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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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skew the facts either you have left these talking at righties oh there you go above it all look at world artsy americans in the spotlight now very. classic and actually took me way more time than i care to admit. other news tonight the president visits capitol hill to push for tax reform as arizona senator jeff flake announces he will not seek reelection and goes after the president and the house intelligence committee will expand its investigation to include a uranium deal signed with russia while hillary clinton was secretary of state and details slowly emerge on the deaths of four american soldiers at the hands of isis in the african nation of nigeria. reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is the news on our team america.
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good evening friends the washington post says exclusively reporting tonight the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. funded the research with which led to the dust ca on donald trump the post is reporting fusion g.p.'s hired author christopher steele who had ties to the f.b.i. and the u.s. intelligence community to construct the dossier on trump on behalf of the clinton campaign at the democratic national committee the dossier proclaimed the russian government had damaging personal information on then candidate trump which of course denied the democrats believe the da ca would place the president in a position of blackmail we'll have more on this later on in our broadcast meanwhile the republican party is apparently undergoing a serious political transformation here in washington today's events on capitol hill produced a chapter for the archives which could be measured as a landmark day in american politics the biggest rebuff. well of the president came
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in the form of personal action moderate republican senator jeff flake from arizona announced he will not seek reelection but the manner in depth of his announcement underscore the nature of our current political climate it must also be said that i rise today with no small measure of regret regret because of the state of our disunion. regret because of the disrepair and destructiveness of our politics. regret because of the indecency of our discourse. regret because of the coarseness of our leadership regret for the compromise of our moral authority. and by our i mean all of our complicity in this alarming and dangerous state of affairs it is time for our complicit complicity and our accommodation of the unacceptable to end quoting former president teddy roosevelt referencing dignity and loyalty flake based his decision on the absence of qualities brought on by this president
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it is often said children are watching well they are. and what are we going to do about that. when the next generation asked us why didn't you do something why didn't you speak up what are we going to say. mr president i rise today to say enough i decided that i would be better. able to represent the people of arizona and to better serve my country and my conscience by freeing myself of the political consideration that consume far too much bandwidth and would cause me to compromise far too many principles to that ad i am announcing today that my service in the senate will conclude at the end of my term in early january twenty ninth team citing the loss of republican core principles flake said that he was tired of fake things being true and true being fake radical republicans may view this
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announcement as just draining the swamp and i think that based on previous statements and certainly based on the lack of support that he has from the people of arizona it's probably a good move. meanwhile the contentious relationship between trump and senator bob corker of tennessee has evolved into a hate fest the back and forth has been reduced to personal insults trump tweeting corker couldn't get elected dog catcher corker calling the president out on his character for young people to be watching not only here in our country but. around the world someone of this. mentality or. the present united states is something that is i think the pacing to our country and. you know it's. you know you would think you would aspire to be the president united states and act like a present united states but you know that's just not going to be the case
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apparently the president arrived at capitol hill today to talk taxes with senate republicans while the speaker of the house was just trying to keep his party focused so put this this twitter dispute aside the fact is we have a historic chance of actually fixing this task code giving people pay raises and getting the american economy growing at the rate where we can actually. bigger paychecks more take home pay a healthier economy that's what matters so all of this stuff you see on a daily basis on twitter this and twitter that forget about it let's focus on helping people improving people's lives and doing the things that we said we would do that accomplishes that that's what we're focused on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell took to the floor calling senator flake a team player followed by praise from john mccain it's been one of the great honors from my life i have the opportunity to serve with a man of integrity and honor decency and commitment to
