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tv   Headline News  RT  October 25, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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moderate members of the taliban could be part of the afghan government america's top diplomat signals a start shifted its policy towards the insurgent group. family feuds now over catalonia the independent stand off that's causing division only in spain but now in neighboring france too. and china lays out his leadership plans for the next five years cementing communist president she's power and forecasting where the country's going to head the next ten years.
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hi good morning it's eight am wednesday the twenty fifth of october here in moscow this is out international convention live from age cuban with me kevin when i was starting with this this hour. room for the taliban in the afghan government according to the united states top diplomat rex tillerson the country is of course been in the battleground in america's longest war in which it spent sixteen years fighting that very same fundamentalist group. we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engage in a reconciliation process leading to a peace process and their full involvement and participation in the government there's a place for them in the government if they're ready to come renouncing terrorism renouncing violence and being committed to a stable prosperous afghanistan. to use american explains next what want to brought about them such a key change here in america's attitude. but on an unannounced visit to kabul on
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monday secretary tillerson told reporters that washington things moderate factions among the taliban exist and that there is a place for them in the country's government so long as they were announced violence but this presents a bit of a dilemma as to how the us will be able to differentiate between the moderate and radical factions since it didn't work out so well in syria. can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remain it's a small number and. the ones that are in the fight is is is we're talking four or five. let's not kid ourselves that's a joke. we have to acknowledge this is a total failure it's just a failure. this train and equip program has not. frankly lived up to what we initially thought it would get dutch vacation
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understatement but the u.s. is no doubt wary of the pattern could repeat itself in afghanistan now tillerson also stated that the fight against the taliban should still continue quote in order for them to understand that they will never win a military victory but after sixteen years of war neither side has achieved victory so that could possibly be the reason secretary tillerson is now pushing for the political option on previous occasions however when the u.s. urged the taliban to negotiate the taliban's reply was quite clear. we call on the taliban. to enter into a peace process a legitimate process a real process.
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i want to reinforce to the taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement. well maybe that sort of response prompted tillerson to be so mysterious about where exactly he met with the afghan leader none the less it seems that multilateral dialogue is needed to solve conflicts but it's quite possible that the countervailing interests of the various parties and factions involved could indeed prove tough to overcome. so we're a card from a pentagon official michael maloof thinks the only path forward for rex tillerson on afghanistan is to strike a deal that includes all regional powers the us really has no other options for
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afghanistan except to reintroduce one hundred thousand combat troops and that's not going to happen tell us in is trying to do is bring in selected regional players when you have india and pakistan both looking out for the interests future interests of afghanistan so tell us and really hasn't thought this thing through and i think that the only way that he can really try and bridge all this is to call for an extraordinary meeting of all the regional powers even if that means altering the government that which the us created as if rex tillerson is comments were enough for the media to get stuck into the us a little bit distracted too by the location of his visit let's check this in the state department first said the meeting with the president took place in kabul but then that will later corrected somewhat to say the venue was really the american military base a field that a why people scratching their heads over these two pictures check myself the afghan version raised a large digital clock and
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a fire alarm bell which clearly seen. in the picture there from the u.s. embassy if you check it out the clock shows local east and so called zulu time which is how the u.s. military describes the state department spokesman says the photo was altered to make it more attractive so they were mysteries over i think in the afghan government changed those photos are probably to make it aesthetically more pleasing we never like doctored photos but i also understand that perhaps they wanted to present a better image than having that background but again that's that's really all i have for you on that michael maloof it is the editing was likely done to conceal where the photo was taken though. well i think it was done for security reasons. what was taken out was a clock with zulu time and that indicates a military base i think what president got he was trying to show was that he held the meeting actually in his presidential palace where that was not the case it was
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actually at a very secure military facility and bob graham does underscore how fragile the security is in kabul if not throughout all of afghanistan. despite the u.s. backed campaign to liberate syria's racket from islamic state now what over human rights groups are concerned about the city's safety still and the restoration process to try and bring people home again. the united nations stands ready to assess people with you material assistance in iraq and its surroundings however at the moment we have no access and therefore no humanitarian convoys or assistance can reach the city the humanitarian situation is dire that there is no sufficient water or health clinics and it's not save as many unexploded reminiscence of this war still remain so that needs to be cleaned up first before any civilian
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can go back isis has done a lot of harm not only to the inhabitants but also to the social fabric of this city and now it has emptied of doctors nurses teachers and all things that are badly needed bird by the population and to this that the u.s. the coalition has waged a year of bombing campaign that have priority if you need isis over the need to protect the city's infrastructure so now the lingering questions is who will get the hospital who will rebuild it doctors maintain equipment will rebuild schools roads and all that has been destroyed and it appears that they are little to no plans for reconstruction and that is our major concern. meanwhile russia's defense ministry says ice is grip on power is no been cut to just five percent of the territory they're having initially control seventy percent of the entire country before syrian government forces have been supported by russia's air force and their
