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oliver of our two americas do the same we are apparently better than the blues that i see people you've never heard of love or dance to the next. president of the world so very. seriously send us an e-mail. up on our t.v. developments in the rush to beat investigation special counsel robert muller takes a closer look at a lobbying firm co-founded by the protest of brothers. and a popular anti-virus software now accused of being spyware how the company's trying to save its reputation. then world leaders brace for what many consider an eminent threat from north korea will discuss how the asia pacific is preparing later in the show.
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it's tuesday october twenty fourth four pm here in washington d.c. on the national banks and you're watching our team america we start this hour with the new developments unfolding in the investigation of the two thousand and sixteen tromp russia probe the investigation being led by special counsel robert muller as now looking at tony and american lobbyists and the brother of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta artie's trying to travel as has the story. tony podesta and his loving company of the protest a group are now in the middle of a federal investigation this after ties were discovered with former trump campaign chairman paul manna for which n.b.c. news first reported the probe of his sperm stem from robert mueller inquiry into the finances of man a ford man of ford who served as chairman of president donald trump selectorial campaign between march and august twenty sixth teen resigned shortly after media reports about his lobbying efforts in ukraine between two thousand and twelve in two thousand and fourteen manifold organized a p.r.
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campaign for a nonprofit called the european center for a modern ukraine also known as e.c.m. you the campaign which promoted ukraine's image was reportedly backed by the country's government during mueller's examination into protest as firm and manna for its role in the campaign then best a geisha has now turned into a question of whether the firm violated the foreign agents registration act known as far as under far a people who lobby on behalf of foreign governments leaders or political parties must file detailed disclosures about their spending and their activities with the justice department failure to do this can result to up to five years in prison according to the report miller's inquiry into the lobbying campaign appears to be a part of a larger investigation into manna for its work for the party of regions his offshore banking transactions his tax compliance and his real estate dealings but in a statement on monday a spokesperson for the pedestrian group claimed the company was in compliance citing a series of filings dating back years and is quote fully cooperating with the special counsel's office the statement said quote the protest group fully disclosed its
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representation of the european center for a modern ukraine and complied with fora by filing under the lobbying disclosure act over five years ago and within weeks of starting our work any insinuation to the contrary is false the protest group has fully cooperated with the special counsel's office and taken every possible step to provide documentation that confirms compliance with the law the spokesperson said the word. for e.c.m. you quote was in support of ukraine's admission to the e.u. a position supported by the foreign policy experts at the time the e.c. f. and you provided formal certification that it was neither funded by nor directed by a government or political party reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. so with the protest agreed now the target of the russia probe what does this mean for the future of established democratic and to two shans conservative commentator steve malzberg joins me to discuss who is twenty. well as was
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stated he is the brother of john podesta now you can't get much more of a democrat who's connected than john podesta john podesta was the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign john podesta is one of the biggest democrat operatives in the country so when tony put the name in the pedestrian group which by the way they say john podesta is not currently affiliated with when the pedestrian name and john podesta his brother get implicated like this and that we find out that they were allegedly he allegedly is under a a criminal type investigation by muller here is have to perk up what is special prosecutor rob or what if you're looking at exactly well let me first just say this is how insane the whole thing is and this is an investigation really that they they came to protest as group by looking at fort the former
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campaign chair for trump and their aftermath a fourth day they came into his home they they took all his computers they're really after him but this is about a business stealing that took place in between oh twelve and over fourteen this has absolutely nothing to do with donald trump it has absolutely nothing to do with trump and collusion i want to make that clear having said that technicality as was so aptly described by the report that came on before me where the pedestrian group should have filed some papers registering as a foreign agent for the work they were doing on behalf of a group that was affiliated with a russian backed political party in ukraine the goal being to give them good public relations so ukraine could be become a member of the peon union eventually so did. register as they were supposed to or did they not that's what really this is all about but again it has nothing to do
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with the. little trump or already kind of collusion and you know i just think that the democrats better watch out because the more rocks that get on turned we might find more democrats implicated so steven saying aloud what does that have to do with the case that's being investigated by three different committees on the hill well i don't see that has anything to do with it to be honest with you i just think that he did the best a group year was found out because of the investigation into mad afforded the aftermath of ford because they think he might have something on trump and he'll turn if they have enough on him the whole thing is free to kill us and by the way this russian investigation you know veyron york of the washington examiner had a great piece out the other day where he talked about the way the committee chairman and the ranking members who are democrats are now talking about this they're not even saying russian collusion not even to this saying you know attempts
