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over a party of mary is this. your parents better than. the see heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. or rival protests over the future of catalonia is the spanish region is left in limbo by madrid's decision to impose direct rule. but again exclusive access to the syrian town of mired in the free from islamic state by government forces. and a document released under the freedom of information act reveals that the pentagon has simulated a middle east style war game invasion of west africa. very
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good evening to you my name is neil harvey watching r.t. international. and we will start with the yet more protests in spain they follow madrid's decision to impose direct rule on catalonia in the wake of the region's independence vote the senate is expected to approve the sacking of the reading regions leadership on friday and while the council on parliament won't be dissolved it will be stripped of its power to elect a president but in a culture the reports from barcelona. walk alone or stay together at the kaplan people had a chance to respond we saw those fully supporting independence and also those who want to be cashless but part of spain. probably independence leaders sounded better this in the beginning than the tone change. the people of get lonia won the right to become an independent state
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lupul him but we propose that parliament suspends the proclamation of a dependants. they were practically deciding the future of a nation is not a crime so here is what we have the region is stuck in limbo while the cattle our government has been and for weeks and the dream took an unprecedented step and asked the national senate to depose so that we would know all the tensions now that cattle and presidents called at their worst attack since franco's dictatorship if you reward over a with both attackers and the founders using similar arguments on each other. in a greatly irresponsible act christ all boundaries by announcing and in fact a coup d'etat to oust a democratically elected government if this is a complete try there is a coup thoughtful is the one that have been you know followed by. mr bush and his government. were now applying five five because no government a tool in
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a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored or violated or changed . the spanish government illegally proclaimed itself the representative of the catalans kaplan authorities still think they could win local media speculation that the president could even officially proclaim independence this week but it seems ordinary catalans are the ones on the losing site. independence was declared in a very messy way so i'm not surprised by what's happening is that we're a bit lost is the first time we found ourselves in such a situation there are people here doing demonstrations week after week and they don't talk about the only talk about some people that is doing other demonstrations but not the cuts and the majority of the spanish senate still house to approve the measure is presented by my treat and if it does council will remain
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a time in this in the moment at least till the next treason elections to take place within the next six months i mean the question r.t. barcelona. meanwhile spain's foreign minister spoke for saying the videos of police cracking down on voters were misleading. i'm not saying that all are fake pictures but some of them are and you know there has been a lot of alternative facts and fake news here i. i. i. i. number of videos of police using excessive force appeared on social media on the same day as the referendum many cases of violence will circle song camera by our own crews along with witness testimonies. were just helping the people because they were throwing them from up top of the stairs and throwing them
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down upon them from the here and taking them on what is on the floor and there is a guy that. the person that's down. meanwhile a small region in the pyrenees mountains around valley says that if catalonia breaks away from spain it will break away from catalonia and it has the right to do it as well thanks to a law passed in two thousand and fifteen. i know and the like that and as for our own valley is a unique territory within catalonia it is self-governing has its own institutions its own language and its own history and culture only nineteen percent of those who voted in the referendum in favor of catalan independence that i will show that it's our right to self-determination was unanimously approved by the cattle and parliament and by the spanish state we could become a part of france or china tomorrow for instance if we chose to do so but we won't do it we want to remain a part of catalonia and spain did you know people are really afraid especially for
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the economy the economy of their run valley is very free general because it is entirely dependent on tourism therefore anything that we can see it makes people really afraid. in the wake of catalonia is referendum two major italian regions of well meaning voted for greater autonomy on sunday is what the leaders of beneteau are hoping for so. we want to overcome the inability of europe to solve problems and face up to them by offering a new dimension we want to a more united stronger europe one that takes into account the specifics of territories this is what can be simply called the europe of regions were not a page of history will be written in any case village so will not be the same as before we want to initiate this in a manner that's democratic and compatible in line with the constitutional. of the two vote saw the first of their kind in italy they are non-binding however the