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not only are his own a but the united states for america i have seen jeff flake stand up for what he believes in knowing full well that there would be a political price to pay for more on the flake announcement and arizona politics let's bring in sam kelly former executive director of arizona advocacy sam nice to have you with us tonight did this blindside folks in arizona was this expected coming from senator flake your thoughts tonight good to have you with us but i think his speech certainly has blindsided arizona arizona pop population in general but particularly the g.o.p. which he quite frankly has helped empower to create this environment ever since that august polling that showed him behind the leading g.o.p. challenger kelly ward and behind the leading democratic challenger congresswoman
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kiersten cinema ever since that august poll i think people have been expecting him to bow out of a reelection so the polling numbers you think really had something to do with it it's just not the toxic environment that he was talking about politically i think that the polling kind of helped to reinforce his concern about the challenges that faced him and whether or not. facing the president and a constituency in arizona that loves president trump facing them and possibly going down in flames i didn't think i just he didn't want to experience that so how much is president trump in your opinion responsible for this climate that jeff flake was talking about today in arizona. well i think nationally. this climate has been evolving for the last couple of decades particularly as people with money have been empowered more and more through the supreme court decisions that
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you know money equals speech but i'll tell you here in arizona specifically i can tell through experience it has been here for decades and then it resurged when jan brewer became governor in two thousand and nine that just opened the wounds and it made being disrespectful to your fellow arizona is acceptable he said today that being conservative just isn't good enough anymore which lead me to believe that steve bannon is a player in arizona you agree absolutely we're talking about steve bannon so just that in itself indicates what an important player he's going to be kelly ward has already gotten his endorsement although i do think ed that bannon could retract that endorsement if we saw one of our sitting republican congressman jump into this race now that jeff flake has has stepped aside someone like trent franks who is
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from the same community as kelly ward but is a stalwart conservative he's part of the liberty caucus he's a tea partier and he's got a much broader support statewide than kelly ward ever will sam kelly arizona advocacy former executive director sam nice to have you with us tonight thank you the house intelligence committee made a major announcement today chairman deborah newness said the russia investigation is expanding to look at a uranium deal with russia signed during the obama administration while hillary clinton was secretary of state so what we're here today to announce is an inquiry into. russia's involvement into the uranium deal done several years ago this is just the beginning of this probe we are we're not going to jump to any conclusions at this time but one of the things as you know that we're concerned about is whether or not there was an f.b.i.
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investigation. was there a d.o.j. investigation and if so why was congress not informed of this matter for more on this let's turn to our political panel tonight this evening we have g.o.p. strategist chris ny william also with us tonight is former georgia state representative dawn jones nice to have both of you with us crystal start with you is this investigation you think going to go anywhere i mean this goes back to two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven and the obama administration has got something to do with this allegedly what do you think i don't think is going to go anywhere i mean i think it's it's certainly worth looking into if there's there's practices that were happening that were there were trouble problematic or something like that i don't think there's any problem probing in but with as much time has gone by i just don't think that it's it's going to be valid to use a timer and things and evolve out of it the democrats are calling this a massive diversion don't you agree hillary clinton said that there's no credible evidence here what do you make of it absolutely and that's what republicans have
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done for the last several years any time they're something that they did not when they wanted to they bring up the clintons they bring up obama they bring up an. e-mail with this is a no they're mass distraction that they're trying to keep us away from what it's failing and what counts right now so the both of you i'm assuming here that you think that this is just a a political get back by the republicans chris to divert away from other investigations i would concede that partially i don't necessarily know that it's diverting away from other investigations but they're trying to be actively trying to look into something and you know what's more you know practical than to look into something like that i don't listen to go anywhere and it'll be interesting to see if the committee can come together with anything that subset ever worth looking into further so i would concede that it's probably not going to go anywhere all right don i have to ask you tonight about this story in the washington post that the dossier was funded by the clinton campaign in the d.n.c. is this trouble for the democrats. well one important factor is that the das a was