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by russia to do this they're not saying donald trump anymore is implicated as a matter fact far from it dianne feinstein once again over the weekend big democrat said so far there's no evidence of collusion they're backing away in fact the chairman of the house intelligence committee said over the weekend there's more evidence right now of democrat collusion with russia then there is of trump and the republicans were a little short on time we have a little under a minute left out where is all this going. well i'll tell you what the senate judiciary committee for one is taking up the question of possible. mr doings and what did the f.b.i. know supposedly the f.b.i. knew of bribery and all kinds of attempts by russia when it came to the uranium one deal under secretary of state hillary clinton paid speeches by bill clinton trying to meet with people who were going to be instrumental in buying uranium one judiciary committee is going to do it now the justice department needs to do this
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democrats be careful what you wish for because it's going to come back to bite you thanks so much steve that's conservative commentator steve malzberg thanks again thank you popular anti-virus software company once used by the u.s. government is making a bold move in hopes of saving its reputation has first class first lab which is headquartered a mosque out plans to prove its software is not a spy told but rather a way for users to safeguard their computers artie's alex knowledge joins us in toronto with more alex how was they cast percy lab tied to the twenty fifteen n.s.a. hack. well it's all started with the wall street journal reporter basically saying that it and this a member a person that works for the n.s.a. that their home computer was hacked by russian hackers and they used the kaspersky virus possibly because that was on his computer to stop fiber says from coming in and now you can kaspersky who is the head man at that company says you know what
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it's possible that you know that our program did something because you might have had malware on your computer that could be even something written up by the n.s.a. and that's exactly what this program is supposed to do is get rid of malware get rid of any viruses that you have on a computer it goes through two hundred thousand codes a day sucking these things in like a vacuum and spitting them out cleaning up computers so that's exactly what this is supposed to do now the n.s.a. say that this these documents are stolen and really without any foundation behind that claim i mean it's a massive claim and it's hurting because first in many ways the u.s. government now has basically said that all their computers that they have to get rid of this program which has been saving about four hundred million computers around the world each and every day from viruses and also companies like best buy office depot have removed these products off the shelves so the u.s. government even pushing further saying that you know private users watch out because this is a russian made type of program that's been yet saving our computers all this time
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well now it's possibly stealing our information and what so far as that was another article that was written by the new york times it's basically saying that these in two thousand and fifteen israeli agents got into the kaspersky lobs in moscow and they saw all these agents basically working there and you want you are scouring the world for u.s. documents to steal just the claims it's like a book but it's so far fetched without any foundation here and that's really i think the big thing now not everybody is saying that those that kaspersky is to blame for anything that. government has not touched any of. their people who are using this and as far as germany germany has gone as far as to say that there is no evidence of this according to reuters there is no evidence that russian hackers use . because percy lab antivirus software to spy on us authorities don't conspiracies because firstly it's not the only antivirus program out there that's being targeted
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and being said that things are going on and in fact hackers are looking at these antivirus programs to use to get into places but so far so good we know at least with this product that we haven't really had any make massive breaches but it's china it's russia developers there you can be sure that the u.s. is going to be targeting them and that's exactly what's happening here there's again really no foundation to this but they're pushing this forward anyway alex i'm curious to know what is caspar scale lab doing to combat the then proven allegations well they're doing a lot and how far they'll get with it that's a different question because when somebody throws allegations out there like this prove it or not it's very hurtful we all know that it doesn't matter if it's the computer game or whatever industry you're in what because he's trying its best right now there they are saying that today they're basically they're starting with their security products they're going to bring in end end independent third party to check out what's going on so they want to make sure that everybody knows this is
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not happening in the company's been doing this for a couple of decades eugene kaspersky invented this that he doesn't want to see that his product go down some product like i said it's been helping millions around the world so aside from that there's also a plan for a global transparency initiative get that so they want to include an audit infrastructure for their product development cycle the whole cycle and this is not only going to be in europe it's in europe and asia in the u.s. they're actually buildings transparency centers to prove to everybody that this is for security not for spying pearl. but says so i mean that's absolutely a massive initiative on the behalf of the company also they're going to give now they're upping the bounty two hundred thousand dollars of anybody finds any involvement deliveries within the program well they're going to get that it's like headhunting you're going to get that money for alex knowledge reporting in toronto thank you so much thank you. for coming up on r t another round of us then