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regions made now seek greater economic independence and some locals are happy at having to subsidise poorer parts of the country but the regions are two of its uneasy konami powerhouses they account for almost a third of the country's entire g.d.p. the home to several tourism industry hotspots that include milan and venice university of milan politics professor mark up a sun he believes that the map of europe will change dramatically in the near future i think we witness in really the disintegration of this kind of european order and there will be a confederation in europe clearly like ten or fifteen years from now but not based on the nation states. that we know if catalonia. and spain break apart then a lot of things will happen there that will have a definitely a domino effect with scotland and all sorts of other regions there might be
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easily thirty five to forty five new countries coming up. u.s. bank forces in syria have liberated the country's most lucrative oil field from myself al-omari in their resort province was captured by the terrorists in two thousand and fourteen the site produces up to nine thousand barrels a day and it became a key moneymaker for the terrorist group the syrian democratic forces have been fighting terrorists mainly on the eastern side of the euphrates river while government troops backed by russian air support are on a separate the arsenal mission these exclusive pictures of from the town that they recently liberated mired in the operation began on the west bank of the river the government troops are now clearing up pockets of terrorist resistance on the east side r.t. arabic spoke with residents about life under i saw. i saw militants declared jihad a bit more than a month ago this was a general mobilization and everyone had to participate in the established age of
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those subject to mobilization as from twenty to thirty years did they take all the young pino because many of them escaped the militants confiscated all state property for example i am a civil servant so they took my house and turned it into a living room where headquarters the living room was used to gather women why do they collect women in the living where there are hostages where did they come from they were brought from everywhere they were kidnapped i mean what i say the militants marry them when one of the militants died the second married his woman. that which. the militants drove also jurors from to syrian arab army into cages and put them into the water put into the water to drown they were lowered into the water to militants for sister attention read classes in go to a mosque when they found someone's empty please during the prayer they beat us we deal with intercourse to the police station once i was standing in a park and watching the children playing city caught me in which me times.
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neighboring iraq the standoff between kurds and iraqi. continued after baghdad took control of the oil rich province of kurd cork the provinces in the area known as iraqi kurdistan and was governed mainly by kurds the un has expressed concern over the situation is nearly one hundred thirty six thousand civilians then forced to flee the conflict it says r.t. arabic visited a hospital in could cook treating those injured in fighting. we were there is part of that passion of forces they had to retreat and i was wounded with a burst of fire from the machine gun and the forces of the iraqi military talk we hear when they carried out surgery remove bullets from me. and.
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i was wounded and i was brought here by fighters over the iraqi militia. therefore you are killing me how does targets define go of the push more good time everyone always came down or no kids they destroyed us we were mine people in one house one person doing. the artes continuing its campaign to bring russian speaking children back home from iraq their parents of other god and they sing or have been killed fighting for islamic state is the story of one boy who is about to be reunited with his family. it. was. kind of. you know scuzzy.
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i just. was. i was this was you and deal with mr sulu and what's what's just cut what he and. what the quid what. his ministry. you know it was did. you really move. quickly tom did so. you're not. sure this.
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report obtained by the media under the freedom of information act shows america has been simulating an invasion of west africa follows an imaginary terrorist attack in new york for explains. this fictional scenario begins in may twenty twenty three there's been a devastating terror attack in new york terrorists detonate truck bombs at either end of the lincoln tunnel that they kill and injure hundreds of americans and just like nine eleven led to the war on terror in the middle east this fictional attack leads to the deployment of u.s. and canadian troops in africa they're fighting african al-qaeda militants and the president promises it'll take just three years according to this fictional script
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but two years into the war and things aren't going well. there is a ninety percent increase in violence in mauritania and mali where the war has quietly spread to as well and that's despite the fact that there's seventy thousand u.s. and canadian troops in the region. now three years later just as the troops are meant to be pulling out according to the president's timeline the war game throws another painfully familiar spanner into the works and that is a fictional general sending a fictional communique saying that he recommends delaying pulling out the troops by one year at least in fact he recommends sending more troops to the region in order to avoid the mission failing entirely so the word quagmire certainly springs to mind it is all pretty reminiscent of the us is other real forays abroad for
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example in afghanistan but the whole point of this war game is to help crime the future generals of the us it was being simulated in the most elite military training academies across the us and it's interesting that the action plays out on the african continent bear in mind the. are already one and a half thousand u.s. troops in africa already is this all a forty and slip about where the pentagon thinks the war on terror is going to shift to next and does a share of the pentagon's stark realism about the way that u.s. military conflicts tend to pan out. from the trans national foundation for peace and future research says that it isn't easy for washington to change its approach to conflicts. what this. illustrates is that the only answer will be him and we are going wheelchair and political evil is for tat violence against violence and this