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operations to clear out the terrorists in the process of restoring peace in many areas is now well underway the statement outlines that almost a thousand terrorists training camps of over five hundred remissions factories have been destroyed but the battle to free syria as nonetheless been a hugely costly one. and. that i was more than a father to them we were friends and i always told them i supported them and i would do anything for them. and i husband used to say that if something happens to us the only thing that matters is that he died with his homeland it's you know. a lot of the loss of an i pod there were times when i wanted to burst into tears in
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my mother's arms but she told me that a man and i should be strong she said that we must all be strong then i would mr since the death of me my first son i was never left alone all of my family stayed with me so i wanted me that's what is called responsibility. so chart another change at the top of the world's second largest economy with china unveiling its leadership team for the next five years one man who's not going anywhere though is president xi jinping he stays very much at the helm it's been seen as a hugely successful conference for jack lucas here to explain what might happen next either yeah all commentators looking at this saying he's firmly cemented his power of course economics for another term but when everyone sits down and looks at this because he wants china to be so powerful now going to thirty years ahead or
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whatever it was also looking at who's learning up beside it and who might be taken over the next five years when when he goes so what have you noticed well exactly this unveiling happens twice a decade and usually it signifies some sort of major reshuffle and a more signaling who would be a successor and while as usual twenty five members of the central committee who are the executive branch did receive seats in the political row all eyes are on the seven men. and who make up the standing committee because that's really where the big decisions were made are made and today's lineup announcement has left everyone wondering what's going to happen next because unlike usually there was no clear. successor designated in this lineup because a potential heir would need to be young enough to rule into the until the year twenty thirty just by chinese law all the men appointed to this all powerful committee were born before one thousand nine hundred sixty which of course according to current retirement conventions means that none of them are young
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enough to rule most interested in it but. at the moment. she is very much being seen as a weak student successful leader in china. in his time in power is that he's going to be there for at least the next five years old was for as he sees it well i mean of course obviously he's signaling with this announcement that that would be where he would like to go this move departs really from party traditions that have been in place for years of them signaling their successor and that obviously just really signifies that she wants to stay on this party leader even after his two terms as president are up and of course he also holds the title of the head of the military as well so if he has the head of military and party leader even after losing his presidency from the very exactly exactly and all the men that he's appointed to this committee are you know very
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close to him anyway and in support of him and just recently they also in the communist party also approved a sweeping charter that elevates she to that status alongside some of the nation's most honored politicians like chairman mao so clearly the man is trying to leave his name in the history books and while obviously much a lot can change over the next five years today's announcement really gives. a little peek into at least what she would like the future of china to look like big plans for it to make it a world leader and. all right thanks so much for that willow we'll keep looking at that conference ongoing we could the committee conference for all ten days i think or i think you jacki. focus on what's happening now down there in spain catalonia with a push for independence in catalonia is divided families across spain maybe that's not so surprising but maybe is surprising the facts do the same in france as well as dubai and ski found. the dismembers state like spain
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this beginning gradually to dismember europe it is also a progressive route we can in europe. box to the collapse of europe. former french prime minister well files that mincing no words when it comes to catalonia is independence he was one of the most staunch supporters of course you have spanish unity and he was actually born into cattle and family well given his heritage some might say that val's should be on the other side of the argument well that's at least what his sister thinks she's furious and let rip it's him on twitter. for god's sake for the sake of grandfather mcgee this is not democratic and neither is article one fifty five since when has there been such a horrible thing as the suspension of freedoms valves isn't the only one he's been
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put into a somewhat embarrassing situation by close relatives over catalonia to get along the president himself was also left red faced after his cousin chose to make not very pro independence move in the wake of the referendum esther pooched is moving the headquarters of her company to madrid citing political uncertainty. dear client due to the current political situation invacare would like to inform you that we will soon be changing the location of our headquarters well we all know that nobody can quite squabble like your own family and when politics gets involved as well it may lead to some rather awkward dinners it seems that's how the vowels and the pitch to malls could end up show that devinsky artsy. or you tube executives in hot water for appearing here on our two years ago fred to
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talk to me is one of our stories to come. well the mainstream media and the chattering classes obsess over donald trump's call to a gold star family the pentagon's growing footprint in africa was publicly revealed
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it would appear it does not matter who is president rather except to the u.s. school fight. again you tube chief business officer has been scrutinized by the media for his appearance on this channel four years ago. been accused of having a cozy relationship with bolstering our online presence because of it that is the new york times it's been sifting through the archives it dug up the interview that i had with way back in twenty thirty the same year we became the first channel news channel to reach one been the interviews on you tube that said robert kissel told me what he thought was behind the success. i think users generally appreciate its
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authenticity that's very apparent from everything that's going on on youtube so instead of having aspirational programming or agenda propaganda us people really respond to authenticity what you saw happening with arab spring for instance was authentic the audience that watches this was with them to city and the bond with those who provided to them well that was the interview blame them for building a party's ratings kinsler is the only person big named and shamed because for appearing on our network of late british foreign secretary boris johnson very recently attacked opposition m.p.'s for being r t guess there were some a very quick to point out that indeed johnson's own father was one of the very recently to last week a european think tank compiled a list of thousands of people who've appeared here on our channel branding them useful idiots we also were gathered opinion from media around this line refinished from the u.k. independence party to see what they thought about it. it's
