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tv   Headline News  RT  October 23, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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i was. watching kaiser of course. more rival protests over the future of catalonia as the spanish region is left in limbo by madrid's decision to impose direct rule. r.t. gains exclusive access to the syrian town of maya didn't free from islamic state by government forces. on the document released under the freedom of information act reveals the pentagon has been simulating an invasion of west africa offer a terror attack on new york.
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and you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. and we start with yet more protests in spain they follow madrid's decision to impose direct rule on catalonia in the wake of the region's independence vote while the senate is expected to approve the sacking of the region's leadership on friday and while the council on be dissolved it will be stripped of its power to elect a president artie's medina question of reports from barcelona. walk alone or staying together in the catalan people had a chance to respond we saw those movies supporting independence and also those who want to be confluence but part of space. probably independence leaders sounded better in the beginning than the tone changed . the people of the right to become an independent state.
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report him we propose that parliament suspends the proclamation of independence. we critically deciding the future of a nation is not a crime so here is what we have the region is stuck in limbo while the cattle a government has been and science if for weeks and the jury took an unprecedented step and asked the national senate to depose that we are told now all attention's now that cattle and presidents called at their worst attack since franco's dictatorship if you reward over a with both attackers and founders using similar arguments on each other. in a greatly irresponsible act crossed all boundaries by announcing and in fact a coup d'etat to oust a democratically elected government if this is a complete drive there is a clue to fall is the one that have been you know followed by. mr bush and his government. were no applying five five because no government a tool in
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a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored or violated or changed . the spanish government illegally proclaimed itself the representative of the catalans kaplan authorities still think they could win local media speculation that the president could even officially proclaim independence this week but it seems ordinary catalans are the ones on the losing site. independence was declared in a very messy way so i'm not surprised by what's happening. we're a bit lost is the first time we found ourselves in such a situation there are people here doing demonstrations week after week and they don't talk about the only talk about some people that is doing other demonstrations but not the cut to the majority of the spanish senate still house to approve the measure is presented by my treat and if it does counseling you know will remain a time in this in the moment at least till the next treason elections to take place
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within the next six months and then the question r.t. barcelona. i mean last planes foreign minister how spot on for saying videos of police cracking down on cattle on photos were misleading. saying that all are fake pictures but some of them are and you know there has been a lot of alternative facts and fake news here. i. think he is self police using excessive force appeared on social media on the day of the referendum many cases of violence were also caught on camera by our own crews along with witness testimony. were just helping the people because they were throwing them from up. the stairs and throwing them down in the public here and
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taking them on what is on the floor and there is a god that. the person that's down. meihua a small region in the pyrenees mountains the arran valley says if catalonia breaks away from spain it will break away from catalonia and it has a right to do it thanks to a law passed in twenty fifty. one and the like. there around valley is a unique territory and within catalonia it is self-governing has its own institutions its own language and its own history in culture only nineteen percent of those who vote is in the referendum in favor of catalan independence that i will show that each other our right to self-determination was unanimously approved by the cattle and parliament and by the spanish state we could become a part of france or china tomorrow for instance if we chose to do so but we won't do it we want to remain a part of catalonia and spain. people are really afraid especially for the economy the economy of their run valley is very french errol because it is entirely
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dependent on tourism therefore anything that we can see it makes people really afraid. well in the wake of catalonia as referendum two major italian regions overwhelmingly voted for greater autonomy on sunday and here's what the leaders have long but i am about to hoping for some better. we want to overcome the inability of europe just solve problems and face up to them by offering a new dimension we want to a more united stronger europe one that takes into account the specifics of territories this is what can be simply called the europe of regions were not a page of history will be written in any case village so will not be the same as before we want to initiate this in a manner that is democratic. and compatible in line with the constitutional. well the two votes are the first of their kind in italy they are not binding however the regions may now seek greater economic independence from rome while some locals are
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unhappy at having to subsidise poorer parts of the country while the regions are two of each of these economic powerhouses accounting for almost a third at the country's entire g.d.p. they are home to several tourism and industry hotspots including milan and venice or university of politics professor mark of a sunday believes the map of europe will change dramatically in the near future. i think we witness in really the disintegration of this kind of european order and there will be a confederation in europe clearly like ten or fifteen years from now but not based on the nation states. that we know if catalonia. and spain break apart then a lot of things will happen there that will have a definitely a domino effect with damage so scotland and all sorts of other regions there might be easily thirty five to forty five new countries coming up.