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is our indy we'll never going to solve the problem of terrorism by killing terrorists it's as stupid as it would be to say eradicate all diseases by killing all patients if you're really struggling the only lets say no mention of power that you how it will. all problems in the world will be seen as something that will be solved by means of hammers and instead of using other tools you were ending up smashing one country after getting hit. four soldiers have been reported dead after a shootout in the russian national guard military compound in the north caucasus the gunman was also killed and up more now from artie's mccarran who joins me in the studio and nikki i know that you know the information is only going to come through in the last hour or so what can you tell us at this point well that an official statement from the national guard we know that
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a first lieutenant fatally wounded four of his fellow officers after he opened fire on them at about four pm local time we understand that the shooter himself was subsequently shot dead by the response unit and this occurred in the russian national guard unit in the chechen republic now details are still emerging as to what might have led the lieutenant to open fire on his fellow servicemen a special response team along with military psychologists are working at the site and a commission has been set up to investigate the matter further just to remind you the national guard is the military police of the russian federation they report directly to the president and this was actually set up by president putin himself in twenty sixteen not so long ago now the national guard is separate to operate separately to the russian armed forces obviously as you said a lot of questions are going to be asked about how this could have happened if we had any incidents. similar to this in the past well actually we have not so long ago at the end of september we saw a similar incident take place in russia's far east but this wasn't in the national
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guard this was in the russian army a twenty three year old dagestan born soldier opened fire on his fellow servicemen and with their. an automatic rifle he killed three and wounded four he then fled and was later dead by an antiterrorism unit now following that incident the defense ministry said there was reason to believe that the daughter had lashed out after suffering from a nervous breakdown. and incident and several people killed thanks for bringing us up to date. we don't need you on the trumps dismissive message to e.u. leaders on iran in a fox news interview the us president also joked europe should just keep making money do you think you're going to get the europeans to support you in terms of sanctions in terms of not selling technology to iran i really like those people i told them just keep making money don't worry about it we don't need you on this you just keep making money. earlier france germany and the u.k.
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issued a joint statement denouncing donald trump's decision not to recertify iran's compliance with the nuclear deal they also said they're concerned about the possible implications and reminded the president that the deal was implemented by all sides not just the united states. president of the united states us many posts not this one it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it we cannot afford as international community as europe for sure to dismantle and nuclear agreement that is working and delivering especially now this is a difficult and in our view dangerous signal the agreement with iran has shown for the first time that it's possible to prevent world through negotiations the destruction of this agreement would mean that others around the world could no longer rely on such treaties it's therefore a danger that goes far beyond iran. two weeks ago donald trump said he wanted his
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country out of the nuclear agreement and announced that he would decertify it congress now has two months in which to decide whether to reimpose sanctions on iran as well as come up with new legislation political analyst shabbir razvi told us that there are other considerations for trouble ahead of tehran. mr trump really you can say whatever he likes but i think the reality is that europeans perhaps maybe nod their heads and agree with mr trump but in reality they would continue to do business with iran because europe is not in a wonderful place at this moment economically therefore any business coming from iran is in the interest of european nations whether it's france germany you care is paid off holland there are a whole host of internal issues that mr trump should be focusing on rather than sort of trying to come out of this particular treaty which is in the interest of
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everyone and as our british minister said that for international and global security people will not accept any other agreement in future if few years later you tear the agreement away and one of the parties say that we no longer want to be part of it so it doesn't create diplomatic relations it doesn't create goodwill on the part of other nations to negotiate with america or other european nations. you may think it's only the authorities that can collect your personal data around compiled terrorist watch lists but the case of all journalists highlights that there are other entities doing this sometimes causing big problems but every day people now imagine that suddenly your bank account is closed and you cannot pay your bills and then in is also the mystery not knowing why or what's wrong with me why why are they closing down my account and not only my personal