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first funded by a backer and then after the prime the g.o.p. primary it was in the clinton in the deep end and that the data show that there was a lot more collusion with the d.n.c. and the clinton campaign as it was a originally proposed by the became a but then it was picked up by the f.b.i. and what this says after looking into it the first that was done but clearly had to lead to credible evidence otherwise people would not put out millions we know where the eight millions of dollars in order to continue the research chris this was the main talking point for the democrats especially adam schiff who was the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee that this would have put president trump in an uncompromising position and that the russian government would be able to blackmail trump that's how far they went with this and if the post story is correct tonight. they're saying that this whole thing dossier was funded by the
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democrats and what this is that a credibility killer for the clinton campaign who think that it was russian meddling all along you know some way i just knew crooked hillary was behind this all along i'm just so glad that finally came out no i i think that it's definitely something that's going to going to catch them with a boomerang i mean they put so much stock in that and frankly i think this is one of the first situations where the president really had a credible concern to say that the media was so out in front of that before there was any details they were already fully endorsing it they were asking questions about it before there was anything substantive there and they've completely fallen on their face so hopefully that goes away final question did corker inflate those two senators start a new problem for donald trump how the republicans going to mop this up or is it not a problem at all and i'm just wondering united how are they going to get tax cuts done with all this bickering that's going on. absolutely believe that it started a problem for donald trump listen particularly what the republican party you know they lack of a lockstep with one in the parent support the president these two senators having
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such strong what i think that they've probably been sharing in the locker room as they would call it for a very long time it's going to encourage a lot more senators to say what they really feel just like the n.f.l. protests as one person took in me more people follow and it was pressured by trump opening his mouth is going to only go further and ok look don jones chris and i when great to have both of you with the senate you would think you special counsel robert muller's investigation is now taking aim at tony put a democratic lobbyist and the brother of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta artie's turn to the chavez has the story tonight. tony podesta and his loving company the protest or now in the middle of a federal investigation this after ties were discovered with former trump campaign chairman paul man a for which n.b.c. news first reported the probe of his sperm stem from robert mueller inquiry into the finances of man a ford man of ford who served as chairman of president donald trump selectorial
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campaign between march and august twenty sixth teen resigned shortly after media reports about his lobbying efforts in ukraine between two thousand and twelve in two thousand and fourteen manna for organized a p.r. campaign for a nonprofit called the european center for a modern ukraine also known as e.c.m. you the campaign which promoted ukraine's image was reportedly backed by the country's government during miller's examination into protest as firm and metaphor its role in the campaign then best again has now turned into a question of whether the firm violated the foreign agents registration act known as far as under far a people who lobby on behalf of foreign governments leaders or political parties must file detailed disclosures about their spending and their activities with the justice department failure to do this can result to up to five years in prison according to the report mueller's inquiry into the lobbying campaign appears to be a part of a larger investigation into man a for its work for the party of regions his offshore banking transactions his tax compliance and his real estate dealings but
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in a statement on monday a spokesperson for the pedestrian group claimed the company was in compliance citing a series of filings dating back years and is quote fully cooperating with the special counsel's office the statement said quote the protest group fully disclosed its representation of the european center for a modern ukraine and complied with fora by filing under the lobbying disclosure act over five years ago and within weeks of starting our work any insinuation to the contrary is false the protest group has fully cooperated with the special counsel's office and taken every possible step to provide documentation that confirms compliance with the law the spokesperson said the word. for e.c.m. you quote was in support of ukraine's admission to the e.u. a position supported by the foreign policy experts at the time the e.c. f. and you provided formal certification that it was neither funded by nor directed by a government or political party reporting in the york turn of the charges r.t. . ten days ago the nation learned of the deaths of four u.s.
