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this is. better than. ever heard of. the world. parties singled out the use of social media to spread content while outlets executive for appearing on this channel back in twenty thirty. but i didn't know there was a thousand troops and. you didn't know we have a thousand troops and you know i didn't i. also top american senators say they didn't know the us had troops operating this year questions over a deadly ambush early this month. the destination of choice for asylum seekers germany has launched
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a myth busting website to deter potential new arrivals. welcome thanks for your company tonight watching our. six o'clock. our top story the chief business officer has been scrutinized by the media over his appearance on this channel four years ago but can still has been accused of having a cozy relationship with a string online presence he spoke to me. what it would appear that the new york times has been sifting through its archives and is earmarked the year twenty thirty now you might remember twenty thirty was a pretty good year for r.t. that was the year that we became the first news network to surpass one billion views on new cheap and so we decided to mark the occasion we invited a guest in from you tube in that happened to be robert kin so that was the vice president at the time i think users generally appreciate its authenticity it's very
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apparent from everything that's gone on you tube so instead of having aspirational programming or agenda propaganda us people really respond to sort of what you saw happening with arab spring for instance was authentic the audience that watches this some to study and those who provided to them for years later and r.t. is the most watched news network on you tube we now have over five billion views but to some people are success is very suspicious and so the fact the new york times decided to single out private kinsler piers to be an attempt to name and shame him for ever apparent on r.t. but this isn't the first time we've seen this done i think back to the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson not so long ago shaming members of the opposition party for appearing as guests on r.t. despite the fact that even members of his own party and even his own father have also appeared as guests on some of our t.v. shows and then there's a european think tank going to all the trouble to make
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a list of every single person who's ever appeared on r.t. and branding them useful idiots many people in europe and the us including politicians and the persons of influence continue to exhibit its troubling naivety about artie's political agenda these useful idiots remain oblivious to r.t.s. intentions and boost its legitimacy by granting interviews on the shows and news casts and i'm sorry to say that all the effort that went into that list it wasn't even factually correct was i remember something about boris johnson so generally speaking mickey where is all this pressure on russia coming from all of this stems from these. unproven accusations that r.t. played a hand in swaying the american vote we somehow managed to convince american people to vote for donald trump over hillary clinton and as a result just last month the u.s. justice department demanded that our us based channel r.t. america register under the foreign agents act and after which moscow has said it just simply can't will not attack measures anymore as r.t.
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faces all of this increasing pressure we've chosen to deal with it in the best way that we can and we've come up with a new ad campaign in which we thought people would find it amusing and ironic we make light of these accusations we say zoom in to find out who we're going to happen next but quite predictably even our sense of humor has come under scrutiny over to another media giant that was facebook users in six countries have hit back the social media giant which is trying a scheme to charge news outlets for their posts but the details of this one is. well this is potentially one of the biggest changes to the way facebook works since its inception thirteen years ago and it's basically trying out a new feature that's called explorer it offers users things from further afield that they wouldn't normally have in their news feeds but in six countries in sri lanka bolivia slovakia. and cambodia that experiment has gone further afield
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users in those countries have had their news feeds purged completely all of the news posts unless it's sponsored content so any news organization that wants its post to come up in the uses of those countries news feeds will have to pay for the privilege and the news organizations in those countries are already feeling the effects they're talking about a drop in all gammick reach a journalist has written a piece all about how they've had four times fewer interactions since these changes came in news organizations of course rely on facebook as a way of getting more hits on their posts a lot of stuff goes viral through facebook specifically so it's a vital tool for publishers and it's not just concern from smaller news organizations and the non-mainstream ones but it's also a concern further down the line for freedom of the press in general because by
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creating a barrier that creates you know i need for publishers to pay for people to see what they're posting your effectively curating the news agenda or dare i say it potentially censoring it as well so at the same time you've got facebook telling news organizations to calm down and get a grip this is what the head of its news feed had to say in response to the concerns in a facebook post take a listen. the goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content we will hear what people say about the experience to understand if it's annoyed day worth pursuing any further there is no current plans to roll this out beyond these test countries or to charge pages on facebook to pay for all of the distribution in news feed or explore i think the key word that's going to keep the smaller news organizations awake at night that is current he said there are no current plans so that clearly evening the option open
