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tv   Headline News  RT  October 25, 2017 9:00am-9:29am EDT

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the u.s. secretary of state makes a surprise visit to afghanistan and suggests moderate taliban members could make up a part of the afghan government while adopt a photo of the country's leader meeting america's top diplomat. also to come from the i.p.u. family feud over catalonia independence standoff that's causing division not only in spain but in neighboring france to china lays out its leadership plans for the next five years cementing president she's power and forecasting where the country is heading.
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a welcome you're watching r.t. international now rex tillerson surprise visit to afghanistan has not only signaled a significant shift in attitude towards the taliban it's also left reporters a little bit puzzled and that's because if you look at these pictures it's time to spot the difference here the official picture that was released by the afghan government following the president's meeting with the u.s. state that's on the left but later the u.s. also put out a photo you'll notice that in the afghan version there on the right a large clock and fire bell of the. state department thinks the photo was altered to make it more track. i think if the afghan government changed those photos probably to make it aesthetically more pleasing we never like doctored photos but i also understand that perhaps they wanted to present a better image than having that but again that's that's really all i have for you
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on that well the u.s. earlier said the men had met in the u.s. state department after the publish an official statement in which the location was corrected to the u.s. military basic background field in fact but a grim airbase has been constantly attacked by the taliban mostly by suicide bombers on the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks a suicide bomber attacked an american military convoy near the compound leaving five servicemen there injured five days a suicide bomber tried to enter the airbase but was stopped he detonated his explosives injuring one u.s. soldier former pentagon official michael maloof told us that despite all of this though the background base does remain the most secure place in afghanistan and the photo that we showed you a little earlier was doctored for security reasons well i think it was done for security reasons. what was taken out was. a clock with zulu time and that indicates
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a military base i think what president ago he was trying to show was that he held the meeting actually in his presidential palace where that was not it was actually at a very secure military facility and barbara does underscore how fragile the security . if not throughout all of afghanistan. well despite these security concerns there rex tillerson claims there is room for the taliban in the afghan government the very same fundamentalist group that america has been fighting for the last sixteen years. there's a place for them in the government if they're ready to come renouncing terrorism renouncing violence and being committed to a stable prosperous afghanistan. america and explained. in america. well on an unannounced visit to kabul on monday secretary tillerson told reporters that washington things moderate factions among the taliban exist and that there is a place for them in the country's government so long as they were announced
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violence but this presents a bit of a dilemma as to how the us will be able to differentiate between the moderate and radical factions since it didn't work out so well in syria there has been. some of these groups we need to separate them we need to clearly delineate who is where. can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters. that are in the fight. is. let's not kid ourselves that's a joke. little failure is just a failure on. this train and equip program is not. frankly lived up to what we had initially thought but with it hasn't lived up to expectations and understatement but the u.s. is no doubt wary of the pattern could repeat itself in afghanistan now tillerson
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also stated that the fight against the taliban should still continue quote in order for them to understand that they will never win a military victory but after sixteen years of war neither side has achieved victory so that could possibly be the reason secretary tillerson is now pushing for the political option on previous occasions however when the u.s. urged the taliban to negotiate the taliban's reply was quite clear. we call on the taliban to enter into a peace process a legitimate process a real process. i want to reinforce to the taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through
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a negotiated settlement. theoretically it would be nice if they could come if the taliban would decide to want to join the government the question is will the afghan government allow it number one but number two i think the taliban have already made a decision that they're just going to wait out the united states they've been quite successful in taking over half the country now before it was far far less it's not certain that the taliban well remain a moderate force if they see that they're winning. well after visiting afghanistan usa your state then set off for iraq where he may have got a slightly chilly reception after these remarks he made
