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tv   Headline News  RT  October 24, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the only show i go out of my way to. really pack them. all over a party america's. parents better than. see people you've never heard of. the. president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. breaking news this hour russia vetoes a un resolution on an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria a small school waits for a new report. in the country. party's single dollar job or the use of social media to spread content. for appearing on the channel twenty thirteen. and once the destination of choice
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for asylum seekers germany has launched a myth busting website to deter potential new arrivals. eleven am in denver six pm in belfast and eight in the evening right here this tuesday october the twenty fourth in moscow this is r.t. international i mean o'neill hello and welcome we begin with breaking news on the channel russia blocked a u.n. resolution to extend a probe into the use of chemical weapons in syria moscow is waiting for a new joint report from un investigators a chemical weapons watchdog. thursday you can extend the mandate at the gym a few days before the publication of the report on the twenty sixth but even though there is no urgent need for it the gym will be operating until seventy november and
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no nothing prevents adopting a decision. before that date so why to d. what is the haste this isn't don't don't you think it's strange. ok following proceedings for us in new york is ortiz. good to have you on the program just bring us up to be able what we know about this so far. while the resolution would have extended the mandate of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to investigate the situation in syria now that mandate for their investigation was scheduled to expire on november seventeenth now the russian ambassador he explained the move and he basically said that russia wants to look through the methods used by the opi c.w. which have sparked some concerns and if the report of the opi c.w. gives irrefutable evidence then then it will be extended but they want to see the
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report first now previous reports from the o.p.c. w.-a have raised some rather serious concerns in a previous report it was noted that the o.p.c. w. didn't actually visit the site of this attack in qana shape and they didn't actually visit the site they simply did their investigation with samples and these samples were sent by third parties furthermore the previous report didn't identify who was responsible for the attack however western leaders were quick to blame the syrian government for it and actually there was there was a response now this is this is the attack that took place in concho there were seventy four people killed and over five hundred people injured the o.p.c. w. has determined that it was sarin nerve gas that was used in the attack and now the russian ambassador also pointed out that the united states and washington seem to be fueling media hysteria in the lead up to the voting at the u.n.
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security council this is what he had to say. a few days before publication of the report the jim a resolution is her is rushed to extend it by a year before that a powerful campaign in the media is launched. ambassador healy gave an interview in which she clearly cues drescher of trying to undermine and torpedo the work of the jim she sends a letter to letter to the members of the security council speaking about the urgency of extending the mechanism now russia was able to defeat the resolution because it's a permanent member of the united nations security council the body that leads the u.n. now bolivia voted along with russia to defeat the resolution and china and kazakstan both abstained so russia's position is that they are waiting for the report to come out they want to see what is in the report and what work the o.p.c. w. is doing before voting to extend the mandate for the investigation with the update
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from new york city caleb maupin. well let's try to put some meat on the bones of what caliber was talking about there because i'm glad to say peter ford former u.k. ambassador to syria joins us live on the program always good to have your company sir before we get to moscow stunts all on this let's start with the u.s. washington wanted the o.p.c. w.'s monday extended why does it want to continue before the the report is released which it will be this week. well they think they want to extend the behavior by provoking this russian veto might suggest tooth to truth mind that really they want to kill it and they might want to do that because they know that an object to report is highly unlikely to produce the finding that they want the americans already been judge jury and executioner here
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a. base day that after the alleged attack. one reading of what's happening here in new york is that the americans decided to cash in their winnings while they're ahead knowing that an object to report would not produce the finding that they had been hoping for just expanding on that your thoughts on why russia the veto the actual monday because what it changed a lot if the resolution was adopted today. it would have been premature and the against the normal normal un practice when men day or un mechanisms are being extended and the former un official. it's normal practice for studied to be made all of the report by this body and then
