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tv   Headline News  RT  October 24, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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top american senate is a they didn't know the u.s. had troops operating in each year and made questions over a deadly ambush earlier this month. but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger you had senator graham there you didn't know we had a thousand troops in the shared did you. know i didn't know are. a muslim couple in france are under investigation by the authorities after they attempt to register the new born child the name jihad and also the age is that of independents or learn to read the book of days in stores in catalonia in the temp to hook in the very young to the idea of breaking away from spac.
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but i welcome thanks for the company today you're watching r.t. were two o'clock in moscow now our top story is the u.s. military in congress trying to piece together what led to the deaths of american servicemen in this year earlier this month it does seem many lawmakers had no idea about the presence of their troops in that african country three weeks ago four u.s. servicemen and ten local troops were killed in an ambush by i still find it says the pentagon says the group had no full air support until two hours after the battle began but according to estimates now has the second largest u.s. military presence in africa eight hundred out of six thousand troops across the continent djibouti has the most for thousands. isman then comes somalia and
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cameroon with four hundred three hundred soldiers respectively but soon it could actually be difficult to tell many troops the u.s. has anyway it's america reports. so it's official washington has intervened in so many different countries even u.s. senators seem to have lost track but i didn't know there was a thousand troops and this is an endless war without boundaries no limitation on the geography and senator graham is not the only one senator graham there you didn't know we had a thousand troops and did you know i didn't and there you have it two sitting senior senators one republican and the other a democrat had no idea the us currently has troops in news year so how is this possible past administrations have used the authorization for use of military force against terrorists or the to use force against those who planned it committed or aided the nine eleven attacks and only one person voted against it congresswoman
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barbara lee let's step back for a moment let's just cause just for a minute and think through the implications of our actions today so that this does not spiral out of control according to a two thousand and sixteen congressional research office report the bush and obama administration's use the on thirty seven occasions to initiate military action in over a dozen countries and now with trump it appears there's even less oversight the pentagon has just announced that they will no longer disclose troop numbers in iraq and syria but can this apply to other regions besides iraq and syria there was an already. consistent considerable complete. lack of. transparency and accountability during your own religious tradition you know it's gotten significantly worse. how do dishes reform. i don't
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reform this policy mine or my wonderful reform you're going to have even less information about how many troops there are in various places and what. when the former defense secretary and cia director leon panetta who was once asked about how many wars the u.s. was engaged in seemed rather lost it's a good question but you know it's you have to start. to stop and think about this now with very little transparency in u.s. operations overseas it may not exactly be quite the subject to laugh about some on our team washington d.c. . the syrian city of rock recently liberated from islamic state was once home to around three hundred thousand people but after months of military operations there by the u.s. backed forces less than one percent of its original population actually remain and those unable to flee or who've been left behind still remain vulnerable in our
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schools former defacto capital. some of the only. time i did the material. well it was. to. check. the controversial rescue group the white helmets claimed to have saved more lives
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in syria this time on the outskirts of the capital damascus which came under rocket fire but questions do remain over the group's allegiances and their status as heroes in the country is a deeper trend now reports. this is the newest you tube video of the syria civil defense group aka the white helmets they're saving lives after a rocket attack on a residential area just to the east of damascus so says the description i'm not trying to say they've been doing a bad job at rescuing but there are things that can destroy a reputation even if it's been built on saving lives social networks will show. how to look at the page of some a wearing a white helmet and his profile pick the hottest for the sake of god how's that for a facebook job field moving on to posted images this is the leader of jaish
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to. pay your attention to what the hash tag stands for j. shelf attack represents me and my family and then smiley face feeling grateful. next profile with white helmets emblems and a bun but here's something else remember how russia's ambassador in turkey was shot in the back and killed right in front of an exhibition audience if you go back to the post from december two thousand and sixteen on that profile and find the picture of the gunmen followed by peace to your soul champ.