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a few days ago. five years. ago if the fighters in iraq need to go. now a source close to the iraqi prime minister has criticised rex tillerson school there saying he has no right to interfere in iraq's affairs and the prime minister himself later defended the role of the iranian backed fight is as did the iraqi foreign minister in exclusive interview with r.t. . the us is playing its own game by own rules and with its own followers were as iraq acts on its territory to the best of its abilities supported by its sons its political parties and movements and those people who sacrifice themselves food good of their country the militants of the popular mobilization forces have suffered huge losses shed their blood for the sake of their homeland look at their actions during the liberation of so many iraqi cities even cities they don't live
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in. ok let's go to syria next and what is left of the city of racket although the u.s. backed campaign to liberate the area from islamic state is all but over him and rights groups are still concerned about safety there as residents do try to return home. the united nations stands ready to assess people with him appear in assistance in the surroundings however at the moment we have no access and therefore no human. convoys or assistance can reach. the humanitarian situation or there is no sufficient water or health clinics and it's not safe as many unexploded imminence of this war still remain so that needs to be cleaned up first before any civilian can go back isis has done a lot of harm not only to the inhabitants but also to the social fabric of this city and now it has emptied it of doctors nurses teachers and
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all things that are badly needed by probably should add to this that the u.s. the coalition has waged a year bombing campaign that have priority if you need isis over the need to protect the city's infrastructure so now the lingering questions it is who will get the hospital who will rebuild it doctors maintain equipment will rebuild schools roads and all that has been destroyed and it appears that they are a little to no plans for reconstruction and that is our major concern or. meanwhile russia's defense ministry says that isis grip on syria has now been cut to just five percent of the territory there having controlled seventy percent of the entire country before syrian government forces have been supported by russia's air forces in the air in their operations to clear out the terrorists and the process of restoring peace in many areas is well underway the statement outlines that almost
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a thousand terrorist training camps and over five hundred mission factories have been destroyed but the battle to free syria is normal less come at a huge culp's. american . i was more than a father to them we were friends and i always told them i supported them and i would do anything for them. and i husband used to say that if something happens to us the only thing that matters is that he died with his homeland to get you know. a lot of them a lot as there were times when i wanted to burst into tears in my mother's arms but she told me that a man and i should be strong she says that we must all be strong let
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a witness to the death of lima my first son i was never left a little bit of my family stayed with me a second order to me that's what is called responsibility. now there are some changes at the top of the world's second largest economy with china unveiling its leadership team for the next five years although one man is not going anywhere fast as president xi jinping who stays at the helm. explained to kevin owen what this might mean for the country's future. today's lineup announcement really does give us a glimpse into china's political future just not in the traditional manner not in the way expected what's happened in the past one of the six men who are on the standing committee apart from she himself usually in the past one of them has been designated as the successor to the title of party chair but this time around everything's a bit different the fact is that all six of these men were born before one nine
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hundred sixty which means none of them do it in albeit unwritten rule of retirement none of them would be young enough to take over for the title in two thousand and twenty two they're sixty eight exactly exactly so with this kind of departure from . the question obviously is there a long future for xi jinping maybe if not as president maybe in some of the standing role within the government well that's what all the speculation is saying right now and of course there is a law that says as president he can only serve two terms but when it comes to his other two titles that of party chair and the head of the military those restrictions are just sort of based on tradition and that's just the custom that it's only been two terms by it of course this time given that it's just a suggestion he could go around that and that's what it looks like is going to be happening and of course those two titles out of party chair and head of the military really are arguably more significant have more sway more power than the
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president and of course yesterday it's also important she's name and his political ideology were actually added to the communist party's constitution and that elevates him to the scene the dentist that's huge that elevates into the same status of heavyweights like chairman mao and that really does cement his grip on power and his legacy in the country so obviously none of us has a crystal ball we can't say really exactly what's going to happen over the next five years but it'll be very interesting to watch and see if he continues to sway from tradition how that plays out and obviously he just has no plans of fading into the background any time soon. you're watching r t international still on the way for you to. fight for freedom spills over to other parts of europe we'll have the details on that plus other stories just as. well the mainstream media and the chattering classes obsess. goldstar family the
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pentagon's growing footprint in africa was publicly revealed it would appear it does not matter who is president rather lose except to be fight.