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the u.s. backed forces in syria have liberated the country's most lucrative oil field from myself our omar and his or province was captured by the terrorists in twenty fourteen of the site produces up to nine thousand barrels a day became a key moneymaker for the terror group well the syrian democratic forces have been fighting terrorists mainly on the eastern side of the euphrates river or meanwhile government troops backed by russian air support are on a separate anti iso mission these exclusive pictures are from the town they recently liberated my idea and the operation began on the west bank of the river and government troops and clearing up pockets of terrorist resistance on the east side r.t. arabic spoke with residents about life under isis. i still militants declared jihad a bit more than a month ago this was a general mobilization and everyone had to participate in the established age of
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those subject to mobilization as from twenty to thirty years did they take over young peano because many of them escaped the militants confiscated all state property for example i am a civil servant so they took my house and turned it into a living room where headquarters the living room was used to gather women why do they collect women in the living where there are hostages where did they come from they were brought from everywhere they were kidnapped i mean what i say the militants married them when one of the militants died the second married his woman . that which got him out since joel's also jurors from desir an army into cages and put them into the water put into the water to drown they were lowered into the water the militants forced us to attention read classes in the mosque when they found someone's empty place during prayer they beat us we did with him too close to the police station once i was standing in a park in watching the children playing city caught me in which me eight times.
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and these are the latest pictures from the syrian city of rocco where the u.s. led coalition's long fight has now come to an end but as you can see it has left wide scale destruction president truck branded the liberation a critical breakthrough adding the campaign against iso will soon enter a new phase well for more on this our team is made here and joins life by then a q so what has been the response to this idea of a new face while the liberation of iraq is indeed a critical breakthrough in the fight against islamic state it brings an end to the four month long siege of the syrian city which is acted as a defacto capital and headquarters for islamic state in syria but all the liberation of the city has come at an immense cost a civilian cost i should say human rights groups estimate that almost all of the city's residents have been forced to flee the city while thousands of residents have been killed in coalition bombing and this comes as it's believed around eighty
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percent of the city now lies in ruins but little mention of this from the u.s. president donald trump who instead boasted that the u.s. military forces had made more progress against islamic state in the first nine months of his presidency than it had under his predecessor barack obama in the final years of his administration also most curiously is how donald trump mentioned what would be the next phase for the u.s. in the syria speaking of a political transition and then these comments came as a bit of a surprise to both the russian side and of course to the syrian government itself earlier today the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov was asked for a response. when we hear about the new u.s. line in syria which is damages local councils on sovereign syrian territories this raises concerns we put this question to washington and expect to receive an honest
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and clear answer. now the rushed. the foreign minister also mentions serious concerns over the role of coalition forces in the rocket count liberation campaign in particular cases where i saw fighters were able to leave the city of raco without resistance enabling them to go on to fight syrian government forces in other parts of the country so while the recent victories over islamic states are indeed a milestone in the fight against the terrorist group it has raised serious concerns over what the true role of u.s. forces in syria really are. moving r.t. thank you aaron thank you very much. and we woll a report obtained under the freedom of information that shows america has been simulating an invasion of west africa following an imaginary terror attack in new york well for more on this let's cross live now to artie's polyvore why that fall well the u.s. beating the drums of war after
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a deadly terror attack it all sounds rather familiar. it does this fictional scenario begins in may twenty twenty three there's been a devastating terrorist attack in new york terrorists detonate truck bombs at either end of the lincoln tunnel that they kill and injure hundreds of americans and just like nine eleven led to the war on terror in the middle east this fictional attack leads to the deployment of u.s. and canadian troops in africa that's fighting african al qaida militants and the president promises the us president they don't it'll take just three years according to this fictional script but two years into the war and things on it's going well there is a ninety percent increase in violence in mauritania and mali where the war has quietly spread to as well and that's despite the fact that seventy thousand u.s. and canadian troops in the region now three years later just as the troops are
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meant to be pulling out according to the president's timeline the war game throws another painfully familiar spine a into the walk's and that is a fictional general sending a fictional communique saying that he recommends delaying pulling out the troops by one year at least in fact he recommends sending more troops to the region in order to avoid the mission failing entirely so the word quagmire sending springs to mind and it it is all pretty remet reminiscent of the us is. real forays abroad for example in afghanistan but the whole point of this war game is to help prime the future generals of the us it was being simulated in the most elite military training academies across the u.s. and it's interesting that the action plays out on the african continent very mind there already one and a half thousand u.s.