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that's got a lot of news outlets worried about a slip back in journalists that has alerted the online world to this issue he doesn't think it's going to work he says the news feed without news is going to use is pretty quickly to how utterly boring that friends are. there while the online community lashed out saying that the social media network will be supplying people with what they want them to hear and also for severing the link between the organizations and uses independent journalist martin summers says that facebook is experimenting with its monopoly on power. well i think this is an abuse of the monopoly powers and facebook and the of the major u.s. internet companies are basically trying it on the experimenting with this to see if they can use their monopoly power to increase their profits but also more
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sinisterly they're in there working with the u.s. intelligence services to censor the news it's not really a competitive market one of the other sinister things that doing is demilitarizing people they don't like there's actually calls from across the spectrum in the us for the internet complete to be treated like utilities and they're even got to be run by the government all the got to be regulated by the government to ensure that a competitive market exists. there is the u.s. military and congress to try to piece together what led to the deaths of american servicemen in this year earlier this month it does seem that many lawmakers had no idea about the presence of their troops in that african country three weeks ago four u.s. servicemen and ten local troops were killed in an ambush by isis or fighters pentagon says the group had no full their support until two hours after the battle began according to estimates new year has the second largest u.s.
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military presence in africa eight hundred eighty six thousand troops across the continent djibouti has the most with four thousand servicemen and comes somalia and cameroon with four hundred and three hundred soldiers respectively but actually soon it could be very difficult to tell how many troops the u.s. the u.s. has anywhere else america reports. so it's official washington has intervened in so many different countries even u.s. senators seem to have lost track but i didn't know there was a thousand troops and this is an endless war without boundaries no limitations. and senator graham is not the only one senator graham there you didn't know we had a thousand troops and did you know i didn't and there you have it two sitting senior senators one republican and the other a democrat had no idea the us currently has troops so how is this possible past administrations have used the authorization for use military force against terrorists or the to use force against those who planned it committed or aided the
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nine eleven attacks and only one person voted against it congresswoman barbara lee let's step back for a moment let's just pause just for a minute and think through the implications of our actions today so that this does not spiral out of control according to a two thousand and sixteen congressional research office report the bush and obama administrations used on thirty seven occasions to initiate military action in over a dozen countries and now with trump it appears there's even less oversight the pentagon has just announced that they will no longer disclose troop numbers in iraq and syria but can this apply to other regions besides iraq and syria there was an already. consistent considerable complete. lack of. transparency and accountability during the ministration you know it's gotten
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significantly worse and has touted dishes reform. reform this policy mine or my wonderful reform you're going to have even less information about how many troops are in place. when the former. defense secretary and cia director leon panetta who was once asked about how many wars the u.s. was engaged in seemed rather lost it's a good question but you know. i have to stop and think about this now with very little transparency in u.s. operations overseas may not exactly be quite the subject to laugh about. on our t.v. washington d.c. . the syrian city of rocket recently liberated from islamic states was once home to around three hundred thousand people but after months of military operations there by the u.s. backed forces less than one percent of its original population actually remain and
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those who've been left behind a still vulnerable in our schools former de facto capital. only. time i've been through what do you make. of. what they were. said.
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meanwhile the controversial civil rescue group the white helmets claims to have saved more lives in syria this time on the outskirts of the capital damascus which came under rocket fire however questions do you know what the group's allegiances and their status is here in the country if you try and kill reports. this is the newest you tube video of the syria civil defense group aka the white helmets they're saving lives after a rocket attack on a residential area just to the east of damascus so says the description i'm not trying to say they've been doing a bad job at rescuing but there are things that can destroy a reputation even if it's been built on saving lives social networks will show. how to look at the page of some a wearing a white helmet and his profile pick the hottest for the sake of god how's that for a facebook job field moving on to posted images this is the leader of jaish.