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now let's turn to catalonia and its push for independence because it's dividing families across spain but surprisingly it's doing the same in france as well a former french prime minister who has roots in the breakaway region is concerned about the repercussions it could have for a broader europe. to dismember a state like spain this beginning gradually to dismember europe it is also a progressive route we can in europe. box to the collapse of europe. former french prime minister well files that mincing no words when it comes to catalonia independence he was one of the most staunch supporters of course you have spanish
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unity and he was actually born into a cattle and family well given his heritage some might say that val's should be on the other side of the argument well that's at least what his sister thinks she's feeling and let rip it's him on twitter. for god's sake for the sake of grandfather mcgee this is not democratic and neither is article one fifty five since when has there been such a horrible thing as the suspension of freedom's bells isn't the only one he's been put into a somewhat embarrassing situation by close relatives over catalonia to get along the president himself was also left red faced after his cousin chose to make a very pro independence move in the wake of the referendum mr putin is moving the headquarters of her company to madrid citing political uncertainty for
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dear client due to the current political situation invacare would like to inform you that we will soon be changing the location of our headquarters well we all know that nobody can quite squabble like your own family and when politics gets involved as well it may lead to some rather awkward dinners it seems that's how the vowels and the pitch to molds could end up show that devinsky oxy. now with all the nation. twenty eighteen football world cup in russia close to being. ready to launch a new sport schafer game housed in former england international stan collymore made some of football's great sound of what to expect from the showpiece told him in a brand new series starting here on friday nov third the i mean it's simple really
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rushers a great country. many times before joining the world cup was announced in russia. to look at russian cities in the cold. life in russia so we did it is a droid run really before the confederations cup which was so much a strong very very well and a fantastic so i mean. so we thought we'd do it again we sat down with people in their own homes. in environments that i felt comfortable in and with the contacts that i have been the guy we've interviewed by all people of the greatest player to ever play the guy another now with the mainland or you looking forward to the world cup in russia. will be very important. to do through this who hooked up. in the world cup with france now
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a manager in new york what advice would you gave. also about being hosts we might have to turn the pressure. as a motivation and they would have to do that because it's not going to be easy because of the expectation most football shows are technical football shows how long the game was he played well they know messi scored three goals christiane i read all those school four goals this is the stories beyond the guy so for example the syrian national team we follow. to play malaysia syria at the moment is gone through civil strife we go on the team bus after they won and they would dance and sing game we go into a team meeting before the guy those are all little things that all the holy grail of football you don't usually get to say some a kind of behind the scenes look at the game look at various issues there's a great story from the silly islands in the u.k. which play for the world's smallest trophy which is the same size as my little
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finger so lots of big names talking about the major issues of the day brit hooliganism could be a cultural issues behind the scenes stories chats with some absolute football legends but we are doing a ton of filming and we hope people really enjoy the show. that starts and we come friday night yet the u.s. drug enforcement administration in honduras is on the question at the moment following the release of video evidence in twenty twelve financial drugs took the lives of four civilians at the time the da said they were ten with suspected drug runners the video released under the freedom of information act does put that into question and this infrared footage you can see
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a collision between the boats carrying agents and civilians it happened after the captured a cocaine filled canary in a counter narcotics. operation the incident resulted with one man two pregnant women and a fourteen year old boy all being shot dead or for u.s. senate says their leader address concerns over operations in honduras to the u.s. secretary of state and also attorney general and they say that failures on many levels had resulted in the death and injury of many innocent civilians the itself says the case is still under internal review michael horowitz from the department of justice said there's no evidence that anyone in the passenger boat fired first the officials asserted to justice department leadership the u.s. ambassador honduras and congress that some of the people in the passenger boat were drug traffickers attempting to retrieve the seized cocaine and that the people on
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the passenger boat had fired on the officers first our review found no weapons to corroborate these assertions. ok let's get the thoughts now of tom brooks sees a dean of durham law school and he joins us from london thanks for coming on tom firstly what are your thoughts here it's a very sad case isn't it and also very first rating i'm sure for the relatives of those victims why is this evidence only come to light now so long after. this shooting took place. well i think it's alarming that it's taken this long for this footage to be released it seems it would have helped the families who would help people know what exactly happened at that event if this had been done i don't see what purpose was served other than trying to cover up what was a story that they did not want to have come out and it seems you have some evidence