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army green berets in the country of niger in africa the deaths came as a shock to many senators on capitol hill some even saying that they didn't even know there were any troops on the continent at all the military has been following this and joins us tonight i know you know and i think the general reaction across the country was surprise and clearly some of those on the hill were caught as off guard as the general consensus of the american public now the fact that senators like lindsey graham who sit on the armed services committee which oversees all areas of national defense including the d.o.d. didn't know about special ops presence in error is quite concerning the fact that it took the deaths of these four men to raise the questions what are we doing in new share and where else in africa are we it raises questions about transparency of the deal relative to their relationship with congress and in terms of africa the u.s. has presence in nearly twenty countries mostly across the central swath of nations places like morocco mali and you share her cana faso south sudan kenya djibouti
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which is also home to africa and yesterday according to general joe dunford chairman of the joint chiefs the u.s. troops are on the ground as part of an international effort to defeat terrorism or soldiers are operating in the jury to build the capacity of local forces to defeat violent extremism in which their freedom. their presence is part of a global strategy as we've seen many times groups like isis and al qaeda pose a threat to united states the american people in our allies they're a global threat and they will buy the flow of foreign fighters resources and their narrative and they seek to operate where they can exploit weaknesses in local government and local security forces if you think of those enablers as connective tissue between groups across the globe our strategy is to cut that tissue or enabling local security forces to deal with the challenges within their countries and region. and today the white house had this to say about me share is always the
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safety and security of our military is a top priority in terms of specifics we're going to wait until that investigation is completed as general dunford said yesterday we're going to make sure that we get a full an adequate answers for not just the american people but for the families of those that were lost and we're going to continue to do that administration fully supports the department of defense in that process and now add we did receive confirmation today that the green berets killed in action earlier this month were there to collect intel on the ground when their team was ambushed those four men were part of a team of twelve accompanying and unknown number of local forces who also suffered casualties details pertaining to the fallen soldiers are slowly being made available from the pentagon as you know who certainly are thank you manila appreciate it u.n. ambassador nikki haley believes political crisis in africa could become a serious problem for the united states haley warned unresolved strife on the continent is a breeding ground for extremist groups the u.n.
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ambassador arrived at ethiopia on monday and will travel to south sudan and the democratic republic of the congo later this week for more on this we're joined by john said the levy's is the former or foreign policy principal trilogy advisors. a new hot spot let's listen to what the united states is seeing here john. a breeding ground for political crisis in africa now what what is this all me and is it true it's not really a very new hot spot we established afrikan in two thousand and seven to deal as manila's said before with the spread of radical islamist terrorism mostly in the sahara region in northern africa a president obama sent several hundred u.s. forces into new share specifically to help the government in that military deal with the threat from boko haram south in nigeria. mali which is to the west of me
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share an islamic state which is in libya north of new share and we now have about ten thousand missions throughout the continent in about twenty countries about ten thirty five hundred missions a year about ten a day throughout the african continent helping militaries in about twenty countries deal with radical islamism within their borders what do you make of the pentagon being slow with details on what happened to the four american soldiers i don't really have a good explanation on that ed i think they're trying to figure out what happened over there i think they were stunned as anyone else because they seem to be conflicting reports about the level and the quality of the intelligence apparently our men who were out on the ground helping the military had conducted this type of an operation on many occasions and there was never any sense that they were being trailed followed and the like so there must have been some intelligence violation on the ground there and i think we want to get all the information first before you put it out publicly so kinley come to the conclusion that the united states is going to be involved in africa for years to come we will be escalating
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a military operations in africa in the in the years to come as we continue to see many of these islamic groups especially now that islamic state is being defeated in syria and iraq it's popping up in northern africa and central africa and countries as far away as the philippines and south asia we're going to be in africa for many years to come probably with an escalated military commitment and all of their funding is coming from where their resources which resources the well resources of their firearms of their material their ability to organize and communicate how are these groups growing in africa they are able to take advantage of very very difficult situations and terms of lack of governance corruption what happened in libya they go where things are weak of course they do eventually they're able to thrive ok so is there a strategy right now by the united states or. sickly following what the obama administration did was that they would basically hit and run now i don't know if
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there's a specific strategy for the continent i think it's really on an individual country basis but this is part of an operation of what they call foreign internal defense and we're hoping african countries african governments african militaries defeat terrorists within their midst we're doing training we doing advisement we're working on those types of relationship building and capacity building hoping to minimize to direct sort of exposure of our troops to terrorists and other nefarious type quickly the united states forces special ops are they getting help anywhere else or is this a coalition of any sort or is this oh yeah absolutely the french have had three thousand troops in mali for a number of years ever since this really became an issue in the sahara region and other parts of africa though it's probably one of the united states on its own again it depends on the country and the relationships of those governments are also able to bear john said elise thank you so much thanks for having me should.