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pay your attention to what the hash tag stands for jay shelf represents me and my family and then smiley face feeling grateful. next profile with white helmets emblems and a bun but here's something else remember how russia's ambassador in turkey was shot in the back and killed right in front of an exit vision audience you can go back to the post from december two thousand and sixteen on that profile and find the picture of the gunmen followed by peace to your soul champ.
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civil defense and says this man's job description no worries till you get to the photo section with this pic and the text right next to it is smile as praising a member of eisel after his death you wished and you got what you wished for and you won with god's willing just some of what he wrote there and there's a couple of photos of his smile you featuring terrorist symbols and actual faces all who are written over an older group the flag of all nusra or al qaida in syria and terrorist fighters themselves i also remember the video i saw somewhere else. speaking of the white helmet some time spotted together with nusra even an al jazeera documentary telling the brave story of the syria civil defense can make you suspicious of how close to helmets could get to the jihad it's why would activists
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keep. flag at a place where they rest and i've got a question to ask whoever. the subtitles of that film al-jazeera going to become of the only side to when we get these are about the. only side to when we get these are about as i've said the reputation means a lot and nobel peace prize nomination and an oscar winning film have certainly helped cement it but it seems there is more to bear in mind for whoever next decides to award the white helmets with the prize was reporting you watching our table be back in ninety seconds.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around . perforations washington washington media the media. voters elected to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. here's what people have been saying about rejected. the only show i go out of my way to watch is the really packs of oh yeah john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of . jack tonight. president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail.
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again let's go back to our top story this because the media is scrutinizing r.t. for extensive use of huge also slamming the firms executive for appearing on this channel back in twenty thirteen what we can get the thoughts now. and the media analysts lionel who joins us from america good evening she washes say good morning where you are. what you make of this apparently artie's only popular on you tube because we have good relations with an executive who works there. if i didn't know better i would swear r t is working on one of the most incredible stealth. p.r. programs ever because every time that the new york times or the washington post or anybody ever does something it's some exposé about our t.v. it makes people in this country even more interested and more fascinated with what
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r.t. does now let's look at the numbers shall we according to the figures right now just looking at this r t two point one billion views two point two million subscribers nat'l why do you think that is let's just guests is it because of some some kind of inter agency goings on between you two of the alphabet and google and r j or is the russian go or do people like good how can anybody look at what is considered success no matter the the measuring stick no matter the metric how can anybody say wow these are deep able to apparently you're doing something that a lot of people are finding interesting two point one billion views this is one of the largest if not the largest nude platforms on planet earth
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now why do you think that is i've got an idea call me wacky because it's good because it services people because people find it interesting that because of some kind of brainwashing or closure in or whatever it is that you do because after all that's how you got trumbo elected by brainwashing sixty three million americans i mean to do do you have a deal worked out this is the best public relations oh. anybody can ever get can possibly do and in fact if there is. propaganda i would wish but please submit it to pro r d because every time the new york times charge about you i think it's out of jealousy both your popularity i believe this is a piece there of organizations dying for it had been only if you've noticed law and we've come in for a lot of stick recently gee think this is part of a wider campaign i just say that because over recent weeks have been criticizing
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the times newspaper in the u.k. then we had the british foreign secretary say not so many pleasant things in the house of commons and now we're having this charge put against this to you about this executive who works on you tube and in fact he appeared here four years ago this is just part of a broader campaign that's been put forward to dismiss. yes it's called it's compost skitzo phrenic instability this is called breathtaking incoherence nothing is sticking let me say this again and i can speak in this country here nothing is sticking because russia and wiki leaks or somebody was responsible for the twenty six election that didn't work now they're talking about nothing is working they are this dead horse that they have been beating this rough terrain already over most people that you know there's an old expression if you