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troops in africa already is this rule of freud. about where the pentagon thinks the war on terror is going to shift to next and does it share the pentagon's stark realism about the way that u.s. military conflicts tend to pan out are these future generals being trained to avoid a scenario like this or are they being groomed to be ready for it or is it a mixture of both. the the interesting questions earth polyploid here in london thank you. and after the short break don trump gives a short explanation why the e.u. isn't backing iran sanctions using.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected and. pull on. the only show i go out of my way to. really packed a punch oh yeah john oliver of marty america is going to say we are apparently better than blue. sea or heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail but will these games you name all that you say. but. it's really. the russian economy and the financial system and i know a lot of people who are looking for a creative ways to get better research.
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welcome back donald trump claims the e.u. would have supported his call for sanctions against iran if he'd been persistent but he claims in an interview he didn't do that because he wants them to continue making money do you think you're going to get the europeans to support you in terms of sanctions in terms of not selling technology to iran honestly i told them to friends of mine they really are i get along with all of them whether it's a manual or whether it's i get along i really like those people i told them just keep making money don't worry about it we don't need you on this he just keep making money. well earlier france germany and the u.k. issued a joint statement denouncing trump's decision not to recertify iran's compliance with the nuclear deal they also said they're concerned about the possible implications and reminded the president the deal was implemented by all sides not just the u.s.
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it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it this is a difficult and in our view dangerous signal and the agreement with iran has shown for the first time that it's possible to prevent all through negotiations over the destruction of this agreement would mean that others around the world no longer rely on such treaties it's therefore a danger that goes far beyond iran that. well two weeks ago donald trump said he wanted his country out of the nuclear agreement and announced he would decertify the deal well this means the u.s. congress has about two months to decide whether to reimpose sanctions against iran as well as to come up with new legislation to try to amend the nuclear deal. well to discuss this further i'm now joined by political analyst shabbir razvi shabbier thank you very much indeed for joining me well does trump really have the
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influence over europe that he seems to think he has. hello well look at the end of the day our former labor leader mr miliband a few days ago described him as a moron so really i think most of the european leaders perhaps think of him in more unsavory terms the only problem is that he is acting as a bully the empire is losing influence globally therefore mr trump i the sense tweaks over night to places and thereby indicating that his thoughts are really not in congo ins with what people are thinking globally so i think usa is being cornered and mr trump really you can say whatever he likes but i think the
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reality is that from a purely as an economist i mean i would say that from a purely commercial and business point of view europeans perhaps may not their head and agree with mr trump but in reality they will continue to do business with iran because europe is not in a wonderful place at this moment economically therefore any business coming from iran is in the interest of european nations whether it's france germany you care spain or holland well let's also look at trade there i mean trade between the u.s. and iran that's growing rapidly since this twenty fifteen deal we now have a businessman as president i mean do you think he's likely to sacrifice those business deals for political interests. well he's certainly a businessman and i don't want to go through the history of how many successes and failures he had as a business man but it appears that he was
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a successful businessman and it is quite often said in politics that we need politicians who run organizations successfully but running a business and heading sort of a major country in the world as a president it requires different set of language different set of thinking and really the proles which is more based on historical understanding understanding how partners to this particular agreement would react to you cannot act unilaterally in business he may have been used to as being a chief executive deciding what he wants to do and used to get his way with it perhaps he's bringing same thinking pattern hair which i don't think is going to work in this particular situation while trying to saying that iran is not complying with the deal but everybody else seems to think that they are mean what is it that he knows that nobody else does. i don't think he knows anything really because