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president trump will soon release long classified documents on the assassination of president john f. kennedy the release of thousands of pages of classified files is expected to be released on thursday analysts expect documents to further fuel what are considered conspiracy theories into j.f.k.'s murder for more on this we're joined tonight by jefferson morley arthur of the ghost and washington correspondent for alternate mr morley nice to have you with us tonight thanks to be here and you bet how anxious what what are your expectations about these documents that are going to be released if all the documents were released and we're talking about a lot of material maybe more than one hundred thousand pages of material mostly from the cia and f.b.i. if all of that material is released i think we'll find out significant new information about the assassination of president kennedy think the question right now is is president trump going to release it all and he put out that tweet last. weekend it sounded like he was going to release
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a lot and i think he's probably under heavy pressure from the cia and f.b.i. to hold things back why don't they want the release of these documents are until community. there are some legitimate concerns about code names source names i think the biggest concern is embarrassment about mishandling incompetence in the in the kennedy assassination the previous sasa nation surveillance of lee harvey oswald possible manipulation of the harvey oswald think those are the kind of things that are in there do you have a theory do you what do you believe and do you believe that these documents could change what you believe i don't have a theory i'm a reporter so i write about facts you know and i write about new facts the assassination there are new facts about the assassination here i think that we don't have a good explanation of why the president was killed i think the behavior of the cia around oz walt is remains unexplained so we need a good explanation how would you characterize from your reporting from what you've done over the years and you're you're writing how would you characterize some of
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the theories that you've heard outlandish unbelievable close possible ninety nine point nine percent of them are wrong some of them are quite plausible you know the idea that president kennedy had powerful enemies in his own government who were capable of acting secretly and who are capable of covering their tracks so that's a possible explanation but we don't know that's why that's why people are so hungry for all this information well some of the theories are that the cia killed kennedy because he didn't take out castro the johnson was involved the mafia killed him because it'd take out castro and of course the kennedy had announced that we were going to get out of vietnam and weeks later he was dead i mean there is there is fuel there right. there's very little evidence for the l.b.j. dunnit theory over the years i think the mafia theory has declined in credibility because no information has come out the cia remains the agency that's hiding the most about this so i think if you're interested in finding out what happened we
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need those records you would not come to the conclusion that there might be a smoking gun in these documents i think that's unlikely what there are is pieces that will fill out the picture of the government's mishandling of the events leading up to the what do you make of these documents now being really should they have been released sooner in your opinion absolutely there's very little national security material and here i think that a lot is going to be withheld on thursday and i think that's really deplorable because it's going to fuel more speculation when if we put these records out there people would know and they could decide for themselves jefferson morley great to have you with us tonight thank you it'll be interesting on thursday and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news where they have like me on the facebook page we got it dot com you can now see america on channel three twenty one direct t.v. reporting tonight from washington thanks for watching hopefully we'll see director of.
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your launching our team america report. basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly situation. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the abuse i'm. wolf. corporate media report uses to talk about the car not his company i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing council bluffs for conduct is because mom these are stories that you no one else in my pepto your host of americans would
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question. please. the odds that a lot of. key
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lawmakers say they're unaware that the united states has troops in nigeria or what's going on we'll take a look on this edition of. the call in taking on larry king for american servicemen were killed in a raid in nigeria earlier this month and while much of the news is focused on the ongoing controversy of how president trying to handle the condolence call to the pregnant widow of one of those soldiers others serious questions are being raised about the u.s. presence in nigeria key lawmakers including senators lindsey graham of south carolina new york shuck schumer has said they were not even aware.


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