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find yourself in a hole stop digging well when nothing is working you have picked your way did us in the world to this notion of this russian this propaganda collusion whatever we're tired of it and instead of people saying listen we've got to regroup this isn't working because we're we're saying the same story we're repeating the same to no they double down it's and say ok law and or expect it will continue for the moment good to talk to us and ask it your opinion that was legal media analysts lionel thank you. nothing used today germany has welcomed well over a million refugees in the last few years but now i'm a myth busting website has been launched to deter anybody anybody thinking of taking the perilous journey from north africa. as more. well the west
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side launched by japanese foreign ministers cold rumors about german effects for migraines it's very user friendly easy to use services features small colorful posts busting what the website describes as meat and big lies that human traffickers and small girl is famous for feeding the would be asylum securities with such a welcoming payment of two thousand euro false the website says a house or a job for every new arrival complete nonsense the website explains that the best one could get in germany would be crowded mess accommodation center often in remote places because big cities are no longer available to feed more refugees and that means the chances of very high that no one would speak the migrants language in that plays which will complicate life a lot of course. but
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interesting is that the target audience for this website are exactly the same people that just couple of years ago was so welcome team germany following angola merkel's a so-called open door policy you'll remember those pictures where germany's chancellor was posing with refugees and you remember the warm welcome that they were getting at railway stations throughout the country so. that proves quite dramatic shift
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in policy but very logic want the same time you know that following the results here in germany far right alternative for germany party enjoyed historic success it's a far right party and they were using these anti migrant rising one thousand migrants sentiment in the society while merkel's party and their allies throughout the country has suffered the war stories out in the last half a century it would be fair to mention that the website doesn't only paint a dark picture of what life could be for migrants in germany but it also tells about new opportunities and improvements in potential asylum seekers home countries there are chapters in this website called stability returns to iraq for example or germany creates jobs in middle east and obviously these articles are
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designed to push maybe these potential migrants to the decision to stay home. now we've got some breaking news for you because russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to prolong the mandate of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to investigate chemical attacks in syria to shed more light on this when i joined by morton who's covering the story for us in new york so good evening to you what what more do we know. well this proposed resolution would have extended the period of investigation by the o.p.c. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in syria now russia vetoed the resolution saying that they want to wait because in a few days we'll be hearing from the o.p.c. w they'll be presenting the results of their investigation and at that time it can then be determined whether it's best to extend their investigation now this is the
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investigation into the chemical attack which took place in qana shaikh coun now this was russia's previously criticized this investigation russia has pointed out that the o.p.c. have never actually visited the site of the chemical attack and furthermore the o.p.c. that you didn't visit the airbase that was bombed by the united states where u.s. leaders were alleging that this chemical attack had originated from so as of the moment we're still waiting for the o.p.c. w. to present their report russia says at the time that the o.p.c. w presents their report that point it will be up for discussion whether or not to extend the investigation but at the moment they did veto the resolution that would have extended the resin their investigation prior to prior to the results of the investigation so far being revealed so many questions are are waiting we're all waiting to see what happens next when the o.p.c. w. does present the results of their report so far but at the moment the proposal that
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would have extended the investigation this proposal has been vetoed ok thanks kelly but was kind of looking for us in new york keeping across this story throughout the evening you will be company this evening we'll have more news at the top of the. hi i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report mode for me kind desk paul nice keyser most influential bitcoin or in the world we recommended at three dollars we've created thousands if not tens of thousands of millionaires around the world crypto millionaires we've done more to enrich the globe than the i.m.f. or the world bank station. just so you know where in new york now these are the
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buildings behind as we're done with our journey of the great american polgar ridge max is here in new york city which means he's overdosed on a suppressive show and. on the way here from radio city music hall christmas spectacular with the rock cats of course used to work or is it musical guest relations or usher and rockets were their elevators on fiftieth street the chorus boys run fifty first street and you never get never mixed the rock gets with the chorus boys ever at all my god the sequins go flying just in case you notice you might have a little bit of red eye. yes that's where i'm watching the price you know i have wealth influenza well flu when's how do we deal with all this money i don't know desk is running and most influential people in the big quaint space you are one of the twenty names in the media.


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