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if you look at his speech that was given a few days ago he sort of blamed iran to be a rogue state blamed iran for being a sponsoring terrorist blaming iran for everything that is going wrong on this planet the reality is that iran has been attacked any nation in the last three hundred fifty odd years and even longer and he was really turning history upside down mr trump has the sort of a view that news is fake but he's actually turning history into fake narrative and he starts believing what he says but really i think it's he's playing to the gallery in the usa the people who supported him the people who are isolationists people who think america should be a superpower which perhaps no longer is and really there are
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a whole host of internal issues that mr trump should be focusing on rather than sort of trying to come out of this particular treaty which is in the interest of everyone and as our british minister said that for international and global security people will not accept any other agreement in future if few years later you tear the agreement away and one of the parties says that we no longer want to be part of it so it doesn't create diplomatic relations it doesn't create goodwill on the part of other nations to negotiate with america or other european nations leave it there shared our space political analyst thank you very much indeed for your thoughts thank you pleasure. well meanwhile a billionaire populist called by the media the czech republic's own donald trump is to become the country's next prime minister the party of andre babay schwann the
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parliamentary elections by at a landslide on saturday well explains where the comparisons can be drawn with america's president. but most of you have never been bothered by the heartbeat of political life in prague the time has come i'll tell you why it's worth checking out how the czech republic voted for its next parliament meet the man set to become the country's new leader representing the winners a n o anti immigrant anti-establishment. i'm ready to voice for our interests in brussels and in. this because we have the point progs interests first brussels interest second understood dammit does he have any relatives with the last a trump even if not mr bob as well deserves a check donald trump title given by the media despite already being part of the system as finance minister for a while no way this guy has kept up the image of being beyond the system i was
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looking for two years twenty hours a day before the election i'm at thirty thousand people i don't need to fill my ego my ego is really full mr bobbish and his billions make him the second richest man in this country journalists call him a media mogul but his business toys vary from farms to chemical plants no golf courses though bobbish is younger than trump he's got time to catch up or wait he's focused on the new job with confidence from the state like a business we won't hone unlike politicians have to understand i've been a businessman but i have good common sense in that business and i've told you and three bobbish is not a fan of migrants or the way brussels deals with them for now there is no place for migrants in europe we will soon begin the construction of a group. great wall along our southern border hearse. and it is obvious there is
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no check donald trump without rumors of him being a kremlin favorite mr bobbish has been trying to throw that off he even wrote an open letter to the washington post maybe we won't hear the media go on about russia helping their man when the check polls maybe. when he's at the top of the hour.
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here in southern russia in sochi attending the. discussion called. u.s. russia relations and the state of the world.
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hello welcome to. a migrant influx and europe is causing a major political shift as more voters move to the right to their frustrations is the political realignment here to stay and what will it mean for the well i asked the former chancellor of austria and a member of the club. with the rise of the european politics the divisions between members coming to the forefront. disparities and the
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crisis. of multi-speed integration the division process in its tracks will reforms floated at the highest level. leader's speech is. and will major change. the european project. and that's really great to have you on our program today welcome thank you so we're going to talk about what's going on in europe right now. do you think europe is at risk of being split into a core center and of because you know i hear french president saying that actually needs different speeds for those who want to move forward and for those who want to stay behind i would be much more concerned maybe two years ago but now all of the. spain portugal ireland out or for the monitoring. of the same you.


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