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accounts my family accounts and my business accounts all of them were closed. now the activists you just saw speaking now as tommy was mistakenly designated as a terrorist by the database world check which is run by reuters it's a subscription only service providing various files on individuals databases popular with banks as well as the u.k. police so he told us he was shocked when he learned that he'd been placed on a list of terrorists for three other distress because this is not even the united nations it's not our government and living and their democracy like britain you don't expect something like this to happen if you are not a criminal and if there is nothing against you legally then this should not be you should you should not be proscribed you should not be alienated or excluded and the united essential services or after the issue gain publicity voters apologize to mommy uncompensated him for his expenses however this isn't an isolated case the
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company also had to issue an apology for a similar mistake involving u.k. based radio presenter. and there are now concerns that such data collecting and blacklisting could become more entrenched amendments to the data protection act being discussed in parliament top you care fishel even her majesty the queen have been praising the legislation. the new law will ensure that the united kingdom retains its wealth last regime protecting personal data including high standards of data protection and human rights innovation and ensure we can remain confident our data. in the new legislation will retain exemptions from the existing data protection act this effectively allows journalists banks and other groups to collect data without people's consent means that databases like reuters will check won't have to tell you they consider you a crime risk regardless of with whom they share the information over policy expert
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george somewhere lee says the lack of control over handling personal data these ordinary people vulnerable it is completely unacceptable that organizations can collect all manner of very personal data and use them maliciously against. individuals and thereby damage their reputations damage their careers even damage their livelihood how are we able to control. what corporations are doing how are we able to ensure that individuals have some means of recourse against the use of data against them i don't see that within this legislation there is adequate protection for individuals. you know giving them some kind of recourse to challenge this
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the malicious use of such data. is really police have arrested a palestinian man for a post that he made on facebook. how the women posted a picture of himself at work wishing good morning to his friends facebook incorrectly translated his post as attacked them the police got involved he was released shortly afterwards when they realized that been a misunderstanding butin levy a journalist for her reps newspaper says that the actions were illegal. it has nothing to do not only with morally t.v. but also ways. legal it's even legal it's not only immoral it was illegal we just have to mention that he was released of the few hours so the scene didn't develop too far but it is a baby laugh and it's just an indication to the it's you know are the palestinians without any respect to none of their basic rights.
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and this isn't the first time that a palestinian has been in trouble with the law or over remarks made online while activists was arrested after he wrote a facebook post that mocked anti israel arsonists with the hash tag sarcasm in it the police released him after admitting they hadn't understood the sarcasm or the cases that are slightly less clear cut nineteen year old was charged with inciting violence for a post that praised the palestinian uprising against israel and the palestinian poet has been under house arrest since two thousand and fifteen sharing a video of her reading a poem called resist my people resist them she stood awaiting a verdict which could londoner in prison for eight years it in levy once again says that palestinians are often targeted for their political activity. and she went through all these only for poor and she wrote quite
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a unison boy may can tell you and even if it's not that innocent poor him i mean poor me is only a poor there are hundreds of palestinians why what we call what israel is calling it really strange of the tension which is being arrested the result a trial which doesn't exist in a democracy hundreds of them including some members of parliament part of the only because of the political activity so there are political prisoners. that's the dark side of the. city all right up to date the latest news headlines at the top of the . theory here in southern russia in sochi attending the ball by discussion club and
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our topic is u.s. russia relations and the state of the world. but with these gaming. and to sanctions breaking but the fact of the damaging both sides it's the reality that. they may change the russian economy and the russian the financial system and i know a lot of people who are looking for creative ways to get better. seats but not enough is going up at the bottom of the inside salary can you do you know. that the company that don't even see that young. people in thirty's companies that have led by these.
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folks. here we're going underground of the week u.k. delegates in local government in britain. largest trade union voted for a ballot on national strike action coming out of the show is the free market the greatest age of collective human progress after all rebel economist professor steve keen lays into the bank of england we could all make models ahead of a possible imminent rise in u.k. interest rates and forgets claims colombia is a narco state and remember what you paid minus leader office scargill said in his battle with margaret thatcher that we would instead be employ.


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