only the authorities that can collect all postal data and compiled terrorist watch lists in the case of one activist and. there are also many other entities actively doing this sometimes causing very real problems for everyday people. now imagine that suddenly your bank account is closed and you cannot pay your bills and then it's also the mystery not knowing why or what's wrong with me why why are they closing down my account and not only my personal accounts my family accounts and my
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business accounts all of them were closed or the activist you just saw me was mistakenly designated as a terrorist by the database world check run by thomson reuters it's a subscription only service providing various dossiers on various individuals databases popular with banks as well as the u.k. police and others are meant to mean he told us he was completely shocked when he learned he had been placed on a list of terrorists who through other distress because this is not even the united nations is not a government and living and their democracy life is written you don't expect something like this to happen if you are not a criminal and if there is nothing against you legally then this should not be you should you should not be proscribed you should not be alienated or excluded and the united essential services after the issue can publish that thomson reuters apologized to the activist and compensated his expenses however this is not an
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isolated case on another occasion the company had to issue an apology for a similar mistake involving a u.k. based radio presenter that of my judith now was and there are now concerns such data collecting and blacklisting could become more entrenched thanks to an managements to the data protection act being discussed in parliament top u.k. officials and even her majesty the queen have been singing the praises of the legislation. the new law will ensure that the united kingdom retains its wealth an arse regime protecting personal data including high standards of data protection and human rights innovation and ensure we can remain confident. the new legislation will retain exemptions from the existing data protection act effectively allowing journalists banks and other of entities to collect data without people's consent that means databases like reuters world check won't have to even inform you that they regard you as
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a criminal no matter who else they share this information with global policy expert george says the lack of control over the handling of personal data leaves ordinary people in a very vulnerable position. it is completely unacceptable that organizations can collect all manner of very personal data and use them maliciously against. individuals and thereby damage their reputations damage their careers even damage their livelihood how are we able to control. what corporations are doing how are we able to ensure that individuals have some means of recourse against the use of data against them i don't see that within this legislation there is adequate protection for individuals. you know giving them some
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kind of recourse to challenge this the malicious use of such data. israeli police have arrested a palestinian man for his post on facebook hala when you posted a picture of himself at work wishing a good morning to his friends after facebook incorrectly translated the post it appeared as attack and so the israeli police got quickly involved officers thought he was threatening to carry out an attack it was released those shortly thereafter when it all turned out to be a big misunderstanding and we discussed this with haaretz newspaper journalist gideon levy. it has nothing to do not only was morally t. but also we. legal it's even legal it's not only immoral it was illegal we just have to mention that he was released of the few hours so seeing didn't
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develop too far but it is a baby laugh and it's just an indication to the it's you know are the palestinians without any respect to none of their basic rights. this is not the first time a palestinian is in trouble over the law with remarks made online one activists wrote a facebook post mocking anti israel arsonists but the hash tag sarcasm posted next to it but it's still got arrested by israeli police authorities released him after admitting they hadn't understood the stock as other cases though are less clear cut a nineteen year old who is charged with inciting violence for posts praising the palestinian uprising against israel and the palestinian poet has been under house arrest since twenty fifteen for sharing a video of her reading a poem called resist my people resist them she is awaiting
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a verdict which could get her in prison for up to eight years gideon levy again says that palestinians in general are targeted for their political activity as a party c.d.'s and she went through all these only for poor and she wrote quietly innocent boy may can tell you and even if it's not that innocent poor him i mean poor me is only a poor there are hundreds of palestinians why would we call world israel is it really strange of the tension which is being arrested the result a trial which doesn't exist in a democracy hundreds of them including some members of parliament part of the only because of the poor. it's a collectivity so they put it to good preserve us that's the dark side though. it is all to international thanks for sharing it monday with us here on the program we . often know.
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the local blogs telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forced me to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that
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every gossip and tabloid but it. doesn't tell you. that. all the hawks that we all love one. live . live live live live . discussion and us russian relations and the state of the world.
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hello welcome to. a migrant influx is causing a major political shift as more voters to the right. there. is the political realignment here to stay and what will it mean for the. former. member. with the rise of the european
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politics the divisions between members coming to the forefront. crisis. multi-speed integration division strix. leader's speech is. the european project. and it's really great to have you on our program today welcome thank you so we're going to talk about what's going on in europe right now. do you think europe is at risk of being split into a core center and because you know i hear french president saying that actually needs different speech for those who want to move forward and for those who want to stay behind. i would be much more concerned maybe two years ago but now all of the european countries are growing spain portugal ireland cyprus are out of the
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monitoring become newsman of the year same european stability mechanism only greece is still. working in this context but i'm sure in spring time greece results will come out of these problems and greece economies are also the situation economically is now much better what we see today is kind of a political challenge to the decision of the british electorate one year ago to vote with a slight majority in favor of of exit of leaving the european union this is something which concerns us and this is of course something which will be an enormous problem for the brits themselves but those who for europe do you support the idea of two speed europe to support what. is proposing right now that those who want to move faster should move faster and have different type of economic zone and then those who want to stay where they are you know then stay in
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a different kind of this is the present situation of the treaties that you came up for more cooperation or you can be a normal member and i'm sure that in some areas there will be much more engagement for instance when you need to produce he or indeed you do co-operation to could be much more either we do it would to get go or some moving faster did the race but i think if some are really trying to go ahead i'm sure most of the countries will forward so the idea of macro is not so much to divided to split europe but to give a wake up call to those who are a little bit more reluctant and that they and most of the member states will come along. i want to hear your opinion on what the polish president under. said recently actually said that e.u. is turning into a class society with some countries becoming second class members.


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