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a decision is taken on whether they're doing good work and to help them mandate renewed in advance of seeing the report it's impossible to say whether they are doing good work whether they're being object to whether they're looking at possible alternative hypotheses to the one favored by the great superpower the united states. without seeing their report this is impossible to think but there are reasons to believe that the mechanism is weak because it has failed to visit the site of the alleged attack it was failed to get the air base from which the plane allegedly involved took off even though there would certainly still be trade center in to be picked up this is surely rather suspicious is something perhaps people are forgetting in the fog of this is that
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the previous o.p.c. w. report didn't actually specify anybody responsible for the chemical attack though we do know the west was quick to blame syrian authorities why did they. they couldn't point the finger the chain of evidence with it was too weak nobody actually take custody of the evidence on site could state with any degree of certainty who done it. it so far the work that has been done is that the incomplete. failure to go through the sites involved does raise questions that would need to be answering before renewal of any mandate just to pick up on a specific point you are making peter is it correct procedure to use some polls collected by third parties experts from the chemical watchdog didn't visit the
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scene of the attack as you said i suppose the thought of moscow is the few start with a false or highly unlikely premise the results aren't going to be too far away from . the chain. with extremely weak. it passed the alleged. passed. through that. to the. other america or britain and then to. that one week chain of evidence always good to have you on the program getting your take that's peter ford former u.k. ambassador to syria an expert on the region thank you very much thank you. correspondent mentioned a few minutes ago o.p.c. w was criticized for relying on open source data to produce its initial report on the. chemical attack part of it for example came from the controversial white
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helmets the volunteer rescue group that claims to be saving civilian lives in syria but questions remain over the group's allegiances and their status as heroes in the country trying to report. this is the newest you tube video of the syria civil defense group aka the white helmets they're saving lives after a rocket attack on a residential area just to the east of damascus so says the description i'm not trying to say they've been doing a bad job at rescuing but there are things that can destroy a reputation even if it's been built on saving lives social networks will show. how to look at the page of samei wearing a white helmet and his profile pick the hottest for the sake of god how's that for a facebook job field moving on to posted images this is the leader of jaish.
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pay your attention to what the hash tag stands for j. shelf represents me and my family and then smiley face feeling grateful. next profile with white helmets emblems and a bun but here's something else remember how russia's ambassador in turkey was shot in the back and killed right in front of an exhibition audience you can go back to the post from december two thousand and sixteen on that profile and find the picture of the gunmen followed by peace to your soul champ.
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civil defense says this man's job description no worries till you get to the photo section with this pic and the text right next to it is smile as praising a member of eisel after his death you wished and you got what you wished for and you won with god's willing just some of what he wrote there and there's a couple of photos of his smile you featuring terrorist symbols and actual faces all who are written over an older graffiti the flag of all nusra or al qaida in syria and terrorist fighters themselves i also remember the video i saw somewhere else. speaking of the white helmet some time spotted together with nusra even an al jazeera documentary telling the brave story of the syria civil defense could make you suspicious of how close the helmets could get to the jihad is why would activists
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keep a nusra front flag at a place where they rest and i've got a question to ask whoever edited the subtitles of that film at al-jazeera. some of the. good. in the idea as i've said reputation means a lot and nobel peace prize nomination and an oscar winning film have certainly helped cement it but it seems there is more to bear in mind for whoever next decides to award the white helmets with the prize. the syrian city of recently liberated from islamic state was once home to run three hundred thousand people but after months of military operations there by the us forces less than one percent of the original population remain those who've been left behind still remain vulnerable former capital. oh you.
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didn't hear. them on only that you don't pay monthly i've been through with you that you might make. what they were up to i've got out of it there was a bunch of tens. of billions of them and. one of the other end of the body to the bushes and i took the baby was my hubby has said thank. you troops chief business officer is on her fire over an appearance on vista shuttle four years ago all the details on live reaction up to this.