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civil defense and says this man's job description no worries till you get to the photo section with this pic and the text right next to it a smile is praising a member of eisel after his death you wished. and you got what you wished for and you won with god's willing just some of what he wrote there and there's a couple of photos of a smile you featuring terrorist symbols and actual faces all who are all shot over an older group the flag of all nusra or al qaida in syria and terrorist fighters themselves i also remember the video i saw somewhere else. speaking of the white helmet some time spotted together with nusra even an al jazeera documentary telling the brave story of the syria civil defense can make you suspicious of how close the helmets get to the jihad is why would activists keep
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nusra front flag at a place where they rest and i've got a question to ask whoever edited the subtitles of that film at al-jazeera. some of the. good deeds are about it. within the i.d.f. are about as i've said the reputation means a lot and nobel peace prize nomination and an oscar winning film have certainly helped cement it but it seems there is more to bear in mind for whoever next decides to award the white helmets with the prize. now a french couple is having a run in with the authorities at the moment over their choice of name for the baby and the concern is perhaps predictable that it was the pride parents want to call their new born she had been ski has been getting reaction in paris. one. thing comes to mind muslim. terrorism. so
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what as. you. look at iran and the maybe they don't intend it with. i wouldn't i think there is no problem to give you know i don't like good. personally i think. you should be able to call your child whatever you one quote from bath exactly one couple probably more he didn't name it that he thought. of it it is the choice of the day in a country that suffered a wave of deadly terror attacks. have been halted for forty it's not the first time a child has been called jihad in france it was a popular arabic name but how times have changed in two thousand and thirteen a mother thought it would be funny to send his three year old child to school wearing a top with the slogan i am a bomb on the back it had the boy's name jihad and his birthday september
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eleventh the school didn't find the stunt funny and the mother ended up with a suspended jail sentence but now even the suggestion of cooling the child jihad provokes controversy because of its perceived connotations in the media in france and particularly in europe with the word jihad is associated with violence the word jihad at its root in its etymology means that effort of working on oneself self control and work towards a form of moral spiritual and ethical completeness it has nothing to do with the concept of holy war there is no holy war in islam it is a bad translation which unfortunately prevailed in society's representation of this concept. france has strict rules when it comes to policing baby names and looking at what's been added to the banned list over the years it seems parents have been
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courting ever more controversy. act act. out. in france which recently voted to replace an almost two year long state of emergency by introducing a tough new anti terror law daring to be different with names may come of course is twisting the knife in some very important groups charlotte. r.t.
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paris. the fate of catalonia does remain in limbo at the moment the spanish region's parliaments will manmeet on thursday to decide whether to push ahead with independence in response to the threat of direct rule from madrid both sides continue to blame each other though for the crisis is the route from border. especially about gelato you know the strain is acting like a dictatorship they want to frighten and intimidate us physically and the a little instruments while accusing us of sedition and rebellion is going to put up this whole mess when i course we must remind the catalan government that in accordance with the constitution there is also president and councillors that they and nouri they're not occupying their positions by divine rights. and while the politicians do tussle over what to do next the independence movement does seem to be rallying support among the very young as our correspondent in barcelona has been finding out
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. while console on is lab hanging waiting for the local parliament to decide whether it will yield to madrid's demands the idea of independence has spread far beyond political wrangling or mass street demonstrations now this is what we found a bookshop located right and the heart of a barcelona on sale at the children's section an alphabet of independence where teaching letters isn't the only lesson children will learn for example in this book i am stands for the whole word but if it stops you know which is the kaplan for both money faster or demonstration or it can be a letter ass which stands for the word or yes well those behind the south of that clearly wanted people to vote and their referendum on no prices for gasoline for what i stands for and it is open source dependence well if an aid susie's threatens to lose the attention off some children there were other alternatives on the
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shelves and some even came with a free gift this lack of an independent counsel law as we are in barcelona we decided to take to the streets and ask young kaplan parents if they want independence spelt out to their children with the alphabet book i think they don't have to learn about police they are definitely too small they will have time to learn the boat it but maybe in ten years not know. you know. what is going on well why not i can give it to my daughter i think it is a bit simple and doesn't properly explain things but still why not it can be interesting for her one might not. be. you should use kind of things to beans i think it's something they have to learn by events. at this age children don't have the ability to form their opinion properly
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they believe in what we told them. i don't support the idea of independence and therefore i won't show this to my children i want them to have the right to decide for themselves. getting opinion on the streets of boston are you watching back to me. seems wrong. just don't call. me. to shape out. active. and in the. trail. when some find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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but again germany has prided itself on being a welcoming host to thousands of refugees over the last couple of years and a new website has been launched which at first glance does appear to be a helpful tool for newcomers but is marouf an option a tells us it's actually quite the opposite. well the west side launched by germany's foreign minister is called
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rumors about german effects for migraines it's very user friendly easy to use services features small colorful posts busting what the website describes as meat and big lies that human traffickers in smog or is famous for feeding the would be asylum seekers with such a welcome in payment of two thousand you were false the website says a house or a job for every new arrival complete nonsense the website explains that the best one could get in germany would be crowded mess of communications center often in remote places because big cities are no longer available to feed more refugees and that means the chances of very high that no one would speak the migrants language in that plays which will complicate life a lot of course the website even warns about the journey to the well desired destination which is germany in you or in this case that it remains very dangerous