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of that in that seems in the still reviewing what they are doing with this interest you know with situation but they've known about this it would seem for many years and i suppose people will ask what could they actually learn further from an internal review given you know the investigations that have taken place already and an apparent confirmation to say that this was just a passing debate and nobody fired on these drugs office's first. well some of the things they could learn is maybe how they engage with passenger boats see them clearly there might be something to learn there and also that returning to the fire people who had not you know saying that they had been fired upon and the situation of that boat which apparently is none true and as you earlier commentator said new evidence was found to support what was reported to congress well then you know that's something that there can be some serious consequences for and i think you
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know that this should be part of what the next actions are what could they tell me i mean you talked about justice that let's just talk about justice for perhaps you know the victims' families what sort of measure is would be taken to talking compensation and more sort of thing. well compensation will be the first thing that would probably come to mind so if it's the case that you know this these are kind of unlawful awful killings then you know then you know then there should be some very serious compensation given to the families in relation to this but also i think the other part of this actually is on disciplinary measures for those involved if they were breaking any protocol and and how they went about their business they are if they are found to have been engaged in any type of wrongdoing not only criminal wrongdoing but also in terms of the agency's rules of context in
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the should be some consequence is relating to the individuals involved as well so not only compensation also disciplinary and perhaps up some very severe disciplinary as well seem to be potential call for this case. we've got to leave it there but it's a nice until afternoon that was tom brooks dana middle school thank you a pleasure and thank you for what she says often will be back in just about. how does it feel to be. the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king in any job there is one business model helps to run
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a prison now we do or don't like to see you know b.t.o. visitation i don't know what comes even more when i was a sergeant maybe more it's called effective that's what they want to. acknowledge they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not they're actually paying us to put them back in. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us. bridge. is behind such success. selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of big stone and. the new socks credit tell you that every gossip and tabloid bias file for the most important news today. off of advertising tells me you are not cool enough and less to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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i'm action or tense here we're going underground ninety seven you have to the day that irish playwright and shin fein politician terence mcsweeney died on hunger strike in brixton jail south london inspiring india's gandhi vietnam sochi minh and catalonia as ventura got it all in their fight for independence coming up in the show is the new mccarthyite attack on this t.v. network a laughing matter and how will russia respond to increasing nato intervention on its border as we speak to russian senator professor alexei pushkov head of russia's upper house commission for information policy and the air pollution in the british capital equates to three nine eleven every year with a new thirty dollar a day tax on polluting cars be enough to save the lives of ten thousand london is
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lost on the headlines we've revealed the poverty of the police saying that's preventing some poppy day parades on the salute the couple of bernie sanders politics all of the more coming up in today's going underground but first what do we get to mean for british new mccarthyism well it's not a politician in the governing conservative party appearing to demand to know the names of british academics to check on their disinterested notice it's to raise a maze government telling elected politicians not to come on this show or this t.v. network and this all comes as bizarre neo-con think tanks allied to u.k. secret services continue to host elite u.k. officials claiming anything up to a sign a russian invasion of britain is imminent given how many british politicians from all parties come on this show we decided on something different today we went to the russian embassy in london to speak to russian senator professor alexei pushkov he's head of russia's upper house commission for information policy the senate just
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before we go on. two other issues i should say that on the state mandated b.b.c. so richard barron's commander of joint forces command of the british army former joint chiefs of staff members said you know seriousness that russia and china could well be preparing an invasion of britain the presenter went on to talk about the costs of defending ourselves just to clear it up you're not planning on an imminent invasion of britain well not a little at least a joint one. and i am deeply surprised actually that this kind of hysteria in the west i think it shows a very deep sense of insecurity but there is a feeling that the west is losing the initiative that the decisions of be taken elsewhere and this has to do with a new report to show off global economic power in the one nine hundred sixty the united states.


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