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point. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate perforations from washington washington controls the media the media focus voters elect the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go to be this is
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what. three of them will be good. interested always in the water. sixty minutes past eight pm this evening here in moscow welcome back now you choose chief business officer as being scrutinized by the media over his appearance on this channel four years ago robert kissel has been accused of having a cozy relationship with r.t. and both string our online presence as more. well it would appear that the new york times has been sifting through its archives and is earmarked the year twenty thirty now you might remember twenty thirty was a pretty good year for r.t. that was the year that we became the first news network to surpass one billion
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views on new cheap and so we decided to mark the occasion we invited a guest in from you tube in that happened to be robert kinsler was the your vice president at the time i think users generally appreciate its authenticity that's very apparent from everything that's going on you tube so instead of having aspirational programming or agenda propagandise people really respond to all sorts of sort of what you saw happening with arab spring for instance schools authentic the audience that watches this some to study and with those who provided to them for years later and r.t. is the most watched news network on you tube we now have over five billion views but to some people are success is very suspicious and so the fact the new york times decided to single out private kinsler peers to be an attempt to name and shame him for ever appearing on r.t. but this isn't the first time we've seen this done to the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson not so long ago shaming members of the opposition party for appearing as guests on r.t.
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despite the fact that even members of his own party and even his own father have also appeared as guests on some of our t.v. shows and then there's a european think tank going to all the trouble to make a list of every single person who's ever appeared on r.t. and branding them useful idiots many people in europe and the us including politicians and the persons of influence continue to exhibit it's troubling naivety about r.t.s. political agenda these useful idiots remain oblivious to r.t.s. intentions and boost its legitimacy by granting interviews on the shows and news casts and i'm sorry to say that all the effort that went into that list it wasn't even factually correct was i remember something about boris johnson. so generally speaking where is all this pressure on russia coming from when all this stems from these. unproven accusations that r.t. played a hand in swaying the american votes we somehow managed to convince american people to vote for donald trump over hillary clinton and as a result just last month the u.s. justice department demanded that our us based channel r.t.
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america register under the foreign agents act and after which moscow has said it just simply can't will not take the top measures anymore as r.t. faces all of this increasing pressure we've chosen to deal with it in the best way that we can and we've come up with a new ad campaign in which we thought people would find it amusing and ironic we make light of these accusations we say zoom in to find out who we're going to hack next but quite predictably even our sense of humor has come under scrutiny. nikki earned going through the story of a former a little earlier they're well let's try and delve a little bit deeper into this because mathilde berger mimi from showing an independent youth news platform joins us live on the program we are glad you heard of material there we have a r.t.s. popularity online is no essentially been attributed to good relations with you tube top management your take on the. i mean it's almost
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becoming. almost becoming it is a witch hunt really it's a witch hunt for anybody that has any relationship with who have anything to do with russia or anything anything russian it seems you know the fact that. because they were successful and you should be somehow in bed with you tube and therefore google is i mean it's just madness you would you chuck him out accusations without any real evidence whatsoever just because he had paid an interview. many years ago it just seems bizarre well the point about how many years ago is a good in because the you tube exactly he's been scrutinized as you say for his appearance four years ago so you can imagine perhaps parties being scrutinized maybe through twenty seventeen twenty sixteen twenty fifteen dollars to twenty fourteen this is what they pick. why are they going so far back do you think. often they have to go. back to dig up anything over eleven because the i don't know
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if he's a paid since then if he's ever spoken well of oxy outside of atiba i think that's the only real connection they could find and obviously they have to attribute something on. the success on each of that attributed to some form of you know other kob ration or with because they couldn't just accept that doing well because they're providing people content that people will watch just in your country the u.k. foreign secretary recently slumdog position m.p.'s the labor party for appearing r.t. even though father how the period not so long ago is this a new trend of demonization for. anyone they oppose really. i think it is they said you know when you try nothing has been going on for quite some time and she's never been directly tied to the i mean i think opposition or m.p.'s in general even campaign groups they've used the idea of oh you can appear on the news platform because it's called posing views as