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and continues to coast thousands of lies it also warns about force of full returns . many dog details of how cute happen all the knowledge of paying very green peter of what lived before migrants in germany the services available in english french and not surprisingly in arabic syria of ghana stunning iraq a top three countries from where most of the migrants have been coming throughout the last year but the interesting is that the target audience for this website are exactly the same people that just a couple of years ago was so welcome to germany following angola merkel's a so-called open door policy you all remember those pictures where germany's chancellor was posing with refugees and you remember the warm welcome that they were getting railway stations throughout the country so that website. proved quite
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a dramatic shift in jail a nice quality but very large acquire at the same time you know that following the result here in germany far right i'll turn a t. for germany parting joint historic success it's a far right party and they were using this ng t. migrant rise in one thousand migrants sentiment in the society while merkel's party and their allies throughout the country has suffered the war stories out in the last half a century. now news outlets in six countries have seen a dramatic drop in traffic for their facebook pages as the social media giant test a new tool that splits its news feeds into two and it's also now charging considering charging publishers to show their posts also well for more on this let's get let's get to the u.k. and speak to police boyko who's across the story for us apologise to explain them why does facebook feel it's necessary to split the news feeds into two. well this
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is potentially one of the biggest changes to the way facebook works since its inception thirteen years ago and it's basically trying out a new feature that's called explore it offas uses things from further afield that they wouldn't normally have in the news feed so you still have your standard news feed with your pictures of your friends babies dogs and what they had for dinner last night and post by organizations that they'd like be it political campaigns or fashion you name it but in six countries in sri lanka bolivia slovak yes the bad guatemala and cambodia that experiment has gone the rafale the uses in those countries have had their news feeds purged completely of news posts unless it's sponsored content so any news organization that wants its posts to come up in the uses of those countries news feeds will have to pay for the privilege and
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the news organizations in those countries are already feeling the effects they're talking about a drop in organic reach just love asking and journalist has written a piece all about how they've had four times fewer interactions since these changes came in so this is causing some motivator quiet panic among the online news outlets news organizations of course rely on facebook as a way of getting more hits on their posts a lot of stuff goes viral through facebook specifically so it's a vital tool for publishers and it's not just concern from smaller news organizations and the non-mainstream ones but it's also a concern further down the line for freedom of the press in general because by creating a barrier that creates you know a need for publishers to pay for people to see what they're posting your effectively curating the news agenda or dare i say it potentially censoring it as
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well so at the same time you've got facebook telling news organizations to calm down and get a grip this is what the head of its news feed had to say in response to the concerns in a facebook post take a listen. the goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public concern we will hear what people say about the experience to understand if it's annoyed be worth pursuing any further there is no current plans to roll this out beyond these test countries or to charge pages on facebook to pay for all of the distribution in news feed or explore. i think the key word that's going to keep the smaller news organizations awake at night that is current he said there are no current plans so they're clearly leaving the option open that's got a lot of news outlets worried now online analysts say that this is a very facebook move they have essentially hooked
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a bunch of news outlets to the medium of facebook for spreading their news and now they're threatening to make them pay for that privilege and a slovakian journalist that has alerted the online world to this issue has one consolation though he doesn't think this pilot of two separate feeds one for your friends and one for potential news he doesn't think it's going to work he says the news feed without news is going to alert users pretty quickly to how utterly boring their friends are. ok thanks polly that was a pretty boyko there for us. now let's turn to football because russia is getting ready for a huge influx of visitors next summer who are here for the football world cup and recent concerns over security and infrastructure have already proved to be wide of the mark with plenty of people enjoying the fifa confederations cup held in the country a bit earlier this year one man who knows what it's like to get stuck into top
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flight football in russia as manager here. from italy the legendary former defender is currently in charge of russia's most successful club spartak moscow and has been sharing his thoughts with us. ah i want to talk about the support means a lot to us we feel it's the team's run out of energy fans give them the strength to carry on. ah yes the missile yes i think we can do that for sure it's important for a team to have fans who can support it the ninety minutes ah you know for think about it of course it's important for me what mass media say about us i usually pay attention to negative reviews i don't like them and i try to defend my team i guess quite often journalists cross the line but it's easy to criticize from the stands and watch the games on the sidelines ah that is
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a sports i had no crisis at school in football it's hard to win all the time look at all the clubs opponent still the all playing style and gradually find a way to gain the upper hand ah it's a message like i'll be still i think yes judging from what i've seen it's ready there are beautiful new stadiums built cities have changed the way they look it's a very important event full rochelle i don't doubt that the world cup will be able to very high standard well for a closer look at all things foot point in the run up to next year as well cup for my english premier league stuff stan collymore has it covered for you with his new show coming up saying i'm not. i play for many clubs over the gays so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager kilian erroneous and spending shouldn't twenty million
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one player. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so what more chance for. thanks for watching i'll see the softer be back with more news and often. but also. the ship between. it was suggested well and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. in the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer and i chose
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a means i'm known to use them in the last test is it a sham skepticism they do not believe that this is is true by independent scientists so did the industry paid you for this. confrontation for my time as well as the others why is that i mean lobby definitely do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on seeing the outflow. back to. big business against health. as a starter. almost. in safety.
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