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a witch hunt for anybody that has any relationship we have anything to do with russia or any for anything russian it seems you know the fact that because they were successful and you should be somehow in bed with you tube and therefore google is i mean it's just madness like you would you chuck in archy's ations without any real evidence whatsoever just because you have paid an interview. many years ago it just seems bizarre you happen to be the people want to see then people are going to watch it it doesn't matter who you all or who supports you i mean c.n.n. is no one will divide knows the clinton news network the b.b.c. is the voice of the remaining as far as brics is concerned russia today it's what it says on the scene you know you are backed by russia people take that into account these new york times from people like the rich schuman people idiots these are t.v. people apparently are doing something that
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a lot of people are finding interesting because it services people that because of some kind of brainwashing or yen or whatever it is that you do because after all that tie you got trouble acted by brainwashing sixty three million americans if there is propaganda i would respectfully submit it's pro r d because every time the new york times talks about you i think it's out of jealousy both your popularity. of course mention bergen mean he was at the top of the chart as well we will forget his name next time let's take a look at some other news today as a part of exciting technology needs to tell you about russians the russians are abdicates a provisional government seizes power the bolsheviks rebellion on october the twenty fifth today it's exactly one hundred years since the october revolution in russia changed the course of the twentieth century and we had are to you giving you the chance to follow. there's world changing events in real time with the twenty
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first century twist daniel hawkins explains a bit more. we may not be able to travel back in history quite yet but what if you could combine the past with the present and relive real live events which shape the whole world we know today meets our t's prize nominated project nineteen seventeen live we looked at the revolutions and jewelry and wondered what if twitter existed a hundred years ago. so we set up dozens of real twitter accounts for the names of historic figures from bloody lenin to the russian emperor them from factory workers to soldiers we've brought you coverage of all the key events in russia since february nineteenth seventeen now it's crunch time for the key players in this historic power grab but the latest developments of red october played out in real time here so you should follow to make sure you don't miss out lenin is back in russia and this time it's serious now we must get technically ready to start the
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rebellion seize upon any excuse to rise up now soon to be the last monarch of russia tsar nicholas the second but his family are in exile and tobolsk having lost his grip on power it's now within the provisional government and the soviets as to who will lead the country all the breaking news the exclusive interviews and inside knowledge brought to you by r.t. that's the russian telegraph and the best thing to just sit and watch get involved and join the revolution use the hash tag nine hundred seventeen crowd to create your own account historic persona and join others in jumping into the events which shaped twentieth century history. one hundred years ago october witnessed the final stages of the russian revolution with a switch of calendars the october revolution will happen in november and it's just
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a matter of time until nine hundred seventeen live turns red don't miss the grand finale. so pick a little bit more about what we're saying there to get even more immersed in the events of a century ago this artie's revolution three sixty project has power panoramic videos go live on r.t. dot com in just a few hours time the counter and would be going to give you a unique chance to put yourself in the heart of the action will let you know when they're online. but the news a professor of the us has landed herself in trouble for calling mathematics racially discriminating rochelle gets here is from illinois university has published a book in which she claims that aspects of the subject are an unearned privilege of
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white people on many levels mathematics itself operates as whiteness who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics who is capable in mathematics and here is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as white good cheere is graduated from stanford with a bachelor's degree in human biology and she then completed a ph d. at the university of chicago in curriculum and instruction the studies she believes equity of mathematics can be forged by addressing inadequate in it's me to say this dumb of the morning let's try it again inequality outside the classroom. we need ways that we can help prepare teachers for the kind of politics that they're going to deal with as teachers if they're going to advocate for black and latino or low income youth. not to go to yours apparently hasn't proven popular with some for students who called a racist and condescending though here are a few of the reviews the she received on the website right my professors
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she told this to you and the president of class if you're late you don't get credit there is no white privilege here talk about an odd job this woman has serious issues teaches a class on social justice and racism but literally in class said that when she sees a brown person she assumes they speak spanish just like her dr g. profess a social justice as a constant practice and stemming from the understanding of father circumstances she takes to don't suggestions but this condescending while practicing them we spoke to a marketing professor who told us it's important and students get equal access to learning but calley spec'd everyone to achieve a say i think it really comes from this idea of identity politics so truth becomes secondary to protecting our so-called marginalised people's right so in that case to the extent that say mathematics is dominated by one racial group
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more so than another then there is something wrong with it and we need to address it you should have equality of access but that doesn't mean that we have equality of outcomes and that's the problem with identity politics is it wants that the outcome be equal and that simply is not in line with the meritocracy. i'll leave you without thoughts with the spreading out so far this morning from our team is kevin owen fans are watching this latest lock up. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington. the. voters elected the businessman to run this country business. bust it's
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not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. something seems wrong all just don't all. get to shape our. engagement because the trail.
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find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. the. answer here. is that even if it. is. a wild bull at the well you know a. little something. and nothing.
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