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south korean military drills have many worrying of the q koreans are closing in on what. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to prince them they've been fools that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed a fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you see leave their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of bad fiction. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to do it for us this is what the three of you get. interested
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in the why. should. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you. i have to be honest you have to tell the truth party's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical that chills people when a company in the environmental business polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the
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dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. today drills between the united states south korea and japan are underway in order to prevent a nuclear disaster these routine drills have been taking place for the past year many world leaders believe the nuclear threat from north korea is growing and has reached a quote critical and minute level to discuss this further i'm now joined by peter kuznets professor three and a rector of the nuclear studies and statistics at american university and co-author with oliver stone of quote the untold history of the united states peter russia and even china have argued such a drill should cease to egg this now a lot of them are saying
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a lot of people and experts are saying this may be provoking the north korea be provoking north korea. to put out a nuclear threats what do you say to that. i think there's a lot of truth to that the drills have been provoked it is they've been excessive they've been growing and many of them are designed to deal with the threat of toppling the north korean regime and taking over the country so the north korea sees them as threatening because they are threatening and they're intended to be threatening so some military maneuvers maybe are necessary but there are ways to do that that are not nearly as inflammatory toward north korea as these drills seem to be peter now if the u.s. believed these drills were provoking do you think that would be enough to get them
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to stop. no i think the united states is trying to be provocative just as north korea has tried to be provocative north korea's missile tests over japan its nuclear tests have been very very knowingly deliberately provocative they've been timed in order to maximize their impact and you've got a dangerous game of chicken going on but it's a dangerous game you've got two leaders with the emotional maturity of ten year old boys at best who are playing a game of nuclear chicken and they're elevating the threats and the bombast and the rhetoric the latest kim calls donald trump a lunatic well i guess maybe there are a lot of people who would agree with him that donald trump is
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a lunatic and from fires back with a little rocket man and makes fun of. kim and this is just going back and forth diplomacy cannot be conducted with the same kind of insults that trump used during the campaign against his republican opponents or against hillary clinton and the kind of bullying and provocative behavior that kim jong un has shown i mean this is not the way we're going to get a settlement here and it's a very dangerous situation because there are it's easy to have miscalculations in this kind of situation and miscalculation there can be disastrous we feel as what many people keep warning that this is the closest we've been to war and possibly even nuclear war than any time listen to any time since the cuban missile crisis so it is very dangerous we need sober statesman but trump is not doing that and neither is kim so far so trump tells rex tillerson secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to pursue
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a diplomatic solution well he's not wasting his time everybody recognizes that there is no acceptable military solution a military solution risks the lives of millions of people and both sides. and possibly beyond that north korea has nuclear capabilities we know that some of people estimate they may have as many as sixty nuclear weapons we don't know the exact number but they've got a capability we think that they can miniaturize it put it on the tip of a missile we know they can reach. so we know that they can reach ok now oh we know they can reach tokyo we know they can reach we don't know if they yet can reach the united states probably not but. already trained on seoul so it's got a population of twenty five million in that in that area or peter we're going to leave it right there thank you so much for your and said that's peter cuz nick professor of history and director of the nuclear studies institute at american
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university thank you so much. secretary of state rex tillerson recently visited saudi arabia discussing ongoing disputes in the off region and the conflict in yemen but some experts argue u.s. policy is in the know east have made the region less stable author and professor avi jaipur shot of recently warned of the dangers of the us getting cozy with saudi arabia the united states has made a major strategic calculation to align with the israelis and the saudis against iran and iran of course in the initial part of the global war on terror was rather isolated but has subsequently produced alliances with the russians the chinese and others and you know these alliances produce an extremely dangerous situation for west asia where you have at least two blocks being set up with major powers behind these blocks so that the sow the iranian conflict which is really what is fueling
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the war in syria that saudi runyan conflict is no longer a regional conflict it has become a conflict of global magnet to this very dangerous and i don't think people understand how much this alliance between the saudis the israelis and the united states this particular alliance of these three countries is threatening the stability of the world it just happens to be the case that this u.s. block you know is quite isolated from the majority of the world's people and i think that's something that people in the united states need to understand is that even though the united states can appear as the you know first among equals or the most powerful country in the world it's socially isolated from the rest of the planet and the consequences of that social isolation should be quite serious for a foreigner the americans and you know people need to think about this in the long term and the responses well they hate us for our freedoms actually that's not true the majority of the world is suspicious of the united states not because of its