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a way of almost. all of the things that the media groups that don't report on their own in their own ideals of their own beliefs in the same way i mean every media network on the sun you know privately state run who have some sort of biased in some way to human beings it's just natural you know western media has biases like everybody else singling them out because of. for me very very dangerous and quite worrying if you start to target media networks and try to blacklist them in the public's opinion just in thirty seconds matilde do you see a threat on freedom of journalism happening over the last recent times i'll definitely say it's mainly so but you still you know accusation story that regulations against altie about being a propaganda machine and this stuff around russia are influencing the u.s. elections i think is trying to put pressure on the more grander scale of foreign journalists working in the u.k. or in the west and well the definite think it's worrying because any time the media
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gets challenged in such a way why without any evidence. of worrying. conclusion material berger meenie from u.k. thanks for coming on r.t. international this hour but germany has welcomed well over a million refugees in the last couple of years but no a myth busting website has been launched by authorities there to tear anyone thinking of taking the perilous journey from north africa and further afield reporting from washington. well the west side launched by germany's foreign minister is cold rumors about german effects for migraines it's very user friendly easy to use services features small colorful posts busting what the website describes as meat and big lies that human traffickers and small girl is famous for feeding the would be asylum seeker with such a welcoming payment of two thousand you were false the website says a house or
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a job for every new arrival complete nonsense the website explains that the best one could get in germany would be crowded mess accommodation center often in remote places because big cities are no longer available to feed more refugees and that means the chances of very high that no one would speak to migrants language in that plays which will complicate life a lot of course. but
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the interesting is that the target audience for this website are exactly the same people that just a couple of years ago were so welcome teen germany following uncle merkel's a so-called open door policy you'll remember those pictures where germany's chancellor was posing with refugees and you remember the warm welcome that they were getting at railway stations throughout the country so. that website proves why dramatic shift in jamie's policy but very long the same time you know following the results hegemony. in the chief for many historic success it's a car right and they were using these anti migrant rising one thousand migrant sentiments in the society while merkel's party and their allies throughout the
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country has suffered the war stories out in the last tough a century it would be fair to mention that the website doesn't all neatly paint a dark picture of what life could be for migrants in germany but it also tells about new opportunities and improvements eighteen but ten show asylum seekers home countries there are chapters in this website called stability returns to iraq for example or germany creates jobs in middle age and all physically these articles are designed to push maybe these potential migrants to the decision to stay home. that's the news for now just approaching her postings here in moscow this choose the evening stay with us nor for more of our t.v. programs right ahead and i'm back in thirty.
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how does it feel to be assured of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king is any job that there really is good business model helps to run a prison we do or don't like this is nobody you know visitation i don't know what goes into more we don't have to search and many more it's cost effective. they want to do that at the moment they don't give a damn if you do the chores among their birds we plan to put it back in very good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us center bridge what she is behind such. america's dramatic brand suicide because the things that america is going to stand for are being dragged through the mud by rachel maddow and other folks about us n.b.c.
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and other media outlets that are reporting gossip anyway and. that's really true bored with this. guy on wednesday francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight's big business is in britain demand a two year grace period to set up proper trade relations after the two thousand one thousand break from the european union and credit card debt and delinquency is up in america and come stagnates at the same time as we head into the holiday shopping season we take a look at what americans face and my guest mike papantonio the host of america's lawyer joins me to discuss a four hundred seventy million dollars verdict against johnson and johnson it's been thrown out in california but the long and winding road of lawsuits continue as
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people claim that j. and j. knew about cancer causing properties of its health based baby powder to standby starts right now. china is after assets in australia chinese investors song. one billion dollars into australian agriculture such as the lucrative wine industry last year that's up from three hundred million a one billion plus dollar investment is planned for the port city of darwin for a luxury resort by the end of the year right in that port town and international property website two y dot com says that two thousand and sixteen was a landmark here for chinese real estate investment there in fact home prices are up .


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