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freedoms but its use of power to take away free. from other people that's what you know really makes people shudder when they think of the united states it's not that people don't like democratic freedoms but they watch u.s. power utilized to dig their freedoms away over a million refugees resettled in germany in the last few years but now a new myth of busting website is up to deter anyone thinking of taking the perilous journey from north africa artie's maria and notion of how has the story. for the west side launched by germany's foreign minister is called rumors about german effects for migraines it's very user friendly easy to use services features small colorful posts busting what the website describes as meat and big lies that human traffickers and smog are is famous for feeding the would be asylum seekers with such a welcoming payment of two thousand euro false the website says a house or
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a job for every new arrival complete nonsense the website explains that the best one could get in germany would be crowded message communications center often in remote places because big cities are no longer available to more refugees and that means the chances of very high that no one would speak to migrants language in that plays which will complicate life a lot of course it would be fair to mention that the website doesn't on li a dark picture of what life could be for migrants in germany but it also tells about new opportunities and improvements in potential asylum seekers home countries there are chapters in this website called stability returns to iraq for example or germany creates jobs in middle east and obviously these articles are designed to push maybe potential migrants to. the decision
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to stay home but interesting is that the target audience for this website are exactly the same people that just a couple of years ago were so well from teen germany following uncle merkel's a so-called open door policy you all remember those pictures where germany's chancellor was posing with refugees and you remember the warm welcome that they were getting at railway stations throughout the country so that what proved quite dramatic. jamie's policy but very long the same time he told me the results he jamie turned the chief for jamie off to enjoy the story except the far right and they were using this ng to migrants rising and to migrant sentiment in the society while merkel's party and their allies throughout the country has suffered the war stories all in the last tough
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a century well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our to america also check out our website our team dot com port slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question our. since the media is now politicizing everything in this country of course went to town over the deaths of four american soldiers and niger every mainstream media talking head found a reason to be outraged m.s.m.
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beasties joy reid was no exception she actually tweeted again why are u.s. troops in niger well joy since you asked u.s. troops are in niger because president obama sent them there in two thousand and thirteen in a letter to some congress members he said that the deployment was to provide support for intelligence collection and also to facilitate intelligence sharing with french forces in mali under obama the us the niger signed a status of forces agreement governing the presence of u.s. troops there as a way to pave the way to send more troops and of course an armed drones obama ran on a platform of ending u.s. wars and curtailing u.s. military meddling around the world but what he did was the opposite he sent more troops to more places that he sent them to niger he sent a bunch more to f. kennedy and he sent them into syria he sent them into the western pacific he sent them to libya and somalia he also conducted air strikes or raids in afghanistan iraq syria libya yemen somalia and pakistan and after doing all of that the nobel
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peace prize winner very quietly expanded the power of the presidency before he left office last november he elevated the joint special operations command into a multi-agency intelligence and action force with the power to launch attacks as it sees fit so joy that's why u.s. troops are in niger because obama sent them there like he sent them everywhere well you weren't paying attention instead on the very day obama announced he was sending troops to niger you joy. tweeted michelle obama was totally just here and that you saw her doing adorable dance moves for the jimmy fallon show literally that is what you tweeted on the day he sent troops to niger this is what i keep saying the mainstream was more interested in covering obama selfie stick videos or late night appearance this then uncovering important things like you know establishing new military bases in africa the mainstream fell asleep under obama and now they're
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just waking up and are surprised at how things are go away so thanks joy for making my point for me this week let me know if you have any other questions because i've been awake this whole time and i'd be happy to em. but also. the ship. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. of the ball to the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer and i chose a means of known to infuse damage in the last intestine is it
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a sham skepticism they do not believe that that risk is yours truly by independent scientists so did the industry paid you for this i received some compensation for my time as well as the others why is that in the meat lobby definitely do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on see that floodgate. you're not back. is it big business against health. is it started. all. in safety. on a trial where i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about we strive for. corporate media read used to talk about the current partners. i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbed.


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